Cali Move Power Shorts

The original blue shorts from Cali Move. Lightweight, breathable material and functional cut for maximum freedom of movement during your workout.

Cali Move Wristbands

The Cali Move wristbands for your workout & everyday life. A simple & elegant accessory for calisthenics fans.

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Who is Calisthenic Movement?

Cali Move represents a team of sports scientists and physical therapists who help others achieve their goals. Sven Kohl, the founder of Calisthenic Movement, is a state-certified fitness trainer and licensed physical therapist. In his courses, personal trainings and workshops, people benefit from over 10 years of coaching experience. Alex Lorenz holds a degree in physical education with an additional focus in nutritional sciences. Thanks to his 27 years of experience as an athlete, he has been able to gain experience in many areas, be it calisthenics, taekwondo or parkour. He also regularly gives workshops where participants benefit from his 15 years of experience as a trainer and nutrition coach. Together, Sven and Alex run the Youtube channel "Calisthenicmovement", which provides 3.5 million subscribers with valuable content. With videos in the areas of strength increase, nutrition, mobility, exercise and other instructions, Calisthenic Movement manages to positively influence countless people. The combination of knowledge and years of training experience make Calisthenic Movement one of the best places to go for performance enhancement and health.

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