Welcome to GORNATION and thanks for your support. This page is designed to help you get the most out of your Workout Rings and to provide you with helpful content. Good luck with your training and your goals! Your Team GORNATION

5 quick tips for your workout rings:

1. Use the length markings on the straps to easily set the rings on an evenly level and the velcro fastener to put away the left over parts of the straps.

2. If your rings get dirty, you can simply wipe them with a wet cloth and dry them afterwards. Don't use any chemical cleaning agents for this, you can get them clean again with water.

3. The rings offer you the possibility to train your whole body. You are missing a muscle group? Then you will find countless inputs on YouTube or other platforms on how to integrate new training stimuli into your training.

4. Don't limit yourself: The workout rings give you the possibility to train everywhere. Find a new place & way to work out!

5. The easiest way to transport the rings is to use the included bag. It's made out of a durable material and everything including the straps fits in.

For inspiration and motivation you can also watch our YouTube videos about training with the workout rings: