Denton talks about how he is managing to hold strong statics like the full planche, while lifting heavy weights. This is the second part of the interview. | DENTON CONTEH | Why You Should Lift Heavy | Interview

June 03, 2021 41 min read

DENTON CONTEH | Why You Should Lift Heavy | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #52 Pt. II

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Welcome to the second part of this crazy interview  with denton conte who shares a lot about his   workout advice for aesthetics and for leg training  and how both together can improve your aesthetics   you already learned a lot about his planche advice  in the first part and now the second part is here   to give you even more knowledge to get a really  good form he needs to be able to like have strong   glutes have strong legs so what i do when i plunge  i literally put my legs together i squeeze them   as always all the topics all the bookmarks that  we talk about are in the description so you can   pick the topic that is interesting for you  enjoy this interview and keep growing gorillas and it takes like a good um self-discipline i  would say to not do 100 in every training exactly   exactly it definitely because you got to  think look at it as the bigger picture   so you basically live to fight another day you  know and it's just about being yeah being patient   is discipline here because you think oh man i need  to go hard i need to kill myself so i can't move   my arms the next day that's cool you're doing that  but then you're more risky you're more proud to   get injured you're more and then you can't plunge  again for like another five days and i find that   your body is like obviously it's not gonna forget  but it's not it needs to be reminded frequently   like what i was doing before like i literally so  every day i planched yeah or friday for example   so monday would be 60 to 80 tuesday 20 to 40 yeah  and same thing wednesday 60 to 80 thursday 20   to 40 and so on so one high one high ish but not  max and one low so that that monday could be like   five five heavy sets heaviest sets five heavy  combos of just regular holds like timed hold so   i always time my hopes if i'm just doing holes i  time them so that way i can track what i'm doing   because if you just hold and just wait till you  feel tired it's you have to be able to track your   so i've got like an app i use called interval  timer i just put the app on i have like so i   put like 10 seconds on five sets of 10 seconds  with like two minutes or three minutes rest in   between the next day for example i would do  something similar i'll do i'll do three sets   and that will be of like five seconds just to feel  what i'm doing it could even be straddles there   could even be struggles but as long as i'm feeling  the movement i'm satisfied and wednesday back   again same thing same kind of thing and that's  kind of my method of like planching every day but   progressing but not regressing not like losing the  progress so yeah there's so many different ways so   many different ways you can you know do it but  that's kind of i did that for a good few months   my plans got so strong and the form got so strong  like the form was so clean and the seconds became   so like every week or two i'll up the second so  like it'll be from 10 seconds and 11. just up   it slowly there's nothing wrong with even doing  the same same time it's fine but it's just about   making the move just feel effortless you know and  then you progress it that way because people want   to progress every week i want to add a second  or two weeks sometimes it's not about adding   that second just it's about feeling the move and  trying to master the 10 seconds before you move on   to mastering 11 seconds and so on so yeah that's  that's one method i actually followed a lot like   last the the first look down that we that that we  had i was just going to just plant every day and   try this and my plants got so strong my endurance  became crazy strong as well like yeah it helps a   lot for the endurance and just the skill itself  so that's my recommendation for like trying to up   your planche like if you want to take your plunge  to the next level you do that you know oh cool   um switching back to uh wait kelly uh does it  help to like do generally recommend to somebody   wanting to improve his static form aesthetics  uh power uh to uh do weighted kelly weighted   calisthenics to be fair i don't really think it's  it's important because i literally dropped away   calisthenics i mean i'm back on it now but i  dropped it for two years i didn't do no weight   calisthenics i just only dysstatics and power  lifting um because i think it could help like   i guess it could help but i don't think it's  really important i don't think it's really   important like you see a lot of the guys they've  got heavy dips heavy pull-ups but they can't   really do much planche in front leave us with that  maybe because they're big dudes i don't know but   i don't think it's i mean you can implement it  it's not going to hurt to implement it i don't   think it's needed to progress your aesthetics i  don't think it's needed because most people that   this statics they did only their body weight and  progress seem to progress i think waited it's not   really a must if you're a static athlete i don't  think it's really important in my opinion it's not   um because there was a time where i did  waited only and i didn't do as much statics   and my statics actually got worse uh crazy like  dips like 80 here for 10 dips hundred kilo dips   pull ups you know heavy pull-ups but i didn't  do as much statics and my statics were kind   of going i was like oh no okay time to bring my  statics back so um i kind of dropped the weight   because i missed doing statics because yeah i  had like i had a period of two years where i   didn't do um statics that much i focused more  on the weighted and the weight calisthenics   and i think i probably just put on lots of  weight and um yeah my stats i mean they were   there i mean they were still there but not as  strong as they were before because i literally   put all my like independence it's about where you  put your focus if you put your focus on one thing   and lose it and lose the other then you're gonna  you know not progress in the other thing but right   now for example my progress is everything or  mainly powerlifting and statics so i do those   two hand in hand and they both progress equally  so it's about prioritizing what you want to do   if you just want to do statics and just focus on  that weight calisthenics is not really going to   help too much in my opinion it might help for some  basic strength of pushing but the skill itself is   what needs to be done to learn the planche not not  don't go off and just do weighted dips and get to   100 weighted dips oh why can't i plant it because  you didn't really focus on the plants yourself   maybe you can put as accessory muscle in your  car and you can maybe add it as an accessory but   i just think that they're completely different  movements i mean personally i statics help   weighted calisthenics in my opinion i did  because when i transitioned over to weight   calisthenics i had pretty strong dips  already because i had a strong blanch my   weight pull ups are pretty decent because  i had a strong uh strong front lever   so in that case it does help but the other way  around i don't really think so i could be wrong   but in my experience that's what happened like my  weight went up my statics went down maybe because   i didn't really keep the statics up as well but  it just shows that you can have a crazy big dip   it doesn't mean you're gonna have a plunge because  it's not specific enough to train for the plant   but yeah you can still i mean if you love  doing what your dibs add in of course add it in   that's fine you can add it in but don't go in and  think oh i'm just gonna wait it dips and or have   weird pull-ups and get a friendly for a plunge  it doesn't really it might help strength-wise   but it's not going to give you the skill yeah i  don't think it i don't think it helps too much um   i think everyone's got a different opinion on that  but that's just my experience anyway all right   wrist conditioning um something that  we received some questions about uh   how do you condition your wrists um do you  sometimes have wrist pain or if not how do you always strong i think it's because i love  plants and so i like my plants on the floor   and i think that's what helped my wrist get  strong so before obviously before i had a   planche like i used to always do like  handstand push-ups on against the wall   and just handstands in general and also probably  from the flips that i do as well like you know   with the flips you've got to have like a lot of  wrist flexion if you're doing tumbling so i think   that helped a lot um because i find that people  say oh man i can't full plant because my wrist   hurts too much but i think it's definitely to do  with mobility because all of that stuff helped   my wrist get flexible the more you can flex  your wrist the more you can lean forward in   your plant right if your wrist can't flex  properly then you can't lean forward then   you go it's like it's like squats people have very  um tight ankles so they can't squat so you've got   increase your dorsiflexion so yeah i think it's  just about doing like just working on basic wrist   stretches and just trying to increase the range  of motion during those stretches and uh yeah just   keep trying to do like planche leans on the floor  and just stick to that but i have my wrists like   so straight but to the side of it because having  your is fully straight is painful so add it   to the side a little bit like a 45 degree  angle okay and that kind of helps a lot um   for pain um but yeah i never actually experienced  i never ever once experienced risk pain myself but   i find that you need to really like spend like  even when you stretch generally like any kind of   any any stretch you do you've got to spend about  10 minutes to ease your weight into the stretch   like if you do like if you're supposed to go and  do splits right now the first split attempt you do   because you feel crazy bad you feel like but then  when you get into it 10 minutes in you feel a lot   more mobile like it starts to open up a bit more  so same thing for the wrist spend about 10 minutes   stretching them before you plunge and they're  lift through a lot more mobile if you just go in   straight away just doing a planche then without  stretching it's going to hurt it's going to tell   even me how what i do for my warm up for my  platform i do i still have a plunge lean first   because i actually do my wrist does click like the  first lean or holder do i get a little click and   that click means it's loosening up so i do like a  planche length first a few tuck planches advanced   tucks then i do my planche if i just go in into  a planche without warming up without doing the   stretches and and then the holds then yeah it's  gonna hurt it's gonna be painful so i always like   ease my way into the planche by doing  the refreshes first then doing like the   regression so the planche lean just to kind of  get everything warmed but i do yes it's also   mobility so literally spend like 10 minutes every  day just doing like uh just stretching out your   wrists like kind of like putting your wrists  on the floor and pushing your weight forward   onto your wrists and do that for 10 minutes so do  like 10 seconds have like a little rest and keep   just keep doing that and eventually you're just  going to be able to lean a lot more forward and   handle a lot more stress on the wrists so and same  thing wrist turn backwards and then lean in back   and then do that before each plant session and  that should definitely help definitely that would   help so you do this in front of every session and  not in the morning or something but in front of   every session 10 minutes yeah well personally i  don't do 10 minutes anymore i did before in the   past i did but right now i was like i just do  like a quick plant lean then a tuck a few tucks   like a few tuck advanced suckers and go straight  into it but if you are like if you're new to like   floor planches or if you get pain 10 minutes do  that for 10 minutes and then i know it's like a   oh wow i know it's boring but trust me 10 minutes  in your wrists are going to feel so much more but   you'll have so much flexibility in your wrist and  then that should help i hope it does anyway but   it's like anything i do in general like if i'm  trying to do like like back when i was doing my   struggle plant training back in the day i spent 10  minutes doing middle splits training just so i can   open my legs up comfortably in a handstand going  in down because i've done it before where i just   went straight into it and my hips will cramp up my  hips didn't feel good i couldn't open up as much   so it's like anything even if i'm school and i  always like to stretch my ankles up first so i can   so i can get good dorsiflexion so yeah i recommend  being patient and even outside your session just   just stretch them outside your sessions like  before you bend like and now i actually stretch   like every night like every night when i'm relaxed  i just do like a little stretch for my because   since i power lift as well now um being tight  is the last thing you want because it's going to   lead to injuries so i always like stretch my hips  out my glutes my spine out my back and same thing   i do like wrist stretches as well just to keep  everything healthy so my main thing is is keeping   yourself mobile so yeah doing the stretches before  your session and maybe outside your session as   well maybe like a time when you're like relaxing  at night you're watching netflix or youtube just   stretch your wrist out and just yeah the more  you and then keep increasing range of motion and   in the long term you're gonna be fine there'll be  no issues like i've actually had no issues at all   with wrist pain like even from doing one arm  punches or whatever it's like my wrists are fine   as long as i warm up properly if i if i went into  a one on planche or that warming up then maybe one   risk will hurt but i always kind of prepare it  first so yeah like anything warm up warming up   joints mobilize then start cool when you say  middle split is it the same as a side split   is it the same just like we stand we stand and  just like open your legs as wide as you can   but having your body like oh right or you can  like lean forward as well but like yeah having   like just literally so open up your legs like  that yeah um yeah that's the one yeah because   obviously that's basis that's what you're doing  when you're doing a shoulder plunge your legs   are open so you're basically doing middle splits  while you're planting right so if you do that on   the floor beforehand it should help a lot for your  um hips to open up and that will that will allow   easier progress for your sort of plunge awesome  uh we also received some questions about diet   and the full planche so um how important is  your nutrition your diet uh for maintaining   your aesthetics and uh yeah my diet i'm i'm not  too fast on diet but personally i don't think i   eat a lot throughout the day i think i eat enough  just to um recover and survive but i'm a really   big foodie especially now that i'm back to work i  don't really like i've had i've had no food today   wow so i've been up for so i've been up for like  6 a.m and right now what time is it it's like what   it's like two i've had no food yet i've had a  bit of water but yeah i don't really always get   breakfast i have like maybe two like meat like two  meals like medium-sized meals and i have like a   epiphany or something i have like a little  cafe or something or a smoothie before bed   but i don't really eat crazy amounts i mean maybe  on the weekend i do because i've got time to eat   but throughout the week i don't really eat much  because i'm always working or just i'm just up i'm   in the gym and just training people training  myself i don't really eat much and yeah i don't   i've never really tracked my calories or anything  so i'm not really sure but i don't overeat so i   think it's enough for me to just keep my weight  the same because i've always got like a good   consistent weight and maybe that's what gives me  the edge to be able to start and lift because i'm   not getting myself heavier i'm not eating more i'm  just people oh but how are you getting stronger   then it's because i mean i mean i'm recovering  enough but i'm not trying to gain mass i'm just   training for strength but yeah i don't know  i still managed to get stronger even at   like a maintaining like a lightweight because i  remember two years ago when i was power lifting   i was 81 kilos and i did crazy big lifts  at 81 kilos last year uh at 74 kilos   i managed to surpass my big lifts from when i  was eight kilos and that was all beltless as well   without a belt too and yeah i managed to do that  so i think you can get stronger without adding   muscle so maybe that's what they maybe that's how  i stay uh light because i don't eat crazy amounts   um i feel like people overeat people just ov  people eat like i don't think you need to be   eating so much throughout the day i think that's  just like like an overhyped thing because i'm just   so used to like working a lot long hours and not  eating because before when i was working like as a   fitness coach and doing hours for the gym i'd work  nine hours a day right and i'd have an hour break   and in that break guess what i'm doing i'm  training i didn't even eat i just trained in that   hour and then i just quickly had like a though i  could feel like i said like a litre of kefir just   to keep me going then i'd finish late at night and  have a meal like at night like a late afternoon   like a late meal late night meal and then um that  just kept me going and don't you get hungry but i   think over time you kind of it's like anything  your body adapts to anything you do training   or just in general in life so if you don't eat  as much eventually you don't get hungry as much   you don't get thirsty as much so yeah my diet  is not the best it's not great but it's enough   to keep me going and i still get and i'm still  getting stronger week by week so yeah i just   literally have two meals two meals a day they're  not even that they're not crazy big they're just   average sized meals and i have like either  one liter of kefir or like a smoothie like a   banana peanut butter cottage cheese um milk oats  try seeds i blend that up quite a nasty smoothie   so maybe that's what keeps me going keeps me i  have that before bed anyway so i think it helps   because the cottage cheese has got like the casein  protein the slow release throughout the night so   i think that's probably what helps me to look  however i don't know if i have it like every   every night i have that but yeah i don't really  eat crazy amounts throughout the day um i just eat   because i kind of have to eat but i don't  really get hungry that much i mean i do a   little bit but my body's just so used to just  not eating frequently so i just eat one at a time   but yeah i think diet is of course it's important  but i don't know i'm not really i've never been a   big fan of tracking calories or you know got they  got the app myfitnesspal track this track that i   just i've been too lazy i'm reading i'm not  reading everything i'm i'm just i'm lazy i'm just   i admit i'm lazy i do not track nothing i'm just  i just eat and then i finish eating okay i'm   i'm good i'm good for the next couple hours i  don't need to be eating meal one or two meals   i mean every every hour every two hours i  don't think i need to be eating that much   because i just end up overeating and feeling  bloated especially that i train twice a day as   well i like to train when my stomach is empty as  well you know so like especially in the morning   like i love to like get my lift something in the  morning or my statistics in the morning because   it's like i'm empty so that way i feel maybe i'm  lighter i don't know but yeah i just don't i don't   focus on diet too much okay sorry sorry for that  sorry forever answer whoever asked that question   it's probably a very bad response but  that's just that's me personally i do not   overeat too much i think you just i think you  just eat enough and that should be okay but it   also correlates with an article that i read a few  days ago which said that the healthiest thing in   nutrition is that you can do is to just eat to  70 percent and not uh to uh not to eat right   yeah to overeat yes so maybe that's maybe that's  what maybe that's what i'm doing because yeah i   think yeah that's i think that's definitely right  because you see a lot of guys just over they've   over eaten they've got a bulking phase a kitten  phase i don't have any of those phases i'm just   i i never have a balkan or a cotton face i'm  just training my only phase of my only phase   is to increase my strength and my training  that's all i don't really care about bulking   cutting whatever like no it's for me it's not  important if your performance athlete then   you shouldn't be too fussed about diet i mean if  you know if i'm trying to size if you're trying   to precise then yeah then maybe you've got to  track what you're doing you've got a track to   increase your size but for me i don't really  care about size just only care about performance   as long as i'm eating enough to recover and  to train then i'm happy then i'm happy if i   then have no energy then yeah maybe i need to eat  more but i've always got enough energy to train   so yeah you just got to listen to your body yeah  that's what it is cool but do you have like some   standards like uh that you eat uh like a lot of  protein in that you avoid fat like some some i   don't know some standards i have a lot of carbs  and protein i have lots of rice and chicken i love   i love meat i love beef i love um lamb so my  general like for example today i'm gonna have   rice and chicken maybe have that meal again  maybe yeah rice and chicken i also have   like a like an african based diet as well  like um i have like a lot of okra spinach   um yeah lots of rice because we have a lot of rice  and you know african diets are lots of rice so   yeah i think i've got very rich in protein and  carbs maybe fats as well i'm maybe fats but like   i said i do not care i don't track nothing i just  eat good food i loved i mean there is days where i   have takeaway days where i get chinese days where  i get mcdonald's doesn't affect me it's fine but   generally i don't really eat too much fast food  anyway like here and there for fancy chinese   i want to get it like if i want a takeaway i'm  going to go get the takeaway even if it's after   workout or whatever you know but it's not like i  have it like everyday takeaways just like maybe   once twice a week and friday for the week is like  yeah rice chicken or like spaghetti bolognese or   something it's just it's just general food like  but it's the food that i eat is definitely rich   in protein and carbs for sure i would definitely  say that um so yeah i love my meat i love my carbs   love my spaghetti i love my rice chicken lamb  burgers yeah nice your opinion on on supplements   don't take them at all i did not take  them i have tried supplements before   like i'm always like i always go into things with  open mind i'm not going to say oh it doesn't work   i i always try things out first and see if it  makes a difference right now i don't take nothing   i don't i never taste supplements like i i've  never been a fan of taking supplements because   i prefer natural food natural stuff but um i did  a few years ago i tried protein shakes to see if   it's gonna make any change in my recovery or not  it didn't do nothing i think it's all a lot of   it is just placebo i think people thought oh yeah  there's protein i mean i don't know what kind of   protein that is inside that tub whey protein i'm  not sure i'd rather just eat natural food but i've   tried it just to see if it does work and i did  it for i got a whole big tub like a crazy big tub   and i took it every day and i'll just see if it  will make a difference in recovery or not and   i just felt the same as it before so that's up i  took it and never took it again i also tried uh   supplements for joints the animal pack for joints  it's this little packet of pills about nine pills   in it and i was like okay let me try i took it  every day to see if it's gonna help my joints   nothing it was the same so even when i came off  it i was still the same so for me in my opinion   um i don't take them i never will take them i've  got nothing against people taking them but i think   you don't really need them i think it's just  a big whole fitness hype where people need to   take this take that i think you don't really need  them how many people get strong before supplements   were created people were already strong back in  the day and they never really needed that stuff so   yeah i just don't take them i just eat food and  drink affair and have lots of milk yeah that's   yeah that's my opinion on it sounds like a kefir  uh advertisement here yes it sounds like yeah   i used to always put it on my instagram people  who's make fun of me saying this guy and he drinks   cafe doesn't eat i said yeah like i don't know  just i was just mom like i said that was my meal   replacement just something quick to get something  in my system anyway yeah but i'm a big fan of   dairy i love dairy man i have so much dairy like  if you've seen one i used that one needs a fear   a day some days you know people send us a lot but  for me it's like this is a similar replacement so   it's enough cool great we're slowly coming  to an end um do you want to tell us more   about your current goals that's also a frequent  question oh yes all right so my current goals   is to yeah keep smashing the power lifting  so um increase the weights in that um that's   my main one of my main goals as well as increasing  my statics so yeah like my static goals here just   keep increasing my planche my plant strength  my push-ups my perfecting my two finger planche   that's one thing i want to get i want to  get out of because i've got i've been doing   straddle now so i want to get up to full a full  two finger planche yeah just getting my maltese   i mean it's there already but i want to keep  getting just basically getting everything   better just increasing everything um yeah just  having a strong having a strong bench press   strong deadlift strong squat having a strong  strong statics those are my main two goals   and yeah i'm still keep working towards them   um because like i said i'm able to mix them both  together and it's working it's working for me it's   been a few months i've been doing this program  and this everything's going up at the same time so   all i need to do is keep up the work and  yeah we'll see what happens in the end   i would love to um be that guy that can just do  everything do flips yeah do flips lift heavy and   plunge front lever so that's my aim uh but no not  nothing particular it's just just getting stronger   as a whole you know there is a few moves in  looking towards which i'll be posting soon anyway   but you guys will see on my instagram and you  guys will see if you see my instagram on youtube   i might even start like you know like vlogging  like my workouts because um because i don't really   do i've got youtube but i don't use it much but  i might actually start to like start like like a   power lifting calisthenics youtube because people  like i said people are very curious of how i mix   them together so i start doing videos of how  i mix how of each session for example like a   you know squat day squat and plants day a bench  press friendly bidet kind of thing i'll start   doing vlogs of how i train so people can see more  in depth because it's easy for me to say but it's   hard for people to understand it so people need  to see what i do so i'm gonna start to definitely   push that out there because i think it's like i  said it's very looked down upon people like oh   he trains legs but then how does he do it i think  i need to try to educate people on how to do it   together and that made me inspire like start  my own little thing of blanching with 200 kilo   squats and stuff like that so i'll definitely  start putting content out there very soon like   i'll start vlogging i've got like a new phone i've  got like a gimbal i want to get like a stand so   i can actually vlog and train at the same time  and put it out there so people can actually see   you know how it's done and do like tutorials and  everything so yeah i'm gonna definitely push push   down there's people to see it's not like it's not  even a secret it's not my own big secret it's like   it's no secret behind trying to mix them together  it's just you do or you don't do it you know but   yeah i'm just gonna try to put it out there and  be trying to be unique and inspire others to   to train to be complete don't have to be complete  you can stick to do what you love to do but   for me it's like i just love to lift heavy it's  satisfying and i love to plunge and static so   why don't mix why not mix both together you know  simple as that and if you really want something   you make it happen you don't set limitations on  yourself if you start saying oh but then i want   to be tired well then that doesn't need to work  on your mindset but for me it's like discipline is   everything so have the discipline and take it take  it from there and just believe in yourself and   hopefully with smart training it will happen  yeah that's that's that's all i can say wow   i've got one more question uh because i think i  i'm quite interested in goal setting how different   people set goals differently you said that  you want to improve your um your squad etc etc   um but you didn't say like um precise numbers  do you set goals okay like this uh like yeah   yeah so my cake so because it's been a long time  no i'm just interested in in your mindset you   know like do you set precise numbers um when  you set goals for yourself yeah i'm like um   for example i'll say so my lifting  goals right now so where are we we're in   march may sorry may march we're in may we're  in may because i literally um have been back   onto the squad for like six weeks now i've been  squat for a long time because it locked down but   before lockdown i had a 180 speltless squat for  a comfortable single like an easy single i even   did like a video i did a 180 squat into a plunge  10 second full planche so i want to basically get   i want to get that to 200 kilos and hopefully  six months it's a nice 200 kilo squat   uh in six months um deadlift i want to get  my 260 end of the year 250 deadlift because   pre previously before lockdown when i was like  my strongest i did the i did a 240 beltless   really easily like it was like a rp7 so i think  a 260 will be we'll be there with smart training   bench press is something new for me i've never  i was never really into bench press before   so i would love to bench press like 140 plus  maybe that would probably take me like another   six months or something but yeah those are  like my lifting goals um but yeah i always   set like realistic goals anyway because i  don't really want to aim too high so each   month it's like i don't really like go crazy  so it's a thing where each month is just about   not maxing up but doing like a top single that's  like 80 percent doing a top single every month   working towards that walking towards those goals  uh yeah for plant and for my calisthenics it's   like i've learned a few new moves so like a  dead planche push up and learnt that recently   so just about trying to perfect that get that nice  and deep uh two finger planche that's one of my   main goals as well i want to get that in four  in full two finger plunge in full and um multis   i want to keep yeah i mean i've now got that one  now got that secure now i want to just be able to   press that like maltese clean press the handstand  and back down because i've not tried to press it   so i want to get like maltese press and yeah  there's my main and for front lever as well for   front lever i want to get uh really like i want to  improve my front level pull-ups i've got a strong   friendly behold now strong in front of the presses  i can do two front even pull-ups of touch and the   rest just goes down and down so i want to be able  to get at least three to five running for pull up   touch in in the end of the year so those are like  my top priority goals anyway so yeah sort of work   towards those anyway awesome yeah good luck for  that but i know that you have your smart smart   uh programming so it's all about programming it's  all about being small but yeah that's how it is   awesome we always have some quick questions quick  answers uh at the end um yeah of course what's   your favorite food my favorite food like chicken  chicken chicken and rice okay chicken and rice   i love i can live off i can eat that every day  and not get bored that's my favorite food chicken   and rice definitely nice yup are you a dog or  a cat person cat person do you do your own ones   i haven't got one but there's a cat that i think  is homeless i think but she always comes and   i always feed her wow so i look after the cat  i might even take her sitting there with your   chicken yeah literally like i've got like a i've  got like a i've got like a little snap of me like   on the windowsill with the cat and i'm just like  stroking it so i love cats i'm not really a fan of   dogs i mean dogs are okay but i love cats i like  cats uh do you have a favorite color blue blue or   black blue or black those two are my favorite  colors yeah okay uh what athletes inspire you   oh i've got um netko is one of my favorite  athletes ned konetkov everyone knows him   he's another guy that's pretty tall that guy he's  serious um yeah he's one of my favorite athletes   because because of his height he's like also  the same as me he's like 100 and he's like one   i think six foot six six foot tall i think  and he's kind of heavy as well so i respect   him because at that height he's got the craziest  maltese and crazy planters and he's super clean so   he's one guy respect i love the bulgarian  athletes as well like victor kaminov um   ristof uh all them guys in bulgaria man they're  serious man they've got they're just so clean   and strong so i look up to the guys a lot in  terms of my statics and i've got a few few of my   friends that i train with like over here like that  inspire me like i've got a friend called obi he's   also like he trains kind of the way i do he does  the tricking gymnastics power lifting aesthetics   so seeing him do what i do as well definitely  inspires me and yeah yeah those are the main   guys that that inspire me to to train so  the bulgarian guys has inspired me to just   to stack to move tease like crazy like nedco this  guy's maltese is crazy so yeah he's he's like one   of my number one inspirations and yeah just  my friend my friend obie and i've got another   friend called ash actually i thought i forgot to  mention him but he's also a power lifter himself   who can full plunge wow he can  full plunge and he's a powerlifter   and he skipped throttle plunge because his hips  are tight he just went straight to a full planche   and that just shows how having a strong leg can  still help your aesthetics all he did he let the   full planche in like four months from having a  tuck he was already quite strong you know so um   i just said look try a travel plan he's actually  one that got me started on publishing anyway   because we both started to work together and i  was like okay i'll do calisthenics what do you   do oh perfect and we start training together and  then he kind of just got me into the whole thing   i said yeah try to learn a planche and he had  a punch in literally four months that's insane   he's ukrainian right no no he's not even he's  asian he's like he's asian he's an asian dude   and he's actually quite he's asian dude he's like  um thinks in bangladesh i think um but yeah he's   also like he's not really he's not a little guy  he's quite but he's a bit shorter than me just a   little bit he's like probably like one seven five  centimeters maybe a bit higher he's a big dude   he's like 70 75 76 kilos he learned a full plunge  in three months from having a tuck from a tuck   three months wow guess what he told me he told  me he learned a full punch because all he did was   stick his legs out he squeezed his bum so hard  and his legs together so hard it stayed there   so he's he's another reason why yeah  that i believe that that power lifting   can help your statics i'm not trying to  say every political learner planche but   he's like not big i mean he's not crazy big he's  like quite he's built he's like he's got music   he's like he's bigger than mine definitely he's  a muslim guy but he is surprising like he's got   rage like in terms of statistics he can learn he  can do a front even a plunge he's skipped shadow   he just went straight to him from tuck advanced  tuck one leg and full in a space of a few months   but that's because he's also himself had a  background in like just basic calisthenics so i   think that helped him a lot anyway but yeah having  a strong having strong legs i think it helps so i   hope this interview will inspire people to train  their legs and also not be afraid to train their   legs because i know a lot of people are afraid  afraid of training their legs because they think   it's going to make your plants worse or whatever  that's what i i just say to everyone just train   your legs for strength for performance don't train  for sight i mean you can still have a plant for   bigger legs but even still as a static athlete we  all aim to be as light as possible to perform good   you know like i don't really care about putting on  weight anyway i just want to be stronger and and   train so yeah my advice to everyone is just don't  be afraid to give it a go and it won't harm you i   mean the first week or two will be hard because  your legs will be killing but once you adapt   to it i think you'll be fine and i think you'll  just benefit like you ain't i'm not saying that   do squats you can do like um just basic like not  saying do heavy squats keep it light just focus   on the leg tension focus on getting your glutes  strong and i think it will help to maintain to   get better form in your statics to lock your  legs out better and to have a better like   hit position in blue positioning as well pelvis  positioning so yeah i hope this inspires others to   actually try and give it a go and not to down talk  you know leg training on statics because i see a   lot of guys that they they they all say this but  have you tried it do you know if it's gonna i mean   it does seem logical yeah okay he's got big legs  it's not gonna stop but there's a few guys that   have naturally got big legs i can still plant so i  think um yeah just going with a better mindset and   let's not have this oh yeah he's he's lifting  weight he's squat so he can't plant oh it's gonna   make harmless blunt um like i said i've progressed  my planche even more while training legs   so just don't make any excuses  for yourself and just go hard   test it out give it a go if it's  not for you at least you tried but   give it a go see weapons it won't harm you and  also leg growth does not happen over one squat   session allegro happens in yet many the guys you  see that power lift they've been powerlifting   for about 10 years that's why their legs are  like this big if you just train your legs for   a couple of months they won't grow that quickly  like again i get guys deeming me saying oh like   my legs were really fast um i'm scared to do it  but do they i'm looking at you and you're not   really a big a big dude so i don't think it looks  gonna grow that big just from doing a little squat   so i'm not trying to say you have to squat times  two body weight times for everybody obviously my   aim is to squat times for your body weight in  your daily times full body weight but you can   just squat just for general health and fitness  and just to be like not complete but like just   to do it for you like how do i say it it's to  be proportionate with yourself to be you know   not be in like i don't know i'm saying it  completely wrong being proportioned fortunate you   know don't want to be a guy that's got bigger body  but no legs but they can just be at least strong   they used to do something with them and like i  said it's that the stronger they are the better   you can squeeze your body in those positions so if  you've got a strong bum guess what you squeeze it   in your planche it's going to be tighter you  won't banana much like if you see most of my   plastic videos even my plunge press people always  say what a very clean planche press i believe it's   from the lecturing i've done i know to brace  my core and squeeze my bum and not be able to   banana on my back because i never ever banana like  i try my best not to banana i never ever like it's   very rare to see dent and banana you know i'm so  like you know i always feel that it's people that   bananas because they lack body tightness they lack  leg tightness in their body so i think that if   you have a stronger legs stronger glutes you can  focus on not not um arching your back backwards   and then that way you create that curve i think  that comes a lot from obviously core strength but   i believe that leg training has helped me to keep  my form straight so yeah that's that's my take   on that anyway so i hope this inspires others to  just give it a go maybe get into it if they want   like have some kind of powerlifting i think it's  cool i mean going to a gym they're lifting 200   kilos it's satisfying it's so satisfying like  how would you not want to do that like i just i   just for me i just lift i just think that's  just manly just picking up something heavy   squatting heavy i just think it's and also i mean  the studies show that they boost testosterone   um um maybe it does but i think you know so it's  going to do more more good than harm for your body   you know just give it time people like the first  lecture session is always the worst one like even   for me like someone that's advancing legs you  know like if i didn't train legs for a good few   months guess what i can't walk the next day but  it's just about getting getting legs used to it   and eventually you'll be fine so yeah hopefully  this makes everyone want to try legs don't have to   i don't have to but just know that it won't harm  your legs in any way if you train for performance   and not for growth i mean your legs will grow of  course but they won't grow they won't grow like   that it will take a long time for them to grow  like i've been powerlifting for a couple years   my legs aren't that big i mean they've gone bigger  but normally when you train you do gain some sort   of weight and as you as you keep training  your body's going to follow that cycle so   if i gain weight in my legs but i've kept training  my aesthetics you won't even feel it you don't   even notice like i've never noticed anything i've  never done a leg session one day oh my planche is   slanting because my legs feel heavy they're not  going to feel heavy if you that's that's only   going to change if you have ankle weights you  want ankle weights that's like a big dramatic   change for your body but after a month of these  narco waste is going to feel normal same thing   for that legroom if your legs do grow but you're  still maintaining your statics you won't feel it   certainly if you didn't train your statics for  a month and then you let it grow then you tried   it it's going to feel like weighted calisthenics  however if you then go back to training it again   it's going to be fine your body's going to  eventually adapt to that size and you'll be   you'll progress again so yeah just like i said be  positive go in with a good mindset and just give   things a try before you then talk down talking  because i see a lot of guys saying this that but   i look at their page they haven't tried lifting  themselves so i'm like well how do you know how   do you know it's gonna affect your statics maybe  you're generalizing it but give it a go and see   you know i always try to stay open-minded about  everything you know i mean even me when i first   tried it i thought damn is my senses gonna go down  let's give it a try let me see what's gonna happen   nothing happened in fact my statics went up and  they're still going up you know so yeah no harm   awesome it's it's like really it's really nice and  fascinating to listen to you because you really   speak with passion and you're it's really uh  convincing yeah yeah i've got someone it says   i've got so much passion for legs i just  i just i just love training legs so yeah   i mean like i said people could oh he's because  he's biased he does it himself always because   he doesn't grow as much muscle but i think i  don't know like everyone's different but like   i said there's no harm in trying you try  it out and see and if it doesn't work okay   cool if it works then you can affect me you know  i'm there to inspire i'm not there to put others   down you know if someone tries something new like  i remember when i first started training links   everyone in my inbox saying what are you doing  then and you're gonna lose your plants then don't   train your legs and i was like man just let me  do my thing man don't judge me if you support me   then you know then support me and what i do well  i used to always get dms of everyone saying why   are you trying to be a powerlifter this and that  i don't know i just want to try something new   not even just for my body but for my  mind as well to be able to learn how to   try new things because i'm as a personal trainer  i believe it's good to know different aspects   of training not everyone wants to come and do  calisthenics with you people might want to try   something else like people will be intimidated  by kind of things people want to try different   things people just want general weight training  so if you take yourself and try something new   it's going to help you as a person to grow because  you'll be able to apply that knowledge to others   so i did that mainly i did that just because of  my work but then i fell in love with training   legs so i started doing it and i mean now i've  been doing it for years as well aesthetics   no harm no harm whatsoever nice yeah i think  this was the longest reply to uh the quick   quench questions quick answer yeah right i  got carried away no but it's as i said like   it's really fascinating to listen to you and you  really speak with passion which is uh really cool   and i honestly think this is one of the the  episodes or maybe the episode with the most   content and the most valuable uh insights  and like um in-depth um training advice here   um and it's like a super interesting topic and  um somebody who listens to this until this moment   like one and a half hours yeah this person will  a take a lot with him but be like it shows that   he's like really interested in the topic and that  you carried him uh with you so um yeah that's it   it's been my pleasure and i can't thank you  enough for including me in this podcast so   it's my pleasure so me being here like i said i  took a passion and yeah i'm thankful that's great   um yeah let's go through the the last  quick questions uh favorite skill   lunch bunch the the regular full planche or  i mean planche itself yeah of course now like   i've taken a big love to maltese now  like i like yeah maltese is like my   latest learnt static skill i mean i've always  kind of had a maltese but i spent six months   mastering it and it's really paid off so i  think maltese may overtake my uh my planche   uh my planche favoritism you know so yeah i think  maltese planche multi just those two like i love   those two definitely awesome uh pull or push  if you have to decide for the rest of your life   push push push okay push i mean yeah i mean as  people see as you see i'm i'm mainly a push-up   and my planche is way stronger than  my front lever but i'm trying to   change that i want my friend to also be strong and  be equal so i am training foreign i don't really   show it that much but it's behind the scenes  that i'm doing like i want like i said having   that balance being equal i don't want to be just  a plunger that can't do a friendly or friendly   pull-up so yeah definitely but push definitely i  prefer push but pull isn't porn but yeah push if   i to choose push all the way push all the way  definitely cool do you have a favorite book   um i did read the book recently um but come  in a subtle leopard that's my favorite book   is it from mark manson the no yeah ah no  no no no no becoming a support leopard   that's something different totally different that  uh thought about uh uh how is he called uh uh   yeah yeah but it's about mobility right uh  yeah school yeah so becoming a supple leopard   by glenn uh by glenn cordoza and kelly yeah yeah  yeah so i read a book like a few years ago and it   really helped me in my knowledge about yeah just  mobility and just body positioning and everything   and that helps a lot for my powerlifting  progress as well because it teaches you how to   it teaches your form teaches you how to like be  correct and be safe in your training so when i   read that book um yeah it it really helped me a  lot in my knowledge too especially for clients   too as well so yeah that's i've read a book yeah  a couple yeah three years ago when i started like   strength training because yeah even me like when  you first go into something you go in not know   nothing so you need to educate yourself by reading  books or training getting trained by someone or   just you know so i started to read books and um  yeah i was like let me um get myself knowledge   enough wow this book is amazing so yeah that's my  favorite fitness book anyway cool we'll also put   it in the description for somebody if he wants  to check it favorite music genre gen general   um i like rock music and i like hip-hop music for  powerlifting i need rock music for statics i need   like hip-hop trap kind of beats so yeah those  two those two um yeah those are my favorite   genres yeah definitely do you have a best uh  the favorite calisthenics event you've visited   the best event i went to was in 2015 uh i went to  the world cup in barcelona with boss battle it was   like a team competition so he came second place  that was my that was that was actually my last   freestyle competition before i transitioned over  to waited but that was my favorite event because   that was amazing that was like bahrain was amazing  place the competition was really good like it was   a crazy comment like a team comp also individual  as well that was the best event i've ever been   to that was yeah that was good memories i can't  imagine yeah that was back yes back in 2015 yeah   cool and to finish off uh you already said  one or two things but your message to the   calisthenics community yes our message is um stay  consistent stay disciplined and just never give up   also yeah train smart it's not about going  it's not about killing yourself every   session it's about stimulating feeling  the movement and being able to train   the next day without being too tired you know  um yeah and also not being afraid to train legs   that's my message to everyone you know just  yeah stick to the program allow yourself to   adapt and be patient and progress slowly you  know and focus on focus on form try to um   not let the ego take over i see a lot of guys they  try to chase like they go to shuttle planche and   they think yeah let me try a full plant right  now you need to spend a few months on straddle   plunge first before you go to full planche and  so on so don't don't rush the process in any   progression always master the progression itself  and then move forward and yeah i mean it's a long   journey kirsten this is a long journey like  i've been doing i've been training all my life   you know audio training for my life calisthenics  for like advanced kind of things eight years   you have to just dedicate your life to it  so um don't be in the rush to get any skill   because even if you get the skill it takes you  about another 10 years to master it anyway so   just uh enjoy the process of it and learn and just  yeah explore and learn new things and yeah don't   be afraid to train your legs it's a it's a good  thing for you and yeah that's my um that's my main   top tip for everyone and advice cool thank you um  yeah we're as i said we're we're coming to an end   how can people get in touch with you how can they  reach out to you you also offer um coaching right   yes i do online coaching yeah you can just get get  me get me on uh denton kante on instagram if you   think it's denton underscore conte11 on instagram  yeah you can um follow me there dm me there ask me   questions there get in touch with me there cool we  will put all the youtube as well yeah youtube and   instagram will put the links in the description  and the show notes so people can reach out to   you and uh you're responsive on instagram that's  what i can say so to everybody having questions   concerning coaching etc denton is somebody who  who replies to you to the director i do reply to   messages people ask me help i i i offer him help  you know i think it's kind of cool to you know   get help from someone that you look up to you  know so that's my best to respond to everyone   you know yeah as a family man i know it's uh it's  or i can imagine that it's not easy always but   uh yeah yeah yeah exactly so imagine i'm balancing  everything out with a little two-year-old so   there's no excuses there's no excuses when you  find the time well my time is my family and my   training i've got nothing else so i've got no  social life i don't go out much i just literally   i train i come home that's it i train i come home  i train again and my son watches me training and   he trains with me that's that's my life right  now and i'm and yeah i think it's the best kind   of life this is training and family what else  do you mean there's nothing else more than that   that's true so yeah i'm insanely thankful  for your time because i know it's   very valuable and that uh yeah your family wants  it as well so big big thank you for sharing   so much from your from your trainings etc i'm  really thankful and i know that people can take   a lot from it and before denton you can end the  episode and say goodbye to the people i want to   say thank you to all the listeners everybody to  stick who stick until now like 1 hour 40 minutes   it's it's insane so big respect to you big thank  you to you uh for listening to this till the end   if you liked it give it a thumbs up check up  check out uh dance and socials and uh yeah   i hope to see you next time again and thank  you thank you thank you very much thank you   very much guys and yeah goodbye everyone hope  you guys enjoyed you know the podcast hope you   learned some things from it because i'm obviously  i was here to help everyone so i hope you guys got   the help you needed and if you want more questions  just come to me ask me on my dm and yeah look   out for youtube content cause i'm gonna start to  actually vlog my training so look out for that and   yeah thank you so much and philip thank you very  much for having me today it was a pleasure you.