Nikola is talking about how he combines Endurance and Streetlifting in one training schedule. | NIKOLA VEJNOVIĆ | Combining Endurance & Streetlifting | Interview

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May 20, 2021 28 min read

NIKOLA VEJNOVIĆ | Combining Endurance & Streetlifting | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #51

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The text of the interview (translated automatically):

How to combine endurance and street lifting  in one athlete we had an awesome interview   with nicola from the youtube channel back to the  basics after the great feedback for the interview   with urosh ashkev we are now happy to have the  second leader of the youtube channel here nikola   who is sharing a lot about his workout about his  nutrition and how it's possible to combine street   lifting and endurance in one workout schedule  when you have a very strong mental strength   you will pass every challenge in your life again  you can find all the topics that we talked about   in the youtube chapters and in the youtube  description enjoy the advice from this beast your gorillas welcome to the athlete  insider podcast by GORNATION my name is   phil and today's guest is the serbian  street lifting and endurance beast   leader of the youtube channel back to the  basics nikola veinovich which also known as   kines i hope i hope that i pronounced the name  approximately right welcome to the show nicola   it's nice to be part of the interview with you  thanks for taking the time how are you today   very well very well and i i  am always something like that   awesome yeah everything is good we don't have  like it looks that you have really good weather   in serbia is it right yes yes yes yes it's it's  it's sunny day yes wow okay here in germany it's   only raining so yeah happy for you then i know i  know great uh yeah let's start with the interview   um how do you present yourself who are you what do  you do uh when we talk about the calisthenics that   is i can say uh one of the most important  thing in my life maybe i can say the most   important because i uh i i spend too much time  thinking about it without time doing it after   after training before and and so on uh my name  is uh as you can as you can see nickname is for strangers and um i can i can present i can  present myself myself as a a man who is uh very   consistent and dedicated and dedicated to  things that he's interested in and uh he   doesn't doesn't uh interest it uh at all for  things that isn't uh interesting at all for me   personally okay so you're somebody if you do  something you do it with one hundred percent   you do it uh you do it with full energy right  yes yes that's the way you can say that cool   nickname kines do you want to tell us the story  because uh when we did the interview a few weeks   ago with urosh people asked yeah interview the  chinese and i was asking myself who is the chinese   and like now you said kines is your nickname and  in serbian it means it means the chinese right   yes it means the chinese when i was very young  at my uh seven years old i was in school and   uh i have some uh i don't know how to say long  long long hair but uh uh really thin i don't other kids uh think thought that is uh something  like uh chinese people have always and that's uh   that's a mistake that's pointless but that's the  reason why uh they started to call me keenes and   chinese uh when we talk about english uh and they  started to fight them with my head and that's the   reason why uh they increased to calming guinness  and after that i i i i started to love my nickname   okay wow and uh how old are you today i am 24  years old okay and how heavy like how many kgs   now i i am 87 kg 87. wow and uh i'm uncut  i i was a carrier i was 90 91 92 kg when uh and how many kilogram uh  sorry how many centimeters my height is 182 centimeters okay wow so uh  you're like really heavy for your for your   height yes yes yes i have a very big appetite and  i think it's the main reason why i carry and i   uh train hard all the time and that's the reason  why i'm not fat i think when i uh finished my uh   i i stopped to work out i think i i i would be fat so for you it's easy to gain  weight but uh more difficult to   to lose weight by genetic not i was  very thin i was very thin but i uh for example seven years ago i wanted to   gain mass not muscle mass but mass is if  it's fat it's good because i was uh 63 kg and   after that my metabolism is changed and that's  the reason why i now can get mass varies and   the other thing is my appetite which now is very  very very big and i can i can eat everything   so you say that it's possible for  uh for a person who is like more   thin and who is has more difficulties to gain  weight to change his metabolism just by um uh   like getting his body by  eating more over a long time   yes when uh when my body is sad that's enough  uh of food i i i ate twice after that i s   i twice that for example if it's good for  me to eat six eggs i ate 12x and so on   and but you do this for your performance  or do you think that's that's healthy   no then that was uh six seven years  old ago i i only wanted to be uh   more more massive because i  was a teen and now i i can uh   i can increase my mess and i can go down if i want  but uh for my mind is more difficult when i should   go down because of i'm because of loving of eating  very much and do you eat clean or do you also eat   junk fruit food when it's winter i i eat when i  whatever if it's it i cheat if it's not it clean   but when summer starts or before summer  for example two or two months before   from uh from april i started  to eat more clean and about   on june i it completely clean and that's uh  that's last three or four months and after that   again i i i what i love and there's a reason  that repeat there's a thing that repeats yes   nice um we will get into detail also for the  nutrition uh later and for your diet first of all   tell us the story how did you get in touch with  the sport how was how were your your beginnings   in in calisthenics um yeah maybe you want to  start really at the beginning of your workout   i started training on may 5th 2013 at first  week i started with three sets of 20 push-ups   and soon i do more and more sets and after  two weeks i did 50 sets of 30 of 20 push-ups   after that i decided to decrease number of sets  and to increase number of reps and i started to do   uh three sets of 35 push-ups with pause about one  minute and 30 seconds i think whenever i increase   reps by five number uh five reps i uh increase  pause for 30 seconds i think if i uh memorize it's   good uh in the main time i started with pull-ups  at the beginning i could do five pull-ups with   bad form and uh started doing armstrong's  pull-ups plan that's for beginner the best   pull-up plan uh after eight eight weeks i could  do 23 pull-ups also with bad form because in six   five to six last reps i was climbing uh  and i didn't go all all the way down uh   also with and about 60 wide push-ups with  form bad but not that bad and my training   for push-ups was three sets of uh 50 to 60  reps uh one year after i started calisthenics i   i know that i did 60 reps but in in time  between i'm not sure with three minutes last   rest uh i was doing that kind of training  all the time until i met ask one year uh   after i started with calisthenics at that time  i already could do five muscle ups with only   one rule doing uh in my bottom transition  that was the rule for masala climbing is uh   something that okay it's good in this period of  time and after i met ashke who already was beast   in every sense of the world i started doing  andrews work out speeds pretty fast gaming   great physique and my endurance was seeing  significantly improved there's their short   story after that i started doing more and more  endurance and uh last winter i started with with absolute strength and so on so just last  winter you started with the one rep max or like   an absolute strength max strength yes yes yes  okay i can imagine that you progressed really   fast because you had a really good basic uh  strength from the endurance right yes yes but   i made some difficulties about uh my  training plans because i wanted to be   for shortest time to be to  reach something very great   there's a mistake i i knew that's a mistake when  i started that but i was thinking about probably   i will do it for example eight weeks and after  that i will do some rest time which which will me   recover enough but i'm uh i was wrong calculated  so you mean that you injured yourself or that you   uh made less progress yes yes i have a an injury  not bad injury but the injury which is enough to   uh that i must stop doing that uh i have an  injury in my brachioradialis or right arm   and uh i i started with 200 max of 95 kg on deep  and after uh eight weeks i i could do uh 110 kg   and for pull ups i started with 60 kg max  one rep max and after eight weeks i could do   65 kg or max with training for him um and uh there  there was that there was that uh injury and the   recovery of that injury uh lasts for i think six  weeks and after that i started again yes i lost uh   too much time because i made that mistake so  if you could go back right now or give advice   to the people listening it would be to have more  patience and to start slowly like in small steps   i can i can say that uh the the the more important  is to the workout plan uh make for from your head   not from your uh wild body hungry for strength  okay so like making really a smart plan with uh   realistic and not optimistic uh goals and numbers  yes i i did it after that and everything was uh   better much better but after uh 30 weeks i i  did only workouts for up source trend 100 max   i should test myself again and i could do before  that test i could do 115 kg on deep and uh a few   days before before on my regular workouts i i  did four reps of 150kg on deep and in last set   and seven reps with 100 kg and i'm 100  sure that i can do can go up with 120 kg   and maybe can go up with 125 kgs but one  day before i should try my new personal best   i filmed a new video on my youtube  channel where i did 900 push-ups and that   killed my body i have a very big muscle pain that  which which lasts for seven days honestly i could   i couldn't go up from my bed we're in push-up  position i should roll to my back and do crunch that was very very big muscle pain  pain and after that i try and i   i lose my strength in that recovery process  which lasts too long and i couldn't even do   150 kg maybe i couldn't do 115 which  i could do six week before that but   i didn't i didn't try that because i was upset  enough because i i i didn't success to do 120 kg   there's a story do you have the situation uh more  often that you're like you're uh because you in in   your youtube videos you do like crazy performances  like it's really insane the the sets that you do   the workouts that you do and um do you sometimes  feel that your youtube career is um slowing down   your progress as a as a as an athlete or like  um slowing down the the progress that you make   yes yes yes i know what you want to say yes  but well uh that was in there in that situation   i knew that uh in situation that someone  else uh want to get advice for me that   is it good to do 900 push-ups one day  before the issue test i i would say   it's pretty crazy so stupid and uh i did it  and now i i couldn't believe that that i did it yeah and uh another question that i have  like um you do street lifting and you do like   like a really one rep max or like um  low rep numbers high high um higher   weight um intensity uh and on the other hand you  do like really high volume with endurance um does   do how is it possible to combine these two things  is it uh is it your long-term goal to combine both   uh now i started for yeah from yesterday i started  to combine that i make a hebrew workout plan for   uh for street lifting and the endurance but before  that this that's the reason i have i had uh that   that much muscle pain i didn't  do high reps for seven months   um and uh now i will uh do two workouts for uh  absolute strength two for endurance in upper body   one for lag absolute strength and one for four leg which will have more volume okay  and do you think uh you will progress   quicker with the combination of both or do  you think it will go slower but you will   grow in both areas i i think that there  are pros and cons but i think that   when i when i do all the endurance i have a pain  in my tendons and so on when i when i do only   training for for one rep max i have for example  problems with my uh recovery time that i i   didn't recover enough to do uh good enough  next workout something like that that's the   problem and i think when i combine uh that  two things but uh work workouts shouldn't be   100 every workout from 80 to 90 percent is good  enough for every workout 80 to 90 percent yes and   when we test ourselves uh it can it it should be  go 200 and the a few for example two weeks before   one week before we should start there that's the  time when we should go to 95 okay interesting   so um yeah let's go back to your beginnings  in in in the sport um so you talked about your   first muscle up um how long did it take from the  first workout ever to the first clean muscle up for the first muscle up with both hands  transition it's it took me one year but i   didn't try when i tried for a first time to do  muscle up two day after that i did so okay i think   i could i could do easier because when i do first  muscle up i already could do uh 25 pull ups with   yeah so um if you have to give a beginner  advice to learn the muscle up what would it be we made youtube videos two youtube videos which  is very useful for muscle up and um i cannot   say something by words they can go and check the  videos and a lot of people will learn us a lot by   following that steps we we show and that  we use does it have uh english subtitles   i think it's uh yes okay cool then uh we  will put the description the links in the   description so people can check it out um when  you started working out uh the main goal was to   um you said you wanted to increase your mass uh  like what was the your main goal with working   out with doing calisthenics was it to learn cool  skills to i think i can already i already know   the question but the answer but um is it is it to  have like really high numbers to become stronger   to look better to have a good physique what  was your main motivation to do calisthenics   at the beginnings i only wanted to be more  massive and i do i did calisthenics because i   i tried to do workouts in the gym and after  three months of working out in the gym   i noticed that my pulse trend was very decreased  because i couldn't go up to pull up and call that for for example two to three seconds  like i could go up and uh after go ups uh   go up uh go down by because i i didn't have  enough strength and there's the reason i   i chose calisthenics because i wanted to be  strong as my body looks okay so when you did   your workouts in the gym you already had built  a good physique yeah like you already know that   that was uh six months after my beginning okay  okay and after after i met after i met oscar i   i decided to go to go only with palestinians  because he uh he was bigger than me and uh   on about uh eight percent of mass  of uh body filter city eight percent   and that's the reason why i i was fat for  example 15 body fat well so he motivated   motivated you with his physique and with  his performance because he was strong and nice and uh did you think in the beginning that  you will become that strong like that you will   reach the level that you have today yes yes yes  for you it was always possible it was your goal   to become that yes yes yes of course i uh now if  i also think that i will be better and better and   better because i know that i will be in the game  forever for the rest of my life and i know that   here is a huge space to be better   sure and you see you talked about uh that you have  like uh problems with your tendons uh when you do   endurance which is something that i hear a lot  of times but and also experience myself if like   there is a workout with uh 700 1000 reps or  something it's a problem with tendons uh is   because we do reps uh with too much explosive  power that's the main reason if we do it slowly we   we didn't have uh or how to say we yeah we don't  want to have that we wouldn't care yes yeah okay   so so if somebody does a lot of reps but does them  controlled uh he doesn't have problem with tendons   yes yes i'm sure yes okay and the explosiveness  is because you let yourself fall into the joints   or what is the um what is the reason that the  joints hurt for explosive reps uh when when we   for example do pull-ups and do it for with  uh maximal extruded power when we go down   uh the gravity will result that our tendons will  be tightened too much and when we repeat it uh very much too many times it will be  uh it started to be painful and so on   my english isn't good enough to no it's  good to describe it for example in in arm   wrestling the goal is to um to strengthen the  tendons and to make them thicker and thicker   is it possible with and is it the goal for  a calisthenics athlete as well uh to have   strong tendencies really big big uh big uh  strong tendons i know that arm wrestling   our resting much more uh problems  with thanos that damn it that i i   i could say that um it's very good  to have strong tenders but tendons   can be improved much slower than muscle and we  couldn't do anything about that true that's true yeah people also asked if you ever tried um to do  statics or even dynamics uh if you did some some   free stuff dynamics not no no that's definitely  not for me but statics yes uh four years ago i   started with oscar we make a decision to learn  to learn he he could do front lever i couldn't   and we we make we made the decision to uh i  should learn uh front lever and uh straddle   planche and he should learn uh straddle  planche we are both to succeed in that   in two months i think and after that i could  do uh stream pledge push-ups but when i   stopped doing that i lost everything and now i can  do front lever for about 15 to 20 seconds so every   time but i i don't practice practice at all i have  a very strong uh back in uh that uh central back   i have uh it's very strong guy i'm i looks  like turtle and when you look to me for uh   beside me okay but the straddle planche was uh it  was lost when you stopped uh training it right yes   after after two weeks i think i couldn't do  and when i uh when i learned that i could do   five seconds very good for him and after i after  two weeks i didn't practice that i lost everything   do you think it's uh like everybody loses  the throttle planche if he doesn't practice   it or is it because of your genetics that  uh i don't think it's my tracking but uh i   i i didn't put enough time to master this  trail planche i learned it uh for example on   may and uh i stopped doing it on june in one  month okay that wasn't enough time to master it   yeah but still still impressive uh so um yeah  again um like we we already had a lot of athletes   in in the podcast who were like um big um big fans  and um yeah off of basics like of uh that basics   build the the base as it already says basics built  the base for like uh for good strength for also   statics for example and uh if you learned the  throttle planche for example in two months if i   understood right um that's that's this uh the the  proof that's the uh yes yes yes it is it is it is   i have a very long arms and uh it was easier to me  to learn the stereo plunge because i could go to   with my hands uh very low okay ask ask he  had more problems with that than me okay   good for you great um yeah if if  you would have to decide today um   only reps bodyweight reps or only waited uh for  the rest of your life what what would you choose   i can i can choose be uh i can choose be between  uh uh in in uh uh one thing if i do if i chose   high reps uh there is great physique uh  great endurance great explosive power and   uh great condition uh well if i chose uh only  street lifting i will have only absolute power   and that's the reason why we'll while we'll  always choose endurance between uh that uh   so like the street lifting uh doesn't give you  the physique that you're aiming for so great   physio means nobody said percentage or last  summer i i was i think on about nine to ten   body fat percentage and uh i was on 88 kg i  was looking uh very very good the best in my   life uh well i was when i started to do street  lifting uh i gained muscle but i lost some uh i gained mass but they lost some muscles and  that's negative for me when we talk about physic   okay nice um so um yeah we had some i think we  received a lot of questions from young listeners   and uh one like a lot of listeners asked how  to gain muscle with calisthenics because it's   um i think if you have if you have big appetite  it's easy that's the main thing but you should   you should you should do high reps uh training  should be very very hard for your mind and that   that's uh that that's the reason why endurance  is hard that's more hard for your mind than the   scar for your body i'm 100 sure that is uh that  that is thing for everyone else not only for me   okay so if we um now if you use if you see  yourself now you were 63 kg i think you said   uh as a as a adolescent as a young young  young 16 years old yeah 16 years old um   so um back then like it's easy to say yeah you  have to have big appetite um but uh like um   the the secret formula that you say is high  intensity workout so like a high um high workout   volume high volume sorry reps high volume high  reps um and eating a lot the the same combination   leads to muscles yes yes yes i'm sure anti  clean okay and did you ever have problems like   um to eat a lot to eat enough to eat the the big  portions even though you didn't have the appetite   in the beginning uh yes that was more hard  doesn't work out in that period of time to 2014   i trained uh from four to five hours  a day and uh i had five very big meals was it was it the good way so was it good to work  out that much i think i think it's not because uh   the best uh athletes now i i'm looking  at uh you know street workout athletes   like i i gave i gave them uh respect not   by their looking but by their performance  endurance strength and so on and i think that   isn't good if you want to be good in street  workout in reps in uh strength but if you want   only to be big it's good way okay now i wouldn't  do that i'm sure okay um yeah then we had a person   uh ashkar asking do you work out abs you  yeah yeah i didn't work out i didn't work   out uh absolutely while i doing uh street lifting  but i i'm starting now again last summer i did   two two workouts per day for my abs well this  summer i will do i will do the same stuff   you said two workouts per day or yes but that  that is small workout eight to ten minutes for   my abs on the on the floor or what do you do for  the end yes on the floor one workout when i uh   go up from my bed on the floor and the  other after a regular workout on the park uh   on on the bar going off with my legs okay nice  um what is your opinion on mobility on stretching   mobility and stretching when when we talk about  stretching for a faster recovery it's uh it can be   pointless i'm not sure i do it after every workout  but i'm not sure if it's uh if it's uh actually   good for uh recovery faster i'm not sure but uh  when we talk about mobility it's very important when we talk about push people like me they  are they they have more strength in push   it's a very big chance to have around the  shoulders and that's the reason why you should   uh before every workout do some things about your  mobility for your shoulders hips knees and so on okay um yeah question from a 15 year old listener  we as i said we had a lot of young listeners um   somebody asked is it is it good to work start with  calisthenics at 15 years old or is it too early   um yeah what is your opinion on starting  with calisthenics early is there something   that people should uh take care  of um something that people should   uh keep in their mind or can they just do whatever  they want the best uh gymnastics started from   six to seven years old i think the best uh  period of time for uh calisthenics is to start uh   when we are at uh 14 to 16 years old he  is 15 years old it's it's good to start   okay and what do people have to take care of  um because i remember like really bad form   push-ups hurting elbows hurting uh wrists like  uh what what is some advice that you can give   in the beginning but if you  don't have enough strength uh   you should you should make some compromise be  between four and your current strength form uh   form shouldn't be uh dirty that that that  makes some injury to you but uh also form uh   didn't have to be great in every workout in every  set in every round i'm sure 100 when we when we   talk about the strongest people in this sport  uh everyone trained with uh not perfect form   true that's really important what you just said  that um because there are a lot of comments for   uh like a bad form or something and it's  good to have a training form uh to maximize   the strength and to really go to the limits  of strength and not only take care of form   but it's the form shouldn't be that bad that  i don't know the shoulder isn't a bad angle   or the the elbows are you must learn it you  must learn it your your body must learn it   what is the form you can do which isn't perfect  but from which you will get the more gains   true can you tell us more about your current  schedule for the week so um you just uh   started it with endurance again um and combining  uh both now you set uh two uh like uh you're you   already told your split um so how you split your  uh your workouts can you go more into detail how   does an endurance workout look like how does a  weighted workout look like uh monday is uh for   uh straight lifting that that is for uh pull-ups  dips and squats with additional weight reps range   about three to five reps uh five sets for  example how much rests between the sets   between uh as as many as you need okay so  for example five to ten minutes okay cool   uh towards the second day is a endurance  workout uh now i i i i tried to to gain back my old endurance and i i'm doing  uh old workouts where i have time uh which was   uh an indeed period of time when i when i was  the best when we talk about tenders i i now i   have time how many time i it tooks for for  one workout to me and now i compare doing uh   the same workouts uh i'm weaker about 50 wow than  i i was yes that was uh on summer third day is uh   for legs high volume uh four day is uh  for pull-ups and dips and the fifth day is   uh again injured so this is for us okay can  you uh describe one endurance uh workout   more into in in detail um how does it look  like um yeah now now uh i'm only doing uh   cycles pull ups uh dips and uh and uh push-ups and  uh i i i'm doing uh 10 reps uh and 15 to 20 cycles yeah yes yes and is it is it uh in imam or  like home how much uh rest do you do no no i   uh i i i tried to to do uh as fast as  possible okay last summer i could do   uh 10 uh 10 pull-ups and deep stem push-ups  and 10 squats uh 20 cycles for 25 minutes   now i can do 10 uh 10 pull ups 10 deep  stem push-ups 15 cycles in 28 minutes   wow that's very worse so it's really that  the street lifting and the um low rep range   really destroyed your endurance yes yes  yes yes really destroyed but my body   learned that my body earned that endurance uh last  year's and i will uh i will have back my endurance   okay so you will you will become stronger  than you were before yes i'm sure cool because   when we when we talk about my one rep max now  i'm stronger and for example if we talk about   uh body weight exercise for example deep uh it's  now it's less percentage of my one replace doing   one rep body weight than it was uh last year  when i when i was able to lift 95 kg now i am   i'm able to lift 115 220 kg it's uh i could i  already calculated it uh last summer one dip was   47 percent uh and now it's 42 and uh for example  my uh my maximum number in one set dips uh   last summer was 133 reps and now i think it will  be over 150 reps sounds really nice that's cool   um yeah you're in the game for a long time and  you're working out for a long time you say that   you're somebody who is um uh if he does something  he does it for a long time and he's like within   it with for 100 percent but uh do you also  have these moments where you lose motivation   so what do you do when you know right i didn't  have that moment for for the last eight years wow   because i i am thinking about training all  the time it's impossible to lose motivation why do you think is that do you also always  have like this big goal where you want to   go or what is it yes yes yes yes yes yes i  don't want i don't want to uh waste my time   that's that's something i hate the most and uh  there's the reason why i i was feeling very bad   because i had that injury for which last for six  uh six weeks when i started with straight lifting yeah okay um yeah let's talk again about  your diet um can you tell us what you eat   in a day how many meals right now how how many  calories etc i don't know about calories about   thousand five hundred to four thousand  i'm not sure but i i eat uh meat   uh chicken or uh force or uh i don't  know how to seek cow but male cow okay thief like a male cow beef yes   did i did i understand right horse of  course of course is it normal in in serbia   yes yes yes because here in germany you don't  eat horse it's uh like uh it's uh yeah i don't   know here in serbia i'm one of the rare person  that their horse i i'm not sure okay okay uh   and i ate about uh five eggs per day  with some kind of meat for example   dry meat of a pig and something like that and i  uh every every every morning i eat oats with with   whey protein and milk and banana and something  i mixed recipes for that um and that's the main   things uh if we if we think so if we think  about vegetables here are for example beans corns carrots tomatoes cucumbers and so on okay   there's the clean uh food and do you do a cheat  day per week or per month or just when you want to   oh so i did i did the three day when we filmed a  youtube video okay and it has to do home one time   okay um yeah supplements in general people  asked about your supplement advice i started   to use whey protein one year ago and uh i think  it's very good but it it's not necessary if you   if you don't have a money for that you shouldn't  uh use that i i was working out for seven years   without that and i was a little good i was strong  and i had uh endurance and uh and everything   that's it okay did you ever try creatine no no no  that's uh i i don't know how to say on english but   that that's the one thing uh i keep uh like  something can boost me if i uh if my strength   uh wouldn't go up i will start to use creatine  for example i think it will be in two years   so it's your joker when you stagnate  yes i wasn't sure if if i can tell   on that page yeah okay and uh yeah we also  received the question from some people um   do you take steroids or did you ever no no no  no i don't i don't take steroids and the main   problem with street lifting is uh steroids because  i think uh the strongest athletes uh uses steroids   and the street uh street forecast athlete in  general uh was blamed for using steroids for   years and they in most of cases didn't use  turrets but now the the strongest straight lifter   some of the strongest street lifters  i'm sure they use this turret and   they dirty or sport which was uh  one of the purest in the world okay yeah that's a difficult topic because um like uh  in street workout there is no control no like um   no regulation as it is in other sports before  competitions for example yes yes yes and if it   if it started to be some regulation uh it always  can be cheat with some kind of cycles with using   circuit i don't have enough knowledge about  that but i know it can be it can be done okay   um yeah we're slowly coming to an end of  the interview um maybe you want to share   us a little bit uh what are your goals for  this year so we have like uh right now it's   it's mid mid may so you still have uh six and a  half months uh or like even more yes uh uh two six   and a half months for this year or what can  we expect what are your goals uh my goals are   uh 40 pull-ups in a row uh 100 consecutive  dips in a row uh 150 kg additional weight   sorry 130 kg additional weight on deep and 80  kg additional weight from pull-up and if i uh   achieved uh only one thing of that i will be  uh how to say happy uh satisfied happy yes okay   cool um yeah we always have at the end uh quick  questions quick answers uh what is your favorite   food well my favorite food is definitely pizza  pizza nice yes uh are you a dog or a cat person   um i i love both but uh the funniest animals  on the world is in my opinion cat cat   nice uh do you have a favorite  color black that's not color but   i i am wearing the black clothes okay  yeah me too um what athletes inspire you in history of calisthenics uh there are only one  person which is uh bigger than the others the uh   that is lord whitney he is huge he is 90 kg like  me and he could do crazy stuff with his only one   arm like one arm head banger if you know i'm not  sure and uh if we talk about modern calisthenics   i'm not sure because here is we can we we can  speak about mix of uh few athletes that will   create someone uh in my opinion is the best but  the closest uh the closest calisthenics athlete   to be the best in my opinion  is i think with television okay nice um yeah do you have a favorite  exercise a favorite um skill maybe but   uh exercise in general favorite exercise generally  i liked the pull-up the pull-ups the most but   i wasn't good enough in pull-up and  i decided to do uh exercise which is   better for me and that is dips and now it's  my favorite exercise i like this if i if i uh choose only one exercise that will be deep every  time well do you have a favorite book uh my   favorite books i have two one set of books harry  potter and the other is davinci chord from denver   okay uh do you have a what is your favorite  music like your favorite music genre   so i don't know some kind of hip-hop rap i listen  that all the time cool uh do you have the best   calisthenics event you've ever visited or or  you've you've ever been there i i i i wasn't   i was well i didn't to easy tell but my favorite  characteristic event is kali game in german   well yes so you're hopefully see you  there uh one one time maybe when yes yes   yes yes yes i'm sure 100. and the last  question uh yeah what's your message to   the calisthenics community what do you  want to tell tell the listeners i think i think the main thing about calisthenics when  when we talk about uh strength and endurance   uh i already spoke about endurance but i  will tell it again endurance is something uh   which will uh your mental strength uh go to the  no no lift to the next level and i think uh that   uh everyone should know but uh it's  very hard it's um more harder than uh   when we use or only strengthen our trainings  there's a thing i think uh everyone who   started calisthenics should know because when when  you have a very strong mental strength you will   pass every challenge in your  life i'm sure about that and that   there's a thing i i think everyone everyone should  know and when you know that you after that you   chose about strength or endurance  and you started with calisthenics so when you do endurance nothing can stop you  in life because you have the the mental power   yes yes i'm sure i'm sure i'm sure awesome  yeah uh how can people get in touch with you   where do they find you we can put all the  links in the description but you have instagram   thank you uh i have instagram and uh  youtube with my uh big friend ashke   uh youtube is back to the basics and  instagram is and we keen as double double perfect we will put everything in the links and  uh yeah we're we're at the end of the interview   before you can uh say goodbye to everyone  nicola and yeah end the episode i want to   say thank you to everyone listening to this till  the end it's been almost an hour of interview a   really interesting interview thanks for sharing so  much from your workouts from your experience and   uh yeah it's it's it's been thank you for  for calling me yes yes the pleasure is   is mine i really hope to see you once uh in  germany otherwise uh yeah maybe maybe in serbia   wherever yeah so um yeah thanks everyone for  listening to this if you liked the episode   give it a thumbs up and if you have another  interest interesting uh interview guest   leave it in the comments that's nice and yeah  nicola you can say goodbye to everyone goodbye.