Calisthenics Workout Plan | Tips for more Workout Progress

Calisthenics Workout Plan | Tips for more Workout Progress

A training plan provides you with a structure and can thus simplify the path to your goals. The plan serves as an introduction to the sport and lets you gain your first experience in training with your own body weight.

Calisthenics Workout Plan | Tips for more Workout Progress

Training with your own body weight can seem difficult at first if you don't know how to start. A training plan solves the problem and provides you with a structure that makes it much easier to get into the sport. In this blog you will find 2 different training plans, one for beginners and one for advanced. The first plan is perfect for you if you have no experience training with your own bodyweight. Now let's move on to the 2 calisthenics training plans for beginners and advanced.

Calisthenics training plan for beginners

To help you get to know the sport better, we have put together a training plan with 6 basic exercises for you. The plan includes exercises to increase strength, burn fat and improve body tension. All muscle groups are covered in this plan.

You can do the workout anywhere, whether in the gym, outside or at home. Basically, no equipment is needed, but it can help with some exercises. If you are interested in the topic, you can find more detailed information in our blog about the most popular calisthenics equipment. Also in this blog we will provide you with a choice of useful equipment.

calisthenics workout plan for beginner and advanced

Calisthenics workout plan for advanced

Have you already gained some experience in calisthenics? Then the second calisthenics workout plan is just right for you. The training plan adapts to every level, because the number of repetitions is not fixed.

Since you already have some experience in calisthenics, you can get a better idea of the maximum number of repetitions you can do in each exercise.

calisthenics workout plan for advanced people

Tip: Complete a workout with these exercises and do as many repetitions of each exercise as possible. One set is enough to determine your maximum strength.

Use the 80% from the plan as a guide. For example, if you manage to do 10 pull-ups, you should save the strength for the last 1-2 repetitions in order to still have strength left for the next set. In the 3rd set of the respective exercises, you can work with 95 - 100%.

If one of the exercises is very easy for you, you can also add some variation. For example, instead of normal push-ups, you can do diamond Push-Ups. A dip belt with additional weight or resistance bands are excellent for setting new stimuli and further expanding maximum strength. Parallettes and workout rings create new possibilities to make the exercises more interesting. The range of options is huge, and you should definitely add new stimuli over time to maximize your progress.

Bonus tip: Watch or listen to our podcasts with successful athletes from the calisthenics scene. They share valuable information and training tips that can take your workout to the next level.

Tools for your calisthenics training

1. Parallettes

Parallettes from GORNATION are available in 3 different sizes. Each pair has its own advantages and can be used in different ways. If you are not sure which pair to choose, our blog about the different varieties of Parallettes, will give you clarity. Generally, Parallettes are considered the most popular calisthenics equipment, as it creates a whole new training experience with countless possibilities.

athlete doing push ups on parallettes

2. Workout Rings

Workout rings offer you endless training possibilities, whether at home, in the gym or outdoors. The additional stabilization needed for the body creates new stimuli, which promotes muscle and strength growth. You will feel the gained strength even when you are not training with the workout rings.

athlete holding front lever on workout rigns

3. Dip Belt

In weighted calisthenics, the dip belt is essential for training. If you find the basic exercises too easy, you can work with additional weight instead of the normal pull-ups or dips. You will increase your maximum strength and give your body new stimuli.

athlete doing dips with extra weight

4. Wrist Wraps

Wrist wraps provide support for your wrists, minimize the risk of injury and boost your performance. You can choose between the Performance Wrist Wraps and the Power Wrist Wraps. Both options are described in more detail in a separate blog.

athlete with wrist wraps

5. Resistance Bands

By using resistance bands in your workout, you can increase or decrease the resistance and either learn exercises like pull-ups or muscle ups or make exercises like squats or push-ups more difficult. You can also use resistance bands to warm up before a workout.

athlete holding front lever with resistance band

6. Liquid Chalk

An ultimate grip is provided by applying chalk to the hands during a workout, whether on bars, parallettes, rings or on the floor. Since many athletes struggle with sweaty hands, the chalk provides the perfect solution for a comfortable workout.

liquid chalk for a better grip

7. Workout Sets

The most popular and effective equipment can be purchased as a set. You can choose between several sets that include equipment such as parallettes, workout rings, resistance bands or wrist wraps. We have put together different workout kits to suit your preferences. If you're unsure about which equipment to choose, sets offer the right choice. Whether beginner or advanced, everyone will find what they are looking for.

calisthenics sets with different equipment

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Please send me the Gornation Band guide pdf – I can’t open it through the QR code

Please send me the Gornation Band guide pdf – I can’t open it through the QR code

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