Stable wrists for safety during training combined with classic design and high-quality workmanship. The Power Wrist Wraps from GORNATION help to keep the wrist stable and prevent injuries during calisthenics and street workout training with planche, handstand and push-ups. Upgrade your training now! | GORNATION Shop | Wrist Support For A Successful Workout | GORNATION Power Wrist Wraps

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GORNATION Power Wrist Wraps

Some useful information for you

  1. The bandages have a marking for the side so that you put the thumb loop on the top of the back of the hand and not over the ball of the hand, which can be annoying during the exercise. If you don't use the thumb loop during the exercise, you can change the sides to get the thumb out of the loop more easily.
  2. You want to wash the bandages? No problem! At 30° without fabric softener, but make sure that you close the Velcro before washing.
  3. You should transport the bandages in the enclosed bag so that the velcro stays clean and long lasting.
  4. You adjust the bandage hard when you need more support and less ROM (Range of Motion) for bench press or dips. Looser when more range of motion is needed like push ups or handstands on the floor.
  5. It is recommended to use wrist bandages only for heavy sets or in case of pain so that the wrist gets used to the load.

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