Pull Up Bar Guide

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Installation: Choose your preferred mounting location. Note that only the Multi version can be installed on both ceiling and wall, while the Uni version should only be installed on the wall (e.g. above doors).
Only use the included screws for concrete/brick or wood. Ensure the bar is mounted in a dry place to prevent rust.

Maintenance: Clean the matte powder-coated finish with a damp cloth, avoiding chemicals.

Grip Techniques: Use different grips and widths to target various muscle groups.

Safety: Regularly check the bar’s stability and tighten

Warm-up and Body Tension: Warm up before workouts and maintain body tension during exercises.

Combination with Other Equipment: Integrate resistance bands, rings, or sling trainers to diversify your workouts.


And never forget: Have fun training, keep pushing your limits and enjoy the journey to strength!

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For maximum longevity, mount the pull-up bar in a dry place

1. Mark the drill holes:
Hold the Pull Up Bar at the desired position and mark your drill holes with a pencil

2. Drill the holes:
● Stone/concrete wall: Use a masonry drill (12mm) and drill 55mm deep holes at each marked point
● Wooden wall: Use a wood drill bit (4mm) to drill 65mm deep holes at the marked point

3. Dowels (Only for Stone/contrete wall):
Insert the enclosed dowels (12mm) into the holes and make sure they are flush with the wall. The screw should protrude a few centimeters from the hole.

4. Placing the Pull Up Bar:
● Stone/concrete wall: Place the Pull Up Bar on the protruding bolts. Use the included washers, circlips and nuts to secure your Bar. Finish the assembly by thighten the nuts by hand.
● Wooden wall: Place your Pull Up Bar on the holes and secure it with the included washers, circlips and wood screws. Finish the assembly by tighten the nuts by hand.


Note: The installation of the Multi and Uni variants only varies in small detail. For more detailed information, please refer to the enclosed user manual. If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help.

Content of delivery

● Pull Up Bar Multi / Pull Up Bar Uni
● 4x Sets of Metal Dowels with Screws for Brick & Concrete
● 4x Screws for Wood
● 1x Spanner for assembly
● Instruction manual with contents for your training


100% Steel with a Black powder-coated surface

Care Instructions

● Mount in a dry place for maximum longevity
● Store in a dry, warm place away from the environment.
● Use a cloth moistened with water for cleaning.
● Do not use chemical cleaning agents.
● After contact with water, treat immediately with a dry cloth.

Safety Notice

● The product is suitable for sports use only. 

● Maximum load:
- Multi: 120 kg on the wall and 200 kg on the ceiling
- Uni: 200 kg on the wall

● Before each use, all visible parts must be checked for damage or wear. 

● The device is only to be used by one person at a time.

● Before use, check that the product is free of defects and properly assembled.

● Please note that incorrect and excessive training may endanger health.

● The metal anchors supplied are only suitable for solid concrete and brick walls.

● Make sure that the wall is load-bearing. If you are unsure, contact an installer and/or specialist dealer.

● The product is not suitable for children under 14 years old. Children may only use the product with appropriate physical development and only under the supervision of an adult responsible person.


2 years
If a defect should occur in one of our products, due to a production or material error, our warranty takes effect. This means that the damage will be repaired free of charge, or you will receive a replacement product.