This guest is a very active content creator and a great friend of GORNATION, the Swedish Influencer Daniel Flefil. We're talking about his story, the mindset you need to have as an Influencer and why failing is important. | Become stronger by being bullied | The mindset of DANIEL FLEFIL

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May 07, 2020 45 min read

Become stronger through obstacles | The mindset of DANIEL FLEFIL | The Athlete Insider Podcast #3

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The text of the interview (translated automatically):

yo guys welcome to the third episode of the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is Phil and today's guest is no other than the Swedish calisthenics content creator, athlete, like what are you event organizer in fluid coach for me you're you're an executor you're somebody who's doing a lot and yeah I'm really really happy to have you here then you'll play feel with over 200,000 followers I added up like Instagram YouTube tik-tok etc so 200,000 followers I'm really really happy to have you here today thank you for having me it's a honor to be here on the podcast perfect and yeah I want to kick off with the question that I like a lot you're at a birthday party and somebody approaches you and you don't know this person and this person doesn't know Killa Sonic's that person doesn't know you and that person doesn't know calisthenics and he asks you yo yo man what do you do for a living how do you describe what you do oh shit that's a hard question what do you do for a living yo well I first of all when I explained what calisthenic is I say it's cool stuff that you do with your own body on the bar on the floor wherever you feel and what I do for a living is that I am an so-called influence I've also a trainer where I record what I do I document my journey but I also try to create some fun stuff to wash on the internet only Instagram and that has made me gotta following a big following from that from that sport so nice like the end it all depends who like if that person is really interested about me or is it just oh yeah do you were like what do you work with it's all depends okay okay so let's pretend this person is really interested like I guess most of the followers are like the the listeners are and also me and like we we just see the product maybe somebody is so curious that he Scrolls down to your first youtube videos or to your first interim shots you see who like who was Daniel before he was like this part the person you are today and like how did you get to where you are today what is your story so my story started I it was like I will start at 2015 because I could start when I was like 5 but I was started 2015 it's where I I decided that I was tired of my life I was tired of doing going to a job that I didn't really enjoy just going to a job to earn some money like most most of the people doing when they don't know what to do with their life and it's it's normal it's nothing wrong with that and I started there and I have just been on Ninja Warrior in Sweden and also another program called gladiators it so I was like I was participating in these two programs and then I just got together with my girlfriend and I was working as I was installing what is security alarms Oh back I like I have had I think 17 different jobs during two years because sometimes I have five jobs at the same time because I was so bored I couldn't decide what to do so and I didn't know about enter entrepreneur like business owner your own business and like nobody introduced me to that so I started 2015 where I I just I was so tired of this I was so tired of just working for the money like yeah it was nice getting paid a lot and like that but it wasn't fun I wasn't happy so I sat at home and I scroll through Instagram I had I've had intra for a while since it's like launched but I didn't really use that so if you really scroll down to my first post you'll see what I post it's like yeah some I dressed as a choker on Halloween or something but I sat down and I scrolled and one guy came up on the Instagram and it was Michael Vasquez we many people know him and I'm like this guy has like half a million followers he's doing some push-ups he's doing like I don't know like just training like I'm good at training I was training back then a lot like him doing today actually damn no you know what if he can do it I can do it I'm gonna be famous and I'm gonna earn a lot of money so that was my first approach so I said I said to my girlfriend like Marlon it's time we're gonna we're gonna start an Instagram and we're gonna be famous that was like and she was like all right how I mean I don't know we'll try we'll just record and whatever I started recording and I didn't know anything about editing or nothing like zero but every day when I came from how I like from their work I said I got home I worked out I recorded some stuff like our workouts and we back then we just started with the calisthenics with Dhananjay start so I said sat there at home googling everything how to grow following how to post how to dis and how do this and hours and hours and hours like the first year of social media aye aye I think I slept my 4 to 5 hours every day I was so into it I had such a like burning desire to succeed that this was it I don't care I'm gonna put all my energy so I came back from work we're working and like doing a workout hanging out with my girlfriend at her place and then like she went to sleep because she needed to go to school like the University and like she slept ten eleven maybe and then I from that two three four like at night I just sat and cook a YouTube everything everything you know like you can learn a lot on YouTube a lot so I sat there and then I needed to wake up at 7:00 to get to work but so that was the first year and what one guy that I found what Gary and I started to listen to him a lot and I had my thoughts like I hadn't listened to him from like before this I had the same thought as him so he was just describing my thoughts and were like perfect so I was like this guy knows he knows his stuff and then I changed the mentality from oh yeah I want to be famous to I will give value in everything I do I will give value no matter if it's a selfie I'm gonna give value value can be in the description I'll write something motivational that in spite not just a quote but more like what I'm going through my head or whatever if I'm recording a workout it needs to be a value for somebody giving something to the person watching so I was like okay if I'm recording a motivational inspiring video that that video needs to inspire that person to move exercise whatever get get them to get a feeling you know like oh shit this is cool this is this I want to do this so I started like that was the ground for me like it I need to give value in all what I do and yeah so that's where it started slow and steady documenting from not even being able to do at 360 - 360 - shrimp 540 and so on so on so I I had the mentality of documenting and not too much creating but at the same time mix those both so I was documenting and also creating nice and for me like something that maybe some of the listeners don't know for me it's quite impressive that you still even though you work so hard and even though you have so many topics that you do in your in your business let's call it and you're still at such a high level like as an athlete for me that's quite impressive because there are people maybe me included maybe who take it as a excuse I work really really hard I don't sleep that much so I can't be the the athlete or I can't keep that level but for me like it's really really impressive how you keep that level with with your freecell with your esthetics etc with your workout in general well thank you but one thing is that is a little bit different from being you is that you are not depending on your level of like like you don't need to be an athlete I need to be some sort of athlete to do what I do because I do tutorials and do videos I need to have that as your company as a CEO of core nation you are bringing like you're bringing us together like the athletes the community so it is not necessary for you to be at this high but for me I need to I have that pressure so yeah okay and I think you're also profit as a coach of course from your steal from your grind from your workouts still because you work together with or you work out also together with some quite impressive athletes like your girlfriend's to begin with also like Simon and Dana etc so that's like your surrounding is also with a lot of high high level athletes yeah that makes a huge difference yeah so um yeah like what is your what what is your goal like why why do you work so hard from now on I I think you said deliver well tell you but what's the what's the next step for you like there's no really end goal because they're like after you've got a goal you just set a new goal a new goal and you go it doesn't matter but for now like the thing I'm 25 like I'm still young you are young and I don't think I figure out what I want to do really but I think I have like I the thing I want to like love to do not like I love to these inspire and like I love people saying to me like you inspire me too do this all because of you I changed my life I did this so after like sometimes you don't get those answers you don't get those answers from like it and people don't say that directly but I've got messages like hey dude I've been following him for two years two years ago I saw a video of you and I started working out and I just want to send your message now that because of you I've I have this level I am a personal trainer now blah blah blah blah blah that is the like goal for me to inspire in some way so the the things I'm doing I'm trying out everything I'm trying out you too how can I inspire that way how can I do do it in different way my way what do I love to do and so right now I'm focusing a lot of youth on YouTube I'm doing as you know the left me judge series where I react to calisthenic battles all around the world and I say my opinion I say where I think because nobody's really doing that because you can see that in other sports other people are reacting to all kind of stuff but here I'm reacting same what I think about athlete what they do the performance and I act as a I don't know what you say a TV host or something like speaker yeah and that's the one thing and there I found that I really like to do and that people love it like people enjoy watching it and I'm just shocked that people really enjoy watching it first I was like damn should I do this what would people think I'm judging it ever like athletes and I'm not as good as them so all these thoughts I had my head I'm like yeah you know what I would do this I want to do this I don't think it's anything wrong I just like so I started and from that I also did tutorials that I want to if I have the knowledge now in ten years of 20 years I will not be able to do the same stuff as I'm doing today so I'm trying to use that time to document recorded things I can do now so P I will stay forever on the Internet at least forever like about because we need to face it in 20 years 30 years I will not do the same stuff as I'm doing today but then it's out I've done it and I can look back and I can be like damn Daniel you did you gave something to the world so that is them that's the goal and but I know people will ask but money how how will you pay for bills of course I need to pay for my bills and but it's like collaborations there wanting that's one thing also coaching another thing but the thing I'm focused on right now is to create a membership so people can get to and learn actually freestyle like how to get be a freestyle athlete I think that's it that is missing in the community you can see tutorials you can see that bla bla bla but it's not like all of this like an academy yea calisthenic academy or whatever like but this is for free stuff that's a good idea something that I think it's it's really interesting is we I had the interview with Eric flack before you and I saw the same same thing that everybody has these doubts are people interested in my content will I be like will they will they make fun of me like stuff like that like every normal human being things stuff like that but those who win in my opinion are those who execute nevertheless and that's something that I appreciate in your person that you execute a lot indeed you don't overthink you have your doubts okay I'm sure in your head but you execute nevertheless and that's something that I see and a lot of successful people and also like most mostly social media content producers whatever they execute nevertheless even though they have doubts or like they don't answer curity sometimes yeah and that the thing is like before I wasn't asked like I didn't well I wasn't like this like I don't give a I don't give a shit but I have my doubts for one second but I never never never let it take over I I never let it like oh I don't let myself overthink about that just one thing because I'm not but also on the other side all the positive comments all the possibility thinks I'm not overthinking that as well because this needs to be balanced I can't just glorify one side and like put down one side so that's why even if I get all these comments they're a good blah blah blah I'm like okay fine that's good nice like like I'm doing with the negative okay cool I'm learning from both comments I'm not taking it too hard too much the thing I'm taking to heart is when somebody comes to me and say hey you changed my life then I'm be like damn yeah that's good and like how did you get to this person because I think it's a it's a it's a character trait that needs some some development and that needs some some training or like life circumstances to get there so that is that is something I think people would be interested in how did you get this person how did you become this person so yeah it may I'm it started when I was 10 some somewhere around town and I got bullied at school for like nine years I didn't really have friends I thought I had friends back then but when I look back I I just like I pretend that it was real friends those friends I just wanted to hang around I thought it will help me my self-confidence but in the end I didn't feel confident they didn't bring my best sides up like I I start to hang with the wrong people they did like to all the wrong stuff I was like know that I don't want to do that I let them do it but I just wanted to be around people and I got bullied for how I look I had big ears like your kid there you get booted for everything you big ears you have my surname in in Sweden we have some words like falafel you know those kind of stuff so for my surname now I'm like just laughing like so people calling me stuff and I also got bully like they were pushing me punching me and so all of those stuff got me to be more is isolator and learn how to be with myself and love myself more it's sounds weird but I think being boy is one of the best things that happen in my life I would not want to change that and I I was alone a lot at home I was watching you know Brockie bruce lee muhammad ali those were my inspiration and just one day my one day I was at home as like okay I got bullied got pushed I got a beer and like not beat and beat amalga beaten and I was like I need to work out I need to defend myself so I started to work out when I was 14 at home I did push-ups I did I did sit-ups I I did all that because I'm like okay hungry pushes per day boom boom boom boom boom boom bow and I did that and although I started to work and I found passion and working out before I started working at home I was doing it exclaiming for a bit but that was not it was just fun it wasn't working out for me but this was work out but I wanted to get the gains you know so I started to work out and my my uncle is police policeman so I asked him hey can you teach me some stuff so I can defend myself and of course the publish his publish so he's like of course you could defend yourself they taught me some stuff to have to had to defend my defend myself not hurt anybody like just defending stuff so people would not touch me like come close to me and so I started there and I started to after I I don't know how he's calling English but before University what is it high school yeah I guess so yeah yeah like when I ended high school that's when I was like nope like understand nobody is confident like nobody's really confident at that age everybody insecure I'm like but and I thought that I was alone people are just pretending a lot I'm like damn so nobody that went out from the school with me knows we were to do with their life and nothing so I was like I heard somebody say you need to work hard that's why I have also work harder here yeah and so I started working hard hard hard hard just for myself I didn't care about about anybody else and I just worked hard that's why I had 17 jobs in two years a crazy so yeah that's like the bullying I would say that made me stronger and not really care about what people think that's okay I got a lesson that most people get when they are grownups when they really get like that the world of grown-ups there there's the biggest bullies like when you grow up there that's when this real booing is starting and people don't know that people think that school is the bullying place but when you grow up people just judge you for everything and you were prepared like you went through a hard school like school the school of life in early ages I would say and yeah that's that made you be prepared and many grown-ups aren't prepared for that that's not sure yeah and then they care about what people think like oh yeah but he said she said they think I'm like so are they going to die with you are they going to live your life are they going to pay your bills like let me know when they do that then you can care that's the true yeah but you need that mindset too otherwise you wouldn't be in the the person that you are today without no mindset of of taking it it's as an advantage or as a yeah yeah no way but I think people can learn if they are open to it but the older you get the more closed-minded you get some people are still open mind when they are older that's when you need to use that to just be like okay opinions are opinions people will have opinions about everything like if you ask somebody how to build a spaceship they'll have an opinion even if they don't know anything about it so it's like now during these quarantine everybody knows the cure like no you don't if you knew you would be on TV you'll be helping people now you're sitting at your phone at home in your couch and sending messages that this helps like that's why opinions opinions opinions yeah but also ideas like a lot of people have a lot of a lot of ideas and the people who win are the ones who execute on these ideas and because there are a lot of people and who had the same idea of reacting to calisthenics videos I'm sure but nobody experts would and that's why why your series is now like becoming so much view so many views so such a good feedback et cetera because you're executing on it yeah and nobody like I'm crazy I know I'm crazy sometimes when it comes to when I go in for something and go in for it like I already for doing three months I think I posted 25 videos or 30 videos some people would just set them I'd like to say here I post one every second week or something I'm like yeah I'm posting three first my idea was to post every day that's the crazy the crazy thing for me is that the quality is really good because there are people who can post every day and who are who do the same amount of quantity like as you do yeah if you but the quality is near as like so much passion so much time that you put in a thumbnail or in small stuff you are so like with details and still doing so much like the quality and quantity is so high that's that's crazy that's the crazy thing for me thank you and the thing is yeah it is slow from the beginning you know when you want to put like the good amount of time to make it look good but when you learn it like you know okay this is good this is not this is better Papa Papa like now it's like it goes so fast for me I'm like well when I see an error I'm like okay fix it when I want to learn something new okay I want to make a new intro let's say like I do now I'm going to post one tomorrow with a new intro it took me maybe 40 minutes to just learn what what should the entropy how should I say it how should like and now I'm just copying paste I know OOP OOP OOP OOP OOP OOP it's simple but people don't want to spend that first 90% of energy into it because then you just need to put 10% energy for the same for the same like output what you get and that's that's what I think it's not hard I promise you it's not hard it's super simple but it's just the first that people don't take take the time to learn and then just repeat repeat repeat I think it goes together with a quote from Abraham Lincoln like he was asked when you have three hours to to chop a tree with a with a saw like what would you like I would what would you do they asked him I guess and he said like most people would would saw like four three four three hours but I would like sharpen the saw first and then so much quicker so maybe prepare the saw for one for one hour and then sawed in two hours like much quicker and that's something that goes together with learning before you execute because it goes much faster and you have much more experience yeah and second thing also is that you need to make errors you need to fail like I if you look back and you really want to look at details on my videos you see that's make small changes all the time and you are them that didn't look good in that video let's change that and then BOOM but people overthinking lay like okay I have a ten minute video this needs to be the perfect this would be the breaking point of my career this was changed my life you know and then when it doesn't change their life they're like no you know what this is not for me I tried it it's good yeah you understand yeah I like I I have spent I think maybe 20 hours so far on an interview like you're doing here and with Erik Ortiz I'm not done I don't like I don't I hope yes I hope something happens it would be good good people like it but if it does I'm like okay let's go over the next I've learned a lot like I've learned a lot I'm like this is extremely free knowledge let's go yeah and it's just time like just like it time is also valuable but I if you if you'd see the time as something that you learned and improved it's not the bad investment yeah exactly awesome like I would like to switch to topic calisthenics because as I said already for me you're like you're a really impressive athlete also and because you're on the one hand have a lot of experience and working out yourself but also like in coaching what would you recommend to somebody who says yeah I want to progress faster it's always the venerable question to progress faster how can I learn this like in one hour I would say like yeah you can progress faster of course with some stuff tips and so but if you have that mentality from the start you will you will quit like you will quit so fast as fast as you came in you will quit as fast and I would just say keep it slow and steady find things that you really loved us enjoy to do instead of just finding the fast quick it's it's the same with money you know like people the same people that look for quick ways to earn money like there's the same people who want quick ya win quick progress in whatever in training you need it's slow and steady like yes sometimes you have just some incredible genetics and you will learn some stuff real fast but if you don't have a background in training you might not learn flash fast if you're 190 and weighs 90 kilos you might not learn the statics as fast as somebody that is shorter and weighs 60 kilos that's just the truth like gravity it might like if you have insane genetics of course some people like that's so I would say to somebody to just shorten the answer like don't look for fast progress I can help you if you look for ways to learn but not for fast I can help you with the errors some errors that you do you can say hey yeah think about this but there's no fast like there's fast there's fast progress but don't look for it like when you have come in to the progress of working out having that routine of just doing it every every week that's when you can ask some expert hey do I do this right is this right is this wrong should I think about something no you just make some B's like no just keep going you will have it to perfect okay because I think the the trap is that many people when they start with calisthenics are working out they progress really fast like a lot of to be gains yeah like when you start the first the first few months maybe the first year maybe the first two years even you progress so fast and then a lot of people want to keep that speed and then they neglect the the health of their joints and then yeah like a lot of stuff and if you're 15 I'm happy for you if you started your 15 years old to work out the plash guys like you have a big advantage if you focus real on the fundamental basics you will get so freakin strong when you're 22 you be insanely strong but if you just focus on the basics and stuff and don't rush damn you will be like all these daniel license Erik Ortiz Victor coming off but if you rush it at 15 directly you were like after 5 years your body will be done and like done I have a guy you know Simon he is a beast he's been doing this for two years and people like how but one thing that like people don't think about this he had like 10 years of training before in select professional swimming that is his fundamental like base that has helped me like escalate quick in my calisthenics his body knows what to do oh yeah I'm working out like let's just adapt and if you're new beginner is just starting you can't go that fast because your body will break yeah and that's the the trap of social media because you see a lot of people progressing really fast and it's dangerous because you maybe get the belief that everybody should like progress off so fast and the thing with like not only calisthenics all the sports is that 90% I need to say 90% is that everybody just showing results like nothing else people building an impossible picture of how it is to work out how to get the games and then the same people that posted the results are doing like clash clash workout and then they show not the first exercises they did like the push-ups they start with less I don't know this exercise that is there that I've started I started with this three years ago like three after three years on my journey and it's it's so wrong so that's why people posting only results of the best stuff the coolest stuff they are building in wrong picture yeah and you go against that because you start with the serious road to plant and you took the people on your journey yeah and that's what like road to planche is really a baby of mine there have been like I think since the start of 2018 I started world to plan I think it was 2018 and they're like you can see how I like I didn't start from zero I can't say that because I had the worked out like I've been working out for a while but you can see the rush I had in the beginning and I talked about it later on like listen guys that's wrong now you learn I'll learn go back do it again that's this is what I'm doing here papa because I did too much of training like a deep lash from do to every state and then by substandard tendinitis almost snapped I was like oh shit if if they if it would snap I would be depressed but I did a rehab I get back I still had a pain off the one and I showed the way of read my rehab as well I showed the way how I started what I'm about going to think about like every step and my ups and downs I'm sharing I'm being transparent and light lasers I said you know guys I I I need to take a pause with the road to clash because I'm trying to impress you guys and not doing their work for me so I'm gonna need to get back and then I'm coming back to show you my document in my journey yeah I would be interested in how you work out like what is your approach to working out in general because you are able to do quite some dynamic moves and I guess the the the training for it is quite different than it is for the plans for example yeah it's nice the different worlds actually before I did I love freestyle like I'd like to love the dynamics that's my favorite that's why I'm much so much better at it I did freestyle up to four times per week before and it was it's fun to fly feel like you're like there's no gravity in that way but then it's come to the statics and I've been weak and weak at that I'm and the why is because I have not been working on it like nada just some reps basics just to keep up with like some strength but I thought I was gaining strength when I was combining freestyle and statics but then I saw them you can't do this you have no energy for statics what who do you think you are and so I changed that because I need to get strong as statics I changed that to one freestyle worker per week to training three to four statics I like string so yeah it's just a mentality I needed to change if I want to get better at aesthetics because like 25 I'm 25 my body's not like the like it was when I was 18 I can't do everything so I need to be smarter much a lot smarter so that's why so now it's just more focus on the strength and actually now is mofo come on the flash understanding it doing the exercises following it and not getting injured okay yeah Ben let's let's go a little bit deeper what is how do you learn the 368 of Swing the 360 so how you learn that swing 360 well if you're a beginner you just need to learn how to swing that's the first first thing you can't go out to bar I think yeah I'm gonna do a 360 well uh knowing how to swing then you're either you will fall down and injuries or whatever like not injuries are so bad but you fall down but to something but first thing I learned how to swing does they're like the basics of Freesat you need you need to learn how to swing and hear like learn how to swing and then after that understand how to spin understand how to spin it's like were you one thing I I gave is where your head goes your body will follow so if you start to look over your shoulder your body will follow that way like it's almost impossible that you will not do that if you had this stuck forward and you're trying to spend you you will fail just have like your thumbnails in my head where your head is like extremely and when when you now say it I I just realized that you do it like not to the extreme but that I saw it at yours that you're really looking over your shoulder a lot yeah and you can see that in all of the people there are actually good at spinning like rotating they look over their shoulder because when you look over your shoulder it's you're now not doing a 360 you're doing a 180 instead and one area is easy if we had to understand I do then a 360 you will not get get as dizzy so so that's why you need to start and also not be in the 360 you can't be a helicopter that's why I call it when you have your hands out like a helicopter wings you need to have them close to your body and be ready to cash the bar okay and like start with mattresses how does somebody art know the question is how does somebody start who doesn't have like like a gym like your mattresses like stuff like that because I let's see a lot of people who want to learn dynamics but they don't have the equipment of the gymnastics gym or like you have also a nice gym and in Sweden in Stockholm yeah like all the stuff I've learned is not from a gym that yeah gymnastic gymnastic place I have done it outside as well like when I when we start we had one team stock up we went there and it was just like what you call it like the small wood and stuff on the no under the under the bar to be soft it wasn't like a mat it was just to come anyway the ground was soft enough to like okay it wasn't a asphalt so we were there like doing the stuff learning new stuff and the thing is you need to start with basic to get over the fear if you start with just yeah we'll go crazy with a 540 when you when you're a beginner it's like you just shoot yourself in your foot because if you fail that fight or you will not get back you will not do anything more if you're not crazy some people crazy but stow it muscle-ups party dynamic muscle ups front spin like muscle up 360 lab can be started on a low bar like learn how to swing when you under when you're confident in those stuff when you know yeah I know this is here's the bar I can grab it I have the power for it I know what I'm doing I know where my body is then you have the confident to start doing shrimp flip you have the confidence start doing it 360 without any mats because you know okay I have the control for this let's just step one step forward and one step forward instead of taking ten step down to ten steps one step one step okay good so for a beginner that's like the step for step thing not like not propagating the fails to create some barriers in your head that's like a good thing I guess and but you also work together or work all together with Simon with some some more advanced athletes how do they still or how do you still make progress in your dynamic workout like Simon started after me but he is just insane and I'm actually helping him coaching him when it comes to the training and I'm more than happy to do that because I have a bit more experience I have failed I have failed huge and all the athletes no matter if you if you are a professional athlete and want to become a professional athlete you need to fail at least once to understand how it feels because if you can overcome that failure you you are like nothing will break you and I failed I've went to the hospital like I've done the front what is called ice ball and I did coffee break I was trying that but then I had too much speed back and I was just stumbling back and hit my head in anything we went to the hospital and I have other fails that it's really scary but I always came back and this is with the new beginners they can be crazy but they have never failed it's like Simon failed like one month ago and he didn't like it took a while to get back and we just forced him because we knew you need to get back and he had that you know he had our support to get back and that is important so it's even if he motivates me to be like shit that is crazy stuff that he's doing like life he is just a beast but then also he has our side that we know we have experience and I have told us there is that one there is more experience like if he is more he can always win even if the guy is a little bit better but experience like it's like I talked with era he says people don't even know how to breathe during competitions it's the most important to get recovered to become and talents the new ones don't know that they just and this is like that's why Simon we are in different levels when it comes to the actual skills some some stuff are better at some stuff is better out so it's just but I have more experience so he's getting help from me and I have a good understanding of new moves what to think of so when he wants to learn something I'm like to try this get try that and he often helps it's like damn this is good thank you okay what's the hardest move that you have learned in your career well I don't know so that's a hard question that's right so I've done that from but not every grab I have done I have done giant it's big giants like no touch fight for it I would say like no touch 540 and giants because they are like scary when you just are full giant not just like a baby giant that's full and when you it's not in a gymnastic gym I just have my small math so if I fly I will fly away so but that yeah that's that's it it's yeah I don't know okay and how did you overcome that fear - for example the giant where you have like a big blockade in your head so my tip for the blockade that all of us have maybe when we are starting a new freedom is that you just need to imagine yourself doing it first of all you need to see yourself really doing the move understand like how it feels on the bar what hurts what not where do you feel where do you tension where do you do everything you just imagine it repeat repeat repeat and also when you go up you can't hesitate when you're doing it you're gonna try if you don't make it you don't make it but you can't hesitate in in midair so if I'm doing a giant I got to go for muscle up and then I kick out up with my hip first I maybe have really bent arms I'm not okay okay now I know how the leg feels now now I'm going to start straight out of my arms a bit and then I worked that slowly slowly okay now I understand how to straight out my hands my hips and everything now I know the only part I need is the speed I need to commit so I I just sit down for five minutes or something I breathe I close my eyes and I then I think okay Daniel you can do it you're going to do that I just imagine myself doing it doing it do it poo poo poo poo and then I count to three like countdown three two one and then I go I can't like from that moment when I say one it's nothing else besides this move and during their time when I jump up and do the move I'm like you're gonna do it you're gonna do it you're gonna do it you're gonna do it I'm just repeat nothing else I can't have anything else in my head because if I hear a voice like you're going to fail it's over and so I I just need to repeat it sometimes as I'm screaming you're gonna do it you cannot do it you cannot do it you cannot do it and I just do it while I'm doing it because then I don't have anything in my head besides I'm gonna do it okay I would be interested in what is from your point of view what are the biggest mistakes calisthenics athletes do today but you see a lot they want to start with advanced move too early like they don't build a Bey base and I would say that I almost did that in the beginning if I hadn't been doing kickboxing before and that stuff before like the way I started would not be the optimal way like the best way for my body for the development but because I had that already I had that were already worked out before I've been doing kickboxing competing in that I know how to work out I'm a personal trainer I know stuff but the thing I see many calls thank people is like they see my stuff sometimes in like yeah when I learned I'm like how long have you been working out yes six months I'm like yeah dude no no now just be focused for at least a year for the basics and then you'll be much stronger than me in two years like a lot you will eat me but instead they are let's say a person that start with planche directly when they don't even know how to like I don't know do a push-up and then they like the body can't develop if you don't doing it right your body will not adapt because it's like that the body don't understand like what should I do here so just start with the level you are and it's nothing wrong you will the the person who start will develop so much faster if it just start with the basics and then keep going with the next steps next step and next step so maybe like for somebody starting learn how to do temple ups learn how to do 15 dips 20 dates learn how to do 20 push-ups learn to do five muscle ups like have a base of strength let learn how to do some box jumps high box jumps because calisthenics are not doing like so you don't can you do you do when I do backflip okay but sometimes like I have periods where I do like doing to three months I'm do I'd hit frosters I do squats I do deadlifts and but it's like it's good because it's a big muscle that also increases just like you it helps the body to also recovery from the upper part of the like you know everybody kind of stands to just doing arms and back and stuff but it helps to recover but the ego is sometimes they go like no I don't think I want to get strong in plash so I'm imperious depending if I'm working for competition or not or like it all depends okay I think yourself safe to yourself well and you won't get roasted in the comments I hope so but most of the calisthenic athletes are not tunics and I can't say that my legs are small like I'm I'm 183 I am away 80 kilos and I'm not super big as da but I'm like cool and like I'm properly built like if I can say that like my Blake's are failing my upper body okay some people don't like some people are really like we need to just be straight on as some people don't have legs like they're hiding behind their sweat pants and everything yeah because they don't never have never done like I have I have been doing kickboxing I have I've kicked people like if kicked back I've done stuff but some people have never done their leg they like their life I think it all depends on goals like there are why why does a there's does a freestyle athlete like a complete freestyle athletes needs to to to workout legs like unhealthy yeah well if somebody falls from a big height yeah and can't take the impact on the knees and stuff but you can fall into a plant like yeah that's true I was outside people like if some do once per week or every two weeks it wouldn't hurt yeah that's true that's true are you doing legs let's switch the topic let's go no I'm doing legs like even even currently when I when I'm in injury at the shoulder I have to do legs and I like to do them at least once once per year so that's like quite regular like something that I like a loss that you do is that you push calisthenics in a lot of areas you don't just do YouTube videos you don't just do like some some vacations and Egypt and shooting some nice tent photos but you're also like last year you you organize the piece of the bars events in in Stockholm and you're also like putting your time and two into into creating parks and to building into building parks and being in the current communication with the city cetera so that's something that I like a lot and because a lot of people are writing yeah how can I do more for the sports K listening so they say yeah I like a lot that coronation is doing a lot for the Sports calisthenics what is your opinion how can the the normal maybe student maybe I don't know worker do something to push the sports callousness and to make it bigger like like you do well in my opinion well the first thing we need to like put the facts this I don't know any money about from the things I'm doing with those kind of stuff like I'm losing more than I'm earning and that's one thing people can't understand oh shit why should I lose when I'm trying to create something yeah but in the beginning it is like that and that's I think I think that is the first thing that is stopping people from actually doing anything because they say oh there's a cost damn and I will not get get anything from that like I'm like but let's say the parks that are in Sweden if if somebody has the time like if they have a normal job and they like hella stank they work out and they have nothing else they have a lot of time they could put the time to build parks like it's not complicated you just need to find the person yes that will take time but it's not complicated you just need to pursue that like to say hey I want the park have a presentation you need to make a presentation that will take time but take the time and then you need to present ok I don't know how to present learn how to present that's takes time and you need to go to the meeting you need to be little bit scared when you have sitting five people in the room and you're presenting calisthenics you need to be confident learn how to be confident like you need to learn a lot but it's fully possible I like the park it took me half a year to get approval that will have a park and this is where the others and I'm not trying to Brett and drag it there I'm good I'm better than anybody no no no I just want to tell people it's possible if you really want to if you don't you're not ego like have a ego of like an eternal something from this I don't get anything but the the people who actually like let's say somebody builds a park there's there's there is a calisthenic athlete that I just and I would want to park here in my city if he fixed the park it doesn't cost him to like it cause in time maybe some travels the tax I don't know but when that Park it bill he can have clients there he had built some opportunity for himself to have clients outside and then he doesn't need to pay for gym to have clients there so they need to see the big picture of it and not only like wait this will take time I need to do this this this and I would just go get this no way no way I'm gonna sit and Netflix and chill here so that's like anybody can do it like they just need to decide watch what do I want and then look back like how do I get it what is the steps and is it for me or is it for somebody else am i real do I really want this and this park that I'm building is like far away from me it's far but I think it's the great like part that will make and not like if I build this park they want another Park and not a park another one and it will get closer to my place closer to like building the community in Sweden and in the end like when there's a lot of parks before starting to to calisthenic a lot well I'm the calisthenic guy people come to me people know me I'm a raging competition I can do a competition anywhere in the parks people get there I will get sponsors I'll get paid to organize so that's the big picture maybe in three years so it all people need to see the big picture that's why I have where it where's my oh I haven't yeah you can see never lose sight of the big picture yeah I have this beside my like computer and that is the important like don't lose the big picture you need to see the big picture of everything and it might take time it's okay if you love this go for it but don't be ego don't think yes I should get something today and with everything you do you create a possibility maybe one YouTube video will completely blow off maybe one shot that you did and on a vacation totally blows off like maybe tick tock blows completely off like you're creating so many opportunities that maybe like like we know that 90% of them maybe 99% even they will never they will won't pay off but the 1% and this is why you create so much this is why you you work hard every day and not just like every Tuesday or something you're creating possibilities every day and you're raising the probability of the success like every day and that's something that's that's true yeah like we need to like oh I like to be honest because honestly last laugh and long so that's why I say I'm not the best athlete I'm not far away from the best athlete I'm not the best-looking black body athlete no like far away from that but the thing is like so many athletes there are like top ten in the world like they could accomplish huge stuff like huge I mean enormous and like I wish I had the possibility to be there like consultant like but I don't have the time to do this and that like I before I had to like I had too much to do and nothing else really good I got nothing done like really done in a way that it it will excel in a good way so I just know I said no no I will not do that I even say no to my own ideas on I know this is not a line for what I want to do but that big athletes can do amazing impact like they could like in a year like definitely get live off just social media they don't need to go to work they don't need to debt just that or build their own business in one year like they don't know how much impact they have on people and how much they can change and help really if they just put the time to do a little bit more even 10% 20% more well let's get into this example because I like it like we are now consultants or like you're the main consultant I'm your helper in this case and the clients approaches you and says like yoga yo Daniel my name is Paul and I can do easy 720's like in a row like 720 is no problem for me I can hold a full planche for one minute stuff like that's no problem but yeah like I've got 1,700 follow us on Instagram and 200 on YouTube what shall I do like let's do 50/50 let's split all the income that we make through influence should be cetera Daniel you're my consultant now watch what shall I do well first of all if you can do a 720 Congrats but yeah the first thing creating content like it's super easy if you have a phone like if you most people have like the latest iPhone but they don't have can't afford anything else but you have they have that latest fall so if that you have a phone you can create anything you can create YouTube videos you can create Instagram and that's where you need to focus first on you need to be creating stuff you need to so people get to know you nobody knows you know and it's okay like yeah your family and friends but people outside you need to reach them you need to reach the community you need to tell hey I'm here check what I'm doing I'm giving value so the first thing you don't be the perfect athlete like yeah I want to create the perfect video I want to this one like one video will blow up or whatever I don't be that guy like if you want to excel fast it's one in a million like the one guy that is doing that is licensed because know everybody knows since already like he just need to do one video but not everybody is licensed they don't have the names so focus on creating and create humor like humor people love that do something fun with plans do planche walks with their song and just create that do frankly very dance with a song that's one thing create some I don't know just create something with a song may like I will sync it with the song that's a good way actually really good way youtube teach people how to do a 720 teach your best stuff don't save anything just teach teach teach document your John Doc me your workout just record your work and then you make a nice edit and learning how to edit is super simple YouTube how to edit videos the best software to edit videos how did it software there is free like you don't need to pay for anything and if if you don't want to learn how to edit get together with somebody that wants to do that part and share that with them but don't get a ego that hey you know what I'm doing all the work I'm the athlete I should get the most no if you're sharing you're sharing like you want to do with me so find somebody that can edit for you and share the split for that collaboration whatever later on don't like if you don't want to do the work but the first thing create create create create create create a lot of stuff and then you find what what is working what it's not working and don't be that guy that only takes selfies don't be that guy let's pretend Paul is really like shy and his perfectionist so um he really he's like he won't be able to launch a video every day because he thinks are this videos not good enough and I don't like to talk into the camera I don't like that people see me that close this make fun of my voice etc so he's quite shy and perfectionist what would you tell him perfect I have the answer so so one thing I did when they with them my girlfriend and Donna when we started we we I wasn't confident in front of the camera like I was like hey yeah hi yeah I think I have the first video I'm trying like I'm like it it was so uncomfortable but so I came up with an idea that you know what let's make it like we make a group shot and every day we need to record ourselves when we talk into the camera and tell what we did today explain the day in one minute so every day we need to do do that for at least 30 days to send up 1 minute video to explain hey your what's up Daniel here today I did this because I had a problem with my mother so I wanted to solve that and blah blah blah blah and I just talked to the camera the first few days it was like awkward I did a retake retake retake retake and then I sent it and the same with the other guys like Marlene and Donna so we did that and after 10 days we were like damn this is starting to get comfortable like it hey what's up yo how are you I'm starting to get to be myself well yo yeah I'm here today I'm gonna work out with Donna J star and I'm gonna teach him who's the best like I started to be myself like the confident guy and then I like I started learning how to talk how to talk in front of the camera what not to overthink so first thing you need to practice practice practice practice if you can practice on your own you don't need to post that have somebody that you trust that doing maybe this with you or just somebody that you trust that you want them to watch this I promise you that that guy or girl will be like hey you're getting better this is nice I'll give you some tips like hey try to look at the lens and not on the screen and try not to cover your mouth like this like and then you learn you like hey it's okay she's she or he is helping me and you learn and then you get confident in front of the camera that's how what the best thing I have like just try to learn how like practice on your own before going out you don't need to know everything from the beginning yeah that's good so Paul is ready to go yes and yeah for me I would like to ask you some quick questions before we come to an end of this this episode we have like I was just ask you really short questions with a short answer from you I hope we will see pizza or burger pizza are you doc or docx or cat person dog horeb isn't your favorite of location for holidays oh that's hard I haven't been on the best places okay I won't like I want to like maldis yeah I want like I think that would be my best place I don't know yet let's say yes so your favorite location for holidays yet oh I would say my grandmother's house actually in Poland and totally yeah quiet place and I just I can relax you have like roots and Poland but it wasn't Pharaohs and Iraq Iraq and how did you like yeah like and your your parents captured Sweden so they met in Poland might be fun but started there and then they moved to Sweden together okay because he needed to flee the country because of they wanted to get him back to the war but he didn't want to get back to the work so he came to Sweden and then like hey hey told my mother to come with him and I was born here in Sweden also great um what would you work as if social media just disappeared Who am I I can choose a lot of stuff 40 jobs no but I would say like I've I think three opportunities one is that I would choose is that content creating creating content recording just to focus and get better than that because social media can disappear but people will still get need videos to represent their company whatever on the website like they'd want the other thing is event organizer like create the craziest event and then I if I go crazy a hundred percent on that whoa like I can't even imagine what I would do I was sleeping I will sleep on the events all but the third thing is like go hardcore on just coaching so three three stuff okay your favorite calisthenics athletes except me I have can we categorize them I can't say one I had I don't have one I have Cooper workout is one of them and then we have a record C's and Daniel license okay favorite book what is it called them the compound the effect okay I just read that because of you and yeah have you liked it it's a good book yeah simple and like straight to the message simple I'm motivating like there are books that have a lot a lot of deep content and there are books books for me who have like a lot of motivation afterwards and this was like a motivational book for me yeah that's calisthenics event you've been that so far but the biggest best oh this mine of course hollow no it is what is called all of our heroes in fibo that's the best like how its organized how like the set up and every like a live screen everything everything everything is just crazy the program for three days it's just above normal for days for no it yeah so that's really like that's the best and now the last question dynamics or statics dynamics that was clear okay so before I want to end I've got one last question where can people reach you how can they get in touch with you so easiest will be on Instagram right now when this is recorded I don't know how long instrument will survive but Instagram or yeah Instagram email that's it and anything you want to share like this year I guess it's quite difficult with events etcetera but I what are your plans for this year for next year concerning YouTube content or events et cetera so for this year is super hard to plan anything like I don't plan like I don't know when the next competition is because I have the Swedish championship then organized I don't know when people asking me when I'm like I don't know because things are changing week per week and I'm like oh wait so but as far as now I'm thinking I'm doing one week at a time I'm really doing one week at a time because I'm trying to adapt to the situation I don't know where I can travel I don't know when I can do anything and so one week at a time and focusing a lot of YouTube YouTube YouTube YouTube because I can sit at home I can for a clan I can do I can do interviews like this one I'm doing that as well I can do the reactions I can do other stuff I'm trying to find ways things that calisthenic needs on the YouTube platform so I'm trying to find that and when I can get back to real training and stuff I will also do like the tutorials and the stuff that really blows my page like on YouTube that people like the tutorials free stuff stuff and also at home now when I have the time I'm building the website for the membership for the Cal State in freestyle like school or whatever to call it so when when I can go to the gym to record and have so I can have start to get people there too so people can really learn and it was so go so deep it would be like the mindset how to think how to breathe how to prepare like prehab rehab everything so he'll not be like yeah you have a 360 tutorial here that's done no it's when it's the 360 tutorial I would teach you like how fast you will move your head and all far yeah exactly perfect so we're coming to announce Daniel thanks a lot for being here thanks to everybody for listening until the end that's like something that's unusual in these times of really short short attention spans etc so thanks everyone for being here and before I give them you know the last words for this episode and to say goodbye him if you liked this episode radius give it a thumbs up wherever you are on a podcast give us a review and don't forget to write the next interview guests in the comments and if you have any questions for Daniel that you can respond to or maybe we do a second episode we'll see so thanks Daniel for being here I'm out and thanks for everybody for listening thank you for having me here and guys you need to like this video if you're watching this on YouTube you need to rate this if not you'll not get to get the games you want all right so just rate this video to five stars and like this video and also make sure to subscribe to gornations' channel alright