GIANPIERO FUSCO | Why size and weight (don't) matter  | The Athlete Insider Podcast #7

GIANPIERO FUSCO | Why size and weight (don't) matter | The Athlete Insider Podcast #7

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GIANPIERO FUSCO | Why size and weight (don't) matter | The Athlete Insider Podcast #7

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the main problem with calisthenics is that most of the people don't have a trainer that tells you do it 20 reps six times and people get tired and going home that's the main problem yo gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete inside a podcast by GORNATION my name is Phil and today we have a special guest from very far from from Germany where I am right now from Venezuela happy to have you here Gianpiero hi guys how you doing Gianpiero here salute to all of you to all the community and thank you for having me here awesome so yeah for me you're you're really special athletes not only because you have like you have a special style in your in your freestyle you're you're mostly a freestyle athletes I guess yeah so yeah but it's quite unusual that a freestyle athletes weighs 86 kilos is it right yeah yeah yeah always yeah so yeah I'm really happy to have you here today and to yeah get to know your story a little how did you get where you are today because yeah you're also quite successful in social media you have like nearly 100 thousand followers on Instagram and YouTube combined you know yeah you're you're you're an inspiration and I'm happy to be here today thank you thank you perfect so let's start with the question you are on a birthday party and somebody you don't know comes towards you and says hey I'm I'm Phil who are you how do you present yourself how do you explain who you are yeah to someone that doesn't know anything about what I'm doing or why I do for my life to Mars for the sport I always present myself like an athlete like anyone else but I do what I do with my body I don't need weights I don't mean nothing and people always tell me like and how do you do it I show them a video is because here where I live the sports this sport is a big not like in Europe you say and people don't know it here in my time and the first one that do it and it's quite good people know me about that in all ways follow me always like me it's good okay so you live in Venezuela and so if I'm right yeah yeah and how big is your city if you that you're the first one that it kills us kala sonic Street workers my my city is in big is just small town and but it hurts a lot of parts and the the bars littlest annex parts to say it like it doesn't sit at all people just making push-ups and pull-ups and dips all the time here like my father do it all all the people it's like a tradition because it isn't a rich town and people always train outside all the time always almost always my diet do it my dad was one of the guys that introduced me to the sport even if he doesn't know it at all he used some push up do some did and but the sport its evolving its ball being quite good and it's nice that's crazy so a lot of people do bodyweight fitness and they just use exercises but they don't call it hello Sonics Oracle asthenia no no it used call it training outside most of the people I can told you don't even know that it's a sport that has a name that people do that people record themselves yo go outside and train and it's good but my job my work here is to let to make the people know and search for the sport like I do when I start I when I started doing calisthenics and don't even know doesn't even know the name I just go to a park and do some dudes and a friend of mine told me like hey do you have seen one of the video Hannibal for King of All Stars I worked like this we were like in 2012 2011 Wow and I was like no let me search it and when I was searching that I think this is there is a sport that people do what I'm doing for a lot of time with my friends and we doesn't even know and that's the problem I think with the problem with our sport because a lot of people do home workouts they do push-ups at home yeah stuff like that but they don't count as calisthenics athletes they have no inspiration on online because they don't know how the sport is called et cetera they just do it for use for themselves yeah but that's the word that we have you doing for a little gear to make people know about this part that's true and what are you like what are you working what is your profession I'm work with my dad my daddy's farmer and I work with him here I'm here just because of a miracle because I'm just going to my farm with my dad I miss him that means calculate their time which is Germany in Venezuela and just with like five minutes to go to the farm because of a miracle so yeah we can be lucky that you are here that's that's good yeah so interesting and like how old are you right now I'm 24 years old 24 and when did you start with calisthenics like an useful to you I'm doing calisthenics like half of my life because for my dad in my house he always wear for a deep bar and my school in the in the free time we always go and do some dips with help with or friend help with always oh my life and we know that the sport Dawson does it come to me to say to like that until 2011 or 2012 oh I've been doing it constantly like for eight or nine years okay and you you said that there are a lot of parks street walker calisthenics parks in Venezuela yeah overall not-not-not Street were called parks like in Europe Europe but just multifunctional structures that has deep bar and a pool of are just data you can switch tiles there okay some really basic stuff but you have the possibility to work outside yeah here in Venezuela we we have a lot of organisms closed urbanism and in everyone so we'll pull a bar on the in bar I can tell you okay interesting yeah because you you are also traveling a lot right you're like yeah when when a visitor comes to your Instagram page he sees a lot of shots from Italy from last year you were in in the UK you visit yeah yeah Jay so like you travel a lot and what is the biggest difference that you see between Venezuela the concerning calisthenics and the calisthenics sports and Europe or let's take Europe well the main difference that are always saying is in other places the sport have a ball would for more years than here here it's just at the beginning the beginning of the what we call strip workout and most of the people still doing only basic here in Venezuela is quite rare to see a guy freestyling it's quite way because he's involved at all like in Europe most people use it like I told you five minutes ago just for training you're training to be healthy it's not like in UK that you walking around the streets and you see people flying around like that there is a community here there is a lot of people doing that but it isn't about like in other places is a hero okay so the the net that is there a national there is a national championship in Venezuela right I saw suppose young you yeah yeah and it's easy for you like is there competition for you that's that's the question that I have yeah yeah instead one of the best athlete of the world I don't know if you know him it's big tour I end this yeah yeah yeah yeah well he lives here all of his life and he moves to Chile like two years ago and there were people like bigger English here in Venezuela that was was good but the situation here is not not good enough in the country and most of the athlete moves outside to other countries and the Federation that once served here in Venezuela right now is an action right for like two years is an active anymore because most of the people that were here there moved out to Spain Chile Argentina etc what is it right now we have we have competitions I've been judging a lot of competitions lately but the Federation itself they were Hispanic Federation isn't actually right now having in the natural ok ok so yeah like what is the situation like in Venezuela why are they moving away from Venezuela because I don't know if you know Venezuela is struggling right now for the political situation is not good for all the citizens of live here but well we we are in a position that a lot of people are right now emigrating out and it's bad for for the country for the sport and for everything around ok ok so yeah let's get to the point I think everybody is wondering how is it possible to freestyle with your weight like yeah the the I've not been so lucky that we met in person we never like we never met in person but when I watch your your videos et cetera it's like crazy it's you're so massive it's it's insane to see your explicit how is it like is it just your body type did you train for it what what is this my advantage that I always say to the people that that seems me freestyling is but I've been doing like four years or three years or more of only basics only basic and allowed I gained a lot of strength the muscular strength and when I'm doing freestyle it's not like big regular big guy doing freestyle because I I I have a lot of controls my body I don't fight me and because of I always tell the people that do basic before freestyle because it helps for the injuries it helps for everything else for me that work and that's my secret ok so you said that you heard the name calisthenics the first time 2011-2012 yeah and before you did three four years of basics basics only no I from 2011 I know I knew them known the name of calisthenics the sport but I didn't start doing freestyle okay III I don't don't like it much I just knew about the Massa logs and stuff like that and do do it like for two or three years I don't I don't count from two days 2011 but I I don't know conduct two years of training because I know it I do regular dips push-ups bullet not regularly and I don't count it I count like 2011 to know okay so if somebody wants to start with freestyle now and he is a complete beginner what would you recommend to him well it depends out the body type if it is had a big guy I recommend it to do basic basic basic basics and to Train himself the body tool to feel good with with his body and then start doing freestyle body if it is a normal body type guy I always said that I can start freestyling alongside Bassets he can do freestyle and if you succeed a thing comes out in a while doesn't matter you are doing basically the other freestyle alongside board okay because when I thought about it your we didn't say that you're one meter 73 so like everybody who's 2 meters and says yeah 86 kilos it's not that much but you're like for your height 86 kilos is a lot so what I was thinking the joints like how do you prepare the joints you said you do a lot of basics but is it everything or do you also do some mobility what is your secret to not get injured yeah yeah yeah I train a lot of mobility always always always when in the middle of the day before training also all like in the middle of the day I do mobility always I in focus it on my shoulders because he and my shoulders and elbows because it's a must how do you call delicate yeah like transfer part stretch of the body and a way friendly like one or twice normal training game and ie I would like to tell you that I being like for I don't know if you know it what we're saying in Instagram that I have shoulder dislocation like one year ago right now I'm I'm good I you stop training like for two months three months I'm good and training basics I can do two sixties I can do five four is be but I cannot compete because is so stressful my shoulder so it's not a hundred percent but I leave right now I'm not doing a lot of free stuff because of that and that's one of the problems of being big and doing freestyle you know is it an injury that just came by time or what is was it one accident no no he came by time like little by little by little by little no stealing no feeling well there it's still doing freestyle doing statics and it come little by little units on one day he just did dislocate yourself and was quite back but for me because I can ieave it was like a year ago and I cannot compete it anymore for a long and it's quite the motivating for me but I'm still training by six I I can do basics and right now I'm do I'm doing basics all days I can do like I told you I can do to speak see I can do factories I can do some things but I prefer not to doing much bit to watch armitron Chile release 100% healed and when you look back now would you what would you change to not get injured like if you could put back one of the things that I will change is that I think one of them is to in some point I think I just came too big for doing freestyle and at one moment I was waiting like 90 kilos 89 years and doing freestyle and for me right now thinking in bad words I think that the words too much I just need to get down to 82 for doing freestyle right now eighty six and a half kilos but it doesn't matter because I'm not doing freestyle and doing all the basics but for me that's one of the things that helped to do the injury of my shoulder the other reason that I got injured was that a dude a lot I do it a lot like all days have been doing freestyle my hands were sore and I'm doing freestyle I don't care I don't at the moment I don't think that an injury was was like that it was for my weight and does the reason why I think that that the injury came out okay but still like a question that we get a lot is how do I gain mask with calisthenics like a lot of people ask us how do I gain weight how do I gain mass or again muscle mass what is your advice to someone wanting to that's a good question that's a good question because the problem with calisthenics that I always do it in my youtube videos and stories for insulin the problem the main problem with calisthenic is that most of the people don't have a trainer that told you do it 20 reps six times and people just get Charlie and I'm going home that's the main problem because we're in the gyms you always have that guy in your ear tell you do it do it do it do it do it and calisthenic more so the people don't have it and I'm doing saying that Jule you need to have it but it's the the motivation behind it and people I knew a lot of people that always came to a park and doing some poops oh I'll give you some deep bullshit okay I'm done I'm gonna that's the main problem in this sport and I always say because we need to channel or workout we need to write down what we do they improve that numbers and all stuff like that and we are going to see results alongside with healthy and good eating you are going to see results that's the one problem I think like the main main main problem okay that's interesting because I think maybe everybody knows what you mean because I when you when you say it I also have these workouts when I didn't set the schedule when I didn't set a goal for like a really every exercise every repetition number like the workout is always not most of the times it's it's not good because I just do some like yeah it's not a rep number if you do some and you think it's on for today and that's really bad and a lot of people don't know it but because most people don't have that knowledge to do to be to know how many reps they need to do and stuff like that that's true okay gathers what was the the most difficult exercise that you have ever learned meanings dynamic skill let's talk about dynamics what's the craziest dynamics kill the the the most difficult for you that you learned well I think that it's not difficult at all because I invented the inverted danger but I trained on it like for months because I didn't see anyone doing it and I was like I need to invent it I was on my mind and I trained on it like for three months on or two months straight working on the on the move until one day I landed in to this day from this day it was like an everyday treat for me it wasn't hard but I don't know how are we doing I was figuring out how to do it they invented anger and was a lot of fun doing it but talking about what the hardest move that I learned I think that it was the front flip the transcript of the bar he was a lot of carry at the beginning in but I landed I landed I I don't we grab it never we grab the front foot board I was quite happy to learn read from itself I just throw it like crazy and landed and did you tried with mattresses or how did you run mmm with what so like with Matt's or like some so I train always like my first part I have sent like this beach scent on the floor and my second part I have rough oh he was okay so hardcore okay it was with the proper training and the propeller time you will get it drawn anyways and looking back what was it more an exercise for or difficulty in the head for the mindset for the fear I say I say it a lot of time that when you have something to land on it you you your mind will tell you that you have bad things and you will not like the trick it's like you say this and mental exercise that you don't have anything below your feet and you have to land the trick or that that's a good thing land it or your your dad so yeah nice like what when you when you say mobility what what does your like your mobility routine look like - well at your job I'm right now I'm just mobility like free exercise I don't know of mobility because I been doing yoga for a while like 2 or 3 years ago with an uncle of mine does yoga and I learn of all things about that and right now I just went in here in my house yours mobility exercise from shoulders or joint etc do we do it after like waking up or before the workout or in the evening I like I like to do it youth after I waking up and before coming to bed because I always train like middle of the day like 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. and I don't like to do it close to the training I like to it as far as from the training and it when I just wake up and before bed I don't know what to do it twice a day I I always try to do a trial Aspinall always do it I but before getting out of bed I always I almost do it okay nice yeah like what is something I would be interested in what is what was your biggest success in what was the the best moment in your calisthenics career so in since you do calisthenics what was the best moment the big moment for me my biggest moment in calisthenics was when I came to Chile I come to Chile in to the worst stage Chile and I reached the semi-finals and lost again my again it's my friend Viktor again this only were three people from Venezuela in that world stage and I came in semifinals against him and Weiss was quite sad but one of the best moment of my career because he was taught and it was good was a nice event joining it nice sounds good like strong team like small but yeah from from Venezuela because in some one that that were stationed was a little was good for me because the guy who beat me what the guy would one day the title that's good that's a good that's a good feeling nice because I also did an interview with Vitaly Melnick and he said his favorite athlete is also like again this LAN this picture so it's a absolute beast yeah yeah he's like crazy I watched him again after the interview with with me totally and it's it's just insane like yeah his hysterics are crazy yeah we do if you're watching this absolute long time no see nice it's a big friend of mine here in Venezuela Sally he moved out chill friend of mine awesome like what war like what does your typical day light look like you wake up you do your mobility and you go to work or what is it like yeah not all days I go to work because I I I'm just working with my dad and when I when I need to do something I do it almost days I came out after my mobility and I don't very fast I'm doing fasting for like five years now I go outside and do whatever I wanted to do I need to do sorry and now can't aim house and right now I'm shooting tube I'm shooting I don't know how to translate to English but well I don't know how to translate the specific career I'm shooting a moose almost graduating now well with all the team with the virus and Quentin right now it stopped but almost graduating from University okay and then I came to the park that is a few blocks from my house and train days I train like five three four five pm that the time that I train and now that's all came house have dinner and do you have a special nutrition did Einstein write to you you do intermittent fasting yeah yeah ok I'm doing term eating fasting like for five years now I I'm doing I have doing a lot of dieting merits but fasting is the one that balanced to me and I also do Kate okay settle any ketogenic I know who tell it how to spell it for our year and a half but right now I'm not doing anymore I'm doing okay okay nice interesting so yeah before we come to an end of the of the episode I still have some some quick questions with some quick answers from you and the first question is what do you prefer pizza or burger well burger I think burger okay and do you prefer cats or dogs dogs dark person okay yeah I love cats to but because I have two dogs I think I love more dogs but I love cats okay nice what was your best holiday location yet because you travel a lot what was your best location your breasts country sitting wave them my my favorite country right now oh well well right now right now now my favorite country of all time is Italy because I have family from there my ancestor was from there and I love to visit Italy and my favorite city of the World's Fair Florence and I used to love it okay and something that I was interested in do you say Callas taenia or Achilles Tenex Palestine eeeh Palestinian here we say Palestinian okay nice what is wait a second who is your favorite calisthenics athlete or full-time of for King King so he was oh he's my I'm still Wow whole time nice what is do you have a favorite book perfect I think we already have the answer but what was the best calisthenics event you've been at yeah the answer was there world world calisthenics stage in Chile okay nice and last question dynamics or statics dynamics all the time I prefer basis basis but in dynamics or statics I always dynamics because it's approach for me for doing statics like for heavy guys it's always much harder to do started it was always a problem for me because here in the sport we don't have weight categories and I every competition that that I've been its jump a row against 65 kilo guy and I don't have anything against it but it's more difficult to meet in because of that I always preserved pressure dynamics ok so if I would ask basics or dynamics and you're just allowed to Train one thing the rest of your life you would chase choose basics yeah yeah for sure Wow I think that I love dynamics but I team that dynamic it's a competition thing Nora life thing you know you train dynamics as well as studies and you training sort of Porter's your training for our competition you're training for reach a goal you're training for that body no it's not alive you know me yeah at some point you'll you will not be able to do dynamics or static board about the basics will always be with you yeah like they say and I like the answer because I think a lot of calisthenics athletes they don't do enough basics and they don't like still they stagnate at some point and they or they have injuries because the joints and the tendons don't you don't grow and that's because of skipping basics basics will make you strong enough to do whatever you want with your boy that's true do you do weighted calisthenics or just bodyweight no wait ok I do it more like always bodyweight board one or sometimes twice a week I do weighted policing I love it - interesting nice so when people want to get in touch with you and contact you where do they find you where they can find me obvious of my Instagram that is as W underscore young Piero and my youtube channel that it's young beautiful school perfect we will also put it the description so everybody's interested like everybody who's interested he can they can go to to your Instagram to your YouTube the YouTube videos are in Spanish right yeah yeah are in Spanish but maybe in the future we Spanish perfect but like this people can learn Spanish and it's it's really nice you have a good ear you have good English it's really nice to talk to you I always have to smile when you say a key in your when you when you yeah yeah that's nice but I think your English is really comprehensible and it's alright thank you thank you mean I'd like to see to hear that so perfect we will come to an end and before you can end the episode and say goodbye I will like I want to say thank you to everyone who listens everyone who made it to the end of this interview because it's like quite some time to listen to this yeah and thanks a lot jumpy row for being here thanks for taking the time and if you liked this episode supportive share it give it to your friends who are also like strong and massive and want to do freestyle like Gianpiero so yeah thanks for being here you have the last words thank you you too