Inside Dan Rosenberg's mind - Interview with the professional calisthenics athlete from Israel - The Athlete Insider Podcast View the interview here:   The text of the interview (translated automatically): Welcome Gorillas to the first GORNATION podcast here today with a really special guest Dan Rosenberg three times n | Inside Dan Rosenberg's mind - Interview with the professional calisthe

April 24, 2020 35 min read

Inside Dan Rosenberg's mind - Interview with the professional calisthenics athlete from Israel - The Athlete Insider Podcast

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The text of the interview (translated automatically):

Welcome Gorillas to the first GORNATION podcast here today with a really special guest Dan Rosenberg three times national champion in Israel and fifth and World Cup 2019 of World Championship in Moscow for the middleweight for yeah welcome happy to have you here thank you for having video awesome like yeah yeah a lot of people were asking for this choose to start a podcast to to present athletes more from the inside and to get to know you more and we know you're from Instagram stories et cetera and I'm really really happy to have you here me too I really think it's a great opportunity for me to get my audience to know me better and also to be a deeper part of GORNATION here yeah when you present yourself to somebody somebody new you don't know what how do you present yourself um so yeah that's a good question because I'm I'm a person that has different skills in different areas that I I'm trying to perfect and get to higher levels so I'm not doing only one thing basically I would it depends on the person I'm presenting myself to if it's someone from the sports field I would say I'm a professional calisthenic calisthenics freestyle athlete I am training for six and a half years already I have my labels for example three times Israeli champion top five in the World Cup/ championship in Moscow this year in the middle weight category if it's someone for sports if it's someone if it's a new people new friends for example or friend of friends I would say I'm an athlete but I'm also creating content professionally because it's something I'm doing for you know for as a job now content creating and calisthenics and I'm also playing music playing the piano I was playing the drums for four years and I was playing a French horn for four years as well so this also something are you like doing and yeah that's that's my main things I'm doing right now that's what I would say to any person that's a lot so you're interested in and many many things you seem like a really interested and open person that likes to get and yeah that's so true it's actually very true because I really like new cultures new people new people and new stories of people that I don't know because I truly believe that everyone has their own story to tell and I'm really really willing to listen to other people and also to share my story you know so this is something that my work made me able to do because I can travel and meet more people new people more cultures new places and this is also something of very very passionate about awesome like you said so much and or I think already the people they feel that you achieve a lot already in your young youth how old are you training was with 21 years and I think two people would be interested in where you did you get there like what was maybe one starting point where you thought I want to be more than average for example yeah well I've always been like active kid you can say I've always always like loved like making new friends and being like friendly and that's from young age in school I was pretty good because I noticed I really understood that is important I can't say I liked everything there I can surely say I didn't yeah but I understood why it's important and then this is where I started you know to like grind and hustle for something in younger ages because I don't know maybe it's something in my personality maybe it's something that my parents shaped me too or maybe it's just because I was lucky to be in situations where I just got to understand that if you're hustling for something long term we were gonna achieve bigger things you know and then this started from young age with school you can say and then I went to scientific class because it was pretty good with studies and this was harder I hustle harder I got really good grades actually finished the middle school with 100 like out of 100 which is pretty extreme then when I went to high school I started going and I still had that mindset of kind of success that I need to work hard not really really into it but kind of because of the past and then I understood in the four years of high school in Israel that I don't want to study all my life there one of the different things I was exposed to a street workout and slowly shift shifted my work to the athlete career I have and not only school so I finished high school it lower average of weights still good one for me but I finished it like when I was the first in his bed and sit workout when and when I started the high school I was not even known so this was the beginning of the serious career of mine and I think what led to it is just from young younger age disciplines of hard work and knowing what you want long term even if in a momentary moment you don't really want it after 1 a 1 month of work for example you need to understand that long term if you want it you have to hustle and then long term you're going to get what you want yeah that's it I think it's it's been like 3 years things since I finished high school and I've been working harder even shifting my focus only to the things I liked because now I'm more free you know so yeah why do you think it's important to shift your focus on things you like I honestly believe that our time here is limited not in the depressive way of saying that but just in the realistic way your time is limited you never know what's gonna happen honestly yeah your life can end it's random moments you don't really know hopefully and I really believe that it won't end soon but it's it's random that's it you know anything can happen and this way I think that every moment should be used to the max and it doesn't mean doing only positive things you really want to do right now but it means that you should have a plan that benefits you in the long term so if I think like I wanna I want my job to be something that I love I'd have to start working now in things that that are going to profit me in the future you know this is why I'm doing Street workout but not only when I feel like it but I have my schedule that is planned and then in the long term I can also make it a job and I can explain this to other areas and make profits so you have to sacrifice long term like you have to sacrifice short term gb have become successful yeah but the long term should be something that you want to do you know short term might be things that you don't really want to do right now impulsively but long term it should be you should do the choices that you want to do like things that you want to do and things that you love you know I wouldn't for example a bad example would be to choose a career that you know that will give you money long term but you know that it's something that you just don't like doing you're not passionate about this is a in my opinion bed long term goal I understand that's true may I ask you what what's your biggest goal in life so I honestly don't have an ultimate goal yet I wear that and I'm I think the fact that I'm aware that makes me feel comfortable with that but I have some mid term like not very long but the furies ahead goals I have okay one of my biggest goal right now is just to grow as an athlete it's not a very specific goal but I'm doing everything I can to grow it means going to competition abroad even if it's just like I can do one like two weekends in a row of competitions and that's pretty hard mentally and physically but I will do it because I want to be present in many places in the world as much as possible to know to just be present as an athlete even if I win even if I lose and the biggest goal above that is just to spread my words and my positivity and really just spread love around the world specifically in the calisthenics scene right now I'm doing that through my Instagram and I'm doing that physically like and trying to eat every moment that I'm with new people abroad and nationally so this is one of my biggest go right now I'm working every day to do that and of course I'm not ashamed to say that I really want to make this a profession that I can live off so I started doing kinetic rating because I like it and I want to make money out of it I'm competing because there's also many competitions I'm doing collaborations with with many companies the one of the biggest are donation yeah that's nothing I'm doing as a goal you know what is the thing that you think most that's holds back most of the people in our generation from having a fulfilled life and reaching their goals I I think there's more than one answer for that there is a few reasons when I think about it right now I think one of the reasons that make people right now not achieve their goals is because big goals in my opinion are long-term you can feel you can be really lucky and get what you want very fast but usually if you want to be 100 percent sure that you're going to get what you want you're gonna have to work long term it's not gotta be impulsive again and I think that our generation really needs everything fast as soon as possible you wanna see someone you can open Instagram in five minutes see a hundred pictures of them like a few years ago a few years like maybe I don't know 50 years ago you want to see someone you had to wait a week to see them just to see them you know and just an example so if you change your mindset from short-term to long-term and you actually understand that you have to put in work and you're not going to like it most of the way if you're if you're dedicated and passionate about this process you're gonna have your goals in my opinion and I think that most people just don't have this mindset these days that's true like that's an important thing to be patient and I think you are also a big fan of Gary Vee Gary Vaynerchuk and yeah I appreciate like a lot of his words as well and I know that you do as well yeah so yeah that's that's really really true but do you feel pressure when you go after your goals yeah there is always pressure I'm not always chill but I think that if you're again aware of that and you look at it from the outside and understand it's part of the process you're going through it's not gonna be perfect you're gonna be stressed you're gonna be depressed you're gonna be very very happy we're gonna be very very sad Sundays and everything is part of the process when you look at it from the outside when I do that it makes me come from the really inside of me and even if my body feels stressed and my managed my mind says I have to do 1 million stuff right now I won't make it from the inside of me I understand this part of the process and everything is going to be okay and I'm going long-term and I can always try again until I die so that makes me calm okay what do you think is the what are the secrets to become a professional calisthenics athlete especially free so okay so honestly the the interesting thing is I don't think there's a secret I think the answers are in front of everybody they just don't really look at it you know they choose to ignore it maybe in the back of their mind maybe it's not an active choice but most people just ignore it you know there's this quote hard work bit standards everything it sounds like a cliche but if you actually try to apply that on your own life from your own perspective and not as an instrument post you understand that it's very very true if you're gonna write down what you want to do what you want to achieve then make that a plan and actually go after this plan even when it doesn't feel comfortable and even when it when you feel like you don't want to do it long term you're going to again achieve your goal and I think that is something that people know because they hear it always but they don't really really try to implement this in their own specific lives you know so yeah this is general but if you're asking about calisthenics specifically I think one of the advantages and the disadvantages together of calisthenics is that the sport is not it's pretty new so it's not very very organized and there aren't the rules about the sport not only competitions in general are not very very precise there isn't there's no specific place that you know you can read everything about the sports how to do stuff what's right what's wrong there's a lot of stuff and this is one advantage in my opinion because it makes the community very active and you know diverse it's nice but it's also hard to you know get to a very high level because you're always not sure how to do stuff and I struggling we did with that a lot until today even when I trying to do new stuff I was actually for example the first guy to do a 360 in Israel first one to do a 540 the second one to do a stream flip the first one to do a ganger the first one to do an alley-oop because and this this was one of my struggles because I didn't know how to do stuff and some of them I didn't do rights in the beginning until now I'm fixing everything always and this is one of the struggles but I think the solution for that is just to be truly again dedicated and understand that you hope you will have to try a lot of time until you get something because you don't have a trainer and you're getting 200 advices from different people you're gonna have to try yourself to activate your mind and to actually think about the stuff you have to be active and not passive and this is how you can actually get stuff because the biggest at least I can tell you for sure they have no secret they just worked a lot on what they were doing they tried to do an alley-oop and they failed and then they said okay what did I do wrong here do a bit more swing they literally just thinking about what they are doing not waiting for someone to tell them what to do they were leading their own way because in this sport this is in my opinion the kind of people that win but you can be this kind of person if you just if you are just deciding to be one of them you're gonna have to lead your own way because right now there is no one trainer that is right always and there's no one way to go and there are different ways to do everything so you're just gonna have to find your own way and push really hard to get there if that makes sense to you it does definitely mostly again it's some like a cliche but it's still just how it work you have to go out to the bars and you have to do what we have to plan what you want to do don't have to be like a 10 pages plan rights can be a note in your iphone with five sentences but you have to know what you're going to do and then just write and not just try blindly try one time try 10 times and then reflect see what you did wrong try to ask different people try to implement different stuff to see what works for you always reflect yourself always always always I take 200 videos a week of me training I upload maybe one or two of them every training but I take them not for the Instagram but firstly for me to reflect when you see sitting at home when I'm just even before I go to bed when I have these soft thoughts I can open my iPhone and look what I did maybe have some nerdy ideas for how to do stuff better this is how I make myself better I can say I'm the best I can say I'm not the best in the field in terms of how they judge fists eye right now but I know that my method of doing stuff is the best for me and this working what's important because you always want to be do the best things that are best for you again it's a cliche but you want to be the best version of you and to that you're gonna have to have to have your own path of doing stuff if you're gonna take something that a path that other person gave you it's not gonna be perfect for you and you won't be able to maximize the potential that way so you're gonna have to do it yourself and this is what's hard for most people in my opinion to actually understand that they have to do stuff from their own perspective not from how other person says it not from how a quote from Instagram is because someone else a human wrote this you know this how they see things you're gonna have to take this take only the content of it and implement this for your own eyes and this is how you really can go further in my opinion oh yeah I really like the idea about reflecting and video watching and analyzing the videos that you took from your workout so do you have other hacks tips advice that people can implement in their workout to become better wear say definitely that video like shooting yourself is one of the best things I I ever chosen to do in my trainings even if there's no one to take my video for me I would just ask we just put my phone somewhere and take it for me I'm really going on the pretty extreme with that I really going at the bar without the camera because I really want I really have to know how I look from the outside because when you're competing the dead matter what you see from your eyes it only matters what other people see but specifically the judges see and for me what's really important is how the crowd sees me in the fans especially so I would always take the videos so I'm very very aware of how I look like from the outside and when you do that long term you're gonna be more aware of your body in general you can do stuff with all the crime and know about how it looks like if you activate this muscle oh it looks like on camera and from the outside so this is something that I again really recommend doing because you're gonna be able to get better faster because this is the only thing that matters the outside and it sounds may be stupid or shallow but the camera is a very very important thing in that matter I would also say that if you want to be professional athlete and I the focuses on the world athletes because I see a lot of street workout people just work out and I appreciate them but when I see an athlete it's different they don't have to be the best they don't have to have the craziest tricks but they do have to have the lifestyle of an athlete it means you don't have to eat LC all the time but you have to be aware of where if your choice is to eat healthy or not you understand if you're going to McDonald's and you don't care if it's healthy or not that's that's a problem an athlete can go to McDonald's three times a week if he chooses that this is the right path for him as an athlete because maybe it's doing a cheat week maybe is he ate healthy for one year maybe he knows that he has other things that you need to focus on on his life and he's just not free to has no free energy tools for choosing the food but an athlete in my opinion would be aware of that and athlete would have a plan of trainings and not just go on the bus to play and maybe sometimes do a ganker because he just tried 1,000 times for playing you know that's the difference between an athlete professional athlete and just to guide the street workout and I appreciate this some people don't want it to be professional you know it's nice it's a nice hobby if you want to be professional you're gonna have to have the mindset of an athlete and the lifestyle of an athlete and again it doesn't have to be you have to be extremely healthy all the time but you have to be aware of everything that's my opinion this what makes an athlete professional in my opinion and an athlete and a regular person that does fit work up which is also very nice but just not enough lead professional athletes in my opinion okay and when you talk about the professional mindset or the mindset of a person a professional athlete for example with I think about a freestyle competition and I'm about to go there to go out there the people are watching me filming me cetera how do you handle the pressure how does the professional athlete handle the pressure so I can talk for myself because different people are different some people are very natural with cameras from the beginning very natural with people admiring them or contacted conducting them frequently and saying you're awesome yeah I don't know you're a nice person you're crazy at it but me personally I wasn't really very natural in the beginning with that I was okay I wouldn't extremely good or extremely bad it was just okay with cameras and with people when I went on the first world championship stage which was also only my third competition ever in Moscow watch a mashup 2016 I had so many cameras and people watching me and like and all of the like the fun of me was just everyone in Moscow in my head right watching me all of the Russian people that like see work out it was a huge really big stage and huge crowd and then on my left were all of the crazy athletes in the world sitting on the bench of the athletes looking at me I was so overwhelmed and I blacked out completely I tried to do a shrimp flip once I failed it try it again failed it again then I just fucked up my whole combo you can cancer that if you want and it was just like too much for me all of this for the first time and I just like messed up you know when I reflect again about this I'm very glad it happened because I learned so much I always always always mention this when people ask me for an advice for competing always mentioned this because I think this is where totally understood that if you want to be good at competitions if you want to be good with crowds if you want to be good look good on camera you have to just really repeat this experience and just compete a lot because not only compete but getting the mindset of competition even when you're training to invite I will much spend as you came to training before a competition to have them shout for you to have people recall you from different angles to really just imagine that you're in a competition right now when I prepare my friends for competitions because we have some artists now that are going from Israel bode I always the the most popular things I shout when they're on the bars that you're in a competition right now you're in a competition everyone is looking in the competition this makes them stressed and when you're getting used to distress when you're training and when you're competing as much as you can at some point you're gonna just feel comfortable competition so this I can proudly say that this is around where I am right now I go to competition I stressed in a very good level not more than that I'm very very happy about the crowd I'm so happy about the fans seeing me I really feel so happy not stressed because in the past I just didn't care about how many people it was I just felt so stressed and I didn't want it to to happen you know because I just feel bad but now I just feel good I'm really happy that many people see me in the last Nationals in Israel so many people came and I felt like I'm so happy that I can invest so many of my people was in the middle of the port of Tel Aviv Maine it wouldn't no no don't know the spot where there and I was so happy because I just felt comfortable with the cameras and with the people again just because I experienced it a lot you know also in my mind and also physically so this is just something you need to have experience with and it's not something that you have to be passive about it's not just waiting for you for people to invite you to competition it's doing that every time like before if we were praying for completion before the competition and if I'm not competing you don't have the opportunity just to it in your trainings once a month invite a lot of friends as many as you can even if it's 3/8 as many as you can have a big session get the cameras out get loud music as in a competition do it in a public place even if you can so people are coming and just try to make yourself it's pressures as you can so we just get used to it because it's possible to get used to it this how I got used to it and now I'm really communicating with my fans and with the crowd this is the I can also say that right now the biggest reason I'm going to competitions is not to win I like winning I like competing I really like competing but my first reason is just that I can have a show that I can really perform that I can pass emotions to the crowd in different areas of the world in Hong Kong right now it was pretty crazy I had a very different crowd as you can imagine than what I'm used to and I felt like they're really understanding what I'm trying to give and really being God getting in my flow with me and that was amazing so yeah nice I would like to go a little deeper into the moment where you failed the shrimp flip twice how did you feel Wow so when I go when I got on the stage I was trying to you know go over my cone real quick and the only thing he was in my mind was totally black really just a total blackout I didn't know what I need to do I only knew I had to do shrimp flip I want to do shrimpy 540 for example I didn't even think about the 540 I just knew I had to do a flip I will think about it too much and I was also thinking about all of all of the people and I didn't think about what each of them think but I knew that each one of these people think different stuff about me right now and every one of them seemed in 1,000 ifferent perspectives and this is not the right way to think about this stuff yeah you're gonna really have to zone out and focus on yourself to really go through this experience successfully and I was doing the complete opposite because I had no experience so I was thinking each of them be thinking about me something else the crazy athletes are judging me right now they've never seen him in real life in action this is the moment I have to prove myself I met I'm a fan of all of them and they're just talking with me now expecting the I was so stressed that I was just I was doing the stream flip I thought this is the moment I failed I said okay I can just keep going okay I went again I failed again this time I just got it here and then slipped here and slipped again and this is where I started from very very stressed and energized going down pretty fast I was laying the combo I didn't hold anything I think I did it to 60 or something then I went to the P bars I did like a bit better thing but not that good then what happened and then I just went off of the p-bars I did this and went off the stage and this is something I would never never never do today never I would never just end my performance with a said face doing this never I would even if I'm gonna feel hard I'm gonna I'm gonna maybe like say thank you everyone I love you guys thank you for being with me you know with my signatures I'm not gonna say it but I'm gonna say thank you to everyone I love you it's okay people fail and I'm gonna go off the stage with a nice smile you know and because I feel like when I'm on stage I can influence people you know when everyone is looking at me I have the time maybe it's two minutes but I have the time to influence people because all of their attention is at me and it's not something that is happening daily so how I handle the experience on stage is how they're going to be influenced you know if they see professional athletes for the first time Street workout the same feeling and doing that just they're gonna be influenced might be good might be a bad difference but I if I can control time doing I'm gonna do the best to show them that it's okay to fail we're professional athletes we face sometimes the sport is very crazy and special we fail it's okay we have to like mentally know how to handle this because mentally we can control it physically sometimes things happen but mentally you can choose how you are going to handle experiences like that so I freaked out totally and this is how I learned how to not do it just because of this and very happy it happened there's actually a nice story about that I can tell it 2016 I failed twice the shrimp I didn't go to the finals the semifinals and finals then 2017 I trained for one year straight I actually got the first place again I went to Moscow again I did the semi-finals I failed the shrimp flip the first time I started again with the stream flipped that was a crazy crazy risk and then 20 like 27 I did feel unsafe a second time I did it I caught it and the data 540 and this was a crazy moment for me because after one year of like work after failing and my eyes was in front of the whole world I tried the shrimp twice and I caught it the second time I was so happy I made it to the finals and I failed in the finance I had a little fail actually a stupid one but I didn't I got like I think 26th place no 18 sorry which is not that good but it's a lot better than what I got before right then I got 2020 18 I got there again this was a bit of luck because I didn't took the first place in Israel I took the third but the first and second place couldn't go so I went again and this and this one I did finally semi-finals perfectly semi-finals almost perfectly and got the fifth place yeah that was crazy and then 2019 again I did the first round good second one good and got fifth again in my category so it was really a process of four years and this is again when I'm talking about long-term this is what I'm talking about you know first of all championship failed okay I'm gonna go there again next year I'm gonna work out one year and one it is a lot you know some days you don't want to train and some days you really want to train and you have to keep going no matter what and this how I got where I am now I've like a really inspiring story I know the video that you made an interim from this stuff but it's awesome to hear it personally from you thanks for sharing like I have one a little bit provocative question why don't you just settle for a normal life I don't find provocative I think there it's a very legit question me personally if I have a problem with the term normal because I don't believe there's anything normal I we really believe that every human is unique even if some people look like they are normal it's just because this has been deeper but it's just because society decided that stuff are normal you know we could be in a different society when different things are normal and you're gonna be the normal I'm gonna be the normal one because everyone is hard-working and everyone is doing sports and everyone is doing fists tight and then the guy who sits behind the desk and that's programming all day he's very unique no one does it you know so I don't like it what normal but I think that when you ask it you you ask why I mean just not sitting for you know getting a job like most of you what I were doing and that it might not like but it's going to get to get me enough money to live and not really pursue my dreams is that what you're asking yes so this goes back to what I was asking before what I was saying before when I EVD and I stay walking a lot when I really understood that my life is limited because our life is pretty long we don't really understand that it's it's actually limited you don't you can do nothing about it doesn't matter what you try to do it's limited and it's gonna end at one point and that place when you get to it you can either understand that it's depressing and you can do nothing and you're gonna die anyways so what's the point but you can also have the choice to go the other way and say my time is limited that's life is natural it's actually pretty beautiful in my opinion because it gives value to your life if it was unlimited it would be it was a it would have no value in my opinion and then you have your time your limited time you see it and you just choose what you want to do with it and when you truly understand that I think all of the people or yeah all of them would want to use it to the max and this is why you can cynically ask you a question you can a person can cynically say if it was my last day I would do that if it was my last day on earth I would do that but you know because many people if it was the last day of on earth for them they would do a lot of things they wouldn't do if like because they know it's not their last day but they don't really know it you know so when you understand that you have more motivation to do these things and you just understand that there is no time for bullshit and for letting people influence you because only you matter only ometer on for me on the ID meter for you on the ohmmeter I mean in terms of patience and what you want to do of course other people matter and you have to take care of them family of course is very important and friends and the people around you but I mean you're willing and it's only what matters for you you know other people can tell you what you need to do what you want to do and when you understand that and that you have no time to waste you're gonna just use your time to the potential and this is where people define you is pursuing your dreams at that point in my opinion it can be 1012 million different things for each of us but when you choose to do what you want to do because you understand you have no reason to do other things that people want you to do then you're putting your dreams and this is what at the point I am right now if this wasn't too complicated sentence because it sounded to get it's all good I think people will understand well ok so yeah thank you for sharing this I have one question for you what is the thing that you would tell your 10 year old self you know if he would just stand stand here this is a question that is so hard well like maybe the hardest question I can get in these type of questions but I think about these questions sometimes because this is again one of the questions they really don't have an answer to it change my answer changes you know for that but the thing that I always always want to say to myself when I reflect is that even when they thought it's everything is not gonna be ok it turned up ok not because of like mysterious luck because I know how to handle things and sometimes when I'm in an extreme situation I just don't feel that because I'm stressed but at the end always it turns out good maybe not one day after maybe one not one week but long term I find my way because my mind is set to the right place and then physically I just go there you know with time so if I was if I was to hit if I were to meet my turn Donald 10 years old me now I would say to him that just don't worry it's gonna be fine and when I say don't worry I don't mean just sit and don't do anything you're gonna get to what you want that's not true you're gonna have to work hard but when you have this doubt about yourself don't don't just don't listen to it because it's purely wrong that's what I would say yeah because I can say that personally I doubt myself a lot I'm not ashamed of it I think it's natural and for me it happens a lot but one of the things that I recently in the past year learned is that it's just a voice in my head it's not me it's just a voice it's natural it's okay I should accept the existence of it but I just shouldn't accept the content of it because the only thing I can truly control and I'm fully free is in my mind I can't control what's happening around me I can do that I can't control that other people think of me but I can control what's here in inside and this is and this is why I can't let the doubt in my mind control me you know because it's not it's not you your doctor not you they're just natural thoughts that come to your mind because of things that you've been through because if your environment but it's not you and once you understand that it's it's a lot easier to go it's a lot easier mentally to go through what you want to do so this is what I would say I would just say don't worry it's gonna be all right you're gonna have to work hard if you want to get what you want to get it's not gonna be easy but you just don't worry it's gonna be okay yeah Wow well okay that was like a lot of content a lot of deep questions deep answers I would like to end this with a few short questions with a short answer like in one or two questions mmm one thing you can't live without that's pretty easy for me there's gonna be my dog for sure I really I don't know like my life is changed when I got him and I really know that I just can't it would be very extremely hard for me to live without him I paying well getting a tattoo of him because unfortunately like my life his life are not unlimited and unfortunately the dog's life is shorter than a human's life but I know that in my heart is going to stay always with me and I actually really miss him right now and everything for like three days only that's the answer it's gonna be what felt Wow okay your favorite workout spot in the world oh wow well I've actually been to many places but I think I'm gonna probably say that it's gonna be the beach in Tel Aviv and it's not because of the bars not at all it's because of the vibes for sure I really I wasn't crazy places and I really like training in amazing places with amazing people and it's really hard to say that they're like not like there and under this because they are not they're just different stuff but my favorite would be my homeland with the people that I'm the most connected with in terms of what we've been through I understand and also just I think that nothing can top the beach in Israel honestly if you haven't been there you can't really understand it but it's just a different feeling there and right now it's my favorite yeah also the bars are really nice although we broke them twice there's really nice awesome what is your favorite move well that's an easy but hard question because that was easy that would it be easy the big anger of course but on the other hand I have a lot of other moves that I really like I think my favorite movies the anger but not because it's a big freaking big flippin 180 it's just because the journey I had to go through to learn to learn it it was the hardest move I had to learn ever and to control it it took me like two years plus twelve control and it's it's something that after you work so hard for after you I nailed it first time then I'm then I lost it five times yeah really it's it's a long journey and after you go through all of that with with an element together this is where the connection is pretty strong so for me I like the Ganga and also it's really nice because I took it to the extreme you know to do multiple gangers something that I haven't seen anyone doing that extreme before me now people are doing eight and nine and it's really nice and it's challenging but I feel like I actually made a bit of history with that move and this way I like it more even nice what was your biggest Idol when you started to work out so I'm gonna I'm gonna say that I'm not really I'm not a fan of the word Idol or sigh I wasn't really a fan of anyone because for me I just see the things in a bit different way I'm not a fan of someone just because I think he's a god or because I think he's invincible I really admire someone because I appreciate and respect the work and the way they they've been through and the harder I work the more I appreciate these people in telemeter world I where they are relative to me I just respect hard workers just because I know how it feels and what they had to go through and at least the part that I know and there's also always part that I don't even know about that is hard of course so if I see someone that is very successful I appreciate their work and I respect them more than admire an idol but the people are respected and appreciated the most when I started were were probably in the very beginning I think for others or bar stars I don't know and then when I got into freestyle more like professionally it was Daniels Dennis Lyons for sure he was one of my biggest idols and it wasn't because of his tricks it was again because he delivered a different different perspective for that he really I feel like he put himself his personality is emotions into the sport star from how he dresses and ends on the technique he's doing stuff which is different and this is where I really understood that I'm gonna take this sport my way and not trying to mimic anyone and this is something that I feel like also resembles me if you look at me from the outside in the calisthenics scene I'm trying to do things in a creative different my way and yeah this is what I really respected and loved Daniel's when I started and now is a really good friend of mine which is so awesome as well awesome that's how life changes yeah it's amazing I would never imagine we would be such good friends when I just looked like that in the beginning yeah but I also experienced when you look like that to people you will never like get really close to virtual because it will always be like a weird situation nobody but everybody wants like a friend and they also just people and that's why when you are on the same level and you feel yourself on the lane same look I don't think it's about the same level of sports though no not sports but like human like you oh yeah just we're we're both humans we just sit here and talk yeah although I do believe that you have to have like basic respect to someone not because they're crazy athletes this is your choice you can respect or not but just because you don't know them and when I go to usually when they go to countries and new people see me they're very spectral it is something I really really like about the calisthenics community I feel like people are very aware of that but sometimes they are not even even if I in my home country in Israel people are warmer so they can be more rude and this is something that I believe that people should although we are all humans should keep in mind because we're all humans again and on the other hand you're gonna have to respect people the same way because everyone is a basic respect you know that's wrong if I can ask you one last question what would you tell the viewers what can they take from your experience from your life what do you want to tell them and that's a hard question because they have a lot of stuff yeah so if you're listening right now to this podcast I'm gonna talk to you but so if anyone is to anyone who's this thing right now I just want to say first of all that I really appreciate that I really appreciate that you took the time to actually listen and and hear what to not only here but listen to what I want to say and what I have to say and and I'm really really really hoping that you took something from it to your own life maybe it's not something that I said directly but you just understood about yourself that would that like only knowing that there is a possibility that happened makes me happy right now and if I have to finish with something I would say I will just say please don't forget that a lot of things for us are obvious in this life because this is nature of humans you have to adjust you can always be surprised at everything that is happening every moment because you're not gonna be able to live but there are some things that you shouldn't take as granted first thing is your life in general second thing is the family and the close people to you that love you they might not be there whole your whole life so you should show them that you appreciate them and love them because it's not it's not obvious that even one person in life loves you as much as your family does and this is something that's you should show them you should show them that you appreciate and love them and for yourself don't forget that your life is not granted and obvious and you have it right now if you're listening to this podcast you have your life right now you should appreciate that and you should you should just take the steering wheel of your life and take control control of it because no one else has the no one else can take the steering wheel from you and has permission to take it it's yours although many people are trying many people will try an hour trying it's only yours and if you you can take it from them and you should you should control your own life and if you want to do something it doesn't matter what other people tell you as long as they are not trying to hurt other people of course you should go for it because this is the time to start you don't have you don't have the time your brain thinks you have that's it and of course of course I will end it if you have any questions if you want to talk to me about what I said if you want to ask me more stuff or talk to me about what I said or I don't know just say anything to me I'm always happy to listen and reading all of my dance as fast as I can because I have a lot of stuff to do but I'm not ignoring anyone that is respectful to me and so feel free to send me a DM on Instagram and or comment under this podcast or video and it would mean a lot that's it basically thank you so much for listening everyone and thank you so much field for having me Thank You Deborah say that thank you for being here like it feels like I'm feeling really really well like I always like like conversations with you because it's really it gets deep you are like an honest and straightforward but still loving and respectful guy so did you see how much that means about hearing that you know I want to add any one more thing because I'm not sure like you don't have to put it in but I I don't know how I look I trying to know but I don't always know how I look from the outside as anyone you don't really know how people get your image from the outside but I won't just want to say I've a lot of insecurities a lot and I've had a lot of very bad periods in my life in terms of mental mental health and it's something normal and if we're having a time like that if you're feeling like like you're not good enough if you're doubting yourself constantly if you're feeling insecure about anything if you're feeling really bad constantly that's okay it really is okay I'm not saying it is a cliche it is okay you're human you don't you know no one of you really knows what's happening in other people's mind and I assure you that it's not what you are so it is because everyone has their own story and if you understand that you understand that you can't really know what's happening are people and it doesn't matter what they reflect outside so being not okay is okay don't try to take it easily and share with people around you and yeah that's something very important for me to say because I I probably look like a successful person on the outside and I believe I am in some terms but I'm not perfect at all I have a lot of insecurities and bad times and it's really okay and people should know that oh thanks for sharing awesome so let's end it here thanks for watching if you watch the YouTube video thanks for listening if you listen to the podcast yeah thanks for being here then it was indeed a pleasure it's always a pleasure with you thank you and happy to have you and yeah just enjoy your life think here you can make a lot out of this podcast of this thing and yeah keep growing every day and thank you so much it really was a pleasure thank you for the opportunity thanks okay bye guys see you