Today's guest is a former employee and friend of GORNATION, the female Calisthenics athlete and Co-Organizer of World of Barheroes Iris Weissenböck. We're talking about how to start with Calisthenics, how to prevent injuries and her work at World of Barheroes. | IRIS WEISSENBÖCK | How to start and improve in Calisthenics

July 06, 2020 35 min read

IRIS WEISSENBÖCK | How to start and improve in Calisthenics | The Athlete Insider Podcast #13

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 they go too fast they go too fast and too hard they are impatient they weren't and learn everything like that and they compare themselves too much to people that have been doing it for six years yo gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is Phil and today we have a special episode we have the first female athlete in the podcast and I'm really really happy to have you here iris let me show you shortly introduce you you are one of the most passionate persons that I know in this world your you like it really feels that you're taking over your whole life and putting it on the sports calisthenics and like you we just received your your study your bachelor thesis and you did it overkill cynics you're extremely strong competitive athlete and you're one of the heads of thank you so much s for event series we love our heroes so yeah I'm really really happy to have you here the iris Weisberg thanks for having me perfect so let's start the episode you're on a birthday party and somebody approaches you and you don't know this person how do you present yourself what do you do like who are you iris so yeah I'm iris I'm 23 years old and I currently live in Vienna I study International Business Administration with a focus on digital marketing and innovation management so I come from a kind of yeah economic side so to say and yeah I've been doing my whole life sports I started like in the past I did a lot of gymnastics for I think like 13 years or something like that it was quite long but never in a professional level but yes for it was always important for me so I I i skied in the past i did gymnastics dancing what else was a climbing there was a bunch of things that I did and I kind of ended up doing calisthenics and this board is right now actually like the center of my life so so to say I I train a lot actually mostly statics I don't know if the people that listen to podcasts know the difference between perfect so yeah it trained mostly statics but also dynamics and actually when I started I focused a lot on dynamics because it was very close gymnastics but yeah I found my passion more in statics check actually because it's like that detailed work and I really like to do that and yeah so I don't know what I would say at a party probably because this is normally involved in some kind of I love to dance so I get to know people through dancing and normally they like at some point I get asked about my shoulders or why my back is big and then I like well I do calisthenics and they're like what what's that and I'm like well it's kind of like freestyle gymnastics a modern weary way of doing gymnastics I think that's the easiest way to describe it actually and then they get really interested so then I can spend like one hour talking about that cuz it's my passion and I think everybody who talks to you feels its directly that it's really your passion I guess yeah that you put a lot of energy in it and yeah like what what does your day look like with with this passion what does a typical day and the life of Irish look like oh it actually changed a lot recently through the whole quarantine stuff but it did me well so right now it's actually like that I wake up at like 8:30 ish something like that I'm not really a morning person I'm more a night all so to say but yeah so normally I wake up at 8:30 then I started studying like they're not so fun part normally of my day at nine ish and normally you have breakfast at the same time and afterwards well I studied for like I don't know it depends a little bit on the day but normally let's say until 3:00 or 4:00 something like that in the afternoon then I normally go for a training session which lasts for like let's say three hours more or less + and - it depends how how much I trained like it's not all like if I do only statics it's more like two and a half hours if I do dynamics as well it's like three hours or a bit more and if I play around it takes forever that's fine and then when I get home I actually I started a YouTube channel so right now I spent a lot of time on creating content and editing and I actually always loved all that kind of graphic design and also like producing messages and just putting my thoughts into videos so I finally took the step and started with this and this is normally my program from like I don't know eight in the evening arm kind of or nine and then I sit on till midnight yeah and then normally the last one to two hours of the day I spend with my boyfriend yeah like the passions have to go first like yeah he understands that he's a professional dancer so okay yeah that's good it works pretty well in that case otherwise it wouldn't work I guess yeah if the other person doesn't understand why somebody so it's obsessed of all those things yeah I couldn't I couldn't imagine being with somebody who's not into sports that much as I am and like right now he doesn't train that much because with dancing he's doing Latin dance so um like with the distance rules it's a bit hard but normally he has training out so it's 10:00 in the evening so this fits perfectly with my schedule okay nice yeah so yeah like I just when I when I prepared the interview I remembered like the last time we saw each other was in Sweden I guess when when you did when you competed at the base of the bars competition in Stockholm and you did extremely well and like it was an insane competition overall but I think like like your performance was was really it was it was awesome like it was awesome to see you performing again because as a head of world of bar heroes you're not like competing there anymore you're more in the organizational part et cetera and you're like it was nice to see you compete again but when I saw this extremely strong athlete and you're you're doing like neck neck holes in holes and straddled plan should like front lever and stuff like that like crazy crazy stuff how did you get this person what was what is your story to to get there where where can we start oh that's a hard question actually I already teased before that I started with dynamics first but actually I remember when I had a when I started calisthenics I had an injury on my left foot I actually had three ligaments torn apart and an edema which is like a liquid in the in the bone they told me that I'm not allowed to freestyle anymore and then I remember I was going to the park it's called the Esterhazy park in vienna and it's like a hot spot for calisthenics and I went there with Dennis piccolo who is now my coach and a fingerless who was back then the national champion of Austria in calisthenics and both of them are like really into statics and I remember I have seen clenches before like in gymnastics but that was always like I don't know I won't be able to do that anyways because I'm a girl and girls gymnastics doesn't feature planchas so I never really thought about it and then I remember uh him doing it and it was the first time I actually saw it in real life and not only on TV and I was like I asked him how he how he learned that and he was like well it just takes a while you know a few years and so on it was like okay you know what I'm gonna be one of the first girls to do that as well and I kind of got really hooked up with the whole thing and that was actually the moment that I got really crazy about flanges and yeah it opened a world to the statics to me and I remember I then I I thought about like learning front lever and that kind of stuff but I was never really good in pool before I was I got good in pool actually because my wrist was injured and I was not allowed to do handstands you see it's all based on injuries in my case they all had their reason it all did me well seriously and yeah I learned BEC lever and slag pretty quickly then that was actually I remember it was my first tryout at Team Alpha which is my calisthenics Club and it was the triad and my first time really trying out calisthenics skills and well rule who is the head of the team he showed me the the basics for it and I was like damn that's pretty cool like then there were not many girls actually into marfa but they all there were some but they didn't really train seriously and I remember afterwards there came more and more and more so I think I kind of kicked something off this makes me pretty happy actually um yeah I guess I was one of the first ones to do that kind of stuff is a girl in new Austrian calisthenics scene so I'm kind of proud about that yeah that's nice because it's it's true like many moves when you see a move I can imagine that as a goal you like when there is no girl that does the move like no inspiration knows nobody who shows you it's possible then a lot of people tend to just say oh it's not for me it's not all those like and when you destroy this barrier for other girls yeah exactly I have a weird way of thinking I don't know like every time somebody tells me that a person like me hasn't done this before or that this is not possible I generally have to try it it's like I feel that inner force of doing it and it's I I think it's in every area like that I remember I changed my school when I was seventeen into a difference when I had to learn two years of a language which the others already had all the time but I didn't want to start from the beginning on and had three months to learn that and the the head of the school told me you will not make that you will end with the four which is like one of the worst grades in Austria that you can get and in the end I had one so it was like I don't know I kind of feel that that need of proving people that things are possible and calisthenics is just the perfect sport to do this because there's like four women there's so much underestimation and the skills already are generally pretty hard so I kind of like that thrill that's nice because yeah like I call these person contrary persons because I'm also that kind of person when somebody tells me you can't do that and it's it's not possible I just hear yeah I have to try it and I have to do it like somehow and I think it's really really important even in calisthenics because the sport is not developed till the end it's not like it's still in its beginning somehow absolutely and it's important to have people like you who break limits who don't accept the norms the the rules yeah because otherwise the sport doesn't evolve and go forward I agree because I also want you thank you to you guys what you are doing like there's somebody pushing the calisthenics into a very great direction in my opinion yeah and also like people also told me it's not possible watch what you do in the beginning of coral yeah people were in the scene in the calisthenics scene for years they told me no it's not possible to do high quality like equipment and like mostly clothing at this time you'd be in the calisthenics scene everybody's broke that's what they said everybody's broke every nobody wants to spend money and they won't appreciate high quality clothing to just just wanted cheap and I thought ah no I don't think so like and it evolved yeah it evolved yeah and we can influence that it's not that it's it's just evolving how somebody like it's evolving just like that but there are companies people like you and me influencing it and that's important so I absolutely agree now and it really depends a lot on what region you look at like I think if you look at for example Germany in Austria where well in Germany the market I think for freestyle calisthenics is not that big as far as my research shows it is actually not too bad in the game and also if you look at France or Spain there it's there's a normal middle-class sport already so it really depends a lot on where you look and I think there actually a lot of business opportunities there for companies that do not see yet yeah like and and of course for people to train like in Italy it feels from here from Germany it feels like every second athlete is from Italy because Italy is so so big so so many strong athletes etc yeah it's just don't accept norms and standards and rules that then maybe that's the the essence of what we what we think absolutely so yeah like you told us what was your beginning like current calisthenics you had some some fundamental strengths from from gymnastics I guess and some basics and what was since now you're your biggest success in in in your career you're like in your athletes as an athlete as an athlete cool that's a pretty hard question actually I would not say that there's like one spots it's like these tiny successes that you have throughout your training I'm a big fan of baby steps so for me a big success is for example when I can do a negative handstand push-up for eight seconds down without losing my balance because this is a weak spot for me I would not mark one competition as a as the biggest success like I think that all the ones that I did were a success for me because I've prepared very well and well there were always points that I didn't like that much like for example in Sweden I failed my shrimp flip my 360 and it was like really frustrating for me at the same time like a minute later I held a wonderful straddle planche so it's like hard to measure it in competitions I guess and that I think that's what normally people would do but I think for me it's actually the fact that I found a method that allows me to currently have small successes like it does able to progress in your training without getting injured and all the time having these tiny successes and getting better this is what makes me feel successful as an athlete because I think that's quite a big point there's no sense like if you only win once then it's like okay the next point is again winning but there's actually so much in between where you can like find success so I think it's more matter of perspective and it also comes together maybe with the topic of your planche video that you did on YouTube that it's not about progressing fast like in progressing and how to get to planche fast but to have it stable and like what was the essence of the video for you for me the point was well I actually chose the title because I get that question so often many people messaged me afterwards that they started title and it were like no please not another one thing that it works fast and then they listened to the first few seconds then they were like okay no she's actually saying something completely different but for me the essence of the video was that I wanted to tell people that it's not about the time it's about constant progress because even if you have the skill it doesn't mean that you still can't improve so you can always improve more and more and more and this is like a crucial spot for me and also something that I wanted to point out and the second important point for me in this video was to stop comparing yourself with others all the time I know that for myself I'm like super super strict with myself I always want to be the best on it no matter which area in my life I look at I always want to be on top and that's really a struggle sometimes for me but I decided for myself that every time I waste with comparing myself to others I could spent the same amount of time on improving myself and focusing on details that other people might not have skipped so I think this is the essence of the video so to really focus on on the progress in itself and not on achieving a certain skill because it's a constant progress even if you have the skill you still want to progress in this video okay let's get into detail what like I like the question what is the hardest move that you've ever cheat achieved what would you answer to this for me personally it was shrimp flip I've been trying I think you remember when I was invincible reaming at the bar because I was so confused oh yeah I guess it was shrimp flip I've been trying it since the beginning of calisthenics so this is three-year a bit more than three years actually ago I've been trying it now and then then I had phases where I tried it a bit more often and I caught it a few times but I never really had it safe and I remember I was really frustrated about like dynamics in general because I'm I'm kind of I shit in my pants when I train dynamics I'm gonna be honest I'm just so scared of twisting my ankle again or ruining my wrist because it has happened already in so many areas so often so my mind is kind of triggered but I was talking to Dan Rosenberg and I asked him if he's doing dynamics online coaching it doesn't really work that well but let's put it that way he gave me a lot of tips and sent me videos on what to improve and with that strategy I had it quite quickly then and having it was like oh my god I remember the first time I really we were listening to to the song fix you from Coldplay don't see yeah so they were turning on that song because we wanted to make a mean but I don't catch it okay and then you went one and you don't succeed I thought I caught the bar I was a huge success okay and what is what did Leeds what it like what was the the sorry what is the advice that you would give someone to learn the shrimp flip from your perspective now I would advise them to especially pay specific attention to the timing um also the difficult thing about dynamics is that everybody teaches differently like there is super many approaches to skills and different techniques to do it I would actually say just don't give up because there's no better advice I can give in that sense I I think to learn shrimp flip it's like with every other dynamic skills like some you have quickly some you have slowly that's just how it is and technical wise I would stick to one say can you find one person that can do it really well that catches it always and that is good and explaining it so I I guess that's that that's the bottom line of it okay so I guess like if you don't have a person near you you can go back to YouTube maybe maybe there are do you think there is helpful advice on YouTube or in this case like as you said free cell then it makes it's like a different topic it's difficult I personally never used YouTube to learn a dynamic skill never I mmm a little bit old-school in that sense as I come from gymnastics and I'm used to having somebody lead me through the movement yeah I think this is a huge part that misses in calisthenics where you could make it a lot easier for people who are scared of dynamics to learn them if you would like have step by step approaches and it's just very hard to program I like to work with plans and with structure and it's really hard and dynamics you just try you know so this is why it's also really hard for me to give advice because at some point it just worked out no but I'm not such a fan of of the YouTube tutorials to be honest I I had a look at a few of them but they don't take away the fear not only the biggest issue so you've got to find actually ways to would use the fear and have somebody who really makes you feel safe so I haven't been able to do a backflip dismount for years I used to do it in gymnastics but I once crashed on my neck and then I didn't do it again and I learned it when somebody was really standing there and I felt how he put the hand underneath my back kind of give me the the security that I won't fall on my head again so this is why I think it's with which aesthetics it's great you can find a lot of good content but with dynamics I think it's hard because you really need that physical closeness sometimes especially if you're a beginner okay also for girls because they are normally more scared than you guys on average I would say okay and on average of course like you maybe yeah of course they are like they're really yeah none that I take it easy but if you look at the average it's girls that are normally more scared of trying crazy shit than guys yeah that's true like if you want to I just remember that Daniel Flay filled us some some freestyle YouTube tutorials at least an e-book so if you know yeah if somebody wants to look into it but as you say the fear it's it's something that goes away with coaching like person-to-person yeah one-on-one and so yeah that's that's the best thing I guess as well so when when you look at the calisthenics scene right now what are the biggest mistakes that people do in calisthenics from your perspective I love that question they go too fast they go too fast and too hard they are impatient they weren't and learn everything like that and they compare themselves too much to people that have been doing it for six years that's definitely in my opinion the biggest mistake and I see it with guys and with girls there's no sense in jumping into a straddle planche I tried it and I got injured don't do it this is an example and there are many like you should not try a backflip dismount if you feel not safe with swinging just because somebody did it and it looked cool doesn't mean that you should just go for it I mean don't just send it that's in my opinion really this mistake they all it's an ego problem in my opinion okay their need to fix their egos and learn to pay attention to the baby steps okay yeah because people forget that stuff like like the joints they don't recover like it can last forever if you're hurt a joint really bad yeah and they wonder maybe the end yeah maybe like and they want the quick improvement they want the quick successes so patient I think it's a problem that most people have in life like you always see successful people and you want to get there super quickly but that's not how it works they are successful because they put in all the work and not because God's through a gift from the top onto them and it just worked out you know it's there's a lot of hard work for everybody there and people need to learn it and because you said the thing with the joints I think warm up that's the second part the people skip the warm-ups that's just stupid and if they warm up they often do it in a way where I think like this won't help you just do it properly I remember when you do your shows with team alpha bar because like maybe some of the people know but you're you're also part of Team Alpha bar like one of the biggest calisthenics group in Europe yeah I think we're the biggest actually like it hasn't found any bigger one so far so and you're doing shows in front of like in front of what K what in front of groups of people in shopping centres we were last year or like stuff like that and I remember you warm up like you started as one of the first doing you warm up you put a lot of focus in it like when I say iris art not she's not responding she's doing her her warm-up something that I admire because warm up is not fun like it is like this so but you still do it although if you put in things that you generally want to improve so what I do in my warmup and this is maybe helpful for the people who listen to to this podcast is I do a lot of dynamic stretching and I don't know if people know what that is but that basically means is that I don't go only like this but I do this so I kind of give like short impulses on the stretch all the time so it starts opening and like this you can also for example anticipate movements that you later gonna do in dynamics or so I do everything with a sense on this is gonna help me to improve a certain skill and then it's more fun as well because it feels like part of your training okay get it that's that's true I would like to switch to your role at one of my heroes because you're not only like an athlete but you're also doing a lot and putting a lot of energy in growing calisthenics growing street workouts freestyle mostly with word of by heroes so um what is your what is your role at one of my heroes the for the people shortly and what is one of my heroes I don't want to explain it so well if my heroes is an organization and we organize international calisthenics competition and events with the aim to bring the sport to the general public so we have a huge focus on show we have a huge focus on music on creativity and on unique athletes so what we do is we want to create a battle that is nice to watch for people that is interesting to watch and that never gets boring I guess that sums it up the best it sounds good I'm a yes also the athletes that we choose normally have a very own style they may not always be the best in terms of statics for example like some of them have I don't want to say it like that but bad form statics as well but they might be super good and combining it with the music or putting in all together so we like that variety and yeah also what we select the athletes creativity is probably after the skills the most highest rated perspective that we look at and my role there is I'm actually named the head organizer together with party but my main role is or what I what I normally do is I do community management so everything concerning social media I'm if you get messages from well the fires they're not only from me sometimes they're also from party but the majority is answered by me and the stories and I think about the content that we put on there with party so that's one part and the other part is of course event organization I did the whole athlete communication so if people have questions during events I'm the one to talk to I'm the one who runs around backstage and tries to coordinate everything who comes down nervous girls before competition yeah that's that's basically my my role all in all and of course I mean I'm also a lot into the whole graphic stuff so if we make sponsor pitches I'm the one who designs them yeah I try to implement my knowledge that I got at business school or that I still get at business school to into the into the business and make it grow and help the sport grow like that so that's I think yeah and I think that you're doing a really good job because I remember a few years ago it was 2017 I think it was 2017 like the first time that Barassi and king of the bar didn't take place at the anymore and like bars lakes was the the company who took initiative which the risk and the to like put the energy in it to let the the historical battles of the people continue and it's it's crazy to see the evolution from 2017 like last year this year is a little bit difficult with with quarantine and cobras but like a it wasn't insane last year and all the stuff that is that is organized you're you're doing such an amazing job for the for the community for the people for the athletes and something I don't know if you listened to a lot of interviews here because I know that you're a busy person but in the end I always ask people what is their what was the best killer Sonics event that they've ever been it and it was like nearly everybody said well of why heroes until now so um that's like a really big compliment for what you do and I know that you put a little hard in it so yeah I mean they say that in front of me but it's like you know it's me standing in front of them so maybe they feel forced to say it but this really means a lot to me so yeah I actually I think I never in my whole life I poured so much love and energy into something I will never forget like time before feeble I was I didn't have a single car ride where I didn't think about how we could do certain things and I always called party and was like how he sent me whatsapp message because otherwise I will forget until I'm home and it sounds like super stressful and then the night before febo like before the competition I was lying in bed like my eyes wide open I can feel my heartbeat going and I don't know I think it was 3:00 in the night and was like party I can't sleep just like talking and playing the the worst scenarios in our head what could happen and then it was a competition and it just I didn't see anything of the competition because I was working backstage I was running back and forth all the time I think was the most stressful hours in my whole life and I just remember the final when I was dreaming of seeing the front slippery rap life in one of our events and then each one yeah like he told it in the final and when he caught it I remember the floor was standing next to me throw is the third person in our team we were both screaming at each other when he caught that bar and I just started crying and it was so many emotions so it's just like I'm so thankful for these moments and I think if I would have to name now my favorite favorite moment in my life so far I would say it was that one moment at fever because it just that one hit me so hard it was so wow it is you know and isn't there also a photo of you and each one at the after the winners ceremony yeah in the crowd it's one of my favorites it's so nice like I've always admired it man even though I couldn't talk a lot to him because like you think this is not too good but he's such a humble person and yeah I was actually also crying on that picture I'm such a sensitive person if like something really means a lot to me then you can see that that's good that's that's also strength and like maybe some of the people know that follow you but you're also playing piano you're you're you love to sing and I opinion it's incredible - really - that you listen to you and like and you love to dance and you're you're good at dancing so you have so many talents where where do you take the time to put it all in there like how it's hard let's put it that way like right now I focus a lot on on calisthenics and to like maybe get more active as an influencer because I I would like to work in that direction like I'm just a very communicative person so that fits me very well and being able to combine that with my marketing knowledge is pretty interesting and I think I could put great value in for that sport so that's like at the moment my biggest focus besides studying I want to finish my studies it's finally here but yeah singing is currently not really that present unfortunately but I remember when I when I left high school my dad offered me to start to start studying and singing and I thought a lot about it and I think it would have loved it but at the same time I was like okay you have the option now Sports one or percent and the other stuff like 25 percent or music and I was like I'm young and my body is young now and Sports is something that you can do only really on a high level if you're young so I decided to go for the sport but and that might sound funny now I have the vision of me being 55 and standing on a stage and singing that's right I still take singing lessons almost every week actually so I have it's like one hour a week and then I practice like not a lot a few minutes a day just to stay into it like I've been having singing lessons since I was 11 I think so quite a long time and I hope that maybe one day I can make also more out of that but it's like something that won't pass if you stick to it you can sing your whole life compared to dynamics for example I think at the point where you are advice to stop now I have a weird image in my head when you are you are on a stage you're singing with fifty five and then you stop you do a handstand push-up and then you continue singing again it would it would make me very unique I guess yeah maybe something to work on yeah that's true something that I was wondering what is the most like the most asked question on Instagram that you get in interim DM cool I guess how to learn any skill fast that's why I wasn't made the flange video I think that's one of the most commonly yes ones and can i get a shout out I get so annoyed I thought you were asking me I was like it a little bit confused I would never asked for a shot I think yeah I think it should be earned it's like you have to you have to put out good content and you will get it yeah that's just how it is yeah you don't ask for something like that it's just it's like asking somebody if you could spray your name on their house wall just don't do this these questions I get quite often actually I would say and lately general a lot of questions concerning skills because I started doing these mini tutorials so I kind of try to make a mix of my own progress and helping people to progress themselves and yeah I'm trying to getting it to get more into coaching and actually help people especially girls to to get better than its sport because I think in the end this is what matters we need to get more good people to help the sport grow of course I also I'm concerned about myself as an athlete and I want to achieve a lot but for me always the bigger goal is to help a bigger community to create value for them and and help them grow so to say okay what would you recommend somebody who really wants to shout out I would say I would not recommend somebody to do something to get a shout out I would recommend them something that helps them to grow their follower base by themselves and this is mainly classical marketing rules put out good content but something that is interesting for people communicate with the people try to get that personal interaction you want to create that sympathy and and really like being being a content creator is not something for everybody you need to be that open person you need to be ready to talk to people and to listen to them and give them advice I think that's a big point at least in calisthenics I'm not too familiar with content creating and other areas but I think that's important like the right content and really trying to get a connection to the people that's a lot more important than only looking at the number of your followers so yeah when when you say this I have to remember and it also goes together with bringing value and delivering value you like it maybe some of the people know who listen but you you also work for Agri nation for some time and you were also like part of our team and all for our mission and you and you still are like some somewhere in your heart and I really appreciate that year oh it's gonna be and I just remember your stories that you did the storage designs that you did with well banana day world like facts about calisthenics yeah stuff like that and like that's easy to do for for somebody like there is a lot of like you don't need photoshop etcetera you can just design it easily and think about something that brings value so there are so many ways to grow and if she--if social media presence is important to you you don't have to be able to do a full punch to have followers not at all no it's like you have to be unique and you have to do something that is interesting for people I mean I only have 10k now so I'm I think i would have more advice maybe if I would have 300k but it's just from my perspective and also what I learned at business school because we have social media marketing as well and these are just very important point it's always about the valiant in fact if you're working as a content creator you're acting as a kind of business and if you want to become that you also have to act like a business and you can't act as a 16 year old dude that has no idea about anything and just like tries to desperately get a hold of other people so and I I know that this is hard but I think that's important for people to understand to find their own line there's no sense in copying people or like all these Daniels license copies it's nice that they try it but I think would value it a lot more if they would do their own stuff and come up with new ideas because this is what makes it really interesting you're never gonna be as good as the people they want to imitate because they are just not the same people it's just the different a sense that's true okay nice so yeah we're we're coming to an end but I still have some quick questions quick answers with you so what do you prefer pizza or burger burger sorry okay are you a dog or a cat person does your favorite location for holidays Barcelona we spent your your semester there or I spent two summers there and I have a lot of friends there I absolutely love the city I absolutely loved the calisthenics community there they are like so kind and like they got me into the group from day one on and they asked me almost every week when I come back so that's so much love and like I really like that place and I love Spanish but I'm it depends on the coronavirus but if the coronavirus will like if the whole situation gets better then I'm gonna spend my exchange semester in Madrid oh and I'm really looking forward to that as well because I got to know quite a few athletes in world of bang heroes from Madrid and they were like Oh iris you're going to train together to go there and I actually really wonder when I get I'm I'm kind of fluent in Spanish but I don't feel as safe as in English when I talk English it speaks like it feels like speaking German it's not a lot of difference for me so I would love to get to that point in Spanish as well it's such a nice language and just super helpful like especially in calisthenics and how come sir like I I think the story's interesting how you're able to speak English so well so what's what's behind it my dad was speaking English to me my whole life like when I was when I got born I think it was six weeks old my dad decided to speak English with me because he had spent quite a few time quite a few months I think it was it yeah I think it was a few months that he spent working in Canada so he had a very good English and he thought that it would be helpful to raise his kids for lingually so he started speaking English to us and it's super weird now if he speaks German to me because that's normally only the case to and I did something like that I should not do I prefer him speaking English to me yeah that helped me a lot and I'm also a language person I love to talk no matter in which language nice so what would you or work if social media just disappeared if social media just disappeared I would work probably as a market researcher I found my interest for that lately or and I think that would be even well obviously as an event organizer like that still and I don't see social media as my only future job I want to do it and I know that I want to earn money with this as well but I plan to do my master in sports management and focus on event marketing and that kind of stuff because I'm just I love stages and I love the thrill of that short time where just everything has to work out so that's a lot of fun for me and that's actually the job that I want to have and I would say if I don't know if well if I'm here is for any reason should not exist anymore I'm gonna go into a different sports probably skiing because I love skiing I could imagine working in in the event area in sports for sure nice what is your favorite calisthenics athletes I gotta be careful now I don't think I have a favorite I have some that really inspire me I'm very inspired by Dan Rosenberg since the beginning on he was one of the first athletes I followed and I remember when I got to know him in person it was at at the airport in Cohen before the FIBA competition and it felt like we would have known each other already for a while so we were like on the same web completely we even drove in the wrong direction three times because we were talking so much I got along with him so well so he always inspired me who also inspired me always was Melanie Driessen for her dynamics and like she's such a fun person she's like so so cool she was in Vienna in December and we were having a weekend together it was so much fun I I can't remember the last time I was goofing around so much with with somebody it was just really cool so yeah she's really amazing and I'm also a big fan of Martin so also competing against Serb was like wow because she was also one of the girls I've been following from the beginning and so she's like just really really inspiring for me also in terms of her content marketing she's doing such a good job on that so there's more ways I get inspired by her and lately also Carmen via Nima yeah and she's still let's say not yet that known but I think she will get quite big in the future because she learned so quickly and at the same time she has such a winner's mindset so I am I'm quite a big fan of her as well and a last one that I definitely have to name is Victor calm enough he is amazing he's such a kind person also and then he has these incredible skills that are just like mind-blowing for me and as I'm a statics person more this is like something I don't know if this is possible to learn in the life but I truly admire him so I guess that these five people nice crazy so the favorite calisthenics athlete turned into five but I have to sorry all the five are like crazy crazy athletes what is your favorite book my favorite book now you caught me I'm not really a reader to be honest because you know when you study you have to read a lot and I get pretty sick of reading actually okay the next question read a few on personal development and there was one it was called the seven Habits of Highly Effective teens and that one was really good because it taught me a lot about myself and helped me to get rid of depression so I really liked that when I was odd and I would recommend everybody who's like turning adulty to read this because it just helps you to get more grounded and it speaks about many topics also like not comparing yourself to others or taking baby steps like I actually the term baby steps I got from the book back then and my dad gave it to me oh yeah my whole family read it actually was really quite insightful nice best calisthenics event you've been at so far these of the bars I would say okay for me like it's hard to judge in my own events of course if I would have to judge in my own events I would say Febo because this was just I totally like my whole emotional connection in that event was just sick so that was of course a crazy experience but looking at it from at perspective we're exclude world of five heroes events I would say beasts of the bars piece of the Baris Stockholm Sweden that was really good why Daniel flea feel yeah he's also such a cool person like I'm talking to you that's true that's true and the last question dynamics or aesthetics yeah and the big in the beginning it was dynamics but now you're like the dynamics love lover big sorry yeah yeah thanks to to my coach Dennis he kind of gave me the love for days and now it's the best training with him like best decision I made since I started calisthenics was taking him as a coach nice okay so how can people stay in touch with you how can they talk to you reach you what can they do if they say this was so inspiring I want you well obviously Instagram I actually replied to almost every message if I don't reply then I just missed it but not on purpose so direct messages on my profile iris underscore easy easy written like the English word easy by the way my nickname and so yeah on Instagram obviously I also have Tik Tok same tag iris underscore easy and on YouTube also iris easy but without underscore so just two words yeah I guess that's the easiest to get in touch me you can also add me LinkedIn but I'm not very much can I get a shout out on LinkedIn from you I can try if you want to be seen by by University people I actually only have my university community there because from like not a lot from calisthenics happening there I think you guys post quite a few but I'm not really that active there it's just like if I get a message I replied to it but since I have a job well half of it right now it's a bit hard but and how can people support worthwhile heroes right now you're doing the online leak like how can they support because right now events like it's it's a little bit difficult that you say and you said it yourself so how can people support you're just with what if I heroes take part in our challenges that's my like we're doing this challenges too you know at the community and we know if people tag us in their stories and it's just marketing you know it comes back again to this I know that people in the calisthenics scene don't like the word too much because it's often associated with only like taking money but I actually mean this as the sense of marketing and getting people to see something so if we want calisthenics to grow we need to work together and if you guys take part in our challenges and our name pops up more often it is easier to us to get bigger sponsors get people into the calisthenics market that have the financial resources to help the sport accelerate to the next level and make bigger competitions and eventually have people be able to live from that sport I mean there are already some that do this but most of them have to be coaches at the same time like I think it would be great if a professional athlete like not say Dan Rosenberg or or Victor common off could live from competing and would not have to yeah I think that that's yeah so I think that's the most important thing and you know we want to bring that sport also with Team Alpha to two schools to the general public so shout it out to the world it's I want I want a shitload of people at our events this is this is what I want because this is what helps the sport the most and this is how we will all grow together it's not I'm not earning a lot with this really odd I know that many people think that but I'm not earning basically anything with this it's just like I get a little bit too don't do it for nothing you know but I would really this would be my wish to this community just work together and even if you also support other events like support the WC always support piece of the bars this is what the sport needs if we support these events then we will grow so yeah nice so yeah you can also we will also link the world of by heroes like social media accounts down there YouTube and Instagram and so yeah like I'm really really happy that you took the time that you took the time to be here from your from your time also I think everybody's a little bit jealous because of the gym in the back because I guess like it's the team alpha bar I think everybody who touched the the bars flex bars knows that this is for like real it's it's a nice thing this is the location of the underground lakes where okay bars were touched by many cool people perfect the holy grail of calisthenics nice so we're coming to an end thanks everybody or listening till the end and yeah I will give you the last verse at the end but before I want to say thanks for listening till the end I know it's always a long interview and I we appreciate everyone who listens it till the end who listens to iris and to her knowledge and your story so yeah thanks for that don't forget to rate the episodes to give us feedback what we can improve what we can do better what we did good that's also nice to hear and you can tag the person or say his name that you want to be interviewed next and now I'm I'm thinking you again Irish for your time and you can end the episode thanks everyone see you thank you so much for your time also Philip I like it's always a pleasure to work together with with coordination in what sense ever and I hope that this interview was insightful for the people to listen to it and maybe helps it to get better in calisthenics and maybe work a little bit on your mindset also and yeah I hope I'm gonna hear from you guys feel free to message me I'm always replying I don't see you then