JORDAN BIOCO | His unstoppable mindset  | The Athlete Insider Podcast #14

JORDAN BIOCO | His unstoppable mindset | The Athlete Insider Podcast #14

JORDAN BIOCO | His unstoppable mindset | The Athlete Insider Podcast #14


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I want to try to give my best in anything that I do in this year in this in the sport when I train I trying to train like a beast when I organize something I try to organize is great and you know anything I do I try to do it in the best way that I can yo gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is Phil and today I am with a special Spanish guy an athlete a content creator an event organizer an influencer and I'm really happy to have you here Jordan Bioco from Madrid Spain I think it's a large fitted nice to have you here like you're you're a person who has like a lot of influence and who gives like a lot of power and energy into the sport calisthenics and you're doing a great job with like building one of the biggest events series in the sport and like influencing but mostly the spanish-speaking community so yeah I'm really happy to have you here to talk a little about your workout about your life about the street work of ultimate battles the event so yeah just let's just open to the first question you're on a birthday party and I know you yesterday you were on a birthday party and somebody comes to what's you you don't know this person and the person asks you hey Jordan what do you do like what well who are you ok I'm John boyega I'm 28 I'm going I'm going to have 28 this month ok I start training calisthenics 10 years ago in 2000 turn and I make a list and Iqaluit I'm a content creator I have a YouTube channel where I want to show the community the my lifestyle about calisthenics how calluses can help people not only about the physic about the mentality of the people you know and also we create a events like a duty battles that's the way we found that we can spread the message out there the motivation of the message of the calisthenics to all the Spanish community and that's that that that's what I do I'm a trained organicide competitions and I create content digital platforms nice and you like what do you do you study next to it or do you work or what what is your like where do you live from let's say I I studied in the university i finished my mysteries i I have a degree in financial accounting nice and also later I did MBA in in management but nowadays I I I have a part-time working for other companies for for for what I study and the other time during my my projects inside to the calisthenics community okay so like part time the financial part like the studies part and part time your passion like calisthenics yeah oh you call it callous tinea because in Spain its callous tinea right yeah in Spanish is callous tinea yeah yeah that's okay nice and like how did you get in touch with calisthenics you say you you started in 2010 so it's already a long long time and do you still remember how you got in touch with calisthenics yeah bro yeah it was on in in summer of 20 20 20 2010 I just finished the I don't know if it's like 7:30 in your country when you finish there the second the second the high school and before you enter to the university you have to do some sand some stuff for the qualification I think the selectivity selectivity are in Spanish and that summer we don't have any plan didn't have any plan and anything to do and I remember that one of my friends told me that bro I saw a few guys doing some some it's on some dope things in one pack bro let's let's go with them let's I want what they do we go there we see people we saw people doing muscle ups glassy pull ups and we say what what is this I want to try you know I want to try bro III try to do one single pulls up and and I can't push up no you weren't able to do no no push I'm sorry and pull up pull up okay one pull up one pull up and difference day I didn't be able to do what one single pool one everybody who knows your videos and your strength today like cool you're so strong and pull when you do must lucky bro now my strongest point is the it's a pool the pool is abused but when I start like I didn't be able to do to do one single pull-up and how did I start them because they the the community of that guys work very very healthy calisthenics they have a great community they introduced me today to the other people they always try to help me to improve to so many new tricks or not new giving your keys to try to organize my workouts and try to focus in the goal what I wanted huh you know and I recite a lot of help guys and that's why I start improving and start half it start having more training or more more more power to do all the other okay so like maybe it's also a motivation for you today to give back because in the early days you receive a lot of help from other people who were more experienced and today you do it you are the person who gives to the people on YouTube with the event ecetera that is that birds that because and I think this part have to to grow more and the key is that people that have more space or more knowledge try to spread them with all the new people and try to make bigger the community that's why I created YouTube channel and I were I create content in Instagram example ok so like for everybody who can speak Spanish you should definitely check out like Jordans YouTube because you do like a lot of challenges you do tests you know you do a lot of stuff like interviews also like you also do a Spanish interview so yeah it's that's really really nice and you're quite successful with it you have like over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube and on Instagram so yeah I'm definitely check that out everything's in the description but yeah like so you weren't able to do one pull-up they gave a lot of advice to you but how did you start to work out like did you start with elastic bands so did you jump and do negatives or how were you able to build such a full strength and I start with jump and do narratives and try to take the pool up and part the pull out in little areas try to to get stronger the scapula try to get stronger the muscles that's involved the pull-up in incomplete because in that in that time with we we didn't train with with bands for example didn't they there wasn't something normal like nowadays that people can train bandwidth bound with a lot of issues for the workout and it was worth with a narrative and specific movements to you to make stronger the muscles I've been working there in the pool up okay so like with areas you mean for example also like the the down part just strengthen the scapula but and then also work on the like may a lot of people divide the pull up into three steps the the bottom whether you to have a strong scapula to be able to do the first few centimetres than the middle like where the combination of biceps latissimus etc happens and then the top where like it's totally totally different strength so you started like like this or do understand wrong like that it is similar like that and train also there this eccentric power to try to hold and get more stronger that in hold the the pull-up in in 90 degrees that helped me to a lot okay and like after after what time did you see some results like how long did you take to do your first pull-up or huge first muscle up the first pull up the first clean pull up like two months one one one month two month training hard training is usually and the first muscle up it takes me to like five months takes more six months okay but it wasn't clean I guess everybody who started like years ago no muscle up was clean in the beginning like did you start with chicken wing or did you like just start with a lot of kick with Muslims a lot of cake yeah big kick because one of my friends in that in that time it was the the one of the greatest athletes here in Spain and always a focus in him when I when I wanted to hang when I wanna and try to to to be better in any any area and he has the mind in he could repeat itself start it not matter they can city the it is the quality the quality of the movement okay if it takes you more a month no problem but try to do it but the best in the better way and in he saved me that don't do this never never try to be strong getting in your pool beast tried to do a lot of lives and in the moment that you wanted tried their Muslim feel stronger even not don't worry if you do a lot of kick but always and the two hands at the at the same time okay nice so like and I when I when I a few days ago I checked your your battle against Sergio with from Baris t like the the bar pedal yeah that was really interesting to see because it's already like a few years ago but your strength is already insane and what what I like really respect about you is that you work hard that you like do the events you know you you're doing a lot but you still are like improving yourself and you're still training for yourself really hard and like how is it possible to do so much to work like like this but also to to improve as an athlete this is the bastion you have bro it's simply this I calisthenics for me is my lifestyle this is my passion is it's like for others I don't know football I don't know for other people what would be a portion but callisthenic is mine and I know that I want to I want to try to give my best in anything that I do in this way in this in this sport when I train I trying to train like a beast when I organize something I try to organize is great and you know anything I do I try to do it in the best way that but I can okay so you never do like eighty percent of fifty percent power on a project but if you do something you do it with 100 percent and you do it well that is that because if you try to do it a lot of things but not give the same person in anything you basically don't progress don't don't I don't know you don't um have ya you don't have the progress that you can have if you give you the simple center in anything you do now that's true and currently you're working on your full print plans right yeah bro how is the how is the journey of your planche I train my the planche and three days a week okay one day is the same percent what yesterday when you try to do whole press anything combos you know the other day it's only an reps reps focus it on brunch like limp lunch progressions chain with relaxed elastic bands and etc okay and the other day is try to do mobility for the folder for the areas that involved in the branch and try to recover the drink but this that areas reside and I trained planche three days a week back some different levels and also I have one of my friends Dane because if he a crazy blanch bro the perfect form he called like a 15 seconds or 20 seconds is like bro what fuck I want to do that he made me a lot okay and you also get a advice from from him and how he achieved you to train it and you could like you got some workout advice from him for the for your planning yeah yeah yeah because when he wanted trained for example when he wanted training reps he asked me because I have no 11 reps core sample with two reps and when I wanna train plants that it one trick that I didn't have at the same level of asked him I asked him bro how you how you organize you wake training this this this movement if you give me advice in tell me these days or try to do these reps this is more efficient than all this other one and I received their there the dimension okay because that's something that I see for a lot of professional like high or high level athletes that they are not afraid to ask other people who are more advanced and they are because they like they want to learn like even they don't have the ego to say yeah I'm like also an experienced athlete I don't have to ask him but they are really they put their ego down and they ask another person like how can i how do we did you achieve to learn the planche I would like to improve and like have a planche like you and that's that's great to hear that you he asks you for four reps and for advice for his reference sets and reps workout and you can ask him for plans replies because you you both have heavier strength in other areas yeah bro that that's the that's the idea because nobody know everything about everything basically you do you you still learning every day and that's stupid if you have a lot of ego and don't actually want about how to help you to improve basically yeah that's it that's crazy and I would be interested in because for the swu be for the street robot ultimate battles you also you are also in touch and in contact with a lot of professional athletes like the high highest level athletes yeah what what habits what like how do they what do they have in common like what habits do they have what similarities you see between professional athletes that they have and that they do every day because that are the reason why they are on such a high level I can say that they have a similar the pipe the the patient of competes basically the patient of competing the patient of give their best in in this sport even if you are the two-time world champion or you are the national champion your country do have in similar the patient you put in your workouts the based on you putting in the game in the in the competitions and the idea to try to be better in each competition that's the I think that's the the the issue they have in common okay so like the passion over everything and you said you trained for planche three times a week do you have like how often do you train overall per week I I where we get trained in five days for example one chain I said as I told you a full full planche some percent flunk lunch like a Maltese full plant started plant but push plunge okay other way sim percent in reps reps weighted resume in any case other they training I train plants but hold no tons of like from the Victorian they own approach not not push much okay and the only way I am do like sixty percent of full planche to other plants not the simple sense like a fifty eight fifty fifty sixty percent of the home to train and the other plant like the same 50 60 percent of formal level of Victorian progressions of that kind of branch and I that's the the fact they say chamber my week okay well in the beginning I didn't understand like when you say cent percent you mean 100 percent like all in is it that what you mean I'll kill ya so the first days 100 percent all in like the the for example the reps planche day the the push day the first one okay get it okay and what are the the next goals for you like as an athlete's next to the full plant for what are the goals of our jordan Bioko my goals this year was try to - to do 100-kilogram pull up before the parenting the fucking covet fucked me up 100 kilogram pull up and 50 50 kilograms in Mesilla Wow because my my my my marks was a 90 90 kilograms in in pull up I did it in in March and I had a great probation but I have to I had to stop because we we was in quarantine two months without I don't have bar in my heart in my house I can hang in any bar between two months and now now I returned to my workouts and I feel heavy is not the same my gold my gold is he is trying to attack I tried that one 100 pull-up and 50 kilograms try to to have a try to to can look but face by face to to my buddy male Negro in my eye I speak with him a lot of time bro I have to do that fucking mess and I'm like like you 50 kilogram bro one MASMA what a guy's amazing that's really insane like and the the interesting part is it developed so fast over the years like a few years ago it was crazy when you did like a 20 kilo must love it was crazy like and it developed so fast it's insane yeah that's my goal this year I want to try to do it I don't know if this year going to be able to do it because of the conveyed the the training the James I don't know how it's going to work yet the last part of the year but it's my mind my next goal try to achieve that once ok so you're more into waited and it's one rep max right now then in endurance or do you do both at the same time i'ma focus even in waited in this I sometimes I do endurance okay I don't I don't I don't do I don't do same person worked at 0% endurance which I could combine both but I don't I do Mauro Mauro wanted I want to be strong getting power okay so nice what I'm interested in is like you are working in a lot of areas and until now what was the biggest success in your career in your Achilles NX career what was the or the best moment like what was the best moment in your work with calisthenics I see athlete or was a we can make the separation as an athlete but I would also be interested in in as an event organizer okay as an athlete I think my biggest are services in in 2015 was a I win the regional championship of my community and then I qualified to to the national champ I finish in the third position I compete with all the national national athletes here in Spain and it was great because it's the first time that I I saw that I had a great level I improve myself and it was amazing bro and I'd be said that senior I compete to in the international champ here in Spain with a national athletes and international ones come to Madrid to compete in to qualify to the super final I think because international jump qualified to the super file and then I finished in four position but I I finished happy I finish I can is good because I compared my level to the greatest athletes in Spanish and international ones and ice and I show that I I was good in good level I was I I developed I have a growth and in Spain to make the third place and the Nationals that's like a big big success because in Spain you have some crazy yeah yeah yeah they never was insane yeah actually like Sergio like every story it was insane in crazy level here so back then you'd focused on on freestyle like it was it was a freestyle competition yeah it was a yeah little freestyle and like the the same like now it's statics dynamics and same the same and you are also like capable of doing like dynamics I think I never saw you doing dynamics a little bit I'm not a complete I'm not complete but I'd I prefer doing static stand dynamics but I know that what you are competing you have to try to then have a a great level in both areas because you have judged for each area if you focus only in a static you have to be like agile and also likely to come enough crazy leveling in static to to win something you know and and yeah III train dynamics not a lot I train a lot of time with my brother said you push me a lot to do this right right and that's why I try I start training and dynamics because of stands are basically crazy so it's your other friend who tell who's like your mentor and in planche Sergio your mentor and dynamics so you have a good surrounding around yourself yeah I'm a lucky person nice so like what what are the habits that you have what is what is something that you do every day like do you like for example some people they wake up they drink something like water what are the habits that you do every day it's and ie I have like a I don't know if he's healthy enough and one hour per day I disconnected my phone had to connect to two internet I only put my my earphones and listen music and think about what you want to do who was in one aisle when it I tried or when it what goals I wanna have a do in next month next year where I wonder why where I wanna be in the following year and only that one hour a day and in my bed lay in my bed listening music and thinking about what is going to be about for journal umbilical next year and a family much more tomorrow Wow every day one one or him that's it crazy that's like my limited like meditation for you yeah before sleeping at night okay that's that's really because yeah it's it helps your sleep quality right also yeah yeah and it helped me mentality to to to have my idea clear to think about because sometimes we we didn't stop and think about where am I now when what I want to do well yeah I mean in the correct way I really want this what I am doing now you know and try to think about what I'm doing what I want to do and if I'm I'm in the right way and the wrong way whether while I change okay well that's a that's a good one yeah because I guess for a lot of people it's really difficult to turn off their phone or put it in flight mode and not be able to like text and respond to everything really fast so yeah it's it's definitely something that everyone should should try out and just you know SWU be this year is like a total mess also for you like I can totally understand that I don't want to get too deep in it because it's not a good situation but let's look into the next year's like what are your goals with which he event series what what is the what are your plans because I know that you have big plans that you want to make it even bigger even though like for the people who don't know I'm pretty sure everybody once saw a video of a battle of the wub like the the the video footage is crazy they are everywhere on YouTube like even in Germany I'll see a lot of people big youtubers reacting to the videos and like you did a great job like it's insane like the connections with the good athletes you have the event that you're building and I would be interested in what are you goals for the next year's like let's say whether you see wub and three years okay next year we are going to do the before this you walk out to me butters I think in the same date like in June now today I can assure you that it's going to be a simple sign up in June but I think it's going to be in the same date every year next year too I wanna I wanna I wanna do one new probably project and it's a say it's a championship too but focus shared in reps draw something new reps I wanna do more I want to give more visibility that area of calisthenics because I know freestyle is is the most attractive area because it's it's like the dynamics close it is it's more visual but I think reps have a lot a lot a lot of community behind a lot of people that wanna show that want to see something new in reps a lot of people that train every day reps and and I think that it can be the key to bed net to to to do bigger the community of calisthenics because for example my father my uncle but they have 45 years of 50 years they are they are not going to do a 360 then I only have interest in that kind of competition but in reps is all thing it's all the communities is is is a bigger community it that's why I wanna do something new in in reps in reps area I can tell you a lot of details I don't know in during the year where we are going to do it I tried to do it in Madrid or in Barcelona I'm not sure what of the both but in one of them because they are the two biggest cities of off Spain and the community you know the flights is more easy when you are in a big city and is that still got my brothers one competition of perhaps and try to the next year not I don't know but in the other year try to bring something new to in that involved the Asian community in the African community okay try to join them in the calisthenics I don't know the the word and in Spanish is still cool in the circle like in this circle yeah because traditionally the competition was new Europe now now in with the to work out my battles we have a lat laugh in America art-lete too but if we can at least in Africa we have a lot of people with a great level with a great ambition that when I showed the world what they were able to do in Asia initiative and shall we we know that Malaysian guys are had a great level but we don't know much more about Asia Asian athletes and every day they send me a DM to to Instagram bro we want to complete the tool to go to my body you did look like what fog will be had a great level they are having the talk but the people didn't know them the people know the athlete of of Spain athlete of Australia date of Bulgaria of Latvia like lions Victorians the greatest once the and every year the same countries like one and all the another in and I think is going it is very difficult for this new countries to join in the circle and to have the ability they deserve okay so international eyes and give more communities more countries access to the this worldwide community that you're building and to the circle as you call it yeah that's it's great that's true um yeah because like from Africa I just think about Ephrata like like I just see a lot of North Africa like Morocco or Tunisia but I don't see so much like from I don't know Senegal from but they are they are they reach a c2 because they want to compete in the witching battle for some I mean guys from South Africa guys from Nigeria are guys from all that countries that train in in in in other conditions because they didn't have the the Cal silic part that we have here we have this the same the same conditions classically to to Jane but they have a crazy lab and they wanna do something but help the community and in the India countries and maybe also these are the people sometimes on Instagram there's a video that goes viral it's like a shaky camera completely dark and then there are some kids doing 900s and like crazy and it's a great goal to give access to these people to this guy is also competing at the street local ultimate battles or like making it bigger and more international this that's great I like it thank you bro that's the idea of their champ nice so yes what what advice do you give to someone like in in calisthenics right now what what is the mistake that you see a lot of people do calisthenics i I think not now they blow the identity of of yourself that's the the biggest mistake that I saw in the new people that join in calisthenics because when you when you are new do you so what what is Veera what's popular you try to repeat the same one try to do the same to have that disability and and the problem is that we are going to the way of everything is look similar they all know there are a few little things different now and a few years ago each a great hot Huskies his own all style one prefer dancing the bar the other one prefer doing I don't know bro different styles but now you saw a champ you saw a championship and all them look like the same way all them do the same this the same movement with the same attitude with they look like a clones that's got no bad bra but athlete like like night stands for him but they have their own style athletes like algebra for example the he has his own style you know like Eric he has his own style but the keys is try to be a best the a beast bro try to have a great level and dynamic I will agree never sit in static but with you start with you attitude when you are competing we are sharing what what you are what do you you are able to do the identity your own identity is the the biggest problem that I saw in calisthenics with the new people that join because all the all the kids when it looks like this guy or this other guy ok so for everybody listening if you want you like bring this sport forward and to grow as a person also and and as an athlete that you should do your own thing that you should have your own identity and not like copy other people but be proud of who you are yeah but you can be inspired by other one of course yeah that's that's that that's normal but try to to do things by yourself so you think it's not smart for me to have like a haircut like you afterwards like so yeah perfect we're coming to an end I still have some some short questions for you what do you prefer pizza or burger pizza bro eat pizza like when you see your physique is crazy like I don't know how is it possible to look like you like because I ate wienie lot bro I know I I ran three days per week car do you run yeah okay I I ran I ran three two days per week and I ran a lot with with weighted grabbed not wait two reps with different kind of workout I train a lot I try to eat at home a lot of times hey I I don't I didn't do diet but I try to eat clean at home and I get the normal free food okay and and also sometimes I eat pizza something like that when I'm when I'm out with my friends or when I am in a restaurant I try to to not to not eat but a lot of times okay so yeah mostly eating clean but sometimes you still cheat but just keep it yeah in balance for example I guess the day we was we was eating pizza and I and I need three three three no two and half from familiar one the biggest one okay you ate two pizzas yourself yeah that's me yeah that's why you feel so happy for for the muscle-up maybe do you prefer dogs or cats dogs dogs okay and what was the best location you've been at so far what was the best country in the best city the best city let me think let me think anything when I was you said I think in Canary Islands here in Spain this is the best place to live you have a tropical atmosphere like 25 degrees all the year it's insane you you are in the ice land you have a beach you have a workout calisthenics Park inside the village you have a lot of training a lot of areas to do sports and the people the people the matter about if you are training without t-shirt in the in the park or not it's got the weather the weather is preferred to be there the weather to Train constant expect and also I was in in other countries in in other cities but if I have to choose one to move right now to live and try to do the same thing so that I do right in this moment I took I choose culinary as man nice nice what would change for you if social media just disappeared no social media anymore and they way to to to to communicate to communicate with with with the people only because my my economic stability didn't depend a simple set of social media it's true that I have a incomes of the social media of YouTube of partners of histogram and other ones but I still have the same like the training at the same level try to do the same the same things and living in the same country I don't I don't think that I'm gonna have a great big change in my life ok nice do you have a favorite calisthenics athletes I have a few bro if I can I can choose one ok I can to have a top three or top five okay top five let's try with with top type-iii I can tell you the order of them yeah ok I going to tell you five 5,000 yes that in my opinion and give me a lot of motivation or see a lot of motivation anyone for key I think he is he's the dimension of all this building of calisthenics book I was working body melenik body melenik is a beast bro he motivated me a lot with with a we work out how one guy can't that endurance that power I'd say it's a record if that the area of Eric gradually everyone knows know him but Eric like the guy well it's a or some person it's it's it's like brought you are the the in my opinion the best collects athlete ever but you are humble more humble but a lot of people that I know it's it's it's insane a guy sells you sell your circuit onion yet from Spain I think in I saw in Sergio the I try to explain this clearly how one guy can stand up one in order in order another time because if you remember when said you have had the battle against Daniel he broke him Peter yeah not not a lot of people can can can recover about that fiscally and mentality you know you have to be one specific kind of person and have a a strong really strong mentality to go forward Sergio Sergio represents of all that or how how a calisthenic how Allah a a fleet has to be train try to do your best don't do matter few you lose don't matter if you you break your teeth no matter if you break your biceps one another another one and all the time and the last one I can sister it's incredible when you see life as joining freestyle is like brought if he's like a messy playing football this guy born to do this this fucking shit is this amazing this amazing music wow these are some strong five athletes and strong and as you said not only the the athlete the the performance but also like awesome persons and also yeah yeah do you have a favorite book a pretty book yeah I have one not not one yes one it is about psychology it's about say color psychology how to to to to think in in difficult moment how to to focus you you you do ideas in difficult moment is psychologic area it's in psychological area I I read it three years ago okay do you have the title for the people interested in it I I have to to look for it okay then then you can send me afterwards I will put it in the description for the people in ok ok it's ok ok nice the best calisthenics event you've ever been at the best calisthenics event depends I mean I have to but there are differences ok the most motivational one where where I was is the king of the barber I think the key no the bar is the best calisthenics event ever in motivation in the ambience everything like an idiot it helps to everyone to go up to to to to to to try to train stronger try to to be better to be best athlete and the king of the baths of 2015 exactly it was fucking insane insane insane bro and the other one is the to world culture to be buttons one the first edition first editions that's it the first edition in here in Spain and bring something new bring the old that crazy athlete to in Spain and all the atmosphere done involved the the event was was insane scene and under are also completing scene license flying seen Victor camera to implants scene down Rosenberg joint doing doing combos it was fuckin same is like this is the the the the biggest level of calcium yeah and like for the the king of the bar was it in Cologne on the feeble we're in 2015 yeah it was seen in Germany yeah okay because I think that we I saw you the first time there and 2015 at the king of the bar and Cologne maybe maybe III was there that like a like a visit visit in there the competition I drank the event it wasn't saying that came about was was was insane and you took some inspiration for like some motivation for sweet over ultimate builds yeah yeah in to tell the truth I when I when we we thought about the idea to do some competition we was thinking about the king of the bar because then I don't know if they'll ask inaudible was in 2016 maybe he'll 16 was the last one sixteen and yeah we had a lot of competition around the world but no one is the the same feeling like like the king of the bar and we're trying to reply this in new in the new competition that's why they we thought about the bro let's do one new competition about battles like the key not about the same the same sense the same the same feelings the same this is the same the same vision of the key Nova and try to do it bigger and you're doing good when I when I can tell you nice and then the last question dynamics or statics when people when people want to get in touch from you and ask you questions how can they reach out to you where can they find you in Instagram for example my G's is Jordan Bo go nice Allah and then I they can't send me a DM and I try to to to reply them okay nice so we will put all the social media channels also your YouTube channel in the description and if you want to check it out do that and before you can end the episode Jordan I will say thank you to everyone listening to this till the end because it's already like yeah Wow almost one hour and I'm really really grateful for everyone listening to this thanks for your time Jordan to take the time to be here too yeah to do this English interview because yeah I I really like your Spanish interviews even though I don't understand anything good yeah I'm happy that a lot of people do this to learn from athletes as you say you learn from different athletes so you also offered the possibility to a lot of people to learn from you to learn about your plans journey it you learn about your mindset your habits etc so yeah thanks for listening and if you want to let this series continue put down below who should be interviewed next rate this episode and I will say goodbye see you next time and Jordan you can end the episode thank you so much birthing kitchen - bite me it's a big pleasure for me being here and see you soon