Today's guest is a Street Workout Couple from Russia, Natalia and Mihail Kitaev. We're talking about how their day looks like, Natalia's nutrition and tips for Calisthenics athletes. | NATALIA & MIHAIL KITAEV | Calisthenics is our life

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July 14, 2020 15 min read

NATALIA & MIHAIL KITAEV | Calisthenics is our life | The Athlete Insider Podcast #15

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The text of the interview (translated automatically): 

yeah uh one word willpower yo gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast my name is phil and today we have two special guests from russia Mihail and Natalia i'm really really happy to have you here today and yeah just to present who you are um like natalia is an extremely uh strong athlete who is not just into into freestyle because some of you may maybe know her from the world of bar heroes series from from last year from last years but she also competes in strength so not only freestyle but also strength and yeah misha is also really really active in the calisthenics scene uh you you see him in a lot of after movies of events and he's like a really you you are also a lot active in the scene so i'm really happy to have you here welcome welcome youtube nice to meet you uh and hello for everybody guys uh yeah uh i'm mikhail kitev and this is my uh wife uh natalie kitaiwa right now uh and let's start we're ready for spaghetti perfect so um yeah you two are like uh learning english so like mostly natalia is currently learning english and practice practicing and we thought it's a good idea to present to you to the to the international community to the english-speaking community and i'm happy to have you here so yeah um yeah yeah of course like uh i'm happy that you gave us the opportunity so when you present yourself uh to somebody you don't know like just i i ask you as somebody that you don't know who are you what do you do like how do you present yourself uh about uh natalia yes and for me yeah for let's start with uh let's start with natalya and uh since 2015. she have many motivations present presentation uh calisthenics uh from russia in the worldwide competitions and right now she have a two times vice champion uh in uh world championship power power street workout world championship in 2018 and 19. great and in last year natalia took second place in freestyle uh with the guys in degrees yeah it's a holder record in uh mass labs on the reps she have she did uh 13 one free wow it's a russian record wow and in start this year uh natalia compete in workout freestyle category in the praga in the czech republic with the ladies and took first place congrats okay so these are some achievements um yeah and uh that's that's interesting like i i would love to see the battle in greece uh against the guys uh i would love to see that because i think it's really interesting so yeah congrats for that um and like um what what does your what does your day look like like uh natalia what what do you do during the day uh uh we wake up in the late because uh because right now it's looked down we don't have many uh deals yeah and of course we we are wake up in the 10 o'clock in the morning maybe it's a it's a good uh it's a it's a good way and uh sometimes we wake up in uh you know one pm maybe why not sometimes in the free pm wow yeah it's a best best restore for for health yeah yeah for artists and um of course after that we are eating uh we are preparing for uh training uh we goes to nearly uh calisthenics park uh near to our home our house when we live or maybe we go into a stadium school school stadium and in this location we train so maybe cardio maybe uh regular chin house pull-ups uh workout programs uh we have that we have uh programs for uh personality programs and uh we did it every day or day by day after that we come back in the in the home and we we come back in the home yeah and we uh do it personally deals i do something in the internet or preparing right now for a change at home we have the package all personal items and prepared for for that and natalia when when starting evening natalia start uh practice painting painting or or watching uh cinema or something else nice sounds good and uh what is your like what are your jobs what do you work or do you study um okay uh situation are about right now because we have a lockdown of course we have a problems with the with work because i am my main job it's organize workout competitions and workshops and trainings and group trainings with my guys with my teams with my federations federation and of course we have a problem right now with the corona with the kovit but in another time and we start uh our season workout calisthenics season uh in russia since uh may to uh september october it's a activity time to growing to organizing to studying for to traveling and natalia is saying about about study about traveling in this time of course because many organizers from another uh and countries and cities in the russia invite to me to natalia hey natalia or nisha let's go to to jam to session we'll say why not bro just organize and no problem yeah recording video for instagram for uh promotion video uh painting me handy if you maybe you know me handy it's a indian indian style okay painting with the chana henna yeah yeah yeah yeah nice and of course yeah yeah and of course we are pleasure life okay yeah okay nice that's that's good yeah and if you sleep until 3 p.m i would pleasure and appreciate life as well yeah that's that's why you are strong that strong because you have like 12 hours of sleep then the muscles can grow and uh like you get so big and so strong this is the secret little secret nice so um like you are both really in in calisthenics into calisthenics and street workout yeah we we do calisthenics everywhere in the uh our competitions uh workshops uh uh everywhere when when when people's uh saying about workouts or calisthenics we're here nice and you are doing this uh with mutant clan right yeah i'm a founder and manager uh mutant clan team so it's a team who organizes workshops competitions uh i am in russia yeah yeah but um i i i think you understand what uh i'm a founder of of one team it's a team with the professionals athletes okay it's not only it's not only team with the athletes yeah i uh added more function in my in my job i'm organized these competitions everywhere when we when uh when i can do that okay nice um like there are a lot of people um in the world who want to work and live like calisthenics only calisthenics they want to work in calisthenics they want to do a lot of calisthenics they want to sleep long like you do so um like how is how is life for you if you are able to um to both live from calisthenics and do calisthenics like calisthenics is your life like yeah yeah it's a it's a main uh main idea because calisthenics is my life uh and natalia of course because we we are meeting on a calisthenics park uh we start uh talking we start meeting a little bit later uh after and that last relationships with the ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and after that we are meeting and start training start talking start start traveling on my competitions or competitions and other organizers and after that we are growing we are day by day uh love much better day by day and uh after after that we were married murray marriage yeah mary yeah in the last year uh in uh in november nice congratulations thank you i i saw the photos like yeah really beautiful couple street workout couple thank you awesome so um natalia how do you how do you eat like what is your nutrition like is talking about uh of course when uh she uh preparing two competition time uh she delayed delete all um junk food all breads all candies all products with high high sugar without um water with the big percent sugar like a coca-cola fanta or something soda stuff yeah one day in a week uh she organized uh cheat day for uh yeah it's not it's normal my life it's a ch today every day natalie is a more more strict yeah strict in the for preparing yeah when natalia preparing for competition he added sport nutrition's multivitamins omega 3 and protein shakes when when she needs to that okay and do you uh like uh question to natalia do you eat a vegan or vegetarian or no dairy products like no milk etc or how how is the nutrition no produce natalia talking about she eat all products but about favorites products it's uh one of the least yeah it's a chicken it's uh a little bit eggs it's a avocado it's um it's a macaroni macaroni and uh she don't like uh um harder meat beef meat or uh fat fatty meat or something else she does energy from people from human to um to digest to yeah yeah okay nice so we know what uh like what champions eat now um and how do you combine like you say uh misha that you do cheat day every day um how do you combine these two like uh uh is it like dura let's say during competition preparation how do you like combine your how do you get together your two um just willpower and that is all uh my warrants uh sometimes i'm uh select candies and pizza or junk food from italia and of course after that she goes to uh another one uh workout okay so you get a small pizza and then you have to work out again yeah yeah okay and um like what was the most the best moment in your career like the most the best moment like from from your professional foreign moment when um when i make an offer to natalya okay this even this moment uh being in street uh power uh championship uh in the perm or in the school in the school in the last year uh in the september yeah yeah in the september natalia uh in this day took a second place and a little bit uh upset yeah and uh i'm take my all energy all my power all my nervous of course take a uh take a microphone and uh natalia i love you just just made it to me and that is all and after that of course natalie is crying i'm a crying uh uh all peoples are crying we have many uh uh publications in the social media and if you if you want uh to uh watch this uh i will uh share to link you yeah send it to me i will put it in here send link to you yeah yeah nice crazy like uh interesting um so the second place in the competition but the first place in your heart so um nice um and uh what was the hardest move you've learned so far what was the most difficult uh move skill that she learned until now um um 360 from uh lower position okay okay and like how long did she train for it wow yeah crazy and why why was it so difficult like uh like from her perspective how natalia learning that uh that uh trick uh she very uh um nervous nervous and uh fear fearless yeah feeling fearful uh she's cheerful yeah yeah yeah uh that is all okay and how did she learn it like with uh somebody who who teached it like a cheat teacher or a coach or with youtube videos like how did she learn it um but that methods don't she don't give results regularly do it again do it again repeat that she did somewhere 20 reps for that trick trick uh you need uh um connect your legs work to your legs vladimir freestyle buddy yeah in instagram yeah uh only that video open uh natalya eyes on this situation about about uh learning that trick uh one all the tip it's uh when you use uh it goes uh your one of leg to forward and use the um you used that leg when you are spinning when when that leg comes back you understand yes of course like wait a second i'm gonna try nice and and of course you need do it maximum maximum amplitude in this trick and of course you need uh to flying much more uh higher on the bar and of course uh quickly spin okay nice that's good so yeah we did it yeah i think everybody knows now how to do the move so yeah that's good um like how does she deal with injuries did he did she have like some injuries in the joints or in the muscle um in her career she don't have uh seriously injuries she have a little bit uh danger in the brush yeah and the wrist like ligaments ligaments everywhere in the in the upper body okay and then so yeah what does she do against it like is there something to protect against injuries workout session uh she started with the more easily exercises every day she did a massage and every day she did the stretching okay and massage you do with the with the gun right or like massage but with hands and these massage guns and and massage gun too okay sometimes i did massage to natalia okay so you have strong forearms because you have to massage every day yeah yeah that's also a good workout okay um and what are the mistakes that she sees like what mistakes calisthenics athletes in the beginning do what uh what mistakes do beginners do first positions uh that guy's uh trying to very hard tricks uh for his body for his uh uh second part it's uh that guy's skipped a warm-up i didn't want to stress you natalia she's very stressed at uh um all interviews not only on english it's uh it's normal it's it's okay it's all good so uh the first one i didn't completely understand the first one the first one uh the first mistake was to do hard moves too early is it that like uh a beginning when the guys can try try do uh harder tricks okay your body not prepared for the topics good understand yeah i do good second that's uh that guy skipped warm up it's uh yeah it's normal for many athletes and people but it's not good it's not good for a good result fanatics in the sport or not only sport when that guy is doing only like that and don't see nothing and it's uh most uh mistakes in uh not only beginners and it's uh about professional athletes it's a very actual very actually in everywhere i think do i understand it right now i think okay okay that's good no but do i do i understand it right that um for example uh like somebody is so focused on on his workout um that he doesn't see that maybe like uh street lifting would benefit his training but he only does freestyle and he he's like so focused on free cell or or did i understand it wrong like what do you mean fanatic when a human focuses on one uh situation it's uh it's a good sometimes sometimes when you goes to your target it's a good and when you used all instruments for that but sometimes you skipped many happy moments in your life it's a main mistake okay now i understand it so people that are too focused on the goal and they don't appreciate they don't like they are not happy when they achieve like small steps and they don't like see their own progress okay and and one moment uh sometimes that people's uh um dawn growing it's uh sometimes it's a very it's very strange sometimes yeah but it's true uh i i or maybe your his friend that told him bro do it like that it's much better for your growing uh that guy no i'm i'm fanatic i know how can better for me and sometimes it's wrong i thought about that okay so also listen to other people's opinions and like be open to new like yeah opinions okay nice so i have some quick questions um with some short uh some short questions uh what do you prefer like i will ask you two you can both respond to it what do you prefer pizza or burger burger both pizza the pizza couple um so uh are you do you love uh like do you prefer dogs or cats uh my friend's a cat cats my parents dog so both um in your next apartment you you will have both a dog and a cat who knows yeah um what was your best holiday location what was the best country or city that you've done holiday in bali bali in indonesia i think it's uh same sorry yeah okay only for me and fountain it's a paradise okay nice um who is your favorite calisthenics athlete or street workout athlete my opinion i love all athletes and all athletes is the best uh but but uh sometimes we have a results uh in um we have a region uh or country uh restriction you understand yeah yeah uh in my country uh best street lifting catholic i think it's uh mattv i have a uh okay for me vladimir khan alex in the instagram right now and maybe denise silken then silken yeah uh what about worldwide yeah um bucky from friends yes and uh from power category i and uh denise from from my country um freestyle athletes i think it's uh helicortis tonight uh and uh his friend from from spain um i forgot his name from from spain workout like sergio or no so so toxin we're talking about ah okay i've seen a good outlet it's very impressive very um originality but uh my top three if if you're interested in right now it's a eric tony gaster and uh okay victor kaminov okay for for example okay uh no but you said it only i think she did yeah but nevertheless it's okay okay okay nice so um uh the best calisthenics event you've been uh you've ever been at lucha maybe we can uh like because maybe your first uh like uh answer would be the the uh the one where you did the pro proposal uh to uh natalia uh like the competition where you did the marriage uh like proposition offer to her no no no no yeah yeah two days okay so for both of you the world of bar heroes competition and at fibo in cologne it's the best competition in uh to to natalia okay and for you michonne she she talking about the best organization okay in this time uh about me i know for me all competitions is the best because uh it's my life okay i'm going to this competition so how how can i go to celebration for oh no celebrations holiday party sometimes sometimes i'm wondering if you say oh what a dumb guy and you're saying yeah he's so stupid and i don't understand any russian no natalia and when i concluded like when i uploaded all the russian people will say oh the stupid blonde guy like philip we're talking natalia tell me about uh uh tell me uh misha to philippe how many i am organized every year in the russia i talk in natalie no not interested information okay nice and the last question to both of you dynamics or aesthetics what do you prefer i know i know but uh like for because i know who would win if we say like strength or like uh like sets and reps to it but like what do you prefer dynamics or statics dynamically dynamic volt natalie because it's a very impressive very uh yeah yeah and if you are able to choose between freestyle so dynamics aesthetics and like sets and reps like weighted uh like strength training what do you choose then i choose all oh yeah i mixed all the styles i like sets and reps sometimes i like dynamics sometimes i like it statics moves it's i feel um more feelings when i try something new for me okay nice so we're coming to an end of the interview and uh so uh if people want to to contact you uh where do they find you on social media how can they contact you and send you a direct message or something perfect we will also put this in the description so for everyone who looks for the link uh yeah you can find them and you both also have youtube i think um so youtube uh and instagram uh we have uh we have youtube channels but uh we don't uh upload the videos we just have and that is all okay nice so we're coming to an end and uh yeah i'm really really happy that you took the time that you are here thank you thanks uh for being here thanks uh yeah for sharing your insights thanks to everyone for listening this till the end uh i think it was a really funny interview it was a different one thank you two russian guys like like two russian athletes sitting there in front of the computer looking up i do it sometimes i think it was really funny thanks uh for yeah for watching this till the end if you want to let this con series continue leave a leave a like to this episode rated and your podcast app and you can also put the in the description who should be interviewed next and now you two are able to say goodbye thanks for your time and see you thanks for watching guys and uh good luck and enjoy yeah bye yeah bye bye love calisthenics community