TONY GASTE | Your nutrition makes you fail | The Athlete Insider Podcast #16

TONY GASTE | Your nutrition makes you fail | The Athlete Insider Podcast #16

TONY GASTE | Your nutrition makes you fail | The Athlete Insider Podcast #16

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also one tip is very important to listen to this tip welcome gorillas to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and today we have a really special beast from mexico tony gaste and uh yeah i'm really really happy to have you here like a short introduction for the people who don't know you you're the current featherweight world champion is it right yeah and the three times national champion of mexico so like a crazy crazy beast and i'm really happy to be able to do this interview with you in english so everybody can profit from it happy to have you here welcome thank you thank you also i want i wanna thank you you and your nation for inviting me to this interview because it's i think my first interview in english because i have done like a lot of interviews but i have never done one in english but i think this is gonna help me with my production but thank you for having me here bro awesome because uh i saw some weeks ago i saw the interview with you and uh jordan bjoko but i didn't understand anything so i thought yeah it's a good possibility to show you and your story to more people and yeah because you also have an english instagram account and like yeah let's let's uh share your story or your workout advice to the people yeah so um how do you present yourself who are you who is tony garcia your full name is antonio gastelum yeah exactly you pronounce it better than the people from mexico oh from mexico but yeah first of all i am my full name is antonio rastello i i have 19 years old and i started calisthenics when i was um 15 when i just er when i just turned 15. i was just doing regular pull-ups because i was so weak i was a skinny kid literally i just i just could like hang from the bar and do one pull-up and from there i was like starting to get frustrated because i didn't find like something that really motivates me like i started training or something like that so i just started to play football at the park at the same park but then i saw like these guys doing freestyle i didn't know what freestyle was but they were doing like 360s muscle up 360s and i just said like that looks who that looks kind of cool and i just asked them like hey what is this or what are you doing and they told me like and they were doing freestyle or calisthenics they was like um kind of parkour bar trick thing and i was like oh it is it difficult and and they just teach me how to do their reverse muscle up okay and the muscle loss 360 and that's and the first day i just caught my first muscle of 360. what yeah but but i ripped all my hair literally i just i grabbed the bar but when i just let go of the bar i just said oh i cut my hand but i i just have to rest like two two weeks but then i just came back to doing freestyling and i really liked it for for the first time from the first time i just started to doing like the roller muscle up or the regular 360 muscle up i just like it too much and and i started to do it without like have to have like a day of training i just like i i want to go to the park to do first step because i enjoyed i i was enjoying to do it so i think that was like the best thing to me that i enjoy my my sport and i enjoy what i do wow so four years into calisthenics now is it yeah right for four years um i this year i just just turned four years in calisthenics wow and like last year was the is it right to say it was the most uh successful year of your career until now yeah exactly 2019 was my like my best year of competitions because also i was competing the whole year from february until december i competed liberty i was completely february march may then then in june then in july then in august november december i was competing the whole year but the problem was honestly yeah it was my was my best year but when i just ended that year i started to feel like weaker but doesn't to the point i didn't train because i trained i was training day by day day by day all day and i just realized that my body or my shoulders were getting too too loaded until the point they were not getting um like stronger in my trainings they were getting like sore and they were getting like weaker because i didn't give them the rest the proper like stretching or if you wanted to say like a message to discharge the muscles i didn't do that so they started to even like when i started they tried to do like a specific trains to strengthen my shoulders they were starting to getting weaker because i didn't rest at all so i have to stop training for two months then that was in actually my birthday month in february i have to stop training for two months and then from there i have to start turning like not not from the start but to push ups and advance i mean like so the push-ups lean flange because literally i didn't felt my shoulders at all i just like felt like pain so when i stopped it it was like getting better so now i'm now i'm good and i'm i'm getting like stronger because i'm getting like statics trainings every day but yeah i think that was my best year but not in my health and not in the healthiest way okay so like i can imagine that traveling around and competing a lot is really stress for the body for the body for the mind yeah you you don't rest well even if you rest like if you your body needs to gets to get to the to the like to the time of the country you're traveling to to the weather to the altitude so it doesn't like in five days you don't get like used to it you know like you have to prepare air more like intelligent because if you're like in those competitions that you travel literally like some athletes that go to i don't know um russia in the world championship i'm gonna travel tomorrow because tomorrow is the competition or or the on tuesday so i arrived i just have two days for rest and that's not healthy at all i just did that like i told you it was an ancient like six times it didn't work at all at the end of the year wow so the plan is like uh to to have more days before a competition to stay in the country uh like and to do less competitions i guess yeah and like i think to train intelligent because you have to if you you're not if you're knowing that you're you're going to a competition you have to stop training i mean your aesthetics or your your maximum whole programs three weeks before the competition because you're not getting stronger in three weeks so what i what i do is now i prepare myself like three weeks or one month before the competition i start to do all what i'm going to do in the competition and that's that's why i think the better way you you can do it because like lyria choreography so you just have it here get it um but like let's talk about your normal workout how is it structured how does your week you look like now i train like differently weeks because um how i told you in 2019 i was literally doing like one week maximum of full planche maximum of price max of all implants from liver every week from one month to one month every year but that doesn't work at the end of the year because my shoulder starts to pain they are loaded as fuck so and what i do now is like trying to train one week specifically like strengthening programs like for planche posture playing to push planche i mean like a specific exercise like for a specific point of flinch like do you want to get your hollow body i train like one week hollow body on planes and one time a week of only push-up on flange one time of week of maximum of planche and the same of front lever and the next week i tried i tried to train like basics of of like calisthenics uh dips uh regular dips so my body doesn't get um used to a specific stress so if you you um you get your body like used to a specific stress like only maximum planche of only a calisthenics training it's going to get like stuck in some point so like i recommend to people like combin um combine like different disciplines like i don't know weightlifting i do weightlifting one week i do different like i told you the trends in in the different weeks of the month but i do weights one week in calisthenics one week and i don't know planche or for labor aesthetics week and then i do like a stretching and mobility every week that helps me a lot so that's what you get your body like used to different types of stress like hypertrophy uh i don't know basics or regular calisthenics body weight training or aesthetic extension training that are like fully other level so i think that's the better way to progress well that's a good one because uh i don't see this often in calisthenics but like from from fitness and bodybuilding etc you always try to get new uh stimulus stimulus similarly yeah different stimulates of exercise like yes it stimulates different parts of the body and different parts of like or different uh hormones literally and calisthenics works on different parts like of the body different fibers different types or contractions it's a lot of different things that helps you a lot if you are like intelligent to work with like now if you know gymnastics they they train calisthenics gymnastics rings like green stream all of stuff and weightlifting they do weight lifting because i'm doing like all the way lifting to off one muscle helps a lot to get any stronger that's uh nice to see like um and i can imagine that right now you call it aesthetics uh like you train a lot of statics um yeah but like if uh kovitz uh 19 wouldn't be there like how does how do you combine statics and dynamics workout and how i told you um if i train also one week a dinette or a i mean if i join one week aesthetics i mean like monday how i tell you poster day i don't know um monday tuesday wednesday i try and push day on friday i train max of or flange it's an example and i don't know um tuesday thursday i train um freestyle so only freestyle combos only freestyle combos for i'm going to do in my competitions different moves of dynamics like different tricks and new moves so my body also doesn't um get too loaded because if i train i don't know clench one day and then freestyle and from labor that day i'm gonna get so sorted the next day i'm going to do um i don't know statics of or or plant and also i don't try to do like a a lot of freestyle combos and try to end it and with a lot of full planche because um i i just train like full planche so i don't have to do full planche trainings and all that stuff but when i train when i change my week of trainings like now i'm going to do hypertrophy or weightlifting or only basics now i do my regular freestyle combos with aesthetics with aesthetics combos and all that stuff okay get it um like what what are your sources how do you get better do you uh do you train with also really high level athletes or do you write a lot with other professional athletes youtube where do you get your knowledge from uh fortunately i live with my two coaches they they have like 24 years of experience in a healthy of a sport healthiness um life healthiness that they are actually life coaches health coaches um a specialist on sports export nutrition is i don't know a lot of stuff there's like they are so so smart so that's what that that's the way i get my literally my my knowledge from uh from from them i i learned a lot of them like they give me a lot of books they gave me like a lot of tips a lot of like articles that that's going to help me like for my for my i don't know my um performance for my performance okay that helped me a lot not only like for training they helped me a lot of tips like try to eat this at the time of your training as a i i mean it's not like only do these types of exercise that's going to help you i don't know for you getting stronger now it's like eat this food or this meal on this time before you're going to train and that's gets me like a whole lot of power or on my training it changed my energy or my training it gave me like a lot of stamina and performance so that's like where i get my knowledge from from professionalists that have more than 24 years on on the car on their healthiness or or care programs okay like uh from from which sport do they come like uh do are they weight lifter coaches or yeah they are like weight lifter coaches and like long time ago they were like coaches but now they are more like professional professionalist of healthiness of a i mean to to get your your life to a better um healthy lifestyle because it's not like only weightlifting because they were training also of weight lifters that didn't do like the health see the healthiest life even they have them like coaches so they like say that like i fucked them we are going only to be like professional ladies for athletes for professional athletes and also they are um certificate and they have careers on the american culture and exercise that is one of the best it isn't the best is school of uh like exercise and healthiness in the usa you see san diego so so cool nice lucky you but it's really it's interesting because there are the one calisthenics athletes who um don't warm up who eat junk food who have like a unhealthy lifestyle who who are they are good but imagine if they were eating good if they were a if they were on a specific program training in a smart program of meals i don't know in in a small preparation in in general so that's a thing that's what i think in calisthenics is like not too much like it missing is missing in calisthenics like that that tips of professionalist that helps like the athletes to get to another level like professional meals or professional nutritionist like i have get it so like uh it's it's really what what fascinates me i didn't know about that that you're only in calisthenics for four years um so like it's it really it has to show that the scientific approach the the experience of your coaches is really benefiting benefiting you and giving you a short short how to call it a shortening success yeah and i i don't mean to like and to get angry with people but a lot of people tell me like oh you have culture show oh you're on asteroids bro i'm not even that big to be like on restaurants bro you know what the fuck you're saying but uh it it gets me like angry that people even that you're on a professional preparation with coaches and everything with professional meals they think you're doing like i don't know like crap like getting started so you get to get like stronger or bigger or better it's like you just have to be smart to eat smart to prepare smart to train smart to be to be better you don't have to do a lot that's what my coaches told me the first time you wanna do you wanna perform like a fucking guard it will sleep well and train well that's all if you don't train well okay you're gonna like you're not gonna get to your highest point but if you eat well you're always going to get to certainly highest point but if you don't eat well it's you're going to get to a point you're not gonna progress anymore and i have seen this in in some old like um partners from teams that i i were i was in and they have like they they they have been in calisthenics for nine years and and they can like get to another point because they eat junk food they don't prepare well they sleep ah i don't know 3 a.m of the morning and they have to wake up at 7 a.m of the morning because they have to go to a work they doesn't even like so it's kind of sad that that some athletes didn't say it doesn't take you too seriously to see how you can get to your highest point and that's how i wanna i want to people like to know about calisthenics that if you do it well with a good preparation a professional preparation you can literally get to your highest point in so much in so much short time yeah interesting like um let's go into to the battle last year that uh i guess everybody like uh is still fascinated by and i i remember like being i was in sweden at that time because east of the bars there was also the battle at the same time yeah when you were in in dubai uh and you you battled against eric um yeah yeah it was like really um how do you like describe from your from your perspective how was it like to battle this this legend like he's he's really like so long in the game and like he's so experienced and then still you you took his title and you you want it like crazy like how how does it happen and yeah honestly it was it it has been the best competition i have ever been not only because of the i mean what happened like of the championship that val and all that that stuff but because i was like training with my idols not only like every guy was training with a lot of people that i like that that i did i appreciate like my friends from uh also usa like nick makes plumbers cooking up and i don't know i was training with roger with a with eric with juan dress bro that was strange those trainings was sick bro and even even if i if i don't want the the champions i i would have enjoyed it because it was a it was a crazy trip it was like i had when i when i started in calisthenics literally i i started watching eric roger daniels and all that guys and one day i say like i just one day train with them i just want to train with them one day that's it and it came very real yeah but yeah i think it was like the best trip i have ever it ever been and it's going to be because like the moments you share with those athletes you're you're know that you're not going to repeat it every time like honestly because those trainings are like only happen what time so that that's some moments that i took from from that traveling that i enjoyed too much and also that that eric is so humble and i made my idol because when i started in calisthenics i i knew it the the the it was a mexican-like athlete that is it's called aldor that that was like the best mexican athlete at the moment but i was like searching laughing athletes and all the stuff and i found and i found eric i and my brother told me like you are like the same height of him and like from then from there i started to to watch him to i don't know to want wanted to be like him but yeah on until certain point how i told you i i got my my own style like oh fortunately i i i think i have my own style yeah but when i met eric he was like such a good person we we shared a lot of moments a lot of like conversations and we he showed me like a lot of tips of lunch also he was asking me like how you how do you do 720 i don't know how to spin and i told him like bro you you know how to spin you you're like also i don't dynamic because if every once bro he can do 900 i know it he have the strength he has the spin i have seen his 720 because he sent me videos and bro he can do all the dynamics he wants he just have to be decided and i think that's one of the most things you have to do you have to have in dynamics i mean if you doesn't let go the ball like like literally i just say this fuck it and also a guy from mexico i don't know if you know him quater he invade him invented the super 540 a giant 540 okay in in in a sandbar well he was on on a beach or in mazatlan that is like as a state country and i'm in a state from the north from mexico that is like in the beach and all the stuff but he just invented the super 540 on a beach on a beach bar crazy so i think that's the secret for all dynamics let go of the bar okay so you went to dubai you battled against your idol like the guy you you looked up to for for four years or four three years and it was you and it was the best battle i i could ever have because it was like i was enjoying it i i mean i was not i'm not saying that i was like enjoying like taking the belt or something because i was enjoying competing with the best athlete in the world or my idol that that was like i'm just competing with my idol i just i accomplished my dream crazy and i think uh you deserve it because yeah like uh your performance was was insane uh like uh i still remember like being in sweden and everybody we were sitting there and eating burger with uh with quite some athletes and like i think it was daniels who came to the table and said like he threw a 720 like i don't know like what he said like no it was a 5 30 but you did a crazy crazy combination and we were all like wow yeah but yeah um so um what do what uh other mistakes do you see in like professional athletes do um to not reach their fullest potential i think it all that always in the food and the in the nutrition because i mean they train well bro you you cannot say they don't train well i mean you i mean i'm not saying this because i i wanna like um i don't know how to say no no but but i know some athletes professional athletes to a highest point i mean top athletes in the world that eat eat junk food bro even eating junk food they are so fucking strong they are so fucking powerful because of the them genetics imagine if they were eating properly bro they they could take the world honestly like i mean these russian guys or and these bulgarian guys that that sometimes i watch and and ask them bro what do you eat nothing bro just food bro you should you should eat well and you're going to get a fucking beast okay so how do you eat what uh what what food do you eat are you a vegetarian pescatarian vegan no no but i don't eat red meats okay nothing at all i mean you can eat it but i recommend it two times per month as much so i eat a lot of chicken a lot of fish like sardines and and i don't know also turkey eggs a lot of fishes and birds but i don't i try not to eat like red meat because it's so bad for the bite so bad why is it bad because it's like your body it's so like a slow digesting food that it takes like for three to four to five days to to your body to get it out because it's so if you if you grab like literally uh uh affiliate of red meat you can you can taste or you can feel like it's strong a day i mean the meat is like hard to to break or hard to even to chew but the chicken if you to a chicken or fish instantly you you destroy it with your mouth of even if you this is what i call like the hand test if you grab like a red meat fillet and a fish filet or i don't know some sardines or eve every every fish you like and squeeze them the fish is going to try to to to go to go away or to be to be pretty but the the meat it doesn't going to do nothing you're going you're only going to squeeze like this literally you're going only to squish like the meat you're not going to do anything with your hands because it's the already so strong because too much protein of good sources because it's good protein but the car the cholesterol it has and the the the bad oils that has that the reni they are like literally for your body acids for your um for your paints and for your arteries that the red meat at a long time periods if you eat it in long time periods it's going to to fuck you up and onto center point and it's going to get took it back but that's what i recommend to people to stop eating red meat and also um good food sources like um like vegetables like fruits like a lot of protein of how i told you a good source like chicken fishes birds and everything trying to be the natural and if you can say it like organic way it's the best way because like if you your body gets used to to eating red meat to be eating cheese to be eating i don't know a lot of impacted uh on or protein bars that that doesn't help you a lot if you don't doesn't have literally a good nutritionist or a good a good diet because if you eat a lot of protein you can literally have a 500 bucks of analog protein bars and you're not going to get bigger because the protein onto a certain point the boss doesn't absorb it it it absorbs until certain and like content like too much as too much like one kg of protein your body takes the rest if you start if you eat more than one kg of protein it's an example your body is going to to get it to fat to transformative to fat so it doesn't help you a lot also to be the protein all day you have to be smart and eating like green vegetables uh different vegetables like potatoes sweet potatoes tomatoes spinach and broccoli and here in mexico we have something we call no palace that it's the best thing we have because it's so rich and protein in and it's not really vegetable it's literally cactus but chopped without the the spines you eat it and it's so like i don't know how to say it's like um how you say like flubber like flopper if you cut it it starts to flower like okay but it's so delicious and needs so rich in proteins a lot of vitamin c and sink that that stuff it helps you a lot like eating uh green vegetables and different types of vegetables or fruits like of different types of glucose okay like i imagine you going to the market and taking a piece of meat of the uh like the person selling it is crushing it but yeah look at it it's so bad for you don't eat it nice so yeah uh is is the cactus sweet or is it uh like uh sweet sweet okay that's that's so yummy bro so someday you have to come to mexico and you have to try it so it's cheating you have a yummy cactus with rich of protein and it's sweet so this is like cheating this is even better yeah yeah and also like if you start to uh to eat well like i just started to it will like one one year and a half ago like in 2018 ending and and that's the point when i was getting like like burial with a lot a lot of level but that's because i was eating a lot of good food i was eating a lot of food a lot of vegetables a lot of good protein because before of that i was just eating literally like pizza like red meat i i i was eating red meat tacos of red meat because i now i eat tacos also but of oil of chicken oil okay and do you drink alcohol um that's too much one time per month or two per month but no i don't i don't like it too much just some beer from from mexico because some beers from here from mexico are so so yummy nice okay but that yeah that's how that's what i what i say i like about calisthenics athletes if you just get like used to one month of eating well or two months or three months try it in your body it's going to get too much used to it that it's going to be an habit literally now i eat good and that and i eat healthy and i enjoy it i uh now i say like oh no oh no i'm going to eat potato with a lot of vegetables and broccoli literally and i'll and now i enjoy it because now even that i that you make like an avid you make a lifestyle literally and that's why what you have to do like to get to your highest point yeah yeah i can only uh confirm that because like a lot of junk food is having heavy herbs like also like some chemicals who make you addicted yeah a lot of chemicals are addict the sugar is the worst drug in the month in the world because it's so addictive it's the most addictive drug in the world and and the people doesn't want to see the sugar as a drug but it's a drug that's true and the first times when you eat like uh only vegetables not from from a like from a can or something or from the from buying it um it's weird because there is not enough salts there are not a lot of herbs but you can do this you can add this naturally like with natural yeah and you can also add like salt i mean i prefer two people eat those and those foods like i don't know that's what what i eat yesterday literally one that one uh breast of chicken uh with a a cup of or a bowl of broccoli i put one chopped potato with a one chopped sweet potato and um we have something here we call lentec that is lentils you you have lentils yeah yeah we have the we have it here too and um trumpet nepal with tortillas that my tortillas the mice are like high too much high in carbohydrates but good carb dates okay like the eats corn corn like yeah tortilla corn is a natural source so it's good imagine eating that was so good and i and i put some salsa verde or i don't know lemon or lemon or salt and that's like better than be eating like uh uh i don't know what a pizza with with a diet coke yeah yeah that's a hypocrisy literally i get hungry now so yeah so you cook yourself yeah nice that's good and uh what is what is your job like what what do you work as um as personal trainer also in fitness coach okay but only uh physical and no no in calisthenics in fitness and functional i have a certifications of wco in calisthenics and and another two federations of uh of weightlifting and functional training so yeah no but i mean like only physical and mexico or also online coaching no online coaching oh i do a lot of online coaching i think is the most i get clients from yeah okay so when people want to learn from you they can contact you via instagram and yeah you i also give like english programs now so people are interested they can ask for us for them and they all all the programs that i made and the meal programs that i made are like back up from my coaches so they also like um doesn't put they like sign on but they help me to do it you know cause i i mean they they have helped me to not uh take take away the this food don't put so much vegetable on this food don't put yogurt and i don't know a fruit on one meal because it's too much glucose i don't know that that kind of stuff and helps me a lot wow that's great so like uh we will put your instagram and your email address in the in the comments uh so when people are interested that they can contact you uh for for the coaching because for me it seems that you really you're really like i know that you're only four years in the sport but you it seems that you really profit from the the experience of your coaches you also gathered your some experience yourself and your performances really speak for for themselves so um like i can only say that uh you convinced that let's let's do one thing i'm going to to give you a program because i'm not going to i don't see i don't know if you see my stories but i'm not going to be in my social media for from one to three months because of a reality show but let's do one thing i'm going to give you a pledge program a training program and i'm you probably if you want me to uh and if you can try it one from one to the three months i'm not gonna be in and when i came back i want to see your progress okay sounds good yeah you're in sounds good yeah let's do it let's go awesome let's go so um yeah like is it a pl is it a show that you can talk about or that you want to talk about um yeah i mean the most important tip i want to give to the new athletes in calisthenics is to doesn't be like i don't want to call you dumb but it doesn't beat up to the time to prepare yourself and to if you want to become an athlete this is the only thing i'm going to tell you you have to prepare like a professional because in this sport there are people that literally doesn't doesn't have too much talent but i have seen that there are some people in this sport that even the dad doesn't have talent they have like passion they they have the courage they have the hungry and they have now the the preparation so i have seen like people that doesn't have the the the talent that they came to me or asked for me like bro i have been in calisthenics for five years and i can't do any straddle pledge and i i told them like maybe your training is not that good or something but no no they doesn't give they doesn't give up they they start to search for professional help like bro give me like what can i eat to be like to get my performance better to get my strengths better to get my i don't know my stamina better because i feel like i'm getting weaker or something so i those people that that i see that are hungry they have passion they they have the courage to to get to another level i help them honestly because i saw them like bro i wanna i wanna progress no matter what tell me what did you do or what uh what do you eat to to get to that level but i saw some people also that they came like bruh how do i do 720 or plants give me a routine what is your training i don't try and i don't eat well i eat young food no bro i'm not i'm not trying to be like a bad or like arrogant but those those people doesn't take you seriously and i have seen in my four years of training i i have seen it too much too much time i can't imagine like um yeah you feel that you feel if somebody is really willing to put in the work and uh like passionate and uh hungry for yeah you when you when you see the passion of of some one that really wants to get to another level or or push their limits you you just like i mean like me honestly i just gave them my my 100 of help like prop if you want a meal program just tell me what what do you eat now oh yeah i have six meals a day but these are my meals and and i told them like bro you're importing at night i mean at morning so that's doesn't going to help you because the protein gave you more like i mean it's going to give you strength and recovery but you just you just sleep like eight hours of you just have eight hours of sleep and rest so you don't have to be like eating protein in the morning to get recovered from nothing and you you don't have a stress from okay i mean you you should eat like more fruit in the morning more you go more yogurts i don't know more more like um oaks and more live and i don't know like a lot of glucose meals that it's going to help you to have energy to have stamina to have strength in your training because the protein to till certain point if you eat too much in the morning it's going to get you slow and tired but if you eat um a lot of i don't know fast digesting glucose meals like fruit like yogurts like i don't know milks or or i i do i like milkshake i don't know how how do you call it but it's not a music it's like ah uh do you know what is um that is like when you put a lot of things on on no on a glass of milk and you chop it off uh i think i know what you mean like it's not milk but it's like um even even thinner than milk but yeah yeah yeah i don't know how how how do you call it in english well i just eat like low low fat milk if you want to call it that way yeah and put a lot of stuff in like a red fruit um probably it's like a lot of strawberries and a lot of blueberries also we call it here uh red fruits like we have a little they sell like a little bag of fruits that are like red like cherries strawberries like berries um i don't know blackberries and all the stuff i put on on the on the on the glass also i put like a banana and a lot of stuff like oaks and and fruits so that then i drink that and that gives me a lot of glucose and not a lot of sugar that going to help me to have a lot of strength a lot of energy on my training so you eat this before training yeah it it i mean doesn't in this everyday you want to train i don't know in the morning but eat um fast digesting meals and that have like a high um in this of glucose like try to eat fruit how to use fruit a lot of nuts like i don't know peanuts peanut butter helps you a lot if you want to to i don't know to to hype for breakfast a sandwich of peanut butter before training that that's better than eating protein because it gets your your glucose and your energy too high so um it gets like if your energy when you eat like a lot of products with glucose it goes like this if you eat eating like protein it's going like this because the protein also has glucose but it it doesn't like gives you energy it gives more more like recovery and and for the muscles okay wow that's uh interesting crazy so like for everybody who's interested more in in depth into this topic i think they can write to you and maybe you can make them a program or something um let's talk about the hardest move that you've ever learned like what was the hardest move uh that tony garcia learned until now now i think 900 because it's like crazy but the one that i loved the most was super 540 giant 540 like the combination of the both or uh yes like from giant you know five super 540 or giant 540 i like i like that but um i like most um because it's like craziest than the 900 i mean you have to let go of the bar on the height and on the highest point of the on the borrow of the of the giant so you can you can literally if you don't catch the ball you can die so i think is also if you if you search my video i have like a progress video from 2016 2020 that i did one super 40 on on a street bar and i didn't land it and i didn't grab the bar so i landed on my head like this on the on the floor imagine well okay so yeah crazy um what is the your your advice to learn this move like when uh i think like when you say you can die when you train this move then you try it in japanese in gymnastics bar first on or on a phone bit yeah okay any other advice mindset maybe also try to if you want to try giant 540 you have to to already have like muscle of 540 because it's like the fear if you have fear of doing a muscle of a foreign that is pushing the bar imagine let go in the bar on a giant yeah true okay nice um yeah we're coming to an end i still have some some quick questions for you um i feel a little bit bad for the first question because uh which we talked about so many like uh good nutrition etc what do you prefer pizza or burger honestly i think um pizza because of the red meat i mean it pizzas a lot of cheese and a lot of bread and also it has i mean pepperoni but it's so high in fat and calories but it's like cheese that you're going to get rid of in one or two days but the red meat of the burger you're going to get rid of it on three days so four days the most but i i also want you it's very important to listen to this tip don't eat don't eat protein neither and red meat white meat and like high calories or fat calories like pizza burgers and and all this kind of food before training don't eat it before training because you're going to get we call it here in mexico a large electrogate or slower that is like getting heavier because your body or your blood every every every literally every drop of blood is going to your digestive system to get rid of the red meat because it's so hard to get rid of them that your digestive system has to get all the blood of your body to to your digestive system to to get rid of the meat imagine so that's why you feel like heavier when you eat beets and drain after okay get this um yeah it's it's so crazy how how ripped you are like it's it's insane like you're sitting there and you see the muscle fibers crazy i'm kind of ripped okay so next question uh do you prefer dogs or cats um ducks dogs okay i have two actually oh nice nice uh do you have a favorite location for holidays um i mean like especially a holiday like my favorite holiday or like as a location for going to a holiday uh i don't get the difference but let's say the second i mean i don't like to travel too much in holidays but i think i i would like too much like spending christmas or on a city like new york or germany i will i would like to spend like uh christmas holidays right there because of the snow and yeah and the vintage i like too much have you ever seen snow yeah okay but not on christmas or like no no not in like here in germany we have like in in winter we have like maybe in the city more like 10 to 15 centimeters of snow but uh in in the landscape like it's often like it's 30 to 40 centimeters of snow so it's like quite quite quite quite a lot and it's yeah i can imagine that uh yeah it's a different feeling like last winter we had dan rosenberg here to visit us uh in in christmas holidays and he was also really like he was really fascinated by the snow for us it's normal but for you maybe it isn't yeah no no it's not it's not too much normal because i mean happy new year and christmas christmas since i was a kid i spent it most of the time on a beach i mean on acapulco cancun more like party yeah and for us that's in unimaginable and for me one day i want to like for me really a goal is to spend holidays uh winter and christmas in a in a hot on a hot place like something like dubai like uh like mexico cancun is the best place at christmas the the invitation of the state is crazy when it's christmas wow okay so new goal on my bucket list perfect um what would you do if social media just disappeared what would change for you i mean it would change i think only the fact that i will post i will i will not post anymore like my stuff but i will keep training i will keep doing my stuff i think the same thing but just without social media okay nice um do you have a favorite calisthenics athlete eric eric yeah i mean uh the most complete because i have a like a lot of favorite calisthenics at least and like in aesthetics in overall lane i think the overall my favorite it is eric then i think thomas gorgona and then roger oh okay in dynamics and i think kylie corbin and cuate muscle up and maori dynamics okay because i i i know kobe just throws a lot of crazy movements but i think well i i don't think i like more like the cleanest uh tricks to be done like i don't know what those there are five photos bro they're so fucking clean you you need to watch them and also maori dynamics flows like water literally in california like his 720 is like nothing crazy yeah i'll check them out maybe you can send me their instagrams so i can put them in the description for the people who want to watch them afterwards i will send you a message after the interview perfect do you have a favorite book um yeah and but it's in spanish okay that that it's called sell sell it to the mine not to the um it's like um a rhyme thing in spanish that it's sell it to the mind not to the people okay i mean like sell it to the to the brain of the people not to the people you know so uh it it the book is about like a lot of things that people don't do in their works or or in their communities because i mean they the book helps you specifically to work on like i mean in team in work specifically with your clients not to only have clients i mean to have clients it gave them like an important purpose to be your clients you know that it doesn't that it's not only like i'm your client that it's like oh i'm training with tony gaston and i'm part of the tony gaster's team and of of clients or of i i don't know um alums and apprentices okay get it sounds interesting um yeah maybe there are some spanish-speaking people they can they can look it up um but yeah i think the main takeaway is clear what was the best calisthenics event you've ever been at i think yeah it was dubai and then it was san diego okay nice um yes and then when if you sh if you would have to decide what would you choose statics or dynamics dynamics 100 because i like to flow okay nice so yeah we're coming to an end uh we will put like your instagram and your email address in the description for everybody who wants to contact you how can people like how can they uh ask you best like is it instagram or uh yeah i think instagram is the best way and also i'm going i give you if you want to my my email and you can put it down there if the people wants to also perfect nice you also have a youtube channel where people can uh check um yeah it's called literally like my my instagram it's just tony gastelu i pass you also the link perfect thank you so yeah we're coming to an end of this episode it's already like i don't know how long we are talking about around one hour i guess yeah so yeah like uh before you can end the episode tony and say goodbye to everyone i want to say thank you ever to everybody listening to till the end because it's like a again a long episode and yeah i think we had some interesting things i also wrote down some stuff when i will now go to the shop and buy some some good food because you motivated me to eat clean yeah bro it's the best thing you can do yeah it's it's crazy and it's going to change you not only in the physical way even in the mood way in the being activated in the in the day and being like productive being motivated that the food helps you a lot with those things okay maybe i i think i will send this uh interview to uh sanjohan to uh to to show him that he can eat clean uh maybe he will be even even crazier and in calisthenics so yeah thanks a lot tony for your time uh thanks to everyone listening till the end so if you want to let this series continue comment down below who should be interviewed next rate this episode and yeah also check out tony's social media channels and give him some support and tony thanks a lot for your time thanks a lot for your knowledge for yours yeah for your for your sharing your your story um yeah i'm out and you can say goodbye to everyone and see you um thank you bro thank you for hanging here in the interview also thank you coordination for for this episode of interviews and yeah honestly i i like to to to share with people the knowledge i have like accomplished from my coaches because they are people that are from admire that people that too much with with too much preparation with too much knowledge that really helps me a lot to to to me to get in better every day so i think we should every every athlete should like look for it and for his discipline like that's what i want to do like people in calisthenics start to getting healthier eating good and all that stuff and thank you bro for having me here