JULIAN PAGEL | The Planche Journey | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #27

JULIAN PAGEL | The Planche Journey | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #27

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JULIAN PAGEL | The Planche Journey | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #27

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if you don't feel it you don't got it that's  that's the point i think it's a big difference   between athletes who achieving like crazy  skills like full planche or full maltese   yo gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast  by gornation my name is phil and today's guest   is no other than the swiss calisthenics  champion of 2019 and still the current   champion the the planche beast of switzerland he  is called and uh yeah like a sponsored athlete   by gornation i'm really happy to welcome  you julian pagel from switzerland hi julian   hi phil thank you for that  opportunity i'm very excited to be   the part of that podcast interview interview  series yes i'm also really i'm really into   interested in your i know i mean like we know each  other personally but i know that the people um are   really interested in your training methods  in your um planche secrets so yeah um let's   jump into it how do you present yourself to  somebody who doesn't know you who is julian so actually um i present myself first  of all i present myself on the sports   side so i'm telling them yo what's up my  name is julian i'm a very supportive guy   i'm doing calisthenics and first question  is always what is calisthenics and   yeah i think all athletes know that question and  my answer is always like the same i'm telling them   like it's a little bit different from gymnastics  but got some similar similar exercises like   the planche or also on the rings in gymnastics or  something else yeah for example so that's a big   part of me of course that's why i'm at  coronation and on the other side and i'm very   like into economics so i'm studying economics  and yeah that's about it so this is my week   training studying yeah nice and before we jump  into your week because you i know that you are   somebody who puts a lot a lot of time and energy  in in his sport um is um yeah how old are you   i'm 22 22. and where are you born so i'm born  in the city of switzerland called basil it's   like at the border of germany and that's why i'm  training with mika a lot and he's from germany   but like also at the board of switzerland  so we can meet each other like every time   when you go by car how many minutes do you  need to go over to germany to the border   like 15 minutes it depends on the traffic  but normally 15 minutes okay that's cool   how tall are you i would say i'm a  little bit taller than the normal athlete   the normal static athlete and and i'm one week to  78 and about almost 80 kilos so also a little bit   bigger i would say that's true um like i think  many of the people who see your instagram posts   etc they wouldn't expect like i mean you look  massive and like of course but uh in general you   when you see somebody doing planches like that you  expect him um to be like smaller to be like like   this high yeah it's like it's like this often so  um yeah that's uh that's some some special thing   about you and um yeah you already told us about  your um your study um what are you working as so i'm working as a accountant so i'm doing like  the finances of a of a company and beside it i'm   studying economics at my university in boston cool  nice and um yeah let's get to your calisthenics   journey how did you get in touch with with  the sport how was your first contact point   so actually it was like um a switch from another  sport um i was doing breakdance a long time and   i felt weak at some point and i asked my  my friend who was doing breakdance with me   if he could help me because he was doing like  bodyweight exercises outdoors and i was thinking   it could help and then he took me with him and  there were some people who are which are doing   like human flag or the back lever which i didn't  know there and i was really fascinated and i tried   stuff like muscle up or human flag and it went  really well i did it in the first try actually   so and i discovered a little bit of talent in that  sport so i switched and every time a little bit   more to calisthenics than to breakdance so that  was the discovery of me and calisthenics i think   and were you good in breakdance like  did you have some some crazy skills or i don't know how good you know breakdance  but they are like it's like calisthenics   you got in calisthenics dynamics and  aesthetics and the breakdance you got   the power moves and the dancing  part and that was the power move guy   so maybe because of that i learned planche  that fast or i don't know but at some point i i   felt weak and didn't make any progress so i  wanted to be stronger for more power moves etc okay and um like you're an athlete  that is uh defined a little bit uh   with his uh planche because you're  it's like your i think it's your   favorite move at least that's what  your instagram tells that's true   um so how long did it take um for you to learn  the straddle planche like let's say 80 clean one okay um yeah i would say correct  form took me about two months   with locked arms and a straight  body yeah it's it's fast i think but   yeah maybe because of the breakdance part  i don't know but a really clean one took me   i don't know maybe half a year like with the  hollow body and and some variations like pres   presses or push-ups took me like six months  yeah okay and from there to the full planche   that was a crazy way because it was like up and  downs because of injuries or i don't know exams   the full planche was very hard to achieve from  my side i landed after one year lost it again   relearned it lost it relented and now i'm at the  point i would say where i really able to do a full   planche clean and long holds so i don't know maybe  you can say after one year or maybe now after five   years it's hard to say what you seeing in i can do  a full pledge yeah that's true and often like we   did a lot quite some video shoots together already  and uh what is fascinating for me is your standard   of a clean uh of a clean move you know like a  lot of people have some some picture in the head   about a straddle planche a clean one and you have  different standards you know like we had to shoot   some moves we had to shoot like five or six  times because you said ah no it wasn't clean   and for us it was clean yeah let's see let's go to  the next when you were like no it's not team yeah   maybe it's because i i train a lot with gymnastics  people and they are like strict in forms maybe   it's because of that but i mean for me if someone  can hold a full planche with with locked arm and   a straight body but only for three seconds  without any variations for me it isn't really   he isn't really able to do a full planche for me  to be able to do a full planche should be like   you can do variations to do a full planche the  whole training also at the end of the training   and yeah at least five seconds yeah okay that's  my opinion yeah and that's good um because like um   gymnastics people have like really high standards  and uh i think if you get in touch with them but   you never did you never did gymnastics yourself  or um no no i never did that no okay because   if i watch your plans then your like moves how you  move often it it it it's a little bit like like   gymnastics but um how how come except my  feet here except my yeah in gymnastics   they always want to stretch your feet  but i can't do that i always cramp okay um and when you when you switched from  breakdance to calisthenics your goal was to   to gain strength was it because of looks  did you want to look like bigger or was it   really the skills that you wanted to  learn or was it the the strength in reps so at the beginning it really was because of  the strength but i i was not sure about the   looks also because i gained some strength  and some looks and some gains and then i   tested out half a year of gym so fitness and  weightlifting and there i gained a lot of muscles   and i was happy about it of course but it  didn't satisfy me enough so i switched back   to street workout full time yeah and so i knew  i'm doing it for the moves not for the looks   okay what is the the biggest difference in  uh gymnastics versus street workout for you   the biggest difference is to be free actually  because this noon i talked with the gymnastics   trainer of switzerland and and he told me that  in competitions you have to do like preset um   moves which are going to be yeah i don't know  maybe you have to do for example first you do   on rings the planche then the maltese and you  have to do that in this exact uh combination   and in street workout you are way more free  than in gymnastics you can do whatever you   want you can push your strengths and maybe  leave your weakness a little bit away doing   more statics and dynamics or more dynamics than  di aesthetics yeah that's a point i love about   street workout and it's competitions okay so you  basically love that you don't have to do dynamics i love dynamics actually but you had a long break  now because of uh what was it a shoulder yeah   i had a tendon tour here and it was like 15 months  without any puddling so i lost my front level   i lost every dynamic move but i'm coming back  slowly i got all almost every dynamic move again yeah front left is also back but  not that strong yet but it's coming   i still remember the world championship  last year in in moscow uh where you were   only able to do your pledge and it was like  so i don't know so sad to see because uh we   felt the disappointment when we saw you doing  the p-bar sets and um yeah how was this for you   yeah actually i was at my strongest point  before moscow before before the injury and   when it happened my doctor and my physio  said that it will be okay until moscow   but it wasn't so i had i really had to hope until  two weeks before moscow and then it shudder it   yeah but it's it just told me that i have to  be more prepared for something like that and   to be more prepared for a competition  so i can make it even better next time   and i will make it better next time in moscow nice  because it's it's still quite impressive that you   went there you know you were able you  were you're like uh conscious about the   not being able to do pool movements not dynamics  like it's it takes some some courage to go there   and just do uh some planches and like maybe i  because the people don't know you know like they   can say oh look at this guy he's the champion  and like now he's doing only planche like   um did it take or what did it do within you so  yeah i mean i i also could say i'm not going to   moscow because of the injury because it was clear  a long time ago before most cancer but the thing   is that the hype in moscow you can't compare it  with any other competition it's just different   because so many countries are coming together  waving together and for me moscow is more like i would say not i would not say fun but like   the yeah the fun must be on the first point  not like the oh i want to get first place   everything else is bad i'm not enjoying moscow so  i mean also the sessions after the competitions   or before the competition they were also like  such as good as the competition itself itself okay yeah so it's more about the feeling and it's  like meeting friends i guess for you as well and   then having to land in the on the i don't know  and on the podium yeah also that feeling if you   when you see i mean the athletes you see  them maybe twice or three times a year and   to see them all together again now it's it's  nice man that's true um let's switch to your   daily routine how does your your day look  like a typical day in the life of julian so it's it's like not that big of a difference in my  day because i have either i'm working the whole   day and today in the evening i'm going to train  or i'm studying for economics for my university   and then then i'm going to train on the weekends i  just pray and that's about it of my life it's like   three three things sounds great yeah but  but but that's but that's the life i love   okay so um what what astonished me is um how  many hours you put into sports uh every week   um because i know like high-class athletes  who uh even they like they put i don't know   um they train three times a per week maybe  an hour a session is three hours then one   stretching session per week mobility  session so they come to i don't know 15   maximum 20 hours per week for training  so how many hours do you train per week   how it's it's quite different but normally um  if i go for a full training week it's about   26 to 28 hours per week and i know it sounds crazy  but if you think about it your body just needs to   feel that tension all the time and after some  some some time you feel good about it and   then if you train per day like  three or four hours a competitions   feel from the from the i don't know how  to say it in english from the cardio side   and yeah from the endurance side it's really  easy so yeah from the endurance it's like   you train the endurance really strong to do like  all the time planches like four hours in a row   planches you don't get tired that's the  big plus i would say of training that much   okay so you put in a lot of work and um  because you just spent a lot of time in   in planche it gets easier for your body  than uh for somebody right right who's   training like i don't know uh let let's say evans  every second day um the the body doesn't get used   to the to the pressure to the um yeah to the right  right pressure that fast okay and i also remember   the the shooting the shooting days like um the  last one that we had that we had like four days   with a lot of shootings and i don't know how many  minutes uh you spent in in full planche on these   days but you know like this these are the moments  where you feel it it's like maybe comparable to   to a competition because you have to do again  and again again across the day um so spread on   the day but um yeah you you build endurance  even though it's a power move i guess yeah   but actually this was one of the hardest week i've  ever did because i don't know if some of you saw   my planche 1 to 100 video but there you can see  that i'm actually struggling with full planche or   something else and that's the point because i want  to do that better because i know i can do that yeah that's uh that's hurting the ego i think  um if yeah we have like it's crushing my heart   yeah and coming back really quick to the point of   um getting used to long trainings that's also  my philosophy to getting used to that moves   so if you if you don't feel it you don't got  it that's that's the point i think it's a big   difference between athletes who achieving like  crazy skills like full planche or full maltese   compared to them who do not achieve it okay what  do you mean with uh you feel it um like feeling   after the video with valentine and he  told you that you have to see the move   and he's actually right because um if  someone wants to learn a plan from me   i'm always saying then you have to train  consistent you have to be consistent and   the body needs to feel that pressure over and over  again to get used to it so then you can achieve it   much more faster than someone who is doing  like all right i'm going with a plan doing   two times per week planche training because  i think that's not quite good for planching okay get it um what do you think  is the the secret or like the   um your formula of success to learn the planche  was it like that you just put a lot more time into   into the planche than others is it that you have  a good genetics is it um your your workout um   plan like do you work out smart what what is  it why are you so good in planche i would say   it's not only in planches and it's overall in  static moves and it's about the consistency   and train smart so listen to your body if you  have pain strong pain then rest two times rest are   not that bad than two weeks because of an  injury so i think if you do do the planche   or front level as often as you can but listen  to your body i think that's the secret if you i   mean if you have a plan where you train two times  per week the planche let's say monday wednesday   and you did the pledge on wednesday and  feeling on thursday i have power again   but you're not doing it because of the  plan i think that's dumb to be honest so   get used to that much and do it over  and over again you have to feel it okay   so speaking of like smart training um i  think um that um like you have a lot of   stuff that you can give to somebody and if  you would start as a beginner right now you   would progress much much faster and smarter  and maybe also with with less injuries with   less time etc and yeah we prepared some  or like you prepared something something   something special in the last weeks and  months um do you want to to talk about it yeah actually i i've worked since i would  say four months on a on a planche program   it's not actually a program but it should show  you which exercises are the best for the planche   to achieving the fastest way and i did that with  my own personal experience to build up on on it   and put in the best exercises which helped me the  most to achieving the planche the fastest way so   and all the all the exercises  are body weight exercises so   you don't need any anything else  like like extra weight or something   that's nice um and yeah we will come  to this uh later on but um like um   i think the thing that calisthenics athletes often  neglect is that you can take shortcuts you can   take the experience of somebody else which is like  in my opinion why gymnastics uh is like so much   advanced and power etc and there are so many uh  people on high level because the experience is not   like lost you know like there are some athletes  really really strong um a lot of knowledge that   don't share it with people um and um this is  why i think um for beginners for intermediate   for somebody who wants to uh like even coaches  somebody who wants to give his knowledge to uh to   his clients etc this uh like uh having a program  from somebody who is really an expert in on this   field um helped so much um so yeah um since this  sunday um the the the planche program is uh online   so uh when this interview is online uh from like  the last sunday it's it's online and uh yeah   the link is in the description also with the with  the code coronation 10 you get 10 off um just   just uh yeah for you for those who  who are interested um and um like   your weekly schedule for for workouts um let's  say like when when somebody watches your stories   i only see planches like since a few weeks  i also see uh like a a muscle up and a   planche and a 540 and 360. so you're getting  back in dynamics but what what does your   workout schedule for the week look like  now when you can do uh dynamics and statics so actually um aesthetics like i  said i'm trying to be consistent   and to do a lot as much aesthetics as i can do and  and for the dynamics i'm quite i try to be careful   because of the injury because i don't really know  how strong my tour already is my tendon sorry   and so i i would say i'm training dynamics one  or two times per week also like single moves not   combos already and maybe easy combos but not  that hard and trying to get my old level back   slowly but i would say i'm already on a good level  maybe a dynamics video is coming soon again but   yeah it's it's it's hard because i  still feel some pain sometimes if i'm   doing front ever holds more than five seconds  it feels like it's going to tour again   so it's not that nice and how do you treat it do  you it just needs time yeah okay so stretching   or like massage or what can you do to help recover  and it's i did three months of physiotherapy   and after that um i was able to do like pull ups  muscle ups even short front level holds and that   showed me that i'm able to start again slowly so  i did like front level with the resistance bonds   even though i could hold it with without  resistance bonds just to be careful and   build up the strength again because i really felt  the lack of my strength here so i don't want to   feel that that disappointment of one year not  doing pull again again and what would be the   um the the advice that you would give  your older self like what would be   the advice that you would do one and  a half years ago to avoid that injury   like i said listen to your body that's the most  important thing because before that that happened   i also the the muscles here were a little bit  stretched so i felt a little a little bit of   pain already and i did that special combo  i was filming it and the last 540 was like   critical but i wanted to catch it because  i was filming it so maybe first listen to   your body then to instagram or the camera okay  so you you tore your tendon on on camera yes   okay [ __ ] yeah did you at least get some money  from fail army or was it completely for for free i didn't post it yet but maybe if you ask  now i will i will send it to you maybe   i don't know i'm not sure if i want to see  it but yeah you can see it actually okay   okay um yes um what are the what is the advice  um like apart from listening to your body um and   not doing stuff only for social media what would  be the advice that you would give to a beginner i would say the biggest advice is to be motivated  bring some discipline and just do it for fun and   not like like i said for for the looks or  or maybe you have to go for the looks but   if you're doing calisthenics that's for me it's  like for the moves so set your goals set your   goals for like a planche or one on hands and try  to achieve them smartly listen to the body and and use special techniques because they are  always like special techniques where you can learn   for example a one on hand stand much more  faster than the normal guy would do it yeah   most of the people do not know that okay i  really like the the first point that you said   um because um a lot of people when they see a  move somebody doing a muscle up or a human flag   etc they want to learn the move and because of the  moves sake and not because of like they like the   training and they love the everyday's training and  um yeah i mean i saw you training a few times but   it's really like you enjoy your training and it's  of course sometimes it's pain of course sometimes   you're not motivated but like most of the times  training is fun for you right you you meet with   friends you go to your borders like you you test  the limits of your body um and you don't do it   just to have a crazy planche to be able to do some  nice shots for social media and to have the 10k   yeah i think also the the community  you build up is a very big um plus in   this sport because if you compare it to  the to the fitness fitness centers and   you you always see the people are training  alone with the with the airports or whatever and   most of the time i think they don't even  enjoy the training they are just doing it   because they can go home and saying oh i did  some sports today nice but i'm going home and   i'm still motivated to go to the next training  to the after yeah and so and so on yeah so yeah   when you're when you're sad on rest days because  you have to rest um that's a that's a good sign   for for some stuff you know but it shows that  you like the training not just the results of the   training on red states i even i even train but on  my mind because i'm watching street workout videos   and analyzing some techniques maybe to maybe  some new moves or whatever for example the dragon   planche is a really good example and i watched  a lot of videos to see how this move is working   and if you really really get how it's working it's  actually an easy move if you can do a destroyed   flange because you then know where to grip and  which angle to put the parallettes and stuff yeah   or also i don't know if you know the zanetti  maltese you know that on on the vertical pose   if you pull like this up and i just saw one video  where a guy is was doing it and i always held the   ball like that with the guy in the video did it  like that so i tried it and suddenly it worked   just because you can push with your thumb or  what yeah right because then you can activate   more muscles in the floor okay something like  that yeah then maybe i'm gonna try no um yeah   no but that's that's nice i i never thought  about that doing that in in street workout   because in football in like a lot of advanced  sports it's normal to do video analysis to um to   yeah analyze the the opponents or like competitors  etc but in street workout i think i've never heard   that somebody does that but i think it's a good  pro tip to to get over depression on rest days   yeah our trainings are actually  like i would say 30 percent filming   and watching our videos not because only  of of the enjoyment because also of the   ending stuff so you see what could you  do better or is my form good enough yeah   yeah do you also do basics um like pull-ups  dips um like stuff like that in your trainings   i actually started with it and i  did it for like one year i think   besides the statics move itself  but after i started to compete and   my basics are like steady combos i'm always doing  combos and at the end of the training single moves okay like i said consistency  in those moves if you if you   have one one day where you're doing like only reps  and sets for me it's one day of losing consistency   wow that's my philosophy wow  okay okay maybe interesting um yeah i'll think about that um but uh yeah not  a lot of people do that um like the that they   don't do basics so this is why i'm uh i'm a little  bit shocked but um yeah it's okay um you have your   workout team genesis uh what's the story yes  about this this team how did it how was it founded   and actually me and some other friends  founded um another team the name i don't   want to say no and and then we got some some  problems there and we just left i would say   that's team and founded a new team called genesis  with with friends who got the same philosophy   not like on the other team which  were a little bit different minded   so we created that new stuff and we came on  the name genesis because it means something new and it's another other word for it like synonym  and yeah now we're working on something to can   build our own gym or something like that we we're  thinking about about it we're stepping forward   nice and how many members do you  have right now exactly ten ten okay   and do you still accept new ones or is it  like you and your your gang and it takes   that somebody can join or how does it work no we  we really want to get bigger also in switzerland   and but we also want that people are welcomed  which are motivated and not we we had it enough   times that some people came for two times said oh  my god this is the new sport i want to do it but   never came again so we do not like that so okay  if someone is going to join us they stay with us yeah okay um like besides  training what do you do do you   do mobility stuff like that what is  um apart from analyzing uh videos   the stuff that you do besides your  training to improve your view as an athlete i do a little bit of mobility like stretching in  the beginning of the training even though it's not   the best thing in in the beginning for strength  training should be at the end of the training   i heard but i'm not sure about it  actually um and also what i think what   a good way is to progress is to try out new  stuff maybe new variations in a handstand for   example maybe not only the normal  handstand maybe trying to iguana handstand   because the iguana handstand also helps you  for the one-on-one instance so it's like   little dead details which are going  to help you for for another move try to be creative okay get it and what are your goals for the future   um do you have some still  some some goals for this year uh for this year actually getting my dynamics  combos back and i would say i'm on a good way   because most of the combos i already got  and to be able to compete again next year   and i really want to go to moscow again and  going to be in that top 10 is my goals sometime   i really train hard for it i would say i'm almost  ready in statics because i'm at a very good   static level right now maybe let's see what's  dynamic is coming i need some work to be done   okay what's the the best dynamics combo that you  can do right now that you're most satisfied with i would say like a special giant to alejoup  combo like the x-grip giant to normal giant to   a loop to shrimp flip to 540 and then maybe adding  double 360 or something i'm also working on 720 it's i'm actually it's touching the bar every  time when i'm doing it so i'm pretty close   so yeah hopefully soon so you did post for  the whole uh november now on instagram uh so   um the next post we should put  some notification spells on   because yeah the next the next post should  actually be a really complete video of dynamics   and aesthetics okay that's that's the goal of  the next post and also a very go nation style   sounds beautiful nice nice um yes   do you have an idol in planche or somebody that  you look up to when you work on your planche if you ask on planche itself i could i can  easily say yes because it's valentin i think   no other has a crazier planche level that him  it's just amazing and crazy shout out to you okay yeah and uh general and general i would say   it's quite difficult but right now  what's it i would say danielle's license   because he's one of the completest athletes  i would say i mean he's got strong statics   strong dynamics and strong combos you don't  find that a lot yeah so you're also also on   on his photography and video skills like he  how he's doing the videos was quite quite nice   that's true so you're also aiming to like  for this complete completeness of an athlete   right yeah i mean if you if you do want  to compete in competitions you have to   be complete if not you don't  get on a high rank that's easy   that's true but there are like a few competitions  where it's only statics for example isn't burning   gate uh like at least like yeah like in the past  there it was only only aesthetics but now they   are adding like for shrimp flip or 360 some extra  points which you can guard but it's not like that   big points if you do a full planche but  still dynamics are involved now okay um what is your recommendation  for somebody who wants to progress   fast um for uh training equipment is it like  uh smart to work on rings um is it like uh   is parallax necessary like bands weights what what  shortcuts or what equipment do you need for your   training and not like coordination equipment now  but in general that that helps people you know   um i would say it's like different from  move to move um if you want to learn   handstand my recommendation is to learn it on  floor so without any other stuff and try to focus   just on floor not doing floor then  parallettes and floors and parallels   just flow and if you're able to do it then  you can switch to the parallettes and so on   because also here your body needs to get used  to that movement and the one arm handstand on   floor is different than on parallettes you need  different muscles and yeah and for the planche   um most people like to train  with the resistance band   i never did that actually because  um if you put the band on the hip   that's also most of the time the points  where are people the weakest because they are   they they don't drain the waste i think  that's that's a point where you should   think about it is it useful to train with a  band if if i'm already weak at the lower back   that's um i don't know but if you want to  train like strength dynamics there's no way   where you can better train the strength  dynamics then with the bound resistance bound okay that's my point of view i think   okay nice so uh yeah we're coming to an end  um and coming to the short questions short   answers or quick questions quick answers  um what foods do you prefer pizza or burger okay and are you a dog or a cat person don't dog  all the time but do you have one no sadly not   i'm allergic to it oh no what really yeah but  there are like dogs you can you could have because   they don't lose hair or yeah the allergy was in  in my childhood but now i don't feel anything   if i pet a dog or something okay it should be  good now i think it's it's gone and otherwise   it's the same with planche you have to put a  lot of pressure on your body and right one day   you really get used to it you really get faster every day waking up with nice um do you have a favorite location for  holidays um apart from munster of course   first of all it should be at the  beach and one of my favorites   it's always hard to be a decision between two  one of them is miami and the other one is cancun in miami the wipe with calisthenics and the beach   is just amazing and in cancun you get that  paradise feeling so those both i can't decide um what is the the worst exercise  for you the nightmare exercise um   the the exercise if i would say julian  please do this exercise you would say ah   no i don't want to do it please i think you  know it it's actually pull ups whoa okay yeah i don't like it well okay but muscle  up is cool for you but just pull up is not   good yeah right okay so pull ups are like you can do i mean you can do easily do 15 20  pull-ups but it's just a pain in the ass to   be honest for me for most people it's pain  in their laps or in the biceps but if it's   for you like pain in the ass that's um that's  okay like maybe you do them wrong or something that's it that's it okay um do you have a  favorite book are you a reader uh no i'm not   a reader guy but i i read one book in school that  i actually liked i mean that i liked okay sorry what's the name in english the perfume i think  it's called the perfume okay yeah that's a book   okay cool yeah you have to read it if if  you read a guy read it it's a good one   okay yeah i always like i always have the  intention if somebody read three books in   his life and recommends one the chance is  really low that it's really actually a good   book because it doesn't have a comparison of like  to a lot of books but yeah i i will read it yeah   so if i'm only doing planche and  handstand in my stories two moves   you would not take my recommendation and planche  advices seeing i'm seeing this right oh it's going   oh it's a good comparison yeah i don't know  we can maybe we can cut this or skip this but   yeah i don't like the question what's the  best calisthenics event you've ever been at who um so for for the wife this it was actually the street  workout out to my pet street in madrid because the   the wave was really it was crazy everyone  was screaming it pushing it's each other   but the one which i enjoyed the most most was the  world of power heroes 2019 the organization and   it just was professional organized okay shout out to both great organizations  great event organizers who have like a hard   time right now because there are no events and  we we really hope that next year and next summer   that there will be some some possibilities  to do that yeah we'll see hopefully yes um   if you would have to decide to either do planche  like to to either do statics the rest of your life   or dynamics but not both what would you choose  of course static guy okay easy answer okay   nice um and like if you already say uh or  like me the planche um let's come back to   um to your planche program so if somebody wants to  learn from you we put the link in the description   for your planche exercises and um i think  there is a discount also um a general one   a big one um for the for the first ones who  decides to to buy it uh what what is it exactly uh for the first two weeks i'm i'm going to put  the program 40 down so 40 discount for everyone   and if you use the code go nation 10 it's in the  description i think yeah you will get an extra 10   off okay so it's for one week so if  this um interview uh comes out on   thursday two weeks sorry um so it's like for 10  days when you listen this on on the launch date   um yes so i think that's a good chance and yeah  we will put all the links in the description if   somebody wants to ask you something how can they  reach you best um like in general um some contact   um i would say the best is either way you it where  you you text me on instagram or via my website   uh scrolling down you can fill out the gaps and  contact me great but you're one somebody who   answers his dms on instagram right yeah if they  answer good questions sure can i get a shout out   okay i had it one time i had it  one time and someone just sent me   his planche picture on instagram and  said bro can you give me tips and pledge   and then i checked he first of all he didn't say  hey second of all um we don't know each other so   i'm not you broke third of all he didn't even  follow me okay so that's i don't yeah yeah   there are weird requests but if you ask kindly  uh julian will reply and help um yeah so yeah   we're coming to an end um thanks to everyone first  of all for listening we're already like one hour   in and i'm really happy for everyone listening to  this till the end um because uh yeah it's a funny   interview because it's like um i don't know when  we two we usually speak in in germany and it's a   little bit different communication so it's it's  quite funny to to speak to you in english but   i hope that you you can take a lot of stuff with  you a lot of advice and a lot of stuff um little   hints little um yeah lifestyle um insights from  from the planche beast from switzerland so yeah   thanks for listening thanks for um yeah supporting  this and if you want to let this series continue   leave a comment down below with the name of the  person who should be interviewed next share it   like it do whatever you want with it and now you  have the last words to say goodbye and yeah thanks   for your time julian as well and see you soon  guys to you phil and thanks to you for listening   and watching the video i would say subscribe  to gornation and hopefully see you guys soon