PERE COLL FERNANDEZ | The Smart Record Breaker  | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #20

PERE COLL FERNANDEZ | The Smart Record Breaker | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #20

PERE COLL FERNANDEZ | The Smart Record Breaker  | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #20

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my mentality of always trying to be better and always trying to you know to do my best and be better than i was one month ago this makes me improve a lot you gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and today we have a special guest as someone who i really really respect somebody from spain so uh yeah i think you know like john bjorker was also from spain you're the second spanish guy in the show and i'm really happy to have you here pere call fernandez if uh if i pronounce it some somewhere right um yeah somebody who i respect a lot as i said like with crazy crazy prs uh like just to mention some i looked up your instagram what what happened in your in your last time yeah you just broke the your personal record of four times for 40 kilogram uh straight bar muscle ups this is a quite big one like maybe some of you saw the 60 kilo ring muscle up so this is also a really big one and um i think it's now no it's one year ago like 110 kg pull up also a big one so these are just three to mention you can uh tell yours afterwards so i'm happy to have you here welcome to the show pera thank you very much phil nice to have you here and uh yeah for the people who don't know you or who want to get to know you better how do you present yourself to somebody who doesn't know you all right so yeah as you said my name is piracy i'm from spain i'm from catalonia near barcelona and i'm 21 years old um i started i studied aerospace engineering uh in the university i've just recently finished and yeah my hobbies and as you might see it's calisthenics especially weird calisthenics now and yep i love doing sports i love working doing projects etc 21 years i didn't know that you are that young you know like you're you're such a smart guy like studying and like uh i also was fascinated by the the machine that you built yourself for the muscle up technique work so like a really really smart guy um and you seem so like experienced but 21 years old so like uh shuffled respect for that like yeah that's good thank you phil nice and uh yeah let's uh let's jump into your your story how did you get in touch with uh with callus and x well i first heard about calisthenics when i was 15 i was doing well the third course of the secondary education here and i just changed school and i met new friends and one of the friends once showed me a video in the break uh during the lessons uh the video was from the bar brothers you may all know them bar brothers were really popular um and still are um yeah it was a video of them just doing some pull-ups some walking and all this stuff and i was like it was awesome i remember i said wow that's incredible i also want to do that and you know it was a time that i did not have much friends just a few and you know i need just something to like um give me more strength to believe in myself and more like um you know to do something else and i just went to the park we had a couple of rusty bars in our town and i went there with my friend i just tried to do some pull-ups i remember i did 12 pull-ups my first team um so yeah and yeah during that time i had been a swimmer for six or seven years more or less seven years so yeah i had like strong back strong pulling force of the swimming so yeah that's why and once i started watching videos from the bar brothers you know i just started training also i watched videos from frank medrano who also was amazing so yeah with those two references i started working out and at the time i didn't know i did not know anyone else who was doing calisthenics around my town yet um i will meet them uh before um afterwards so yeah that was the beginning of my story wow and what what year was it do you still remember uh maybe two six seven years ago 2014 maybe okay wow nice and uh like 12 pull-ups in your first workout that's that's i can't remember the four i i don't know if i would be bullied but yeah uh yeah 12 i remember the number crazy and uh yeah today you're doing like crazy street lifting weighted killer snakes but also yeah like your front lever is super super strong um yeah yeah a few people who have such a strong front lever and like the one arm front lever pull up that you showed once like this is something so fascinating for me and you have an intense intense pull power like what was the journey how how did it continue to to grow all right just let's continue to start that um from there i just went training like i was doing swimming i also went to the bars before swimming and you know i was going to the bars like i would say like every day no days off every day um i had zero uh knowledge of training obviously and zero knowledge of anything i just went there did some pull-ups um just tested some flavor tested some muscle up but you know just like trying to um so yeah and i remember like two weeks after that or three weeks um i accomplished my first muscle up i just went up the bar obviously super chic and super everything but you know i managed to like go up to the bar i have the video um have the video from that and and yeah and and then so some months uh after that i met some people from a town next to my town who also did calisthenics um more like freestyle so yeah they we shared some knowledge they started teaching me how to the handstand um the banana handstand yeah so that was like quite a good step forward and more people started joining me from my town so the group started growing we were like six people going to the bars every day just the motivation the music and all this stuff and then on february 2015 i remember the date um we have been fighting a lot with the with um with our town to build new bars a new park and they accepted it so we built a new a new park of bars and yeah and we could like do more skills and better workouts there and then i went to the first competition the first day we went just to see the first year yeah we just went there too yeah to see how how was it and we went with the people also from the other town and well they did freestyle and tension you needed to hold like forever plans and no free labor back level and even flag not even plunge so yeah and the next year um i joined that competition and yeah i when i trained i was just doing muscle ups pull ups and forever it was the only thing i i did that's why i i have that good foot ever now probably so so yeah and then in the winters i went to the to the gym from the town um because it was cold i mean not really cold where it was cold and in the yeah in the summers we used to go to the bars and yeah and two years later i started after i started sorry i just left swimming because it was not good at all and it was boring going up and down to a pool for me and i just dedicated to calisthenics and yeah but i was just training for statics and for pure um basics and yep that was a part nice so like in the summer you only did pull workout so like pull ups muscle ups and front lever and in the winter you put train push in the gym no no i was always doing training pull always training for okay the push you know i tried in my entire life life i haven't done many push-ups i don't like doing push-ups i'm very bad at doing push-ups actually i mean i've i don't know and about the plans i've tried lots of talks and but i'm with the band and all this stuff but i've always had lots of uh struggling to do the plunge i'm not good at pushing exercises i guess um but also i haven't practiced much the other push-ups but when i learned the handstand which was something i it took me like six months more or less to learn the handstand from the from zero to more or less holding three three seconds i'm very bad at skills as you can see um so yeah um i was just practicing the handstand against the wall and then someone would help me just um uh grabbing my feet so i could find the balance and and yeah and once i had a good balance i rapidly i learned how to do the handstand push-ups um basically you know if you have a good balance and more or less strength you you should be able to do a handstand push-up so yeah and after all that training in my town i moved to barcelona where i started universities so that's why i moved there and i started going to the park there in barcelona and again training the same as always my full level was three thirty plus seconds easily i had one harmful level i could hold plunge just a straw plunge i've never been able to hold the full planche for more than three seconds so i wouldn't give that as a confirmative skill sadly and really good handstand i've also enjoyed doing the handstand and i think it's a super important element to learn the handstand super basic um so yeah and lots of muscle ups but not weighted at all and at those times i used to compete in the competitions uh in the tension category so you had to hold four lever human flag and plunge they introduced the struggle planche and also i started competing in the weighted categories where you had to do the pull ups with 32 kilograms and the dips with 48 kilograms so yeah that's part of my journey so like you're doing weighted since how many years like only training weighted or like specifically waited for two years now maybe a little more what but before that it was just pure calisthenics no weights at all just in the park so i can say i have a really good base of doing lots of basics in the park which is something really important so you're you were really strong in in endurance as well so like doing a lot of reps or i've never liked doing a lot of repetitions and i've never been good at endurance um even when i was a swimmer i never did more than 200 meters which are eight eight go and eight pulls actually eight lengths so yeah i'm not good at insurance at all so i've been also i've been always more explosive person rather than endurance person okay get it and what were your goals when you started with calisthenics what was it to look good was it to do a muscle up was it what was it the first um goals when i started were to learn the skills and to learn new things and also i started loving the fact that people get inspired by me from doing calisthenics so i went to the park and people would pass by and like ask me what are you doing with your training i want to join you and so they could join me and we could train together so all that inspiration and motivation for from other people i i really love that so i would say like it was a mix of um of learning the skills but also like getting more people involved to practice calisthenics and you know it was like motivation for me and about the statics i can't really tell you if it was not certainly a main reason i was already pretty good looking when i was younger but yeah i mean obviously who doesn't like looking at the mirror and saying whoa i'm really strong i mean that's something common but it was not one of the main main reasons okay get it and like when you look back now on your career until now uh what was the the moment like uh the moment that you always remember like the best moment in your career the best moment in my career wow right now i think this the competition i went in vienna who was organized by nick tibu it has been the best competition i've ever been it was amazing the the people everything was absolutely spectacular even i didn't i did not win there it was an amazing competition i really enjoyed the stay there and you know i i love that that would be the most memorable the memorable day of my of my career yeah because we also met in person right but yes i also met you which was a part of the exactly nice nice um and like when some when i ask you now um what do you think is the main reason why you have these performances and uh success in in the sport is it uh that you train differently than other people is it your genetics is it like your your smart training uh plans etc what what is that your secret uh first of all i'm going to say um generic is a good part it's uh something important for me because i've always been very good at like uh uh explosive um movements not at endurance as i said before so that's something to take in account in calisthenics um there's people who's more like endurance type like the guys who run marathons and people who's more like power type and i'm one of the power ones um but also um i would say my mind my my way of thinking um at the beginning obviously not my plans because i just went there and did what i thought i would you know i was just random doing things play every day yeah every day um by my mind um of going there every day and going training as hard as i could um you know that might be really good at improving and also my mentality of always trying to be better and always trying to you know to do my best and be better than i was one month uh ago this makes me improve a lot uh sometimes it's like it's not good to think like that because if you don't reach your expectations you're like depressed and and it's yeah it's kind of sucks but um i i try to take the positive side of this and always try to improve and be better okay so it's a mixture between mindset and physical uh yep i would probably say okay get it um take us in your day how does a day look like in the in in the life of pitt um i'm going to explain i think i'm going to explain one day before the lockdown we where we were everything was normal so i would like woke up pretty early to go to university around six and a half or seven i would go to university the whole morning if i'm lucky because maybe some days i have morning and afternoon so let's just leave it at morning and then i would arrive home at about three p.m or less i would have lunch and then in the afternoon i usually like do the homework if i have i don't usually have homework i would just like go shopping um i don't know chill in my sofa until 6 p.m 7 p.m where i went to the to work out and then yeah i would work out for two hours and a half maybe three depending on the day i rest a lot between sets so don't yeah and then afterwards i would just like have dinner chill a bit more and go to bed yep and how many hours do you sleep uh i usually sleep like seven hours plus depending on the obviously in the periods of my life when i went to the university i used to sleep yeah there were weeks where i could like sleep five hours every day only but if i have the time obviously i try to sleep um seven or eight hours at least do you feel how do you feel it in your workout when you only sleep five hours do you still make progress or is it stagnating or is it even getting worse if it's just one day i don't feel anything if you're motivated entire day it's going to be perfect day or even better than the others but if it's it's been like a week sleeping five hours you really you feel that you you feel that you don't have the power you you should have okay and do you have some habits throughout the day that like you always do i always make my bed no um i don't know i always like training habits i always usually i always um warm up very very well and i take the warm up very seriously like 13 minutes at least 30 minutes sorry at least um so yeah that's something i do every every day and if i don't work out i usually do some stretching and mobility at home you know with the foam roller and all this because in periods of very high and intense training if i don't do those like days of of you know of stretching and mobility i'm out i mean i i cannot end the the program okay and is it more upper body uh stretching i guess so right um actually i'm working a lot in lower body mobility um i like working on lower body mobility but yeah i also on the upper body it's more like messaging and the lower bar it's more like mobility but i also work a lot my shoulder mobility for the handstands and all this which is really important so yeah more or less even okay nice um what is some something that you think if every calisthenics athlete would do it they it would improve a lot their results like is there some some habits like some uh some food some habits something that would impact the the life of the calisthenics athlete and the results i would say to be careful with the technique and try to seek a good technique on all the exercises um yeah because then this makes you improve in the long term and i think that something really valuable valuable to for the ads to take into account in their trainings that would be the the most valuable thing yep okay and what does yours training schedule look like in the week in the past every day now now for two years it has been like five days a week and yeah i used to i used to train monday tuesday wednesday and friday and saturday so i would rest on thursday and sunday and yeah on the splits uh it depends on the periods right now right now right now right now with the corona i'm doing pull plex push split um but yeah i just to do the the push and the legs in the same day but yeah i usually combine like this and one of the feet of the five days i usually take more like a technic day or a easier day in order to do some mobility and some more technique and you know uh not that hard as the other days okay so you really focus on pull when you put uh push and lay or pull like in the past put push and uh legs together in one day yeah because i realized that if i had if i did um squats and pull-ups in the same day it was too hard and i wouldn't do good in in in one of those you know so but if i did it with the dips it was not uh the difference was not that big okay do you think that everybody is capable of uh like doing a 100 kg pull-up if they train right now i don't think that everyone is capable of doing this um that's the same as saying that everyone is capable of doing you know that weightlifting chinese weightlifting guys i mean not everywhere is capable of doing this of course because not everyone has the same genetics and the same sizes on the of the bones and everything so i mean many people is going to be able to do it but not all the people of the world should be able to of course but but yeah that would be my answer yeah nice um what does your nutrition look like many people ask me that um on instagram on youtube i have lots of comments saying oh record you say yourself in a normal day your eating habits and i haven't done that yet um uh depending on the period right now i i just i don't count anything or i just eat all foods good foods obviously i i don't usually take junk food um but when you know i'm more focused on on competitions or i'm more in trainings um i usually like measure the macros the carbohydrates the fats and the proteins so and i try to keep track of what i'm eating every day in order to more or less feed the macros um you know to gain weight or to lose weight depending on the on the period timing so so yeah and more specifically if i have a competition where there are some weight classes i try to i try to you know to to have a good weight um yep what is your height and weight right now my height it's 1 meter 80 centimeters and my weight 85 kilos more or less so yeah i i reached my maximum ever was 88 kilograms nice um i'm going to explain you later why i wear it that much um and yeah but i'm moving around 85 last year i weighted 80 kilos so i've improved a lot i've this winter was really hard for training um and i grow uh i grill sorry i grew and yeah that's it 85. nice okay um what are your goals for this year like um i know it's a special situation right now but you still need to to work hard for your prs so uh like what are your goals hopefully in december there's a competition in here in spain in sevilla they are not classic europe so if there's a competition i will surely go of course and i'm planning on december to do some pr so if there's competition will be in the competition if there's no competition would be in my garden uh but my goals um i would like to to at least the pull up i'd like to repeat the 110 kilos or even more i'm not really like focused on doing 120 120 like like a matlab i'm just trying to i'm working like lower weight a lot trying to improve my technique and yeah repeating 110 kilograms pull up would be uh a good achievement for me this year i would like to also taking into account that i weighed like seven kilos more than when i did that record so yeah seven kilos you feel that when you're doing pull-ups and that talking about pull-ups about the muscle ups i'm feeling really strong in muscle-ups recently um probably because i've lowered my body weight a little bit um that's why but yeah i'm lifting 45 kilos in in trainings which i had never done before and yeah having the 50 kilograms muscle up but clean the competition form would be would be awesome would you really awesome and about the dips right now i'm not doing much tips because at home i don't have deep station i have like something to the tips but you know i cannot put more than 90 kilos or 100 kilos there so it's pretty far from my maximum so i'm just doing maintenance so i don't know what's going to happen with these if i can train them in the future before the competition maybe i can i don't know repeat 140 or maybe try 150 kilograms would be good but i don't know i don't have expectations for the dips and for the squats i've been improving a lot this winter uh working really really hard to squats it was my super weak point and i don't know i don't have more than 150 kilos at home so i cannot test my maximum later so i can just more or less say i don't know doing 185 on 190 kilos this year would be would be a really good result uh considering the previous year result of 120 kilos in the competition wow little way leo that's insane like honestly like uh the the the dips that's already crazy for me because you don't have like 100 focus on it and like 140 is like a crazy crazy number and also squats like 190 185 it's it's insane like uh seeing the fact that you don't train it like a lot a lot like a lot is the wrong word but that you have like much more focus on pull yeah yeah yeah i actually in the winter i took really really serious the the squats training but really serious after after the arnold classic of last year which was in september i started with the squads um really really hard i i just realized the importance of doing squats and yeah since then it's been uh really fast and good improving i've never had any kind of injury not even any pain or anything in my legs maybe the mobility helps the abilities training might help and so yeah i mean i'm constantly improving so yeah we'll see how it goes this year nice nice do you want to to tell us why you you weighed like 88 kilos yeah yeah 88 kilograms uh i was it was in the winter i was training really really hard and my weight was increasing because it was eating like a lot like 3500 kilocalories each day so which for me it's it's more than i should take um also i was really careful with the protein intake daily intake running the 200 240 grams of protein every day and also it has to it has to see with the supplementation because i tested for three weeks i tested creatine for three weeks because a brand just sent it to me and i thought okay let's just test how this goes and i started taking it for for three weeks exactly and my as you know the creatine makes you retire more liquids so i just gained two kilograms in one week and my muscle up went down my pull-up went down and it was like oh and you know i wasn't feeling much change of taking part in after the three weeks so i decided to stop taking it because it it made me f uh be more be heavier so i would uh you know i would perform a poor in the muscle up and pull up so i stopped tweaking it and now i'm much better so yeah that's why i increased the weight and why i decided to reduce it i could have fought maybe but you know as i was was not perceiving any improvements i just stopped and yeah nothing changed that's why the reason i gained weight but that's interesting like uh because like you know i know a lot of one rep max athletes who do take creatine um because it boosts the the power like for example frederick he also takes creatine so it's interesting yeah it's a very good supplement i mean it's awesome but i don't know i just did not feel anything and even when i stopped taking it i did not feel anything so i don't know no idea no idea if you don't need it that's good like uh every supplement that that that you don't feel any effect you can spare some money you can like if your body uh if you if it functions well without it's good like it's not i just don't feel it necessary probably i should take it probably a nutritionist or a or an expert is listening to that saying oh my god what is he saying but i don't know i'm not i don't really like supplementation and if i can avoid it i just avoid it yeah okay that's fine um yes so um something that i wanted to ask you that i think people are interested in what what are you studying why are you such a smart guy like uh tell us about uh what you do and what you're responsible for so yeah i did the scientific uh i don't know how to say that here it's like the high school it was in the scientific branch and then i decided to study the aerospace engineering uh all about you know airplanes and rockets and satellites and all this stuff basically because i liked the subjects and i like the yeah the the the opportunity of opportunity afterwards which now it's not very good but i just liked it and i started that degree and i felt really really good and i've really really enjoyed that degree i would not change it for for anyone for for any other degree sorry so yeah i studied that and i've always felt very passionate about coding and programming and maybe as you may know i have i coded my own website to post some of calisthenics information and all this stuff so yeah i started learning to code to do my own stuff and my own projects so yeah that's what i have studied but the coding and programming you teach it yourself with the internet or how did you learn yes most of the parts i learned a bit at university uh there they taught me the basics and afterwards at home i with youtube you can learn whatever you want so okay yep and like your your website let's let's talk about it um what what do people find on your website like um because i think it has a lot of valuable information um so maybe you want to share it to the people who don't know it yeah the purpose of my website was the first purpose was to just uh share information about calisthenics because i received lots of questions on my on my instagram account and i always try to answer them all so yep um i'm too good i shouldn't be maybe but yeah it's a lot of time to answer the questions so i decided to build a website with that information from the questions so when someone asked me something i just link um i'll link them to the website so they can just read all the information there with pictures videos everything and yeah i started this project um with some friends who also posted some some posts and everything um but yeah i'm not posting many things now i have lots of lots of work and everything was posted in english but also in spanish because they have lots of spanish public so they and many of them don't speak english so so i had to do both it was like really time consuming um and yeah i'm i'm posting something uh very rarely now and yep just like a dictionary for the exercises some parts and and this nice so we will link it also in the description um for the people who are interested in in reading that knowledge and uh yeah maybe if there are hundreds and thousands of visitors you will get back to what you're posting yeah maybe yeah because i think it's really important to to have people like you to do to do the work to put knowledge out there information about the sport because otherwise it doesn't grow you know like there are so many questions about this sport like every day we also received uh questions like basic questions really like how do i learn a pull-up or muscle up whatever and like people are asking these questions and so it's really important that there are info there there's enough information so i really like that you took the effort yeah but here we need there's a topic um to talk about which is that the difference between for example in my website i usually post things based on my experience and my reading which obviously i'm not here at this here in spain there's a degree called a sports science and i don't know if it exists in germany or not does it exist right so here you have sport science and obviously i cannot say things um which involve the sports science part uh without any you know any any degree in that so i just post things based on my experience and here in spain there's like a fight from from those who studies sports science with those like influencers uh not the calisthenics ones obviously but many uh influencers who are just like posting things like do the those exercises for your abs to burn the fat in five minutes so there's a fight between those and the others and i'm really aware of that fight so i just try to post things always saying which is based on my experience based on my reading uh you know i don't have any any certificate saying that i'm a professional trainer or anything so yeah that's something um and people who's learning and trying to to learn new things i need to evaluate if they prefer someone who has the the knowledge from the university or someone who has experience from training calisthenics that's true so yeah it's important to say but still i think it's really important to also have like both sides and to make it accessible for people nice yeah we're coming to an end of the episode i still have some quick questions quick answers um hopefully what do you prefer pizza or burger i don't know that depends on the day but i would take both i love pizza i would say pizza i would take pizza okay do you prefer dogs or cats i have a cat so but i think i prefer dogs because my cat you know she's really arrogant and she never talks to me and she always you know is doing her thing so yeah i think i would prefer a dog in the future okay poor cat okay what was your best location ever for a holiday iceland iceland yeah i went to iceland three years ago i think and i really enjoyed there yep i will go back definitely why i i don't know that the people the weather the places it was really really nice yeah like the weather like when you say iceland i don't know if i'm wrong but yeah it was super cold but i like that you know being at home in the afternoon and like minus 20 degrees celsius outside like i don't know i felt really comfortable okay maybe say well i'm never going there again i want to stay home but obviously when you leave home you miss home and i'm really good in spain you have really good weather really good food and but yeah i the vacations are i enjoy it a lot nice so there's a spanish guy sitting with 40 degrees outside and wishing that he's in that he would be in iceland nice um what would change for you if social media just disappeared not much i as you can see my instagram is not very active i post some stories when i train but just because i'm recording myself for the technique and i just say oh that was a good one let's just post it or oh that was a really bad one i just posted it and explain why it was a bad one but yeah i don't know i i don't post much on youtube it was like it has been like two months without any videos in instagram i post once every two months also yeah it would not change much actually i'm really yeah i'm not i'm really solitary person okay nice um do you have a favorite calisthenics athlete or let's say top three calisthenics athletes i don't know i mean people ask me that like who do you admire or who is your inspiration and i don't know i don't know who's my inspiration i'm not like following anyone like wow what is he doing i follow people who who train i really like how they train and even maybe they are like 50 kilos under my maximum repetition but i admire them for what they are doing and how they are training so that would be like people i i like watching and also there's people who maybe can do more than me but with really bad technique and i watch the video and i'm like okay i don't care like i admire people who's doing less but with you know better training and proper clarification so yeah i don't know uh i admire a lot foreign um yeah when i met him he was a really good guy i yep also his 45 kilograms muscle up it was amazing uh so yeah that's one of them that i admire a lot i like very a lot yep nice i'll tell you other people from spain who's also good uh who training and i follow them and i talk to them i answer their story so yes people always admire a lot nice great i'm gonna tell frederick this on monday he will be yeah i tell him he'll be happy nice uh do you have a favorite book i don't read much when i read it's it's because there's information that i can learn so i don't read a book like an action book or a story book where i just read and it's like oh it's fun i read to get knowledge sorry for the readers i just don't like it i read a lot on the internet like you know scientific reports and everything but one book i read recently and about training which was the the uh i don't know cetera in english i'm going to translate the strength uh the strength training pyramid do you know which book is it no it's like you talk about the basis of strength training and hypertrophy so it goes from a basic level to a more a more specific label and it talks about like the basis of everything and it's like a 300 pages book and you know it was really interesting i learned some things i did not know about the strengths training and things that i'm going to apply in my trainings in the future so yeah that was a really good book actually nice we will also link it in the description i'm going to ask you afterwards for the link so people can can look it up um yeah you already answered the question but the best calisthenics event you've ever been at so far uh yeah i've been the world of my heroes the world of my heroes event in vienna yep nice that's good to hear and uh yeah like last question um from the quick questions quick answers question if you have to choose between calisthenics so only body weight or weighted what would you choose now if you had asked me that two years ago i would take calisthenics but now it's weighted calisthenics i can do a level with weights which actually fits in that so okay that doesn't count yeah i would wait until he's standing here okay nice great so uh yeah thanks already for your time um but uh yeah when people want to get in touch with you where can they reach you best where can they ask you your questions know about you like read about you um yeah as i said before in instagram i i would say not always always always because there are a lot of dumb questions but i usually answer the question if it's interesting and it's a good question so yeah on instagram or maybe in my web page in the in the contact form of my webpage so yeah there you can find me awesome we will link everything everything everything in the in the description so uh yeah like yeah if you want to reach uh pierre um yes so we are coming to an end um before you can end the episodes um i want to say thank you thank you for your time uh for like taking this interview i know that you're a busy man and i know it's hot so you could be outdoor smashing so we're in holidays phil no worries it was a pleasure nice so uh yeah and also thanks a lot for everyone listening to this because uh it's it's a long interview again and i'm really happy for everyone listening to this till the end and so yeah if you want to keep this episode this uh this show continuing let's leave your your next interview guess in the comments and don't forget to like and subscribe do whatever you want and give us feedback and now here you can finish the episode thanks again for your time and see you soon soon thanks phil it was a pleasure for me to to be here with you uh you know i met you like four years ago maybe and you know since then we've been like talking and keeping in touch it's always a pleasure and yep i hope to hope to have more interviews with you in the future it has been really really good and have enjoyed a lot and yeah thank you and for those viewers give a like to phil's channel sugar nations and yeah thanks for watching