Today's guest is an athlete, trainer and show organizer, the Russian freestyler Vladimir Tyukhanov aka Vladimir Freestylebar. We're talking about his training, how to improve your explosiveness and how to overcome the fear of dynamic moves. | VLADIMIR TYUKHANOV | Learn explosive freestyle | Interview

August 27, 2020 20 min read

VLADIMIR TYUKHANOV | Learn explosive freestyle | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #21

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some people uh forgot to do basics they don't do basics and they therefore get some injuries before we jump into this interview i want to excuse for the bad audio quality but i still want to upload this video because i think it contains a lot of value and a lot of people ask for vladimir so yeah here it is enjoy and thanks a lot for your support gorillas yo gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast by gornation my name is phil and today's guest is i looked it up a bouncy ball a freestyle athlete a crazy explosive guy from russia i'm really happy to have you here vladimir and yeah like um i i tried to pro i will try to pronounce your name uh hugh khanov chukanov yeah vladimir khan okay so yeah um happy to have you here mostly known like aka as the vladimir freestyle bar for a lot of you and yeah happy to have you here happy to talk with you welcome thank you much thank you much for uh i enjoy this interview because i really fell in love in german nation like uh you have a very good attitude for all letters uh yes you are very kind and you like a face of this brand and uh i really appreciate what you do so that's really cool and yeah i feel very proud to wear uh your clothes your wrist reps and to be like a part of you yes nice that's that's great to hear thank you um yeah let's let's uh introduce yourself to the people who don't know you or who want to know how you introduce yourself how who is vladimir okay okay i will try to explain it from uh different points uh like from different views because i am not only the athlete uh i start from the athlete topic for example 11 years ago i started doing the parkour and free running stuff at uh age about 12 years old now i'm 23. i'm like teenage and uh about three years i was doing a parkour freestyle uh just free riding without the bars in russia in this time there weren't any like uh street workout we don't we didn't know about it but we just tried something uh on the bars and uh from that uh from that uh times i started and uh uh in 2012 here uh there was my first competition and uh everything was started from that point i really liked to film myself on a video and uh that was my hobby okay and uh in school i have a hobby like a film making i really was keen on some cinema 4d at the top after effects some video makers will be they they don't know about what i'm speaking and that was my hobby and the wedding at the school was over uh i was uh really disappointed that uh there weren't any time for training so in 11th class uh um the main uh my the main like how to see this the main thing what which i did is like only study so and now um i have graduated from the university so seven years seven years i was uh really upset because i had to make a combination between sports and study so many people can see my like ups and downs about my level it's really difficult to keep it on one one level and like and to train continuously only now i can train like uh how much i want but seven years ago all this time i couldn't afford myself that so now i am the engineer technologist so i can design factories in machine engineering and for example this is my specialization but i don't feel myself going to that way yes that that interest for me that interesting for me but not so worth doing that thing so now i'm engineer and calisthenics coach for example and you're uh like you're with the workout show you're actually in russia what what is the workout show what do you do oh good good question it is my pro it is my project uh workout show uh the main purpose of this project is to make uh some spectacular show programs uh and uh i will make a flashback in my previous experience so when i was in every competition um always i didn't need any judges movement like judges points i make a show not for judges i always make a show for spectaculars around me for people around me and it is difficult to do this on the competition because all in all you are in rules you have some borders and uh you can't be as well creative as you want so all in all you have to compete but workout show is for uh for people it's like emotional uh commercial product we just make a show and people buy this show yes for example um just we are not athletes we are like artists yep okay nice that's it i think yes but i can talk something more but now i have a big problems with my english for me it's a bit difficult to explain all stuff what i want so i have to choose the only one way how i can explain okay yes it is not the best way it's all good and like you're mostly known for your um extreme extreme dynamics um so um basically where did you get this explosivity like where how did you get your moves that explosive what does your training look like oh thank you much uh i think that uh when you improve your physics like street lifting yeah maybe now yes when you work with some extra weight uh this uh really improves you uh in explosive stuff so your weight your own weight after this uh really easy uh for example uh like leometric exercises uh something else and uh honestly i don't use much strength in dynamics i just use right technique i just feel how to do some elements in most rational way the most effective way and when people try to do dynamics only by the strength it's like it is not effective yes so it's like maybe twenty percent of strength only yes and uh we can see many athletes who uh don't do any physics like exercises like pull-ups push-ups they don't do a strictly thing but still they have really explosive style also but when people eat dynamics work by legs that's good many people like uh miss this miss this point like everybody work only by hands and uh it's difficult to swing it's difficult to do some transfers uh and somehow something like this okay so so the secret to um like explosive and like dynamics is in in one sentence what is the secret ah secret uh i think that more in legs in how your legs work and uh how your uh body feel all the timing so you have the element and you have to make all movements in right timing so therefore you can be like resonance you know like uh you will do the element in effective way and the second one is like it's like it's like just option you can train physics when you have some difficulties in technique you have some problems mistakes a little bit you can make a big compensation by your strength yeah like this get us okay and uh like what does your training look like uh do you do street lifting do you like do you just do freestyle how does it look like um usually most parts is like freestyle and maybe once a week it will be street lighting because when you have already reached some point in physics in your uh statement yeah you can only just save your condition you don't need to train it uh three times per week uh you just have to trade like once a week or once in two weeks and uh it will be enough for you but if you want to compete in some things of course you have to trade more yeah to improve your level okay thank you because i didn't know that you do street lifting because you you don't post a lot about it right yes it's quite boring just like guy pull up make only pull-ups and push-ups and all the people who do this they can compare their self with people who do this for example when i was younger like i didn't try anything with some extra weight for me results of people who do this uh like make no sense i didn't know like it's cool or not because i didn't try that but if you watch some elements the element uh is really spectacular and um people who didn't try that they already know that it's cool okay and it's very spectacular what are some some some achievements and in street lifting that you have like uh tell us some some personal records okay uh uh 32 kilograms extra weight and push-ups on the p-bars uh 33 time yes pull-ups okay 33 times with a 32 kilograms extra weight yeah and pull ups with a 24 kilograms i did 19 19 19 times like this but it was just a short experience uh when there was a winter in moscow of course when it is in winter you are uh short in uh in your choice like which gym for training we don't have many gyms in moscow about uh two or three convenient gyms yes and all of them most of them are gymnastics just like one one bar bossy bouncy bar i hate them uh only them so it's really strange like moscow is really big city it's really cool comparing to europe cities yes it's really cool but street lifting uh wait uh street workout uh parks are not so convenient for example in netherlands parmania is really better than king guru pro for me because they built their parks for athletes not for business the priority is at this like this and i really appreciate it the long bars a little bit bouncy a little bit yeah uh degree the grip is perfect yep oh okay i didn't didn't know that um so let's talk about your schedule for a week i you said once per week you do street lifting how do like how does your workout work workout schedule for the week look like when i was in the university i trained only once a week only sleeping wow so yes usually like seven months per year i train only like like this maybe two times per week if there are some there's some like good time um now i prefer train like mostly start from dynamics when i have some calluses in my wrists uh my arms i do statics usually i don't like statics boring yes and uh for me very convenient to train three times per week about maybe three hours when training like this okay and what was the hardest move that you've learned so far what was the the hardest let's say dynamics move uh it is a 540 when i take uh like do 360 and half swing more and you take like this by two hands maybe you have seen that yeah and uh i'm really surprised yes and but i'm really surprised that people don't want to try that i don't know why 720 is more difficult than i i i consider like this yeah um and this one is uh more most difficult for me uh because it's like unpredictable um where is your grip there yeah and uh i didn't do this element on training never uh so the first time when i did it was in the poland in the competition battle of the bars it was my first time i was like whoa uh the training before i just like touched the bar like this but i didn't catch the bar because i was afraid to get injury if i get injury before the competition it was like awful for me it's better to get injury on the competition all in all you will have the good video yes okay that's the most difficult for me okay because you're like in the netherlands uh we met um at the at a competition from royal bars and you did the um 540 like catching with the this grip as well but you landed on the on the um in the elbow with the bar was it uh yeah yeah was it meant to do that like this or was it did you want to catch it with the hands yes i wanted to catch the both the both elbows yes like here uh but it was my fail that the the second elbow was late yeah so yeah but um now i see the video that's okay that's good also but it was a fail yeah it was fail for me okay and so the advice that you would give somebody to learn a move a hard move like what mindset do you need to to be able to learn such a move yes so from what he should begin yeah the hard move for me for me that i really like scary person for me everything is like very oh shit it's very scary uh i prefer to design some leading stuff so you have to simulate conditions where you will do this element for example you can replace the bar the metal bar by the rope uh you can do transfer above the rope so it is very um safety yeah and then you can replace it a little bit by the bar putting the meds above the bar um if there is no like it is there is no okay forgot some second one second thing you can do is uh just imagine some leading stuff in two elements for example if you do like uh uh you know street fighter palm spin yeah you know a pound spin if you do this on the bar just you can do this on the some bench you can do this everywhere on the soft cover on that place where you don't be injured for me is better but some people uh are not scared they just like try elements uh in that in that way which it will be final so that's that's cool but that it's very risky you can make many injuries after this did you have any body sorry injuries yeah because your body are is not prepared for this element you didn't be in this position you didn't know this position uh for example spinning and it can be like unpredictable for you for yourself and it can be it can lead on for injuries okay did you have any injuries during your street workout journey i think that only some some bruises some stretch of my joints only this only these injuries are uh are always with me but uh some serious ones i don't have only like uh i have the cut here after the backflip i did a backflip from a fence and uh i didn't jump back i just like hurt by my head and that's only one serious uh serious uh injury but now i feel great yeah okay okay and your wrist reps really save our wrists oh nice yeah i usually use them really and i like that you can you can choose uh the tension there like doing like this that's true like that's what a lot of people don't know about these wrist wraps is that you can turn them to make them harder or uh like uh without yeah with less support so during a handstand you need more movement and less support and so you can yeah yeah um what what advice would you give to to um a beginner like let's say what advice would you give yourself uh three back three years back now i have one uh general advice like uh in case of uh a career calisthenics carrier yeah for example maybe somebody some people like convinced that they will be a coach if some young people are in school now and they didn't make a choice yet so for them i want to say that they should choose some medicine direction yeah and therefore they can combine their coaching stuff very uh very effective so i'm engineer that's the bullshit no it's it's can't be combined uh seven years i was like in two directions two opposite directions uh for me it was difficult to make something like reasonative these both ways so it's the first like uh how to see this advice it is the first advice advice the second one um some people uh forgot to do basics they don't do basics and they therefore get some injuries trying some difficult elements for example they do 360 and they catch that bar like this and their shoulders are pain really much some people say me that vladimir my grip is not so hard how i can uh improve this and they sent me the video of 360. so they catch the bar like this and i say that it is problem not in the grip the problem is in your 360 in your physics and and something else uh it's the second one advice um the third advice is about risk uh you have to make a good balance between the risk uh between something like uh your convince that you can do usually when you are convinced that you can do you feel like heartbeat when you really have a big fear your heart is not beating like you know your body is far not prepared for this so you have to feel your body and don't do something for your like friends you know some friends say that uh just do go go they will encourage you but they don't want they don't believe you and don't take big risk that's third advice i don't know about maybe four maybe three will be enough three is already really good okay i think that's maybe now it's you know uh how does your nutrition look like how do you eat to stay healthy and strong uh i just like to eat some healthy foods um for me it is really easy to get extra weight like um to be like to be more fit to be more like to be more feet in muscles for me it's really easy to become high in bass yes so uh i usually like uh running i'm usually like some active sports when i can get rid of my extra fat and my goal in nutrition is to consume less harmful and very energetical food so i try to get rid of this but in the other hand i know that it's difficult to live without it once upon a time before the poland competition i tried to do one experience with sugar so i just tried to get rid of this uh so some yogurt some products which contain sugar i just got rid of this and uh after one week i felt myself very very uh good but i don't know um if it is only one way to feel like this i think that now i can feel myself in the same condition consuming sugar so i don't want to say people like just like it is only why it is the only right way and get rid of sugar no it just was my experience i am not vegan i am not vegetarian in the for me food is like a source of something pleasant i forgot the word joy and like yeah yeah enjoy it and enjoy this yeah and we are athletes in sweet workout it's like uh we don't have to count all calories we don't have to um to be very patient about our body about like milligrams of something so we are quite we have a freedom here more than uh some people who build their body and uh who have the first uh reason another reason the first purpose is like to build yourself buddy no i don't have this okay get it um like what what is your goal for for this year uh what are your goals sports and maybe private life for me now the first goal is to develop my project workout show i really want to make more spectacular events um and uh before that i was in university so it was difficult me to me to to work in this project so we have just like some show programs uh by source of inviting other people uh us but now i want to work on uh like on uh how to cities on uh invitation from me we only had some uh invitations from others yes like just we didn't do nothing here we only just was waiting for some uh commercial requirements here but now i want to do it's to do this work by myself and i think that it will will improve this project and then i want to continue my coaching my coaching process and i really want to improve my knowledges there in the future i want to be in a sphere of rehabilitability so because for me being just a coach it will be quite boring when i will face with plato for example when you are stuck in this routine it's really boring and when you don't learn something new you will uh it will be it will be boring okay like this so it is my plans maybe after some parenting if i will know about the situation maybe i will do some workshop like needle and i did once something dynamics workshop nice i bet people can can learn quite some crazy moves from you in dynamics oh thank you if there is some dimension in germany you can say yeah like i think people would love to like in germany dynamics are not that big so uh basically in germany the people are doing a lot of street lifting weight calisthenics and reps but there are still like some some freestyle hotspots like frankfort they're like uh flying co-rush uh la twist um so there are quite some uh some dynamics athletes but um yeah why not i like the idea um what animal do you prefer dogs or cats dogs dogs dogs that's a good question and you uh i prefer dogs i think just like you wanted to say cats but after me yeah i wanted to no what what is your favorite food is it burger or pizza oh that that's the most difficult question i don't know like it's like what you prefer most mother or father okay it's about that um maybe maybe maybe maybe a good comparison maybe pizza maybe pizza italian italian people yeah nice okay um what was your best location ever for holidays for holidays hmm uh america the state connecticut yeah i was in the competition there yeah well i think yes what competition was it it was uh there is uh some small collective uh bar junkies and the state connecticut is really not full of for athletes i think that all america is like the calisthenics there is not very improved um i was invited in 2016 and i took the first place there uh against paulo bolo maybe you know him yeah yes he is now in the brooklyn zoo he trained there much good guy who won the battle at me congrats nice um who is your favorite calisthenics athlete do you have a hero do you have a list of your top three athletes that you follow i don't have some heroes but i know that i really like to see always malnik everybody loves them because he is very very very uh spectacular person uh all what he do what he does is uh he's like a cool drop uh it's like uh you know uh you have less information and then it less than more value of this information like we can see that manlink is not uh like blogger he make drops really seldom but very very good and i like really dan rosenberg tom rosenberg i like their character manly character of course everybody loves license in russia in russia ah in ukraine ukraine war uh kiril karaboot uh zawaski uh i think that ukraine is full of beasts like i don't know maybe they have better genetics than russians i don't know in russia it's really difficult yes in russian it's really difficult because some people athletes in russia can be very good at this but they will be very bad bloggers so they can do but they can't show okay i think that now i can't remember some other person but it can be up from germany uh oh shit i forgot his name i mean he do crazy stuff uh in one gym some dynamics you maybe you may saw him uh damn i'm really um i forgot his name in a gym a german guy buying cora la twist uh one one no okay we'll like just like forgot forget it forget this okay just forget it i'm just like i feel sorry for the german guy if he doesn't get mentioned because apparently there are so so few dynamics guys but if you remember this guy send it to me and we will put it in the description and we will reward everybody who listened to the interview until now it's uh yes he can look it up and yeah oh in russia we have uh some new direction of the street workout is freestyle bar so my nickname consists from this yeah uh freestyle bar it is not dynamics it is like uh uh you know in breakdowns they're a power move when people do some tricks and they're dance they can dance they can make our moves so freestyle bar it's like dance with dynamics uh and uh in russia they're a very cool guy misha castilian mikhail castillon he is very very creative guy and even pasha bose i think that like yesterday posted him that pasha bose was inspired by him as a really good guy but he's not famous in uh abroad yes only in russia he's like famous a bit yeah okay nice let's switch to the next question do you have a favorite book favorite book for me i was quite interesting by reading shantaram it's about indian the prisoner was run out from the prison and they he explored to the india and there in this book in a beautiful way the author uh described about his life after yeah it's really cool but uh honestly i like to read some literature when i can receive some knowledges i i mostly like this but i can't mention some favorite there okay good but we will put your book into the description as well um the best calisthenics event you've ever been at finnish best calisthenics event good question it's like you know i have thousands flashbacks now in my mind okay in case how cool it was organized maybe i think that hong kong um world cup stage i was a judge there uh yes and i really like how season and kevin did this event how many small small particular some details details yet they just like they they they got them all yeah they it's like very experienced organizators nice sounds good um and then the last question but i already know the answer dynamics or statics what do you prefer aesthetics no no for me of course dynamics because it is interesting but sometimes i hate dynamics sometimes i really hate that because it is unpredictable sometimes you can sometimes you can't but all in all for for example after a big break in your training routine uh it is really easy to recover your dynamics it's more easy than statics statics require many continuously training yep okay so we're coming to an end of the interview already a big thank you to you how can people get in touch with you how can they ask you something where can they reach out to you of course in instagram i'm answer many people there yeah of course so all your social media channels will be also in the description your youtube channel your instagram channel yeah and we also had the question um when will you be active on youtube again uh so now i ended my university yes i have i had seven years a long break but now i will became a blogger so from this september i really will be more free for this so for nation videos also because that time the current team there the camp there is no there wasn't bars so it was really to make difficult to make a good content because i don't like to make a bad content i have to i have some a level inside my mind which i have to be more higher than this level i don't i don't like to make some bullshit sorry yeah okay good so everyone looking for your social media channels in the description from this september from this september yeah nice that's good and uh yeah thanks for your time thanks to everyone listening to this till the end it's already like still a long interview and i want to say thank you to everyone listening to this till the end thanks for taking this time and also thanks to you vladimir for taking uh the time for this interview and before you can end this episode and say goodbye to the people i want to say goodbye and say if you want to let this series continue comment down below who should be interviewed next and rate this episode give it a thumbs up give it a subscribe whatever you want and now vladimir you can end the episode thank you thank you much for invitation and a cool conversation bro uh i hope some someday we will meet together somewhere yes