Today's guest is a calisthenics trainer and former member of THENX, the founder of Saturno Movement Gabriele "Gabo" Saturno. We're talking about advices to progress faster, his training and nutrition and how drugs influenced his life. | GABO SATURNO | Drugs, THENX, Training & Nutrition | Interview

September 10, 2020 43 min read

GABO SATURNO | Drugs, THENX, Training & Nutrition | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #22


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 why did you leave thenx yo gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by gornation my name is phil and today's guest is somebody from far away somebody i'm really happy to talk to you and i'm going to introduce you as a calisthenics and yoga expert as a as a mobility and hand balancing beast and the the founder of saturn movement i'm happy to have you here that was artuno from the us welcome thank you so much for having me brother it's truly an honor super pleasure awesome so yeah we finally met and we finally got a get a meeting here and yeah to kick off how do you present yourself how do you present yourself to somebody who doesn't know you first of all i i hate labels in a way like even though we need to use it in terms to communicate and to get along with each other like what do you do so i'm a calisthenics coach i guess and i'm a yoga instructor as well um but i like to present myself as just a human that loves movements love anything related to psychology and to just human optimization and that's it i'm the founder of saturn movement if that helps which is a online fitness platform that teaches you calisthenics and yoga i've been doing calisthenics and yoga for six years now and i'm just another soul another human trying to be the best that i can nice sounds really good and yeah i already feel the mindset that you have some hard facts like where are you born how old are you i am 28 years old i was born in caracas venezuela i moved to miami after venezuela at 17 i moved to canada for one year to study english then after canada i was going to go back to venezuela and study but leaving the country venezuela was in a very bad place i don't know at the moment it's still worse right now but when i went to canada i said no like there is so much opportunity out there that even if i don't come to canada because it's super super cold even though i love the call at that moment i said i'm going somewhere else so i went back to venezuela for a couple months when i was 18 years old and then i left to miami when i was 18 almost 19 years old and i've been here uh almost 10 years i was gonna say seven years it's been almost 10 years and i'm 28 years old that's it nice and how did you get in touch with uh calisthenics what what sport did you do before um or like i think i guess it was through yoga but uh yeah actually i cannot remember if i saw yoga before calisthenics because i remember being both of them exactly the same thing at the same time i remember yoga was introduced by one of my ex-ex-girlfriends who was in yoga and i wanted to do yoga just because of the headstand i want to get a headstand then after a couple weeks i realized how powerful it was and i was suffering from very very severe chronic anxiety which we can talk later so yoga was like okay this might help me which it clearly did and calisthenics i saw a video from you know big brandon carter yes yes yeah which is not in the calisthenics field at all but in his intro his youtube intro and i was super into fitness like elliot holt and kim was my biggest mentor at that moment so he saw a video doing him lc2 handstand and i said i have to do that so i was doing weight lifting i've been doing weight differences i was 15 years old and at that moment i just wanted to switch things up so i saw yoga from my ex girlfriend i saw calisthenics and i said okay let's try both let's begin using my own body weight and i began incorporating the three of them so i keep kept doing weight lifting i began doing yoga on my backyard and even doing calisthenics in a park interesting it's the first time that i ever hear somebody else saying that he knows big brandon carter because i always thought i'm the only one who watched his videos because i still remember like when he recommended a lot of his favorite books and he talked a lot a lot also about books and i ordered all of them and read all of them because he also was a big inspiration for me that's that's nice to hear yeah it's funny like i didn't i didn't come to calisthenics people like what was your biggest inspiration and it's it's not a calisthenics athlete it's like it was somebody from the fitness industry they might be going to know other people and stuff okay crazy um so yeah like what was your journey how did you begin uh how how long did it take to get the headstand and from there where did it lead you so at that moment i i asked myself okay so should i go to a yoga studio or should i make it my personal practice or should i contact a calisthenics coach or should i make in my personal practice and so i googled calisthenics coach in miami uh chris area was the first one that took out the only one there and and then yoga i said i'm gonna make this my personal journey so i i was doing i did a 30 day yoga challenge on youtube on my backyard every single day that's how i got cooked into yoga and actually two years ago i did a 10 days of a challenge on my channel because i wanted to share how i actually got into yoga so we're going to do yoga alone and i'm 80 self-taught i probably have attended to 20 or 30 year classes in total in mental life and in calisthenics i contacted chris heria and i went to his first gym on doral what's called a calisthenics evolution with his business partner claudio jannotti i did a couple personal sessions with him then they closed the gym for reasons that i quite don't remember honestly and then he opened another gym calisthenics academy and i was still with him and then i began working with him for him at that at that gym and i had no idea that i wanted to become a coach i just loved the environment everything and at that moment i told him i cannot keep affording the calisthenics classes but maybe i can stay here and help you out so i began teaching classes on the gym then he closed that gym he opened phoenix and i kept working for him at 10x and that's it i kept my yoga practice very separate very personal i attended to some studios some workshops but i kept it very separately and i kept doing calisthenics uh thenx until that doesn't happen anymore yeah and like when you um nice glass when you started uh calisthenics you said uh that you had uh some some uh physical issues uh what was this about uh physical or mental i didn't understand you uh when you said it uh anxiety uh okay ah okay so and basically chronic chronic anxiety because of substance abuse in my 20s i went you know ultra ultra music festival no well you know the dj festivals yeah of course yeah where everyone takes a bunch of drugs and stuff that was me in the first row fucking pairing like crazy let's go drinking taking a bunch of pills and that led me to a very wrong or not wrong very a path that was not serving me at that moment i hit really rock bottom like super super rock bottom and then is when i began getting more into this i was always a spiritual person within but that was like the heat that okay i have to meditate or i needed to meditate i had to do yoga i had to walk every day just to be functional per se so yoga and calisthenics together literally transform my mind i'm still i would consider myself an anxious person but i don't see myself now as an anxiety i just see it i'm just hyperactive i love to talk and now i know how to catalyze that energy or how to release that energy whether it is through yoga calisthenics or meditation now physical limitations i had 40 plus dislocations on both of my shoulders so they're very very instable and they're like super super mobile as you can see and that was from the weightlifting a lot of internal rotation a lot of bench pressing a lot of upright rows like exercises that you shouldn't be doing that i was doing and then on calisthenics i wouldn't say it heal because when i began calisthenics and when i began yoga i didn't know any better i was not coach in a very good way so calisthenics kind of fucked up my shoulder a little bit more because freestyling like landing on the bar mindlessly without external rotating and really engaging the bar it was always popping out that would set me back to the gym for like a month until it healed again yoga my mistake was over stretching so we can get into how to avoid shoulder injury i'm like pretty experiencing that um now i mean my training is completely different i do not over stretch yoga i focus mostly on mobility functional movement calisthenics i do not freestyle i completely stop freestyling and i'm focusing mostly on your overall health and the static calls and concents and all that okay and like what are you what are your goals right now uh what else stuff that you are working on so it's really hard to set up goals to be honest with saturn movement it's a membership side website where i had to put content content constantly and i like to do a like a good job and i do like 50 60 minute workout explanations like two in a single day like we filmed that so it's very hard to keep my training in sync with that now that was like last year i would say but now like i'm starting to like juggle things out a little bit better my current goals um i really want to get the mana but i haven't start training for it i'm just doing a couple visits a couple times a week and it's getting a little bit higher a little bit higher a little bit higher and the reason i'm not training for the money is because i really really want to get the plunge and the front lever which has been my two nemesis and the two moves that especially the front lever or lever or however it's pronounced and the planche comes easier to me the front lever comes harder just because i don't have that much pulling strength and also because of my shoulder injury both of the movements i'll i would i would say that i haven't gotten them because one consistency but second second my shoulder injury i didn't know any better and i was just training yeah let's do a straddle planche but i also have winging scapula we can get into all those details if you want but my main goals right now it's i'm releasing the basics on building a stronger foundation and getting to know my body even like with everything that i know now it's like then i was fucking up before like so much so i'm trying to make things right from the beginning but my main goals are climbs front lever um those two um i'm middle split when it comes to mobility i'm obviously still training handstands still training basic movements but i'm really trying to narrow it down because i realize that when i go too broad i don't get shit done okay we've all experienced that pressure yeah that's true uh what i found quite exp impressive is um like when when people see you and when i see you on social media you're like an athlete uh in the game for for a lot like for a long time now and uh and in your last post or in your last post you you took some steps back uh you did some like beginner exercise let's call them and for me it was impressive to say because uh usually the people that i follow and i know don't share stuff like that and that's something it was scary to follow and for me it's like um it's really impressive to see that because um a lot of people don't do that because of like let's say ego because they think our people are not interested in that uh why do you share this journey even though it's not the wow content so i said it was scary because i mean there are two i see it as two things over there one is ego clearly it's like i don't want people or people don't want others to see that you're stepping back and that you cannot plant your phone like people still say how did you get the plant so perfect i'm like i cannot plant at the moment maybe because an old video that i i could plant in the past but it's like people don't want to put themselves like i cannot do this anymore or i i don't have this level that people look up to me like like that so it's it's a journey and that that's not hard for me because i like to present myself just as i am and yes i've been in the game for a long time i can do impressive stuff with my body but there are some things that i cannot do and i like to share that also to make people more relatable and to place the truth because sometimes i don't have instagram posts because i'm not punching or i'm not doing anything impressive so what i'm going to share i'm going to share whatever whatever the heck i'm doing and i'm doing planks i'm doing hollow bodies i'm doing side planks and i'm doing planche sleeves and that is the ego part but the other part that is the one that concerns me the more more a little bit is the business side of it which can be tricky if you share that mindlessly and you're not mindfully sharing value because then i share because it's gonna add value to a lot of people even though people saw us from being a high elite athlete most of the people that follow us are beginners so they are really really gonna benefit from those posts and even advanced athletes are gonna say then this guy who's famous or whatever he's sharing that there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics but business side i see how he can conflict a little bit that just a 18 years old kid that one kid or team whatever that wants to get the plunge if he doesn't see planche post from me he might not buy my program he might buy anybody else's program so i went through those ego and business side and i said you know what fuck it like like this is me i know i'm gonna get the plank very soon like i already got it i i know where i'm going and maybe my social media can step can have a dip because i'm sharing i'm not sharing advanced movements but i know i will and if i don't and it's been a i'm not gonna say it has been easy because it's been a battle because sometimes you just want to say i right now i have gold first elbow if i cannot do pull-ups and stopping doing pull-ups it might mean that my pulling strength goes lower so i cannot show pull ups which you know how it goes so it's been a battle but i realized that the more honest with myself i am and the more truthful i am with my audience the better they're going to relate to me and once they see me and once they see actually that i got an advanced movement they like then it doesn't came easy to him so that's something i like i like to relate with my audience more than they see me as this god or coach or whatever an alien even though my name my last name is saturn i might be i might be an alien is it but it is your real name right it is yeah it is my last name yeah okay nice um yeah and it's like um people love to get on the journey of an athlete nobody like of course it's impressive to see somebody doing uh i don't know like a straddle planche um but to uh the the athletes or the people who take their community on the journey going there and show them step by step or there is a failure or there was a success like this is how you build a relationship with with your community and that's um i think what people appreciate about your content is that it's it's like it's real and uh you even show the stuff that is not uh like that won't go viral because it's like the craziest uh move or something but it's it's honest i appreciate it brother appreciate it nice um let's jump into your day uh what does your typical day look like do you have a routine for the morning i do currently i'm doing a certificate for being a yoga instructor because i'm just a job instructor without certificate and even though i don't believe in that a paper should showcase whatever you are teaching and i just wanted to do it for the experience i'm doing an intensive six week online yoga teacher training at the moment plus the business plus getting married yeah thank you and so my morning routine at the moment i wake up 5 30 6 a.m i go for a walk where i listen to some yoga books that i need to read and then i come back and i studied a little bit more yoga then i do my yoga practice around seven to eight am then at nine i head over to the studio i work out at 10 to 11 am two to three hours until 12 1 p.m i haven't eaten anything at this moment just coffee just water yeah i fast most days and then i have a small meal like a kind of a lunch or a protein shake around to three pm still that's at the studio with our films and content with uh work on business related stuff we either keep moving we either plan future videos with a record for academy for youtube anything business related related until 5 pm i head back home i cook some meal and i enjoy night with my girl a woman my woman now nice well i do some movement i do some movements around four or five at the studio and i do have an hour of unbalancing then when i come back and i'm preparing meal i might do another yoga session or another hand balancing session let me throw that in there it's around i counter is like around five to six hours of movement throughout the day without counting them the time that i do this or that i stretch okay in an interview or something and movement is also taking a walk uh in the morning or something yes yes that completely recharges me nice well that's a typical day obviously we'll be living through very erratic times chronological stuff and so that's now that we're coming back to the gym but before that i was staying home all day i would move every single second or i would go for a walk like three or four walks or if you follow me on instagram i do like four or five lives like two lives every single day sometimes and because i need that i need to get out i need the sun to wipe me up and the movement do you count your steps uh that you do per day i've never counted my stuff i don't have any watch that counts that i don't know my heart applications and i don't do it for fat loss at all and i don't even walk fast it's like a brief walk and i don't joke either i used to sprint when i was very serious in like aesthetic physique type of thing and but i just walked for mental benefit to begin okay cool and your workout schedule let's uh let's go through this one per week do you split your your workout days uh is yoga exercise over every day the same or like let's go into depth into okay let's get in depth into workouts okay so uh let's say that five months ago i never locked my workouts or planned my workouts or tracked my workout i had an idea yes pull push leg pull push left but i was just doing whatever i felt that day recently like three months ago i said you know what i'm gonna lock everything rpe which is rate of perceived exertion basically from one to ten you do a set and you say eight that means that you have two reps left in the tank so basically you're logging your reps and you're logging how hard the set was your resting time everything because i wanted to see that week by week progress and it's been amazing it's i mean it takes a lot of time to like write it down so i've been like creating some templates on the computer and stuff but anyways my current one i am experimenting with one single workout which is a full body upper body focus so not too much legs so pull push targeted towards the flange and front lever monday i do the same on wednesday and i do the same on friday now on wednesday i go a little bit higher intensity on the exercises and lower rep range so let's say on monday do hands and push-ups against the wall on the floor and then on wednesday i do hands-on push-ups on the part that's a deeper range of motion so i might do five sets of ten on monday and i may do five sets of five on wednesday so more certain focus more endurance focus so i'm doing that monday wednesdays and fridays because that really work that schedule full body or upper body a little bit less at the end if i have energy that really work a last about a year and a half when i got for the first time ever my front lever and my a good good straddle plunge in a shitty pool planche and so it worked until i got married and i completely throw my training out of the window so i'm basically repeating that but obviously way more conscious way more in tune with what i'm doing and trying to log everything now tuesdays and thursdays i do either a hand balancing session or a yoga session or just active rest depending on how i feel so hard hard and the middle unbalancing and yoga it's i try to for example if i'm this is not at the moment but if i'm doing like a pulling session uh one day i will do it back then the routine on the same day which is back extension you're working the same muscles of basically pulling and if i'm doing a pushing routine i would do a forward folding session on yoga right now i'll just do like full body mobility or i'll work on my middle splits or i'll do mostly hip opening focus which is one of the things that the areas of flexibility that i'm most limited in and that's it any specific questions that you wanna ask i'm open to say um yeah only the reason um the focus on legs is not there because it doesn't it's not fun to you it doesn't meet your goals honestly it's because i don't have the energy to do it especially at the moment with this yoga teacher training and we're doing a look like the teacher that is teaching me doing a lot of legs a lot of like squats lunges and stuff so i truly do not have the energy now if i were not doing yoga at all i would definitely incorporate a legs either on tuesdays and friday and thursdays like on those between days or i'll add one leg exercise at the end of the pull pull session and they'll be either reverse hyper extensions natural leg extensions nordic curls and those are my three goals too for calisthenics skills okay cool um the question that i like to ask is do you have three advices uh to someone like to the people who do calisthenics um some stuff that they should do to progress faster maybe it's daily habits maybe it's uh some some mistakes they make in their training that they could avoid etc there are so many i actually share five things i wish i knew before sign calisthenics on instagram so i'm trying to remember those but i won't try to remember i just want i'm just gonna say the first three that comes to my mind first one is the most basic one which is basics like really really master the basics and some people see basics and i'm trying to explain this a little bit more to my audience they see basics as pull-ups dips and push-ups those are basics but doors are not truly truly that basic like if you get somebody that has never done calisthenics and you make them do regular push-ups that's not basic for them for them it's like literally plank hollow body holes uh like side planks like bird dogs like very very basic exercise like teach your body what protraction is before you get into hollow body push-ups and teach your body what retraction is before you grab a bar and you try to do a high pull-up and pull it as high as you possibly can so really really understand the movements and get very very good at them like i i didn't do that i was like okay i can do 12 pull-ups for four sets that's enough no that's a bodybuilding style type of thing if you really want to get a if you want to be a beast on the front lever get at least 20 pull-ups like 20 good pull-ups and i'm not saying that to get a phone level you need 20 pull-ups or that you cannot get a front lever if you don't have pull-ups but it's i it's way smarter that you spend time on pull-ups and then you work on your straight and pulling strength then you only hold your top front lever for five seconds and you can only do eight pull-ups you might progress but first you're gonna process it slowly second your chances of getting injured are super super super high you might not notice it at all but tendonitis it's super clear if your lats and your rhomboids are not strong to pull yourself your body is going to take it from here it happened to me and then you've got gold first of all and the same with chinese elbows and all type of injuries anyway so that's the number one really really master the basics more than you think way more than you think um second one know your goals for sure be really really clear on your goals know where you're going after and have shorter goals so you can keep the motivation going also have very long-term goals but do not expect to get here super super fast so you have a plan as a goal know that you need to go through the steps do your research so it's a bunch of tips in one so be clear on your goals and see other people that has gotten there ask for their advice and obviously experiment with yourself and get to a conclusion you're gonna get to many conclusions as you go and your goals might change but stick to one goal and stick to one method that's another tip i'll jump to that later uh be clear on your goals and just follow through it and focus on the basics if your goal is to plunge and you're gonna do a plank with a whole position for 30 seconds because your wrists are hurting do not going to clench lean yet spend time on plank spend time warming up your wrists get conditioned on your wrists and on the joints before you get into those so to to fall be clear on your goals and be patient with those goals third one and there are two a school of thoughts we have the people that do a different workout every single day every single day what should i do okay today's shoulder so i'm gonna do a shoulder prayer and every single workout is a different workout like they just like to different workouts nothing wrong with that but i'm just gonna explain why and then you have the other people who select one workout they do that workout for their entire life they don't change anything they don't do anything and they okay you might be increasing your reps but your body is smarter than that you can increase rep which is healing your progression to a certain point but then you're gonna have to do something you're gonna have to either include a full body workout here and there you might have to do a heavy light weight you might have to do a deal a program deal a week so we have the people that are monkey workouts and we have the people that do the same thing over and over forever i like to advise people to be in the middle which is intermediate and intermittent constant intermittent constant basically so you do something constantly for a period of time and then you should you switch it up but you take notes you observe but you don't change things that often like constant variety will lead you to just getting good at constant variety if you it depends obviously on your goals if you're just training just solely for the sake of having fun by any means go ahead and do whatever you like on every single workout but if your goal is to get from five pull-ups to 25 pull-ups and you're just doing random workouts and random pulling grip strength and stuff you it's gonna take you longer to get there i'm not saying you won't get there because i i was there doing different workouts every single day but i got to a place that i wanted i didn't want to be i wanted the client on the front lever and obviously you don't get the plantain from level doing random workouts i mean you don't unless you are also all the lugonis who knows so those are my three advice okay clear one so let's basically 20 in one but 20 and three but uh yeah that's uh i i tend to do that i'd say like uh my youtube videos is like top five exercises for the calisthenics skills and i literally give you like 30 exercises because of the variations and the modifications i do believe we are all different and and in saturday moving i really really emphasize that that we are all completely different so if you see my programs you will never see pull-ups 10 reps you will see pull-ups 8 to 15 then you have a decrease intensity you have an increase intensity you have modifications if you don't have a pull-up bar you have modifications if you have elbow pain like i really pay attention to that because we are completely different and we need to take that into consideration that's interesting because most of the workout plans out there are like uh pull-ups 10 to 12 reps just like not even that 12 reps and that's it yeah do that exactly and and they work because if most people they don't get to 12 they they're gonna repeat the workout and they might eventually get to twelve but i like to teach if you have eight to twelve and you can only do six you you can either complete with negative you can either complete with bands you can either rest pause you can either jump into australian pull-ups like there's so many methods that i i don't only want to get people from point a to point b but i wanna teach them how they got from point a to point b so why are you using negatives instead of bands in this specific cycle and why would you use the negative with a deeper range of motion in this specific cycle i like to teach that which is it's confusing it's confusing to teach and to put everything to a single program and for everyone but that's i would say that's my mission when it comes to calisthenics okay but your focus is really on on the the workout side do you also give advice for nutrition the nutrition section so the estimate of the saturated academy is it has yoga calisthenics and balancing a bunch of stuff before launching i said that i was going to be a nutrition section in there i still haven't opened the nutrition section er for one big reason is a huge topic to be honest uh that i still don't know how to how do i want to present it well if i want to go over the basics that's why yesterday on my instagram i asked ask me anything about nutrition and i'm gonna start with a youtube video because i don't even have one single youtube video on nutrition and ego aside i know a shit ton about nutrition that i can't share but it's a huge topic that i'm like okay some are vegan some more keto somewhere here how do i package it in a way that this is a template you can modify it to your level this is what works for me like i'm still figuring out how to put it so no we don't have nutrition yet but we have a community and they post their their meals and stuff and we comment to each other okay and how does your nutrition look like my nutrition i fast most days um until 2 or 3 p.m which is my first meal so i have a small meal 2 or 3 p.m then i have either a snack around 5 6 pm and then i get my biggest meal around 7 to 8 p.m that's most days other days very rare i have breakfast i have breakfast lunch snack and dinner and other days i do all math or one meal a day so i don't eat throughout the entire day basically 24 hour fast and i have a big meal at night when it comes to carbs proteins and fats and mostly high fats so i did keto i don't feel familiar with keto yeah oh let's do that let's explain like let's explain it shortly for the people yeah so keto is a type of diet where you cut carbs out of the part of your diet it's it's set for vegetables so it starts your carbs like rice potatoes pasta you cut that out and your body is going to go through a transitional period where it's going to be like fuck because you've been eating carbs for so long is your energy fuel and now you don't have that energy fuel and but then your body begins to adapt and begins to use fat as a source of energy and it begins producing keto ketones that's the name ketosis in your brain which is a different type of food a fuel and you get hunger less uh your mood is more stable your energy is much more stable it has some amazing especially mental benefits it really helped me a lot with anxiety it cures epilepsy there are some studies in there like it's an immense amazing diet for mental benefits so he did it for one year but it has a downside which is uh for a anaerobic exercise or like high intensity exercise we do need not carbs but we do need glucose so your body can produce glucose on its own without having carbs but there is a limit that your body produces and if you want to get 10 pull ups 20 muscle ups and then 30 straight bar dips and then come back into a front lever you need some type of glucose so i did it for one year i thought adapted my i was feeling amazing i could run forever like your endurance goes up but my strength plateau completely so then is when i began incorporating a carbs on certain days and that's what i do today so i do mostly keto on most days and i would say i do twice a week i eat carbs a little bit of carbs which my refeed my might seem like half the carbs of what the regular person eats on a daily basis so i like my first meal a little bit of rice second meal a little bit of sweet potato that's enough carbs for me for two to three days of workouts well and i don't like how i feel when i carbs like mentally that much but it gives me that energy to work out so it's that balance between one another i think i'm gonna do keto when i'm older like super old uh that i just wanna tightly cycling and do handstands because for hansen it's good it's endurance base it you can i did it perfectly but to do pull-ups way to pull up where it beeps you need some sort of carbs at least in my personal opinion i've known some athletes that do weight training they're huge and and they do keto and they kill advocates but i mean i don't know i'm ecstatic or if they're thinking something or not okay and uh what is your like uh do you eat dairy products do you eat vegan vegetarian uh okay so i'm not vegan or vegetarian yet i i would like to try it and and i'm not vegan not because i love meat but just because i it hasn't occurred me to try it and also because vegan is if you want to do vegan it should be or a a fun vegan diet will incorporate carbs you can do vegan and keto but that will suck so much because the dependent like the good thing about keto is that you have like bacon you have meat i eat very good meat that high quality meat and like once a week you have fish you have eggs so that is a fun part of keto if i take that away and i just eat oils and salad i would go crazy so that is one of the main reasons i don't do vegan is because of the carb thing but i also know that i also run well in carbs so i might try it once but deviating a lot i'm not vegan or vegetarian so mostly ketogenic food meat once a week mostly fish for my protein sources lots of vegetables so my plate would be a source of protein a lot of vegetables and healthy fats like avocado olive oil mct oil it's a different type of oil coconut oil and that's it mostly fish dairy let me know coming up dairy that's my weak spot like i love cheese it's like it's so hard to give up like if i have to if i have cheese on my house two things will happen one i'm gonna eat it all second if you see a youtube video two days after that i won't have a six-pack really yeah is that bad i'm the person who cannot eat that little bit of cheese nuts is another one that is super healthy to have a handful like if you go to our ancestors nuts is that you pick it up on a tree you open it it's one knot now we have those big jars especially here in the usa and you're sitting down watching netflix let's go that's like the the pack is like 10 000 calories something like that so those are like my guilty pleasures i would say um but i do my best to stay away from dairy and meat like once a week and it has to be grass-fed organic grass finish and all that well okay interesting because like you see or i see a lot of people who are like um really living a conscious life and you're thinking about this stuff like uh it comes with yoga it comes with even calisthenics uh nowadays so yeah i was just interested in and your opinion on that uh like on the on the on the uh physical side but also on your um yeah on your mental side so yeah that's interesting so in the spiritual side so it's sort of interrupt you would be if i go vegan it would be only because of that because i feel amazing eating meat and eating fish i might feel better i don't know i haven't tried so i don't know but if i choose to go vegan or try vegan which i might at least try so i can also teach it and it will be for the moral reasons because i do believe that we need to take care of the planet and so forth so even though grass-fed meat they treat good the cows and it's a small farm and everything i think we are going to survive better as a species if we eat plants no that's some more geological stuff okay nice so um we asked the instagram community some questions and we received some of them i picked out the the best ones and uh we can just dive in with the first one from uh kalis um khalis b bg or b9 uh why did you leave thenx you know nobody has ever asked me that before really so i said it in a couple interviews and i'll say here again that i don't like to talk about that topic because people like love drama and that can bring complications both for the thenx brand and both for saturn movement brand and i didn't leave thenx so it was not my choice they decided me for me not to be there any longer and and that's it i just like to keep it up there i don't have hate at all i mean i don't have hate about anybody in this world but i don't have hate towards anybody in the fx crew and and we are just in separate lanes so let's just keep that on okay good um i am jero is asking what is your best memory in life until now best memory yes a psychedelic trip really 100 yeah like i don't know if you have tried ever psychological or not no you look like a very like guy right but yeah everybody anybody that has i mean you can put it in the comment section anybody that has taken psychedelics either magic mushrooms or lsd and have had a positive experience because you could have a horrible experience it'll still be a memory but maybe not the best but anybody that has experimented with them in a safe manner and the intention for me is super important like i do it for spiritual reasons but i've done it for spiritual reasons um it's a beautiful experience it's just i mean you're kind of you are one with the entire universe and even though i've got into that estate meditating alone it's a very similar experience uh you cannot compare apples to i mean even though it's supposed to apples but this one this apple is like a magic so yeah you feel connected with entire world there is no hate within you you are completely present the lights around you obviously hallucinations are part of it but it's mostly a feeling of peace and if i want to throw that in there i'm not recommending anybody here to take psychedelics but it truly helped me a lot with my anxiety it truly made me see my life in a different way it made me saw my anxiety from a different perspective what was causing it and and also i was after a bad trip for a whole very scary trip you realize that social anxiety or just anxiety in general is nothing because you i literally felt like i died like it's called ego death like you you forget your name you forget your where you are your surroundings disappear you're just entering to this loop that you die and when once you accept you're deaf it's like there is nothing else that can scare you i'm still get scared a lot of stuff but it was definitely a transformative experience so not saying that you should go especially if you are under 18 or under 21 please don't please do your research but if you're going to drink alcohol or say psychedelics i would i'll take psychedelics at least you're not fucking up your kidney i didn't expect that to come back in this interview but actually yeah you can put that in the title me neither i didn't expect this one i i expected some some nice stuff from your childhood or something but um you never know yeah you never know yeah but thanks for sharing so um yeah everybody can make his own thoughts on this we'll see um carissi sw is asking um can you do the mana um let's let's uh reformulate this question do you have a like a date where you think you will be able to do it um yeah let's 100 and it's funny because people ask me like do you have the mana he's like if i had the mana um like i mean i would but you'll see somewhere in my feet you would see a mana the same with the flange and no so i cannot mana i definitely i knew that i would train for it and that would include two to three sessions dedicated to the manner which if i throw that with the plankton front lever forget it but when i do i know that in six months to the very max i would get the mana so definitely happening definitely before i turn 30 so definitely before two years let me get the planche the front lever and then i'll jump into the money but i'll get it for sure it comes easy to me it's one of those like planting from level i'm really struggling to get there the visit i didn't really train directly to the visit i just did a lot of hamstring flexibility a lot of compression strength a lot of outfits and a lot of visit attempts and it happened it happened okay cool yeah well for many people it's the plans like it just happened i'm like how because i need to do a lot of plunge sleep and a lot of top planches in order to get there once again that's true that's uh what makes life interesting that everybody's different and everybody has different strengths and weaknesses and so yeah correct absolutely nice um e gucci is asking best way to planche and front lever best best way yes i'm gonna throw a tip planche really focus on your scapula and your serratus like you need to have a strong protraction and strong depression like you need to be locked in place so a lot of elbow planks a lot of plenty a lot of clients really get that position do not confuse a spinal flexion with protraction so have you seen those planches are like that yeah that is your flexing from your spine that's a compensation of lack of a scapular strength a plan should be right here so you should be straight your shoulders are forward but you are not facing so the best way to planche neutral spine shoulders protracted shoulders depressed hips open at 180 degrees so full hip extension any posterior pelvic tilt for however the same exact thing as everything i mentioned especially in the lower body uh your scapula retracted and depressed so retracted you aim for retraction but obviously gravity is going to do its work and you might end up in neutral so instead of retracting protractor on neutral always depress but just look for the movement that you feel your lats the most and the best advice for front lever is eat pull-ups and eat dragon flaps that's how i got my front lever while a while back i was doing 30 pull-ups right now i probably can do 12 because of my golfer's elbow so become a beast on pull-ups and become a beast in dragon dragonflies and the front lever is yours okay maybe they need to do a couple negatives and stuff yeah but sounds like a plan okay um karipov is asking what's your maximum l-sit hold it um yeah i i did a pose actually but it was it was it wasn't a youtube video it was a cut from a youtube video that i did for my challenge i held it for 35 seconds however i'm pretty confident that i can get to a minute no problem with our problem okay now there are two different type of l-sits or well there are many type of l-sits but the l-sit that i do is with a protractor scapula right here because i got a lot of flexibility so it's way easier to do if you count the lcd which is right here 10 seconds 15 seconds which is without retracted scapula and like you're a little in l shape so i don't know if you know the difference between those two but once requires more strength and where one requires more flexibility okay and the strength you're working on currently or is it uh like is it not a goal or yeah which one the the the one with the strength the strength uh l-sit and i don't include it i i mean i would include it whenever i'm i begin training for the mana because i know that i can hold the visit for i think my max was 27 seconds on 180 before dropping to be 480 yeah and i can and i cannot hold that lt for for that long because the the v6 is more of a compression i get some help with the balance it's not so much core and scapula strength but i would incorporate that lcd hole definitely on if i would training for the mana currently it's not one of my main goals so i just do a couple visits here and there okay cool um and i think the last question from the community from year year russia uh what is your favorite skill plunge plunge okay planche therefore definitely definitely definitely i i i don't wanna i don't wanna say it yet because it's been taking me so long but i'm going to become a plant beast but that's at least on my mind we'll see what happens and then we will play this interview in a couple years but that's that that that's skill that i have to die i cannot die without having and that's something that eric ortiz said in in an interview like and i cannot die without planting before when i listen to that i'm like that's that resonates so much i will not die until i planche before because and i say it's my favorite first of all because i just love the shape and i love everything about it but it's because i've been struggling so much i've gotten injured so much doing it wrong uh i've learned so much about my body and about like it unlocks so many things and that i just i got a pledge i will pledge keep it under keep it on the record today by september 6th nice i love the commitment that's good um yes so we are coming to an end i still have some some quick questions quick answers uh hopefully quickly hopefully yeah i know no that's good i knew that was gonna happen you probably have like this amount of questions like oh like these are my questions and we're like right here we can do part two we can do yes are you a dog or a cat person a cat cat because of the spiritual uh yes exactly because of that okay because i also love foreign and i could talk a lot about that but now let's go yeah just for the people who don't know like the cat is a really spiritual uh animal and uh wow that's why they say it's like it's like a spiritual being or something yeah it's like i mean like it's like the most enlightened uh animal supposedly okay nice um do you prefer pizza or burger both okay that guy i mean i can't pizza pizza okay um do you have a favorite location for holidays anything that has a mountain a mountain okay mountain a mountain person well i love the beach too yeah as you can see i'm pretty between everything but i i love i love the mountain best yeah okay pizza and burger dogs and cats yeah everything okay so so california where you have the mountain on the beach okay i'll be my my best place nice um what would you work as what would change in your life if social media just disappeared what would change in my life is social media disappear everything everything not not too much hey i would say like i'm still being me and i will still find a way to share my knowledge but yeah you you we we all would have to really mention a the way that we express ourselves and how we reach other people so it'll change for sure but i'm a very adaptable person and enough planted that idea in my mind like what happened if instagram disappears tomorrow which in my humble opinion it will happen at some point maybe not in 2020 but maybe not 2021 but things are going to change we are living through a very sh entire global shift and social media is a huge part of it and huge corporations that control everybody here so i'm open to the possibility that it changes and i'm open to the opportunity that the entire world changes because we should we are not uh we're doing something wrong as humans yeah we can get into that we can get into that later but it's true like uh like a few years not a few years but a few weeks or months ago um another big social media platform just disappeared in the us um so with with tickets now yeah click to rv disappears already but i heard that he's going to get banged yeah yes so i don't know if that happened already i don't think so because i heard rumors that people still using it but most likely it's going to happen okay because i thought it's already gone in the u.s but uh yeah yeah i don't know so my advice for other people because that's that can be a scary thought when you have everything especially when you have everything on one platform yeah like i have instagram and i have youtube and i have facebook but facebook is from instagram so if they close instagram and fuck with facebook uh so if they close imagine you only have instagram and you have a million followers and they close it that can be a scary feeling because you're monetizing from it you're making money from you you're feeding your family from it so it can be a scary thought so i would recommend people use your page to really connect with humans in a different light do not put aside doing a workshop do not put aside getting in touch with humans but right now it's pretty hard with copied er but do not put all your eggs in one basket because it can go to waste that's true i like the saying that you you build a house on somebody else's ground you know with uh social media so you're building a big account which is the house but you're you don't own the ground so if they change or they shut down the uh the platform your your gun they even decide how many views and likes you get i like to compose a post i can post a post today and i see the difference like in going up and i post it at the same time or something or it's a good post and i'm like instagram is shadowing this one or instagram is putting this one on the explore page and it's going fucking viral to everywhere and so they decide that so and also do not put your that's the point number one do not put your happiness on social media because you are going to be unhappy as fuck like 100 like our brain doesn't understand you got 1 000 likes your brain understand yesterday i got 1 000 and today i got it's not that you get your body won't remember the 800 remember the difference of 200 that you had before and you will feel sad so always distancing yourself and knowing that you are not that piece of equipment or piece of platform that it is it's uh something to keep in mind true that's true um do you have a favorite calisthenics athlete do you have a hero or somebody or an idol or like that's big big words but do you have a favorite athlete favorite athlete everybody asks me that then i just admire like different things from everybody um i would just say that i want to do a planche that goes well lugonites for sure okay at least that easy so yeah i admired him a lot and i met him we were friends uh he's an amazing person and just seeing him do plunge call right away for 30 seconds and jump in like crazy as like dude like i admire you you are you are a fucking beast okay i would say him in the calisthenics world and of course our friend big brandon carter and of course him yeah nice um do you have a favorite book that you would recommend um let me go back to my first the first books i read a mastery i forgot who was a rhythm for but just mastery is black with yellow or something i would highly recommend that book and the motivational manifesto by brendon bukhart okay yeah for the people interested in that we will put the i i will look it up and put it in the description thank you so people can check uh the books of uh so yeah the first book that i read that was the first one that okay i need to read there is a magic there is magic in reading uh do you have a favorite uh no what was the best calisthenics event you've ever been at i'm bad for names so i don't remember the event per se and i don't remember to be honest maybe at the beach like the muscle like muscle bitch okay yeah just because it's a bitch and and it's fun i haven't gone into those well i went to battle the bars of our school on california on the field expo but to do i really want to go to those um big ones on russia and like those big cities like i haven't gotten there okay i would like to see i would like to see those beasts performing which by the way back to the my inspirations uh la rosa is a total beast if i would have to see a role model when it comes to performance and also physique would be him okay okay so nice yeah i tend to forget it good um then the last question maybe the hardest one of the whole the whole interview be prepared if you have to decide what would you choose calisthenics or yoga i knew do you cry i'm not remember i'm actually a very emotional person so i do cry a lot but i'm crying i might cry when i say the answer because the other one is yeah that's a tough question because when i practice yoga i'm also referring a lot back to calisthenics and i i tied to calisthenics when i train calisthenics i'm very i'm being very mindful of my breathing and i am applying a yogic mindset what if i had to choose dude that's an impossible question that's you you just put me at homework to do i'm just gonna say one but useful put me at homework to do uh i would say i would say yoga i would give up yoga i would stay with calisthenics why because if i stay with yoga which i mean if i had to choose one of the feelings and one of the like what i would teach for the rest of my life i probably would choose yoga but since i don't have a pull-up bar and i wouldn't balance my body i don't i need to hang i need to do pull-ups i need to do like some sort of rowing which i cannot do i'm pointing there because i have the map over there so if i choose calisthenics then i can stretch which i do at the end of my workout i can throw a spirituality while i'm hanging in the pool bar close your eyes and connect to your higher self and your all your chakras are aligned and stuff but if i choose yoga then i cannot do that so because of that reason i i'll choose calisthenics but i'll definitely will keep doing both for the rest of my life yeah of course like for you i already felt it for you they are really connected i thought that you were longer in yoga i thought that you started your journey with yoga i don't know why but for me it felt like this but um yeah if you began both in a single and like both together and i think that's what makes you as a person this uh this combination uh this is the you take the benefits of both um and yeah i really i really like it yes you just get a conclusion about it okay nice so yeah we're coming to an end and um yeah for the people who want to get in touch with you who want to learn from you um how can they best reach you and how can they best learn from you how what should they know about about saturn movement if you want to reach me privately do not dm me please send me an email gabo at um if you wanna train online with me you have my online academy it's called sm academy of saturday moving academy you can put it in the description if you like uh instagram and youtube is at saturday movement or youtube saturday movement and my personal ig is at gabo saturn so everything was a tournament okay either saturn saturday movement or your gabo saturn both of them and you'll find me anywhere nice and yeah to make some like to to present um the the saturn movement um for who is it like who should contact you who should uh get your plans um for for who is it anybody that truly wants to get into the very details of their training without having to do the thinking of course and want a complete full experience whether that is yoga unbalancing or calisthenics or a person that wants to combine the three because we have those three programs i'm currently working on the hybrid called the ultimate hybrid system which i give you a calendar into how to properly combine yoga with calisthenics with unbalancing which is what i did so if you really want to incorporate those three into your life definitely go for that now if you only want to do yoga only calisthenics are only hand balancing but you really want to get a detailed explanation for example hand balancing i'm not i cannot tell everybody to open their shoulders if your shoulders are open or you're weak and i cannot tell anybody everybody to do push-ups uh when you need to work on your shoulder mobility so i give you those options to work with your own limitations and to get especially to your to your specific goals with your own specific lactose if you only have one hour to train a day i'll give you modifications for that if you have two hours then you have a full routine if you want to become an elite calisthenics athlete then you have the three-hour workout for you so somebody that like customizations and like to adapt their things to their own level nice sounds really scientific and like yes really um yeah like that you can people can profit from your experience um and i think uh yeah that's really we will put all the links in the description for the people who are interested and yeah i appreciate your time that you took for the interview and before you can say uh you're you can end the episode and say goodbye to the people i want to say thank you to everyone listening to this till the end because it's again over an hour uh but over an hour with a lot of content with a lot of advices uh and a lot of deep insights thank you for that um gabo really i really appreciate it um and yeah if you want to let this episode continue uh leave a like leave us subscribe do whatever you want uh if you have any questions further questions to gabo uh like put put them in the description so maybe if there are like another hundred or three uh whatever we can do a second episode and yeah thanks everyone for listening and you can end the episode well thanks for your time thanks for being here thank you so much for having me brother true leonardo i love answering questions as you probably can see i love connecting to new people uh you are an amazing dude you're a cool dude i'll support your movement anytime you like any help that you want me to help you with i'm fully open and also to all the people that are listening here to help you don't have to sign up for the academy you can use reach out for me for advice you can just follow my journey if you like you can just focus on your journey and the best advice i can give you stay positive stay present stay mindful and enjoy the heck out of the process because that's what truly matters thank you all for watching and maybe you will see in part two