Today's guest is an athlete and judge straight out of London, the two time WCO World FW Champ Jay Chris aka Smallspartan at Barsparta. We're talking about how to take a shortcut in your goals, the relationship between english tea & abs and his story and way of training. | JAY CHRIS | What you didn't know about him | Smallspartan Barsparta

October 09, 2020 43 min read

JAY CHRIS | What you didn't know about him | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #23

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 be smart guys when you're listening to this interview be smart and listen to your body  yo gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by gornation my name is phil  and today's guest is somebody from the uk a freestyle beast i looked up some titles from you  the three times national uk champion the two times wco featherweight world champion and yeah yeah like  just a crazy guy uh interesting personality from the uk welcome to the show jay chris  big love you big love big love and thank you for having me man yes i'm really looking forward to  this we received some some questions from the community i will answer i will question them uh  ask them as well and yeah just to kick off um how do you present yourself who are you how do  you present yourself to somebody who doesn't know you okay so unlike jackal and hyde i say  there's two people right there's small spartan as an athlete as an influencer as a motivator  and then there's jay chris as a coach and a pt and a entrepreneur so there's two people  there's two people yeah and one in one person okay oh yeah nice um so yeah um some some hard  facts to to begin with because these were the questions that got asked the most how old are you  yes yes howard i am bro uh i think you're older than i think because i would say something around  25 26 your own point your own point 25 years old bro i'm 25 years old 1995 right there i could  have seen that but yeah i didn't so yeah uh where are you where are you born so i'm born in the uk  born and bred in london uh central london as well um but my nationality i'm three quarters filipino  and one quarter is mauritius oh wow so i'm very very exotic bro very exotic very brown and exotic  nice but that's cool that's uh like uh yeah um how how tall are youthat's such a common question well i'm i'm i'm actually five i think i'm quite small bro i'm  very small they don't call me small spawn for a reason do you know the centimeters number  otherwise i'll i am not too sure on centimeters uh five foot two in cinemas i think it's like one 177  57 yeah 57 yeah okay just for the 1m57 wow we can say 157 centimeters that sounds like  maybe a little bit bigger but it does it does it does thank you bro thank you  and how heavy are you i like right so i fluctuate between weights i'm my weight category originally  is supposed to be 53 to 58 kg so i fluctuate around that weight but right now probably about 55  okay cool yeah 55 kg nice i'm a baby bro i'm a baby i'm small but i'm a beast yeah that's true  i think everybody knows who knows your like your instagram videos who is somebody who has seen you  on a competition like your titles already say a lot um and i know you i think like i saw you your  first performance live during the fibo 2014 can that be wow that was so that's six years ago g  that's so long ago oh my god but that was when i was doing straddle banana planches oh my godyeah so like let's get back to this time even further um how  did you get in touch with calisthenics like with uh with the sport in general  um uh i didn't know it was a sport i didn't know it was a thing  i thought it was like exercises that's what i originally thought it was just exercises but  when i dug deep it became a thing so i came across it i think like seven and a half years ago  from this date um and i just saw a big body but one of my friends was a big bodybuilder  and i was very small but i was around 35 kg at like 18 years old it was very small you could  bicep comey that's how small i was and you know it was got to a point in my life i was like i need to  change my lifestyle i need to change myself so i want it to work out started working out with my  friend in the gym doing bodybuilding exercises you know bench press the normal [ __ ] lap pull downs  um tricep extensions all of that um he ended up saying if you could do this move i will give you  20 pounds so he ended up doing a muscle up bro and he was like around 100 kg but he was stacked  a bodybuilder away ifbb bodybuilder proper professional bodybuilder he ended up doing  a muscle up and i was like wow i tried didn't succeed so i ended up just trying and trying and  trying you can actually see it on my instagram if you scroll all the way down you see my first ever  like muscle ups and the way it gets better i ended up doing chicken wing muscle ups  everyone starts with chicken wing muscle ups and then ever since then muscle up on youtube there  wasn't really much so it was just frank medrano hannibal for king a couple of the bar stars guys  and then i saw freestyle and then that was i was just like oh my god i i need to get involved i  literally quit my gym membership got my 20 pound from my friend first of all  and then took myself to primrose hill bar park and i just started literally freestyling there was no  there was no other explanation and then i made my instagram just for myself to see my own progress  it wasn't for anyone and anything else it was for myself um and then some of my videos started to  get engagement and i didn't know i didn't know i'm so rubbish with technology i didn't know instagram  was a thing i didn't know i thought it was like facebook you know like for your family and friends  ended up being a whole big thing like um started getting invited to competitions i lost my first  competition and then i started training hard and i haven't lost ever since my second competition  in the uk wow so yeah and big big credit to bar stars big credit to my boy chris heria like these  guys have been there from the start big love to my team first of all and my company bar spot  without them we all literally as community in the uk came together and just took this by storm  crazy that's our side yeah that's like insane so it also came with with videos  like with youtube videos there was nobody uh doing it in front of you  no that bro there was no one doing nothing in front of me it was just me and i give credit to  big spartan anthony ferguson he i saw it was a six foot four black guy in the park same park as i was  i'm a five foot two asian and we literally looked at each other like we should work out together  yeah and then we created bar sparta and started creating a community and then we literally started  going through instagram because i think there was a thing started going through instagram and  then we saw chris heria where he got in touch with me and was like you should keep it up keep going  aired bar stars and then i saw the rest of the community in the uk i didn't know there was a lot  of reps and sets community here in the uk because as a freestyler reps and sets back in the day  didn't get along now it's a bit different now it's a bit different we are all in one but before  we didn't know um but yeah i didn't know anyone in the uk i would say oh yeah i got started oh yeah  has invited me to my first competition stephen hugh landers he's like a 40 year old white guy  do you remember him yes yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah he's living in australia right now he's got um  he's over there now but yeah uh he put me in my first competition and then  he took me to russia man so big credit to him and that's why i met everyone else i met you fibo yes  you know um and that's what i saw barista workout put me in competition so it just took me by storm  i was literally broke going with the flow there was no other way about it i loved it so much  it took me out the hood it took me out a lot of [ __ ] that i loved it it was like another family  to me you know wow that brings us to a good question from iris from austria who asked um  where would you be without street workout right now in jail or probably dead bro  i'm laughing about it now because i'm living such a good life bro compared to before um  yeah i would i'd rather be in in jail dead bro that's for sure like all my friends from in the  past are pretty much all in jail like literally so um i'm just lucky i'm lucky to be alive  wow crazy and um like um you talked about the challenges that you had like  with with bodybuilding etc like what kind of challenges did you have during your street  workout competition but maybe even before um like your street workout journey but maybe  even before in your life that you overcome with the sport just in daily lifestyle challenges or  a lot man a lot like uh there's a lot of people a lot of people don't know a lot of things about me  but i'm first of all i'm adopted from born bro so from born i don't know my real parents like i  don't know who they are i don't know who the [ __ ] they are where they are i don't care because i'm  i'm good but uh i'm adopted from born by let me show you actually my tattoos tell her  tell a big story so i got i got adopted by this woman josephine um she's actually a friend of my  real moms uh she brought me up from when i was born to 10 years old and then she passed away  unlucky by cancer she had a brain tumor so i went to foster foster care for a couple months and it  wasn't really good for me at foster care because as a small small very very abnormally small child  i got bullied like heavily so my foster care was like i needed to move out i need to find somewhere  where i need to live is there any family members i know i was i ain't got no family  members i only got this one friend who lived in the same area as me alex who is now my brother  so i ended up staying with him for the next two weeks after wells this was like 10 years old bro  like 10 years old and then uh his mom ended up adopting me so now i've got three brothers  that's why i've got three sons i've got three brothers uh stepbrothers and a stepmom another  stepmom called elizabeth and it's this tattoo right here oh that's my step brother actually  elizabeth is this one and she ended up adopting me so i got adopted twice  so she's still my current mom uh i ended up moving out when i was  18. uh got involved with the streets at very young age from like 13  don't really want to discriminate myself on an interview but uh gotten got into a lot of trouble  with the police with drugs london gangs and nearly was going jail at like the age of 19 just before  calisthenics and i was looking to do a lot of time uh but lucky i didn't lucky i didn't i was a  smart kid ended up getting house arrest and community service and then i ended up stopping  everything i did giving up all the street life all the hood life and finding calisthenics wanting to  get fit and healthy and get these gains like i didn't have none of this before bro and um yeah  that was a lot of the challenges that i went through in my life that a lot of people don't  know kind of the similarities strength is set for attached strength spent majority of time  in jail and i spent majority of my time in the streets of london that's literally  it got lucky got very lucky crazy yeah thanks for sharing um have you always  have you always been like a better like an extrovert person or uh did it develop with  what do you mean by extrovert person bro well like um you're somebody who uh when  he comes to a competition um yeah like you're quite loud and uh like um i call  it extrovert you know like something extra i get it i get it i get it okay um yeah bro  yeah i've always been like that well i came from uh my first mom a lot let's see this is  another thing this is where my confidence come from um my first mom she ended up putting me  into a lot of acting so i was a professional actor doing a london tv adverts and i was in  theater plays when i was younger from like from five to ten year to ten years old so i got a lot  of experience in in front of a camera and in front of thousands of crowds i did tours around london  in the theater play called the king and i ever heard the king and i and the lion king lion  king yeah yeah i was i was one of the little [ __ ] tigers running around bro wow i had a lot  of experience then just before my mum my first mom passed away that's that's where i got my  experience so i would say that i hate being in a place especially when it's a sport  and it's quiet bro i hate it okay i hate it there needs to be at least some character  that's what that is for me that's what we'll get the sport to blow do you know what i mean look at  boxing look at ufc look at football basketball all the four sports that are making a lot of  money right now not even a lot of money a lot of excitement you know without the extrovert  there wouldn't be no no spice no sass you know like with this interview if i was boring  just boring straight you know being road and hood this interview would be [ __ ] [ __ ] right okay  but right now we're trying to add that spice and that's what i try to do with calisthenics  and street workout in general try to add the excitement the positivity and try to show what  this what we do as calisthenics athletes and coaches interesting like um yeah like a really  crazy story that uh yeah that's really inspiring for me um because it's something that i didn't  know about you um but um yeah it's uh really great to to to get to know this um do you still know  who was your inspiration to start with with calisthenics like yes i i i and i caught me  in here my boys till this day he comes to visit me in london chris heria and always go away them to  there's a lot more of course eric ortiz is my boy um daniel license these four people we always  keep in contact we check it we come and fly to each other all the time and also  i keep up with the new school kids like the west coast warriors guys and people in germany crash  meet you see me bro i'm good with everyone man like everyone i'm i'm inspired by everyone in  all different many ways you know it's not but who first inspired me was always go  why do you remember him jordan rollins honestly please please i cannot remember him i'm sorry  he was the first guy to like do transfers like the the [ __ ] transfers bro he was like from new  york go on instagram right now that's what i want you to do go on instagram right now and type if  you're listening to this right now go on instagram and type in always go wide and draw the rollers  even on youtube type these people in and you will see why i got inspired by these guys these were  you guys were the first people to freestyle crazy in my eyes you know other than paz and  all of these people in the bar stars community he was the man for me he was my inspiration okay nice  i'm gonna put him in the description for everybody not finding him right now but uh yeah no you'll  find him you'll find him you'll find him he did you know what he delayed his instagram at like  200k and disappeared to hawaii with his girlfriend juicy sin and that he ended up coming back to life  now yeah so yeah nice um yes so yadav streetworkroad asked how long did it get  you to learn the planche so let's still get back to this first chicken wing muscle up  um how long did it take from there to get to the planche i'm still working on my [ __ ] now bro  i'm still working on my planche now bro so for me to get a good solid plunge i think it took  me a good three years to learn properly because you have to you know you have tolearn the bad form first that's what i ended up having to do i had a really really bad form in my  statics really bad form and then you had to go backwards in order to go forwards right that's  what happens in calisthenics and the consistency as well bro it depends how consistent you are like  if you don't train your statics you're not going to get them simple as that if you freestyle and  you want statics you know you're not going to get your statics without doing statics and your reps  and you're conditioning a lot of people a lot of the kids knew these days and a new new generation  come to this game with no no strength no strength whatsoever which is up to them but my advice if  you want longevity if you want to last long in this game you need to get stronger you need to  learn about your muscles about yourself you know what i mean so it depends on how consistent you  are that's how long you'll get your planche if you do plunge every day and don't rest you're  not going to get your punch look you're gonna you're gonna get injured that's what's gonna  happen so you need to be smart as well when you do your when you're learning your plans  okay so there's no time limit there's no time limit bro that's what i'm trying to  say to people there's no time limit you can't just say you know all these programs get six packs in  six weeks that is a load of to me they it don't it don't it don't come like that it comes like  it comes it comes for a lifetime you know like planche is is basically life for me like i'm still  trying to learn how to proper protract and how to dip my hips properly still to this day and and  i can plant do you know what i'm saying yeah so there's always there's always a next step there's  always the next step like you have a chicken wing muscle up and then you have a good muscle up and  then you say oh that's not strict enough it's not a muscle up to me so it depends on how consistent  you are that's how long you'll get your plants okay so for somebody who just started um or like  when you look back on you as a chicken wing uh muscle up guy three two three years yeah two  three years bro two to three years and how would you with your experience now how would you start  with with uh planche oh bro oh my god if i had my knowledge and my experience now i think i wouldprogram is coming now very very soon and my beginner's 101 program is coming out  in the next three weeks so my beginners program is 16 weeks bro 16 weeks i'll get  you to pull up push up dip and then 16 weeks probably to get your muscle up so i would saya yeah okay that i have now i think it would take me a year  if i was to start all over again yeah a whole year to get a solid and it would  probably be cleaner because i still don't i won't have the mistakes that i made before  okay and what would the schedule look like just to tease her a little bit the planche program teaser  so it would be it would be cool conditioning on some days it'll be shoulder conditioning  and then it'll be planche progressing and there will be planche exercises there's a difference  just want to get that twisted to people yeah there's a difference progressions and exercises  are totally different things totally different things um but yeah there are four kind of  i guess the four kind of hints i'll give you that's what's going to be in my program very soon  and it's all going to be videoed and i'm going to be doing it with you so it's not going to be  just a standard program where you read it and then and then there's a video no it's going to  be yo guys this is day two and i'm doing this planche journey with you we're doing  this exercise three two one let's go that's what my program is going to be this is why i'm  taking so long it's going to be heavily detailed it's going to be all different angles slo-mo's  and everything as well as explanations in the pdf so that's my planche program  sounds good um what do you consider as your biggest success in your career right nowyou know being here being alive i'm i'm just grateful that's my success for me just being  able to make a living from what i do literally i literally for making a living to inspire people  that's that's my biggest success obviously the money is good obviously obviously the money is  good when people say oh the money is good the the line is definitely good it definitely adds a touch  to it but the success for me from the life change from what i used to be to now that's that was  the success for me and look at me bro i'm smiling all the time man and i never used to be like this  so you see me in my videos i look angry yeah when i work out i'm angry  but everyone's angry you know but i'm naturally happy that's my big big big success is to be happy  literally wow okay so for you it's the on going journey that's like basically the goal  of yeah all the stuff that you do and touching people's lives yeah of course of course and uhyeah trying to get calisthenics to the mainstream sports that's one of my biggest goals right now  like i'm working with so many brands you know i've got my agents and my managers working on putting  me into adverts and stuff as a calisthenics athlete so that's like one of my dream successes  that's what i would say it's a dream because it hasn't happened yet it's happening it's happening  i'm on the bbc news i'm on sky news i'm on all of these things we just need to make something  to make this sport just go bang and oh my god kids and everyone will just be going crazy  okay and right now you're like uh you're working as a pt uh do you also  yeah so i'm a i'm a actual influencer so i get jobs for brands uh loads of brands and i get  loads of modelling deals shoots photo shoots video shoots and um yeah predominantly pt i'm  trying to shift onto online so soon i'm gonna be a online coach as well going to be having classes  very very soon as well as the online program so that's yeah that's what i do as a career i want  to have my own business i have my own business basketball where we sell merch and dice and  a personal training service for people in london london dubai and la and new york then four cities  because then four cities is where we can be stable as we would say nice and nice locations  yeah i love them locations that's great um yes now i forgot my question um but wow  yeah no no no i'm talking so much that you're just like no we talked about the before the interview  um we talked about the weather and you talked about that you're working outdoor and that's  something that i um don't see a lot because um like in the temperature uh like of the uk um  it's quite hard from my experience um to keep up the high high level with in in a cold outdoor wet  area you know like how i agreed gotta get on with it man it's just like  i said you know what do you want me to be real and say what i would normally say yes stop being  a [ __ ] that's what i would say stop being a [ __ ] a little bit of rain a little bit of wetness is  not going to hurt you you know you just got to be a bit more careful a bit more smart especially if  you're freestyling or doing weighted calisthenics you know because it can be a bit dangerous but um  you've got to suck it up man we live in europe we don't live in [ __ ] bahamas where it's sunny  all the time you know you live in germany we all have to suck it like we will have to just  get used to it and be a man and just get out there and do what we have to do if you don't  then go find yourself a gym you know it's fine but uh i love outdoor workouts bro it's just i feel  feel more free i can smell the air you know i don't smell no gymnastics feet you know  sometimes you go in the gymnastics or it smells like feet yeah i don't smoke i don't like that i  don't like that you go in the gym you get people bo and you know the the the atmosphere in the gym  is a bit different as well compared to outdoor workout everyone in outdoors is i don't know seem  a bit more friendlier i don't know why um yeah that's that's why i work out of work outdoors bro  always always bro always but you have to have a gym membership somewhere no i have a  gym membership because i train my clients in a specific gym but that's because of them not me  so i don't physically pay for a gym membership no because i i disagree with using the gym some  of the facilities in the gym like the box jumps the boxes and certain things like the stretch  apparatus and the mats yeah i love it of course the spas and all that i love it but if i'm going  to work out as small spartan bro i'm going to the bars i'm going outside to the park but i'm  not like yeah okay yesterday was pouring pouring rain yeah and i went to brixton street gym but bro  brixton street gym is predominantly a calisthenics gym so i went to a calisthenics gym in south  london that would be like the one-off occasion but i'm always outside always outside well  respect for that i hope that you're like i know that with this mindset and um like  outdoor has a lot of advantages if you take it if you warm up properly i guess  um yeah yeah yeah your joints like it's it works you know but yeah exactly exactly you know bro  like you just gotta warm up the thing is people go into the gym and because it's warm already  they don't feel like they should warm up you know no you gotta warm up wherever you are you know  i take them russians as a prime example bro them from russians ukrainians bro there they're in a  cold ice box bro they're basically in a country for life and that's still absolute animals big  props to all of them guys you know yeah that's true like these people with the minimum of  like uh equipment and stuff like that they and temperature et cetera and nutrition  and like a lot of stuff is they pick out the maximum that's really impressive exactly man  exactly there's loads of films being made about about outdoor workouts look at rocky balboa bro  know they don't call him rocky for no reason but yeah that is literally what it is i love  working out outdoors bro okay um others street workout asked how do you fight the fear when uh  freestyling because you don't train in a gym i maybe i think that's a good connection because  you don't have like a lot of mattresses uh like how do you fight the fear you're saying it already  there bro you just said it you just said it i fight the fear because i put myself in a deep end  i literally put myself in the deep end bro so i like to i i love freestyling outdoors because of  the stiff hard bar and the floor you know it forces me to land it before i i use a lot of  mental exercises to tell me like if i fall i'm gonna die so i'm better not i'm better  not let go that's the kind of mentality i have it's always about channeling the energy in the  right way you know like i'm always positive bro i always try to be positive as much as i can  especially when i get to the bars because that your mind is where it's your mind will take you  more further than your body can ever imagine you know so that's that's that's that's how i just  dig deep man i dig deep i fail and fail and fail to the point that it's just like  i know what's the worst that's gonna ever happen to me if i fall outside you know um and that's  what i told majority of my clients and i don't know if you follow little spartan i train a little  a little 14 year old boy and look at him he's 14. if you see a 14 year old kid outside flying around  and he's i'll be honest he's a bit of a [ __ ] he's a bit scared as well but he ended up growing  some balls and look at him now in 5 40 in 10 minutes who does that you know yeah it's just uhi've realized ever since i've i've went in a gymnastics room i become more of a [ __ ] because  i got used to the bendy bar i got used to the mats so i try as hard as i can to stay outside  i try as hard as i can you know it forces me to become a man you know we're boss battle for  a reason bro we got put out in the in the in the cold and we fight that wolf you've watched  spartan 300 that's what we do on the bars bro we put ourselves outside and we do it man okay  so you don't even get into the comfort zone so you don't have a problem to get out of it yeah  the thing is everyone's has their own comfort zone everyone like my comfort zone for example  is i love being on a small bar like i i i don't know if you notice in competitions i  don't freestyle on the same bar as every other freestyler because they're all too high for me  they're way too high for me so that's my comfort zone but you can always come out of there it's  a process it don't just come like that man you know we're not aliens where we can just be like  yeah i'm gonna erase this part of my memory to be like i'm not a [ __ ] no more no it  takes training just like just like training yourself you know you gotta train your mind  this is why i wanna go thailand bro i can see them monks man oh my god is it  yeah that's that that's a goal for me bro to go see the monks and take a vow of silence  for a little bit and that's gonna be the probably the hardest bit and learn how to  train like them mentally meditation when it comes to food and anyway to look at things  in life i i want that same bloody outlook man because i've changed my my mindset this far i  believe i can go a little bit more and i believe everyone else can do the same you know but yeah  that's that's what i think about when it comes to com coming out your comfort zone bro crazy umhow do you work out what is your workout schedule how old does the the week look like so sunday is  a red stay sunday is a rest day i'm chilling i'm editing videos and doing nothing um monday clients  and active rest day so a bit of mobility bit scat training resistance bands tuesday heavy freestyle  every heavy free six hour session every tuesdays and saturdays so tuesdays freestyle content  and freestyle um reps and sets and statics and stretch obviously a warm-up obviously that comes  with the freestyle in the beginning so that's like predominantly five to six hours of socializing  and training as well yeah you know how it is when you get into the bar you're there for a long time  especially when it's summer yeah um wednesday push day that's it so simple as that wednesday  push day all push exercises thursday rest friday active pool day active pool day so not necessarily  pull ups it will be light set scat training again dead hangs a lot of wrists stretches  you you get the gist yeah um saturday again heavy freestyle heavy statics reps and sets and again  sunday rest day so i predominantly work out four days a week i would say four or five days a week  yeah well so in total in a week how many hours do you put in in your yeah like athlete career  oh [ __ ] i do choose i do 12 hours on tuesdays and saturdays 12 16 18 18  18 hours yes it's all right i could do more but yes it's okay yeah it's because i've got the  business side of things as well if i don't have the business side of things i'll just  be working out every single day and just chilling you know but i can't do that i gotta pay the billsbut it's so interesting you know there are like athletes putting 40 hours in it like 18  hours like it's so different that's what always fascinates me in these interviews you know like  everybody's completely different it seems like i'm talking to like a wrestler and a boxer and like a  feather like i don't know what yeah yeah yeah i get you yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but  everyone goes from goes within them you know when i was younger bro when i started this [ __ ] it  was seven days a week every day even in my bedroom doing it like that that's that literally it was it  was probably about 40 40 hours a week yeah like a job it was like a job because i didn't have  anything else you know i was street life and doing calisthenics at the first two years of my life  like literally that's what it was so it was like 40 hours a week for the first two years of my  career but then it got serious and i just had to prioritize certain things you know  i'm 25 years old i want to i want to be able to do this for the rest of my life  you know i want to be able to have abs like this and to be able to do the things i can do  and talk about 50 you know so for me i'm trying to i'm trying to be smart with my time and my body my  energy you know like i'm starting to feel that now i'm not the same as how i used to be before  you know before i had no doms like i wake up and i'll be like oh i'm fine i'm going to work out  i worked out yesterday bro and my shoulder is killing me bro i feel like an old man but that's  doms that's that that comes with the lactic acid but i never used to get that before so within time  you start to be smarter and smarter and smarter you know i still work out insanely hard at  certain times but i've got to prioritize certain things you know like this interview for example  i i prioritized this interview and i didn't work out nice yeah that's that's that's good and i  think people will appreciate it and i appreciated that as well oh big love my bro big love it's  an honor to be on here man that's great that's great because um yeah the thing that i miss in  calisthenics is uh like sharing the knowledge you know like there are a lot of people now coming up  with with planche programs he said around sharing their knowledge this is why it's really good  um like to um that this sport develops also like from just free content on youtube etc too uh yeah  i will just take a shortcut shake the uh take the experience from uh from uh like from you being in  the game for what was it like six over six years seven seven years seven years yeah you know like  people can take a shortcut and uh the same with the interview like they see maybe oh you you just  work out four days a week or just 18 hours per uh what did i say four days a week and 18 hours per  week you know what am i doing like oh maybe this is where my elbow pain comes from this  because i'm working out uh 35 this is exactly bro exactly bro in my opinion  the calisthenics that everyone loves the calisthenics athletes that everyone loves  all the main ones like a lot of the main ones they don't even look after themselves bro and  they don't like in my eyes they don't really look like they're they're calisthenics athletes but  they're not really athletes you know you don't if you have to look after yourself you know athletes  come the word athlete means so many different things to me right it just not only means you  can work out and do planches and freestyling oh yeah happy days no if athlete becomes a motivator  you're going to know about your body you know how to train you know that's a coach that's that's an  athlete for me knowing how to look after your body for recovery for mobility like see how many people  say to me i've got i've got i've got injuries bro i want a championship with a dislocated knee  i want a uk champion in a disappeared knee ever since then i haven't been injured for the seven  years of my life bro i've only been injured once and then from there i was like i'm not getting  injured again i know what i know what i need to do but everyone else seems to get injured  every three four months and it's like don't you learn from your mistakes so this is why i train  the way i train now i'm cool now i can full planche now if you really want me to i don't need  to warm up but that's that's because of the way i train you know what i mean like uh you've got to  be smart with your body you only have one body bro you know once you bro if you if your wrist  especially calisthenics if your wrists and your shoulders go oh my god that's it that's it like  a scorpion bar spotter one of my spartans he's been out for the last year and a half because  he's got tendonitis very very bad tendonitis on both his elbows both he can't even hang on  dead hang he went from full planching to doing double backflips to now dead hang  because he didn't listen to his body so be smart guys when you're listening to this interview be  smart and listen to your body don't don't work out like someone else because just guess what reality  is you're not that person you're probably better you're probably different you know so try not to  be like someone be a better version of yourself that's it nice that's a good good good reminderwhat was the hardest move that you've learned so far like uh what what was the the move  you the skill you've struggled the most with maybe a freestyle move maybe aesthetics movefreestyle move a dynamic move i think the worst the worst one was definitely my my special move  my power 540 bro that was probably the hardest but i saw that move that was the first move i saw  that got me into freestyling and it was done by jordan rollins always go wide um and he done it  in wco competition battle of the bars one of the first ones and but i ever since then i was trying  to learn it so that was six years ago bro i only landed it clean in my whole entire life last year  it took me that long to like get the balls to even twist but the hardest move in my opinion is  definitely the full planche a hundred percent is the full branch i bro it's it comes with so  much so many disciplines all different types of different disciplines it's unreal like i remember  giving up freestyle for a whole couple of months just to come just to learn how to tuck blanche  bro i was that weak you know um yeah it took a lot of discipline dedication commitment and a lot of  different types of trainings that i would never never  thought about in my life like who would have thought i would be training my wrists  who trains their [ __ ] wrists i did i did so i can put pressure when i lean on my wrist yeah i  trained my my front delts i trained my hollow so much like there was so much things that i never  thought i would be training so much just to get a move you know um but yeah full planche and power  540 bro that was my two worst moves anything power related is way more harder than anything  swing related just remember that people in the interview remember that anything you see swing is  is is it takes like 10 minutes to learn anything with strength power it takes a little bit longer  i think if you have the right mindset because if you have yes yeah yeah yeah yeah if you have  the right mindset but bro someone would like scorpion he came from a parkour background bro  bro a professional parkour background then he came into calisthenics yeah and i judged him  in his first first competition bro do you know what he did he did a double 360 into a 540 into a  backflip cast away what and i was like bro you you did something before you this is not your first  sport he was like yeah i'm a part qualified i was like boom there you go i was like this is why  certain things are a bit easier but he couldn't do a planche he couldn't do a front lever i couldn't  do a back lever because he was that weak you know so then that's what i was trying to say that like  yeah it comes with mindset but if you have the mindset if you have the balls already swing moves  are predominantly easier than power moves yeah okay something that i get um from a lot of young  athletes is that they say oh now i'm going to heart like i'm now i'm able to do muscle ups like  i'm doing calisthenics for a few months i'm quite quite progressing fast now in three months i want  to be able to do the straddle planche and then three months after i want to do the full planche  you know like um something that i would be interested in from your point of view is um like  on a scale from zero zero is like a beginner uh where is the straddle planche if the full planche  is the 100 you know is the straddle planche like a third halfway halfway is it really halfwayoh bro it's a good question because i say i say to my clients all the time a  straddle planche feels so much different compared to a fall full planche feels  like like you've got an elephant on your back bro on your on your bum on your legs  i've got skinny ass legs but it felt like oh but it feels so different than a straddle planche um  put it this way we just straddle plants you can use your mobility and your flexibility more  than if you was the full planche so that's why i would say it's a bit it feels different so half  bro i don't know zero to zero to ten full planche is ten zero is muscle upsay four four okay so nearly halfway yeah yeah yeah four four because there's so much more to  learn after that you know there's the presses straddle presses pipe presses handstand presses  and flags and and front levers back levers front lever pull ups her festos there's all  there's all that in between you know okay okay that's oh that's before planche like i wouldn't  say to someone learn a plant straight away unless unless you've got a muscle uppush-ups and dips what was the second one of a muscle up muscle unless you have a muscle ups  and a decent amount of push-ups and dips okay then yeah decent amounts you know okay decent  yeah we're grateful because uh yeah planche takes a lot of people out man it like takes them out the  game meaning like you can get injured if you don't know what you're doing you know you can  get injured very very hard you know uh yeah but if you're young you should be all right just just  be careful that's all okay farhan is asking what does your diet look like how do you get these absi'm a weird eater bro soi eat everything i see everything but i fluctuate through diet so if i'm complete  for example if i'm competing bro i'll be a half-hearted vegan if that makes sense  so half the week i'll eat light meats white meats so chicken salmon chicken and salmon predominantly  and then like occasional beef i love beef so occasional beef but sometimes i'll go  vegan vegetarian foods just so i can stay light but oh and honestly i eat i i'm sensible when  i eat that's all i have a lot of sugar a lot of sugar uh that's my probably the worst thing  that's probably bad for me i can't give up sugar sugar is so hard to keep up oh my god it's so hard  it's a drug um yeah it's definitely a drug but i predominantly keep it keep it clean and healthy  i don't eat no mcdonald's and [ __ ] like that no junk food i do eat a packet of oh i say crisps  but you guys will probably call it chips i eat a packet of chipssometimes but a burger every now and then but yeah predominantly healthy okay smart smart  eating that's what i call it smart eating i used to have a balanced diet try not to  go one side or the other i sometimes fast like this oh i haven't eaten today and it's already  6 49 and i haven't eaten because you wanted us to see your abs during the interview or whyno i just know i just i don't know i'm just not hungry i i had a coffee in the morning i had a  cup of tea like english tea and i'm good good i'm probably going to eat now because my roommates are  cooking but yeah other than that i go for how i i eat how i feel i don't just eat because oh  it's time i'm not a bodybuilder you know i don't eat to put on size i don't eat to to  i eat for performance bro you know okay if i'm hungry i'll eat if i'm not hungry i wouldn't eat  simple as that so you don't count calories you don't like stuff like that  i don't count calories i'm not a nutritionist so i i stay in my lane bro you know i  if i want to go into bodybuilding yes i'll count my calories but i'm not trying to get bigger that  quick i don't have a competition anytime soon so i'm chilling right now i'm i'm liking the  the rips i'm getting i'm getting a little bit bigger though bro compared to before now  compared to before nice yeah i'm putting on a little bit of size slowly  but uh i'm training differently as well so um yeah that's good nice um do you take supplements sudden  sudden scentsy asked this i i used to take when my first two years i used to take protein shake  and pre-workout and creatine all three so i used to take all three but uh i had me and  creatine don't get along bro you know where did that is i get too bad it's like i had so much  testosterone so much energy so much anger in me when i take take creatine pre-workout i take it  when i feel like [ __ ] bro i take it but if i when i feel like [ __ ] [ __ ] like like when i  when i'm really really bad really bad mood i'll take it and i have to squeeze in a workout yeah  um but other than that no and after the first two years don't take anything now  okay some herbal products here and there but uh other than that nothing else nothing else cbd  some oils uh some fish oils that's that's it anything else no no no no okay good then  the last question from the community become before we come to the quick questions and uh  slowly to the end um yeah how do you keep your form 365 days the year is asking daniel  you daniel is to you what how do i keep my form what do you mean how do i keep my form  because like you see a lot of people um being uh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah um  i just keep doing me bro i don't change anything i keep the same routine all year round so i'm re bro  so i'm ready so if you're listening to this interview and you want to battle  me and you want to have a competition i'm ready i'm ready all year round so i'm ready  that's that's literally why how i do it i just try to keep i maintain everything what i do  realize i'm doing right now is i'm prioritizing my business so my insurance is a bit  you know and my abs are slowly disappearing but because i used to be way more ripped but  if it came down to anything else i just try to keep up with everything you know if i'm  gonna say exactly if i'm going on holiday like i always i'm always abroad i'm always away you know  but i try to keep strict in when i work out so i work out tuesdays and saturdays heavily hard  six hours six hours a day i told you i still do that do that in every country i go to so if i'm  germany on a tuesday oh i'm still gonna work out for six hours there's nothing gonna change  you know even the food bro if i'm in russia i'm finding an english tea bro i'm gonna  find the food that i like you know i if i'm in norway the same i'm gonna if i want vegan food  i'm gonna go get it you know like that i'm a go-getter bro so that's literally it nice  i like that um yes so we're coming to a few quick questions uh for the end  quick questions quick answer pizza or burger burger oh yeah by miles i hate pizza  really yeah that's a really that's a little little secret but i hate pizza bro  okay it has to be like it has to be as thin as a piece of paper for me to eat it okay  yeah okay do you prefer dogs or cats dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs but you don't own one right  i my dog passed away last week i had him for 11 years oh [ __ ] sorry for that yeah it's fine it's  fine it's fine it's uh he's he's still in my heart so he's part of the family but yeah he passed away  a week ago yeah two weeks ago i think it was yeah i had him for 11 years man i had a big  blonde six-foot german shepherd no whoa full blood full blonde bro full blonde  oh like blonde like your hair like exactly like your hair  all over there was not one bit that was like blonde bro it was beautiful man but yeah dogs  wow okay um your favorite location in the world favorite country favorite cityfor what for i wrote down holidays but like for everything it's always l.a l.a okay l.a  down l.a to get anywhere else in the world for everything nature cult like there's no  culture in l.a it's just american people for bars for calisthenics fitness for food for  fashion for music is it a goal to live there one day oh yeah this is one day until i conquer london  okay then yeah okay one day um what would change for you if social media just disappeared overnightwhat do you mean by change in more aspect like it just deletes itself yeah like how does that  how does your life look like tomorrow i'll still train my clients and i'm still trained  just won't make no videos that's it okay and i'll still probably go to all of these countries  just you won't see it that's it okay everything will be exactly the same  just no videos no motivation nothing just me living my life so basically basically it's  just sad for us and the community that uh social media exactly change anything it doesn't change  anything oh yeah a couple brand deals a couple of sponsors will probably drop out but other  than that i still get paid i still enjoy what i do i still train i still see the people that  i love that's it okay nothing will change nice um do you have a favorite calisthenics athleteyeah i have a couple but for different things then just go let's go through the categories  that's okay so eric ortiz my all-round favorite athlete all around i think he's the g i think i  love watching him i love watching him yeah no homo no homo um for dynamics  there's this colombian kid called cablitos he does like a 900 to 720 bro in one combo  and he does like extraordinary [ __ ] but he's a new generation so for freestyle like  a hands down i was like slow down and watch his videos for freestyle dynamics iquan  and tony gasty them two uh daniel licence for the professionalism and a production bro and  him as a person i know him deep down so he's one of my favorite athletes as welland for business for business harrier my boy harry harry and frank them too you know big  shout out to frank as well living in his million dollar house the sorry for my language but he  is he is he is a g he is living his life as well um them two yeah okay yeah so two two  for business free for calisthenics and videos yeah nice um who would you love to battle in acompetitioneveryone everyone everyone everyone that's new school and they want to take out the old school  generation let's go i'm ready okay anyone that's new generation i'm i'm waiting i'm waiting for you  i'm waiting for you okay good um do you have a favorite book are you a reader  no um unfortunately i'm not a reader okay unfortunately can we just  if if wait wait wait wait if i was to advise someone to read something  it would be attraction law of attraction okay a hundred percent because it's it's always it's got  listen to the book listen to the sent the the title law of attraction it will attract  what you want you know and you would find out apparently for what you want i don't know why  i don't read this book i'm talking i'm trying to sell it to you and i haven't read it but  you know i'm gonna read that book one day i'll read it there is also a free uh youtube video  uh like uh people reading it and like a document documentary on it so if you're  another reader you'll get the the audio exactly exactly just like this interview if you're not  watching this right now you're listening to this [ __ ] and i hope you're enjoying itnice um best calisthenics event you've ever been at so far  the calisthenics world cup bro in bahrain the team one do you remember no  what the the first place got ten thousand dollars bro wow which we year was itsixteen i think okay or fourteen yeah sixteen when it was the team battles it was four versus  four bro well that was probably it was a wc a world calisthenics organization  uh event in bahrain and it was like a team of four from each country so like you represent your  country that was that was probably the competition where i actually shed a tear with my brothers  bro that's where i was like i'm crying now because i'm emotionally like shocked of how  far we've come you know like we're in bahrain we just won eight thousand dollars for doing  tricks on a bar bro when all four of us i'm not gonna say who i was with we used to sell crack brolike it's it's like it was just a moment in life that it was just like it was really  good and we felt like a family you know and and all the world calisthenics organization  events in my eyes were professional as [ __ ] to the point that they picked you up from the hotel  from the airport to the hospitality of the apartment and the hotel and the food and  taking us around like in dubai bro we did so many things we went to the desert  day one we went to the desert day two we went to spend time in the bush khalifa and spa it  was like a proper professional taking care of the athletes and day four dinner like you know it was  like a schedule bro it was like we were back at school again except for we were getting spoiled  that's why i love well wcos um competitions were all the best for me yeah well so shout out to them  that's yeah world calisthenics organization brendan big shout out to them big shout out  to all the sponsors as well man without them i wouldn't be doing what i'm doing now i wouldn't  be getting paid i wouldn't be living i think i would be going back to what i used to do and big  shout out to the russian federation for getting my name out as well the ws wcf without them  uh putting me raul daniel and eric on the map you know and wco for making me for letting me have the  chance to be the world feverweight champion for three years running yeah so big honours to them  nice and the last question and probably the most difficult one no maybe not for you but  we'll see dynamics or aesthetics what would you choose if you have to decideoh [ __ ] [ __ ]what do you mean but give up one give up one completely completely  like dynamic meaning like i can't do a push-up i clap push-up no you can't i'll do a back flip  no that's dynamics as well like the the clap pusher ah  i don't know like i don't want to go too far but i think you get the point[ __ ] i don't know brostatics bro uh yeah no no no no no statics statics so you go with staticsyes okay it's locked in because it's new it's not yeah i can't  change back because it's longevity for longevity statics okay okay yeah  okay um yes last question how can people get in touch with you how do they find you  yes so you can find me on all social media platforms except for twitter um so find small  spartan jay on instagram snapchat and tick tock and oh no facebook you can't get me on facebook  you can follow my fans page um i don't call it a fantasy page i call it a supporters page because  fans sounds rude you know in british culture so we say supporters page um follow my supporters page  small spartan jay on facebook and um yeah instagram and tick tock that's where you  can find me nice great yeah so we're coming to an end first of all i want to say thank  you to everyone listening to this till the end i don't know how much time passed yeah over an hour  so uh it's it's like in today's generation people who sit down an hour and listen or watch something  for an hour that's like that has that needs so much respect you know like uh this is really great  so thanks for that uh first of all big love man big love i just want to say one more thing if you  guys want my merchandise you can go on my website as well bar sparta dot co dot uk and you can get  all merch it ships to all countries all around the world they can even ship to the moon bro  um but yeah all programs will be up there soon and big shout out to my team and to all my sponsors  big shout out to bar spa big shout out to world w world calisthenics organization big shout out  to bulk powders and for all the people that made this possible and a big shout out to go nation man  these guys they put in so much work they put in so much work behind the scenes and for germany  in general for the calisthenics community um i see these guys supporting so many athletes all  around the world um and doing so many things for the community like sponsoring events helping out  with events hosting events i see you guys working as well as athletes you guys are working for the  community side and it's like much love to you guys man because it's people like you guys that  kids should look up to because this is what you guys should be doing if you want to make this  sport better or if you want to make it in this sport you should be doing what we're doing now  trying to spread the love and the positivity and trying to show you guys like bro i bet some of you  guys that are listening to this now didn't even know the stuff that you heard in this interview  because you guys are so new to the game you know so that's okay yeah and yeah it's okay  yeah exactly that's exactly what i was gonna say it's okay because you're new but dig deep  dig deep and see who's actually because then you'll appreciate like what you have right  now you know i never had nothing i never had no program no programming no coach no nothing  i had to literally learn street workouts i was doing street workout these kids these days they  don't do street workout they do calisthenics which is beautiful and i i really appreciate  guys like you thank you that's like awesome to hear thanks a lot for your time  i know your sunday evenings are precious and uh yeah well then they're not precious bro  look i'm chilling editing videos man so like yeah but still you could be eating with your  roommates so uh yeah i just uh appreciate your time appreciate your insights appreciate your  story i didn't know that i think like the people will will love to hear that um i love that when  people talk about their life talk about their um yeah their past etc because it's really  it helps people it helps people to see that they are not alone with their story with their  um i don't know with their past etc so yeah big thanks for that oh big love man and people  that are going through anything mental man like everyone goes through all of these things all the  times you know you just like uh as humans we gotta be better better and adapt right you gotta strive  through and just keep going that's what i got to say like so anyone that's going through depression  or anything that you know a lot of my a lot of men don't talk about these these things because as men  we feel like it's not manly to open up about you know depression and [ __ ] but guys you're still  a man if you've got a dick and a balls you're still a man so don't worry about it and stay stay  positive and stay happy that's it that's true so yeah let's end on these words thanks a lot jay for  your time thanks everyone for listening and have a great day great week great life great evening  great night great day great week great evening everything i hope everyone's having a great life