Parallettes - Why should you use them?

Parallettes - Why should you use them?

Parallettes and push up handles are a fantastic way to level up your calisthenics progress, and make your workouts more fun. From countless exercises, practicality and versatility, to decreased wrist stress, consider trying parallettes in your workouts and explore the endless possibilities they have to offer.
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Parallettes - Why should you use them?

Bodyweight training is amazing as it requires nothing but your self to perform an effective workout. However, if you’ve been training calisthenics for a while, you may have reached a point where you would like to implement some equipment in your routine to level up your progress. Or maybe you’ve gotten used to your sessions, and are looking for something to excite your training and make it a bit more fun. Parallettes and push up handles are one of the first pieces of equipment calisthenics athletes and enthusiasts tend to acquire, and are a fantastic way to level up your calisthenics progress.

el eggs from cali move holding a handstand on parallettes


The benefits of using parallettes 

1. New exercises and variations

Parallettes are great as they offer you tons of new exercises and variations to the exercises you’re already doing. They can offer you increased range of motion when performing pushing exercises such as push-ups and handstand-pushups, which can allow you to progress and overload your training to get stronger.

In another blog post on our page, we highlight 12 Calisthenics-Exercises you can perform with push-up bars for all levels.

el eggs from calimove doing push ups on push up bars

2. Practical - train wherever you like

A major benefit of using parallettes is that you can take them with you and train anywhere you wish. Whether at home, outside, or at the gym, you can perform a successful workout or train your calisthenics skills on the go.

calisthenics push up grips for backpack

3. Reduce wrist strain and pressure

Many pushing exercises can put a lot of strain on your wrists, such as handstands or push-ups. Along with Wrist Wraps, parallettes can be a great tool to mitigate this strain, as they offer you a neutral grip when performing exercises. This is not only safer, but can also just generally be more comfortable during your training sessions.

handstand on parallettes by el eggs from calisthenicmovement



Pro tip! Check out CaliMove’s new YouTube video, where they go over different types of calisthenics equipment that are worth your money. One of the items mentioned are parallettes, and they feature the GORNATION Parallettes in the video - this way you can see them in action! 



Why GORNATION Parallettes?

If you’re looking to get yourself some new parallettes, it's important to keep a few things in mind. Ideally, you want parallettes that are extremely stable and robust and that can offer you safety and confidence when training

GORNATION Parallettes are made of quality metal for the bases and feet, and the handles are made of beech wood. With extensive time spent on design, and laboratory tests, this build offers you great stability and quality, so you can maximize your training efforts.

el eggs from calimove on parallettes for calisthenics



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