10 Calisthenics Exercises & Skills to Master on a Static Bar | Build Strength and Muscle

10 Calisthenics Exercises & Skills to Master on a Static Bar | Build Strength and Muscle

Discover the versatility of GORNATION's new Static Bar, tailored for calisthenics enthusiasts. This guide delves into 10 vital exercises, spanning beginner to advanced levels. Equipped with top-notch features like non-slip rubber feet and a 40mm grip, the Static Bar promises optimal training, whether you're aiming for static holds or muscle-building reps. Join us in exploring these exercises, and let's elevate your fitness journey!

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Within the discipline of Calisthenics, so-called static skills, such as front lever, back lever, planche, are some of the most popular and impressive moves. Attaining such skills can be a long journey of perseverance and continual effort. The best way to tackle this is to practice frequently, and to use the right tools. The GORNATION Static bar offers you a transportable and versatile experience, so that you can train at home, at the park, or wherever you so desire. In addition to its aesthetic design, it also offers uncompromising quality and performance. If you’re looking to level-up your calisthenics statics skills training, then the Static Bar is the perfect tool to do so.


1. Bodyweight Rows:

The fundamental step to get acquainted with the Static Bar. Hold the bar with both hands, shoulder-width apart, and pull your chest to the bar. Try to maintain a straight body line and hold for time.

calisthenics athlete doing australian pull ups on gornation static bar

2. Bar Dips:

Hold the bar with hands slightly wider than shoulder-width. Lower your body down, bending at the elbows until they form a 90-degree angle. Push back up to the starting position.

calisthenics athlete doing straight bar dips on gornation static bar

3. Knee Raises:

Hold the bar with both hands and keep your body straight. Raise your knees towards your chest without swinging, and then lower them back down.


4. L-Sit:

Start in a static hold, then extend your legs out straight in front of you, forming a 90-degree angle with your upper body. Hold for time.

female calisthenics athlete doing l-sit pull ups on gornation static bar

5. Tucked Front Lever:

Holding the bar, pull your body up while tucking your knees to your chest. Your body should be parallel to the ground.

6. Back Lever:

Start in an inverted hang, then slowly lower your body until parallel with the ground, maintaining a straight line from head to heels, and hold the position.

athlete doing backlever on gornation static bar


7. Full Front Lever:

Similar to the tucked version, but with legs fully extended, making your body straight and parallel to the ground.

athlete doing front-lever on gornation static bar

8. Static Bar Muscle Up:

From a hang, pull yourself up and over the bar, then press up until your arms are straight, effectively combining a pull-up and a dip.

9. Straddle Planche:

The planche is a highly advanced calisthenics move, which requires a tremendous amount if strength. From a static hold, lean forward and lift your legs off the ground, spreading them apart. Your body should be parallel to the ground, supported only by your arms.

athlete doing straddle planche on gornation static bar

10. Handstand on Bar:

Find your balance and kick up into a handstand on the bar. Ensure your core is engaged and arms are fully straight.

athlete doing straight bar handstand on gornation static bar

Here's a quick snapshot of what makes GORNATION's Static Bar unique:

  • Non-slip rubber feet: No more worrying about your bar slipping during intense workouts.
  • Swift and easy assembly: Comprising just 5 pieces, set it up in under 5 minutes.
  • Optimal grip with a matte surface: Its powder-coated matte surface ensures you never lose your grip.
  • Bonus grip tape 2.0: The bar comes with 25m of grip tape 2.0, perfect for those who desire extra hold.
  • 40mm grip: Ideal for a solid hold during all your exercises.
  • Portable: Whether you want to set it up in your bedroom or take it outdoors to a park or lake, this bar has you covered. Comes with all the necessary tools for assembly, so you can set it up with ease.
two athletes doing maltese and front lever on gornation static bar

Mastering these exercises on GORNATION's Static Bar can elevate your static skills and provide you with a comprehensive workout, targeting multiple muscle groups. The versatility of this equipment, coupled with its outstanding features, makes it a must-have for every statics athlete, or casual Street Workout enthusiast. Whether you're starting out or looking to push your boundaries, the Static Bar is your ideal workout partner. Happy training!

Suitable and combinable equipment for your Static Bar workouts:

two athletes doing maltese and front lever on gornation static bar

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