The World Calisthenics & Street Workout Championship 2022

The World Calisthenics & Street Workout Championship 2022

On August 21-22, 2022, the World Calisthenics & Street Workout Championship took place in Riga, Latvia, organized by WSWCF. The event took place with the help of a mobile calisthenics facility in a waterfront nightclub and had the flair of an underground event.

On Saturday, some of the best freestyle athletes in the world put on incredible performances to earn the title of World Calisthenics Champion. Sunday gave the opportunity to participate with Reps in the Power & Strength Competition. The judges of the three competitions included well-known and successful athletes such as Viktor Kamenov, Daniels Laizans and Dejan Stipke Stipic.

Especially we would like to thank the Team GORNATION athletes who were part of the event and gave their best:

- Iris Weissenböck (Austria) 🇦🇹
- Leandra Ruffner (Switzerland) 🇨🇭
- Jasmina Svilenova (Bulgaria) 🇧🇬
- Simon Imhäuser (Sweden) 🇸🇪
- Julian Pagel (Switzerland) 🇨🇭
- Mika Herzog (Germany) 🇩🇪
- Daniel Hristov (Bulgaria) 🇧🇬
- Eduardo Villar Fernandez (Spain) 🇪🇸
- Jowi Suave (Spain) 🇪🇸
- Viktor Kamenov (Bulgaria) 🇧🇬

Final Placings Freestyle:


Lightweights Men / Overall Men

Mazen Ahmed (Egypt) 🇪🇬
Daniel Hristov (Bulgaria) 🇧🇬
Eduardo Villar Fernandez (Spain) 🇪🇸


Middleweights Men

Dominik Klimek (Slovakia) 🇸🇰
Miguel Silva (Portugal) 🇵🇹
Abdulrahman (Egypt) 🇪🇬


Heavyweight Men

Damian Rebro (Slovakia) 🇸🇰
Simon Imhäuser (Sweden) 🇸🇪
Fekete Bence (Hungary) 🇭🇺


Overall Winner Ladies

Jasmina Svilenova (Bulgaria) 🇧🇬
Léa Dépagneux (France) 🇫🇷
Malin Malle Jansson (Sweden) 🇸🇪


Middle- & Lightweights ladies

Jasmina Svilenova (Bulgaria) 🇧🇬
Léa Dépagneux (France) 🇫🇷
Alisia Persa (Romania) 🇷🇴


Heavyweight Ladies

Malin Malle Jansson (Sweden) 🇸🇪
Karolína Viteková (Slovakia) 🇸🇰
Adrienn Vachter (Hungary) 🇭🇺

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