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Elbow Sleeves GORNATION Elbow Sleeves
Elbow Sleeves
Sale price19,90 €
Performance Wrist Wraps Black wrist wrap from Gornation for extra stability and injury prevention. And black cary bag.
Performance Wrist Wraps
Sale price19,90 €
Black power wrist wraps to improve stability and get more power moves. To improve stability and injury prevention. Rolled out Black power wrist wraps to improve Performance, stability and injury prevention.
Power Wrist Wraps
Sale price19,90 €
Workout Grips LeatherWorkout Grips Leather GORNATION
Workout Grips Leather
Sale price24,90 €
Arm Sleeves Arm Sleeves
Arm Sleeves
Sale price24,90 €
Workout Grips CarbonWorkout Grips Carbon
Workout Grips Carbon
Sale price24,90 €
Sale price14,90 €
black & white light wrist wraps for calisthenics Light Wrist Wraps
Light Wrist Wraps
Sale price19,90 €

Hand Protectors and Joint Support by GORNATION

Buy wrist wraps for faster training progress

Wrist wraps have become a standard piece of equipment in training and are used by athletes from various sports to enhance their performance, be it Calisthenics, Fitness, Crossfit, or Gymnastics. Wrist Wraps are useful to prevent injuries and thus avoid unnecessary breaks in training. Thanks to the pleasant stability with constant mobility, you can reach the next level with the Wrist Wraps from GORNATION. Wrist wraps are ideal for Push-Ups or Dips, but also advanced skills such as Planche, Handstand, or Muscle Ups. These exercises put extra strain on the wrists, which can lead to problems over time. You no longer need to pause your Planche or Handstand training due to pain in the wrists and thus achieve your desired training results in the fastest and safest way.

Wrist Wraps are suitable for beginners and advanced athletes and can be used for training on repetitions (Endurance / Sets and Reps), training with additional weight (Weighted Calisthenics / Street Lifting), training with static elements (Statics), or training with dynamic exercises (Dynamics / Freestyle Calisthenics). Thus, all exercises are covered with the wrist wraps, from Dips with additional weight to the Planche or the Front Lever.

Which wrist wraps suit you?

GORNATION offers the Performance Wrist Wraps, the Light Wrist Wraps and the Power Wrist Wraps. All three variants serve to successfully support the wrists during your workout.

The Performance Wrist Wraps from GORNATION offer you a little more space between the bandage and wrist and maintain the full range of motion. For this reason, the supports are especially popular with statics and dynamics athletes, as you need the best wrist mobility for these disciplines. When worn, the Performance Wrist Wraps are adjustable in the amount of support by simply twisting them and allow full range of motion even during basics on the floor like Push Ups or Handstands when the wrist is fully extended.

Our so-called Light Wrist Wraps are, as the name suggests, the lightest of the three wrist bandages. They also come without a velcro closing and thumb loop. The main advantage of this variant is their thinner fabric. Their lightweight & soft material offers maximum freedom of movement and comfort during your workout without making any compromises in terms of wrist support.

GORNATION's Power Wrist Wraps, on the other hand, give you even more wrist stabilization, which can limit mobility somewhat. The Velcro closure and thumb loop, which are not present on the Performance Wrist Wraps and Light Wrist Wraps, offer easy application and maximum stability. This form of wrist wraps is great for you if your focus is more on Basics or Weighted Calisthenics/Street Lifting.

All three varieties of wrist wraps have the purpose of providing wrist support and security for your workout. With a length of 95 cm of the Performance Wrist Wraps and 45 cm of the Power Wrist Wraps, both variants serve as one-size-fits-all and easily fit any wrist. They are also individually adjustable, whether you want them tighter or looser. Decide for yourself which version suits your taste better and let nothing come between you and your next-level workouts.

Elbow sleeves for more performance & less pain

Elbow sleeves are not only one of the most popular pieces of equipment in Calisthenics, but also Fitness, Powerlifting, Crossfit, or Basketball. The resulting compression provides better blood circulation and relieves pain in muscles and joints. The comfortable support that is created when you wear it ensures a better performance during your workout and a comfortable and breathable wearing comfort. Bandages fit perfectly over your elbow, and you can devote yourself to your training or work without restrictions. Wear the support when and where you want, whether it's sleeping, driving, or walking, your arm will be kept warm by the sleeves. Prevent injuries and inflammation like the common tennis elbow and offer support to your elbow. An extra tape for the elbow is no longer necessary, the Elbow Sleeves from GORNATION help prevent injuries and support you with maximum stability. Minimize training breaks due to injuries and reach your goals even faster with the elbow sleeves, whether training for the Planche, Handstand, or other skills.

A safe & comfortable workout with elbow sleeves

Protect your elbows and arms not only from pain due to tendon overuse but also from abrasions to the skin while training with gymnastics rings. Muscle ups or Dips on the rings can cause injuries to the elbows. Exactly these areas are protected by the Elbow Sleeves and Arm Sleeves from GORNATION during training. Your performance is no longer impaired, and you enjoy an injury-free workout with unrestricted freedom of movement. Even in winter times, your joints get better blood circulation by wearing bandages, and you can enjoy a comfortable outdoor workout. Due to the careful processing of the breathable material, you benefit from high wearing comfort and pleasant stability while wearing. The elbow sleeves are very easy to put on, because the bandages only have to be pulled over the elbow, without annoying Velcro. If you prefer are full-arm coverage, our Arm Sleeves might the right choice for you. Thanks to the size chart in our product description, you can choose the right size when buying the elbow- or arm sleeves and benefit from the best possible advantages for your workouts.

Promote recovery and protect joints outside your workouts

Bandages offer you the advantage of effective recovery outside of training. The warming function supports your joints, tendons, and muscles in the rest phase and provides you with the needed recovery after a hard workout. The comfortable fit of the elbow sleeves allows you unrestricted freedom of movement when wearing the bandage, e.g. under your sweater. Ensure the best possible training progress even after your workout. During physical work the same purpose is fulfilled as during your training: Your joints remain protected, stabilized, and ready for higher loads by wearing bandages. The warming function of elbow sleeves provides you with the necessary protection of the biceps insert and forearms during work. Tennis and golfer's elbow can be prevented by wearing elbow sleeves. Wrist wraps allow you to work unrestricted, injury-free, and comfortable. Enjoy better blood circulation and stabilization not only during your workout and ensure the well-being of your joints, tendons, and muscles. The Premium Bandages from GORNATION offer you comfortable wearing on every occasion.

The benefits of Workout Grips for calisthenics and weightlifting

Workout grips, also known as training gloves or gym grips, offer optimal protection and maximum grip during your calisthenics or weightlifting sessions. These grips cover the palm, preventing sweaty hands and reducing the risk of blisters and calluses. With a specialized leather or carbon surface, they maintain excellent traction on bars and weights even during intense workouts. The open-finger design allows for precise movements, providing comfort and stability for effective and safe training sessions.

Better performance during fitness training with weights thanks to bandages and grips

Wearing bandages also protects your joints during the workout in the gym. Optimally warmed-up joints are essential for a healthy workout and your best possible training progress. The resulting compression pressure ensures better blood circulation to the joints and provides you with an effective warm-up before training. Your wrists and elbows stay warm enough during longer breaks between sets for optimal performance when training with weights. Especially in winter, spring & fall, warm joints and muscles are important for injury-free training. Due to the comfortable fit, your complete freedom of movement is maintained despite the bandages. Your workout routine in the gym benefits from increased performance and makes it possible for you to feel even faster progress. Stay injury-free during your workout in the gym with the elbow sleeves and wrist wraps.