3x Swedish National Champion & Nordic Champion Malin is talking about her structured training and life as an Influencer. | SWEDISH FREESTYLE BEAST | Interview with Malin Jansson

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March 03, 2022 33 min read

SWEDISH FREESTYLE BEAST | Interview with Malin Jansson | Athlete Insider Podcast #65

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The text of the interview (translated automatically):

it's never too late to start because i started calisthenics pretty late i didn't think i would  be able to do anything and look at me now don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't doyo Gorillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and today's guest  is the swedish freestyle beast three times national swedish champion nordic champion and one  of the most successful girls in the calisthenics game i'm super happy to welcome you to the show  marlene malayan you so much for having me what an introduction yeah like i prepared it for hours  your instagram bio was a big was it was a good help for that but it's impressive like impressive  titles and i think it doesn't describe you as a whole person because there's so much more  to to uh to know about you and this is why we are here but it's a good introduction i think  yeah sounded nice cool yeah super happy that we made it um yeah yeah we can uh  we can we have a lot of questions from the community we have uh some interesting topics  to talk about um how are you these days everything's good on in sweden  yeah like it's uh yeah it's all good i mean we're working hard um despite the circumstances um  now actually today the uh sweden opened up like all the restrictions that we've ever had  so i mean the pandemic is not over but we don't have any restrictions anymore wow um so that's  that's nice let's hope it stays like positive like this sure so i'm happy that you didn't cancel the  the interview because you had to go outside and enjoy the the world without restrictions so uh  yeah let's uh let's kick off with the interview um before we jump into your story etc how do you  present yourself who are you for the people who don't know you uh simple but hard question not to  say that but i would present myself as my name is molin i'm from sweden i'm a calisthenics athlete  um i work with social media and also personal training both online  and like here in stockholm sweden uh yeah i think something like that cool how old are you right nowoh what was i allowed to ask themuh i'm actually 29 and i'm turning 30 in may okay so almost 30. wow wow didn't i didn't expect that  like i think a lot of people didn't expect that exactly i i always hear that i look younger and  i take that as a compliment i guess i think as a as a woman i think you you take it as a compliment  like for for guys i think often it's it's more like an insult the other way yeah yeah yeahcool um yeah how did you get in touch with the sport when did you start with  calisthenics uh take us a little bit on the on the road uh what what yeah  what brought you into contact with calisthenics  um it's a funny story uh so six a little more than six years ago i uh i applied for a tv show  called ninja warriors i don't know if you guys know about it but yeah it's like this huge  obstacle course kind of yeah ninja warrior course uh we had it two seasons in sweden back then so  2014 and 15 i think uh it wasn't a success since it  hasn't been since then anyway i applied for it and um i got a part of it for some reason  and that's where i met daniel my boyfriend and also a friend you probably know about him as  well donna donna j stark um we became really close friends and back then donna already did  calisthenics and he had done it for like two years or something um i had no no idea about what it was  i haven't heard about it i haven't seen anything like nothing like it but daniel knew about it and  so when we met donna and he like he talked about it and showed some clips and stuff i was like  whoa that's some crazy stuff uh and then it was like i i can i come practice with you i  i have wanted to try this for so long because you've seen it on youtube  and stuff and they were like you need to come as well and i was like no i don't think soit was like they showed me clips of some like strong guys i mean it wasn't it wasn't that like  crazy back then but still like muscle ups maybe 360 or something it was insane for me um but they  kind of forced me to to come try it and today i'm super thankful and happy for it of course because  i mean i went to one practice and i kind of fell in love with the with the art of training  so uh yeah so that's how it all started super cool uh how was your level back then like your  fitness level were you able to do a pull-up already or no um yeah that's always something  that i like tell people when they ask me um when i started i couldn't do like one single pull-up  i wasn't strong like i mean of course i have had fundamental strength because  i've been doing sports my whole life um but i couldn't do that kind of  strength training so no pull up at all wow so no pull up like push-ups  sometimes push-ups yes some push-ups i could do i guess yeah uh but that's likethat's basically the the level was pretty low of course if if we compare to today true and uh yeah  how did your training look back then like how did you get the first pull-up how long did it take and  how did your training look like oh my god it's so like it's so hard to remember how i got my first  pull-up like i don't think i really worked that much specifically specifically to get the pull-up  but i did other um stuff like other training of course and then i kind of got the pull-up  just i don't know how to explain it for free i don't know how to start but i rememberi didn't pay for it um but i remember me and daniel were walking like in a park  um just taking a walk no training or something and then i think it was like maybe  three or four weeks into calisthenics training and he said to me like now go try pull up  i was like no way no no no i can't but then somehow i got myself up there china  with a bar and i was looking for a fill up and it was in there it was a nice moment  i can imagine yeah nice and uh yeah like what was the moment maybe where you thought yeah i i will  stick to this sport i will i will become champion like uh like did you have this this one moment  um i think pretty early when i started training i felt like  i think this is something that i might become pretty good at because i learned pretty fast um  maybe not like strength wise but technique-wise freestyle and stuff like that um i actually  started to do freestyle before i did strength training like pull-ups and stuff so i learned  the i learned like dynamic muscle up before i could do a pull-up wow yeah so uh so i just like  i started training um like i started to watch of course on social media watch learn more about  the sport and stuff and i just wanted to learn stuff that i found like interesting and cool and  that looked like fun to do um and i i was drawing more into the i was drawn more into freestyle  skills rather than like static skills and stuff but that's also something that i can a little bit  regress today but i didn't start working on this strength more um but i mean you live and you learntrue and uh like how did yours uh freestyle work look like um did did somebody teach you  like uh did you have like i don't know donna or like daniel were they already  more advanced so they could give you some advice or how did you learn the  first free samples yeah um so then i were of course more advanced me and daniel we started  kind of at the same level in pre-style he was of course stronger than me but in frista uh so  then i could coach a little bit but a lot of it's it's actually self-taught so just like  watching there wasn't many like tutorials back then on freestyle but just like trying you know  feeling trying uh watching other guys do it and yeah and how how is the calisthenics scene in  sweden is it well developed or were you one of the first ones and then you from there it developed  um it isn't very developed at least not among girls i think i was like  the second or third girl starting to compete in calisthenics um so and i still think it's not that  big of a sport in sweden uh and it's unfortunate because it's such a cool sport and it should be  more developed in my opinion sure definitely like it it feels it's a little bit a little bit  similar like in germany because it's also like a colder country where it's more difficult and uhlike uh yesterday i had the the interview with andre strong like an ukrainian athlete and in  ukraine there are parks everywhere like the father works together with the sun and everybody as from  a child on trains outside but um i don't know for you but like my parents didn't go to work  out in the park with me so it's like a complete difficult a different culture totally totally 100  agree but you said that you worked out your whole life uh like uh you did sports your whole life so  maybe you can talk a little about you what did you do in the in the past as a child etc  of course um so i started with like soccer and floorball um when i was maybe six or something um  it's very like huge here in sweden and especially in the city that i was born and raised um  so i did that like most of my childhood then i switched to cheerleading um 180 switch  switch to cheerleading um did that for eight years did my last two years in the  swedish national team um but then at some point i felt like i am not progressing anymore  um i started a little bit to become afraid to try new things you know like flips and stuff  um i was pretty tiny back then so i was the flyer so the one you throw up to do flips and stuff  i didn't develop anymore i become a bit scared so i quitand then i started to just go to the gym you know regular like gym training  um mostly like cardio because i didn't know better back then um and i thought it was pretty boring to  be honest i went to the gym on my own for like one or two years it was pretty boring and then that's  when the um like that's when the like article about ninja warrior showed up and i applied  so yeah that's basically it interesting so cheerleading on a on a professional level  level like when you said you were part of the the national team like you wereyeah like competing in the world championships wow  is it somehow comparable to calisthenics or like to your current athlete career likei mean yes and no yes because it takes a lot of courage a lot of hard work  um it's it's like a it's a sport for show as well um so but no because uh like i mean for  my composition in cheerleading i was the flyer um i wasn't that strong so when i said earlier  that i had like fundamental strength it's of course because i know how to tension my body i  need to be like stable and everything up there when they throw me that that was it like and also  uh what i got from the from cheerleading is also a lot of uh like body control  and awareness and that's really good to have in in calisthenics of course  um what else yeah i think so something cheerleading is already like much more  developed like uh and and professional than calisthenics or would you say otherwise  um in sweden i'm not sure actually i think it's pretty equal because i remember we  it was a challenge in uh when i when i did cheerleading as well to like grow the sport here  um but i would say yeah it should like if we look at competitors like athletes that compete  in cheerleading should be a lot more than in calisthenics yeah because there's a lot of  different teams so yeah it's it's bigger than calisthenics interesting did you be  think like in the beginning of your calisthenics career that you would become that strong or like  that you would go the the path that you you went in the last years never in a million yearsno but like like my first comment when donna and daniel showed me some clips i was like i  would never be able to do that never and today i'm doing that and more so it's really really  really cool to like look back look back at it but also it's sad that i had that mindset you knowbut yeah i never thought that i would be where i am today actually  but how did you overcome this mindset because it's an interesting thing i would say it's  the problem of of more people like and and i feel it's more girls as well who who who don't think  that they are able to do the stuff that they see um how did you overcome the the mindset is it just  ignoring it and just working hard or like what was what was the the reason  why you overcame that negative mindset and still became the best version of yourselftrue about the girls i think so as well um i mean i don't know if i have a super good answer to this  uh but like it was it's hard work you you have to like uh if those thoughts come to you you need to  try to like like stir them in another direction work on the positive thing it's like uh  you need to constantly try and constantly think and try to overcome  fears and there's a lot of ways to do that like withmy like mindset work it's not only training like physical training but there's  a lot of practices you can do like i did a lot of i still do every day like mindfulness stuff  uh and it's been really really helpful for meyeah because i think you have to work as a calisthenic athlete you have to work a lot  on on your mindset like i mean what you what you do super well and why what i love to see  from you is like sharing the pros process and you're also your uh you shared the moments  where you weren't that happy with your progress where you um like were disappointed and uh like  um that's something that not everybody does and that i i think is really important to show to  the people out out there that uh like malin who who is sharing like the reels and who is like  seems like the perfect calisthenics athlete uh she also has struggles you know and uh i love that you  you share that um but it takes a lot of courage i guess uh courage i guess to to share that  yeah i appreciate very much that you say that because that's something that's really important  to me to like always stay true to myself like show my full for personality both ups and downs  because we all know that no athlete has only ups we all know that so  i mean in the beginning was pretty tough to show it but hey once you've done it you know  it's not that bad so and and people can relate and people appreciate it very much that's that's true  cool um yeah maybe uh looking back now um you the way you started like today you don't have to start  with try on and arrow like you did um but there are like a lot of uh cool tutorials online like  uh for example danielle fleetfield he has like super good uh freestyle tutorials and there are  there is a lot of good content out there and also coaches and um like um programs and a lot of stuff  is out there so if you would you would be able to talk to to the to the malin like years ago  at the beginning of your calisthenics career what would you do differently what would you tell heri would tell her to start work more on the strength firstbecause if if you work on the strength uh  you will it will be easier with the freestyle as well um so that's something i would tell her  i think actually that's the only thing that i would do differently if i started todaywhy would you recommend it is it because of joint health is it because you want to get more points  in the competition because of a front lever or what is it good question because i would  be uh like in my opinion i think i'm lacking a bit in the statics compared to my dynamics  so and since i'm doing this to compete um i that would be like the uh the main the mainlike reason why i should do it differentlyso so yeah just to become stronger in the beginning in like those static and strength  elements and but also of course work on the side with freestyle and like dynamics as well  but back then i did only dynamics only freestyle like every single sessionhow many i mean maybe it was yeah like maybe like four i think uh days per week yeah per weeklike crazy yeah but still like four i think for a beginner  uh it's still a lot like uh you mean you know like the the i think it because it's  so intense for the joints for the shoulders and as a beginner that as well exactlyyeah so um yeah like today you also inspire like a lot of uh youngsters and you bring a  lot of people and girls uh into the into the sport um so maybe speaking of some some general advice  to to beginners um what do you do what other things that you  would recommend to every beginner out there when they start with calisthenicsum i don't think it will be anything else than i've already talked about um but like start  building a fundamental strength and mobility um and then like take help from people that know uh  so you don't need to like do the beginner mistakes that i did and that a lot of people do and  have a lot of fun along the way and still do like what you want to do what you i think looks fun  but take try to take as much help from from a pros as possible basically sure are you still motivated  in every workout like do you still are you still like enjoying every every training session no noi mean i mean i love training um but i'm not always motivated no one iswhat i do have is discipline i know what i want to achieve i know what i need to do to achieve it so  if i'm not motivated then screw that go and do what you need to do and i always feel happy  afterwards that's it simple as that yeah hard yeah it's simple but hard still yeah yeah yeah  uh can you share a little bit of you from your current workout schedule for the week like how  does your how does one workout week look like for you um so right now i'm in like a pre-competition  season so i'm preparing for the swedish nationals which is in june i think um so uh right now  but almost the whole year around it's pretty much looks the same but i'm doing uh  i always do like four four training sessions per week of like strength and hypertrophy  and two training sessions of freestyle and i also like to do some like cardio  after that just like for the heart and for endurance um and right now i'm doing boxingmy presentations yeahsuper beginner but i'm learning um and those four strength  sessions my split right now is two planche sessions and two  front lever sessions because that's my two main goals in like strength anaesthetics at the momentcool that's how it looks yeah nice um favorite exercises do you have some uh  some some some favorite exercise that helped you uh the most in the in the past or like that you're  doing currently for for planche that you feel the most progress with oh such a hard question i mean  there's a lot of questions that you can do but what i've noticed like lately i like to implement  weights in my calisthenics training as well so for example i have a really clear example of that  um a while ago i worked a lot on the hands-on push-up which i pre which i feel pretty like solid  with now um and then i implemented just like regular military presses for example  uh which helped a lot so a lot of like different kind of shoulder exercises in general  helped me a lot with the handstand push-up so uh i've learned that it's not only about if you want  to learn the handstand push-up you don't need to only do handstand push-ups you can do a lot  more around that like for the shoulders um so that was a game-changer actually for me and that's  what i've been continuing with um since then and i always like like to implement um weights in my  training now that's cool because especially with the example of the handstand push-up  for example if you do if you start with hands-on push-ups and then afterwards you do a military  press your you can ignore the balance part and you can just focus on the strength and that's  exactly that's cool um right i'm always interested in how how to combine statics  and dynamics do you think statics and dynamics they help each other  or are they completely different disciplines that need to be trained completely on its ownuhgood question i'm actually not sure like i um  i think they could be practiced like completely on their own  but i also think if you train aesthetics get really strong in that it could help you in  dynamics as well but on the other way around like dynamics shouldn't be that's helpful for  your static skills so to say do you get me yeah i get you like it's it's from seeing this like  dynamics also they need it needs a lot of mobility and mobility like for example for the plan just  like contra productive because um the more stiff you are the the easier it is for for the plants  to have like you know like to have a stable flange and this is why that's why i don't have it yeahand this is like yeah yeah you're like too flexible that's that's it no  but it's like really impressive for me if somebody is like a complete athlete because it's  um it's yeah it's harder to combine this two i think because they need totally different  training methods um and freestyle i see like what your freestyle training looks like you do trial  and error right you you try again again or like how does one how does how do you train freestyle  is it just trying trying and trying again until you're tired yes yeah basically and some like  if i want to learn a new skill i need to like scale it down and do progression work uh but  mostly like if there's stuff that i can do um it's just trying it over and over again basically okay  people asked a lot about your hand balancing skills like uh about your  uh your stable handstand which is like really impressive uh do you wanna share us a little bit  your your handstand journey how did it go and what brought you the most progressoh so like i said i did cheerleading for eight years um so  already back then i was used to be like upside down standing on my hands but in cheerleading  we don't um or you don't you don't do a like you don't stand still there's more like walking or  something like that but i was used to being upside down i had that body awareness but we never really  worked specifically on the balance part um so that's actually something that i started with  when i started calisthenics because i i noticed that it's a it's an important like skill to  have you need to have a solid handstand of course um and now i forgot your questionyeah i don't remember what you asked what what brought you the most progress like i think the  first thing was you had to learn to to stand like stand still i guess i see a lot of parkour  guards guys or like a breakdance that they they are awesome and walking in handstand yeah yeah  but for them it's hard to stand um yeah like so i just started working a lot on that i don't quite  remember if i i think i just learned it by myself uh i think i like googled for some tips and tricks  how to balance and stuff and then i pretty much self-taught um i learned to balance pretty fast i  remember and then i started to work straight after i've learned the house then to work back on the  handstand press and stuff um and yeah since i had the like flexibility and enough strength for it  i could learn that pretty fast as well and today if you coach somebody who is doing who wants to  learn the handstand how how is it the the most effective do you do you coach with the wall do you  um like balance yourself like having someone uh touching touching you and uh holding you or how  how do you how do you learn the handstand quickest um both like i use the wall i can use the box  um like something to be support like something that can support the client it can be a  resistance band from the roof that they need to like hold with the feet  like something to support like like whatever well box me touching them  but i always tell them like in the beginning if like the most one important thing to like have  before they start working on the balance is the mobility and especially like in the shoulders  and the wrists because if you learn how to balance like with the incorrect uh technique like  mobility-wise it will be hard to correct that afterwards so i always tell them to like sort out  the mobility first and then we can start working on the balancing parts like freestanding okay  do you start with uh with a beginner do you start on the ground or do you start on parallettesmostly on the ground um but if like it depends what they want also but i always  recommend i always start on the ground if they don't say anything else like if they're  like i just want to learn it on the parallettes okay let's go with the parallels  okay cool um yeah another question that was also uh like asked frequently was uh about your your  life as an influencer um and maybe maybe you can share a little behind the scenes uh how is  it like how does your typical day look like um is it is it real work is it is it work like uhi'm just chilling yeah yeah i mean i understand that i get that question uh well it's probably  not like as glamorous as many might think um and it's not an easy job it's not like i wake up  go to the gym make a video or a photo and then i post it and then i'm done with my job for the dayit's actually pretty hard work if i'm doing myself like it's a lot of researching um planning  creating content thinking about giving value all the time to the audience um pressure to make your  sponsors happy and proud um like a lot of time is spent on answering dms and comments just likei mean but i mean i love it um i wouldn't change it for like any other job today yeah that's cool  was it was it a conscious decision to become uh an influencer or was it just something that developed  along the way uh both yes and no um it was conscious to like start posting on social media  and like researching what what should we post what should we write how should we do it hashtags etc  but that it blew up like it did that early i wasn't expecting thatyeah that's cool what's uh what's your goal like uh do you have a long time long term goal  uh with uh with i don't know with your social media life with with life in general like  whether you see yourself in 10 years 20 years maybe even 10 let's say 10 years 20 years  with social media i just like i don't have a goal of like getting more followers or something like  that i just i'm just happy if i can influence people inspire them motivate them to like become  the best version of themselves if i can just help as many many people as possible with what  i do best i will be happy so i would say like for a more specific example for that would be like uh  online courses let's say online courses uh if those can grow even more um i would probably like  of course produce more of them um different ones um that would be that'll be greatbecause because then i know i give a lot of value i help people they reach out to  me to learn something and i can help them without like speaking one one to one how do you say yeah  and being limited and the people you can you can talk within your time so um that's that's  definitely yeah exactly that's definitely cool um are these also the the moments that are that  make you happiest like when you uh develop a new course or like post a new tutorial on on on  youtube or on instagram or like uh and people respond happily to it like is is this the the  happy the are these the the happy moments in the in an influencers life or what are these  definitely for me it is definitely and also like i want to make my i have sponsors as well that's  why i can work with social media and i work really hard to make them happy and satisfied as well but  also to make me happy of course i'm not gonna i'm not just gonna do something that they want to see  i'm still gonna be me and do it so uh it's a balance true it's about creating a win win-win  situation so something cool for for the audience which brings a cool light on on the sponsor and  then uh yeah like you profit from building a good relation to your community and to the sponsor so  yeah exactly win win win win win win um but there are also people out there who are like  um oriented on on lose lose situ situations and i think you also have to deal with some criticism  uh with um people on the internet who aren't happy with themselves and we have to criticize  so um yeah maybe you want to share a little bit about that how is it like um are there like what  kind of people we don't have want to go into detail but like how is it like to also have be  uh be you you be obligated obligated in your life to deal with these peopleoh well um like when i started this journey like on social media and becoming a public person  um when i started to grow i wasn't really prepared for the criticism and  especially not like as harsh as it can be people are brutal  let me say that so in the beginning i pretty much took everything personally i cried  because someone told me that i shouldn't look like this and that a woman shouldn't have  this much muscles um yeah insane um but like throughout the years my mindset has changed  uh changed a lot um so like today i would never take anything personally because i know  that those comments uh mostly about my body and my looks uh comes from  mostly men i'm not gonna say only men but mostly men um that are probably just jealous  and like live in the past holding on to those like stupid norms about how a woman or a girl girl  should look uh and yeah so i've i've been having a hard time like getting comments about it  i've been really sad really like questioning do i want to do this really and it's just it makes me  sad to think about that i've been having those thoughts you know because today i would likeit's like this i'm like okay move on next like you know um so yeahand it's insane like when i think with a bad mindset or like with uh not being prepared for it  you you from 100 comments or 100 dms one is negative and you concentrate on this one  like you 99 are positive and people say yeah thanks for your content thanks for being you etc  and then there's this one person and you you are like so concentrated like i know this like um  it's um yeah i think it's different as a brand than uh as a as a as a person like um  as a public uh athlete um public person but um still it's it takes a lot of mental work  and to to concentrate on the good and to concentrate on course yeah that's exactly  what i did in the beginning in the beginning of course i got a lot of positive comments but i  focused on the bad ones um now i'm just now i'm the completely opposite so so that's that's nice  because i can imagine i can imagine that people share like happy moments with you that they uh  send you messages that they are super inspired uh et cetera i see all your dm's like you share uh  that you you you have to work through or like you are you are able to work through so there  has to be a lot of positive things a lot i'm so happy that people share with me as well because  i know like uh a lot of when i i answer all my dms um and a lot of uh people  a lot of the people that are writing when i apply and they apply back they're like  i never thought that you would answer oh my god you answered me like and that makes it so uh  so worth it and that makes me want to apply even more and that's why i do it because i mean they  take their time to write to me that i inspired them they learned this from me i lost 10 kgs  because of you i went to the gym every day i'm like no way i'm not gonna answer this you know  so uh yeah i'm super super thankful and happy for all the the messages i get daily nice  yeah i also said it in the interview with the calisthenic movement like i think it was in 2013  and i had shoulder pain while doing uh pull-ups and i was asking yeah like i was writing to the  instagram page of calisthenic movement and i was like i was so surprised that they replied back and  i was so happy like i was so proud you know like oh damn they they replied to me and it's like you  can make such a happy moment like with uh with them taking 10 15 seconds of that time exactly  and i think that makes the difference in the audience as well 100 nice yeah diet nutrition how  important is it uh also some some questions about it like what is your view viewpoint on nutritionum like how my illustration looks like yeah how important is it for  performance yeah um i'm all about balance uh so i i always say like eat everything  but not always like don't eat too much of everything because eating too much of cucumber  isn't good either and too much of chocolate isn't good either so balance i'm trying to just  like of course i'm trying to eat more of the like more nutritious stuff uh but if i want to have a  bite of chocolate on a wednesday i'm not gonna get anxious about it you know i eat it and i'm happybut to perform good in training we we know that it's important to get good nutrition  uh all the macros is needed protein carbs and fats so you shouldn't exclude anything  um like i can't eat bread because la la la i don't know why um  of course if you don't if you're not allergic but if you think it will make you fat you are wrong  um don't exclude but include instead so uh that's something uh that's something that i've been doing  for years and that's what makes me feel the best i feel good about myself and i can perform the best  cool and you're also a big fan of pre-cooking i think like preparing the meals i guess yeah  like me prep meal prep yeah is this also uh something that you would recommend  um well yes of course if you don't like to cook every single day um like why i meal prep is  basically just because i don't enjoy cooking that muchi want like fast i want fast food in my system and when i come home from the training i don't want to  need to stand there and cook something so a meal prep like a meal box just to  take it out from the fridge heat it up eat it it's perfect um and it also makes you  like a little bit more aware of what you're eating throughout the day so yeah i can really recommend  it of course that's cool in general your nutrition may be uh talking about um yeah what kind of  nutrition like um do you do you eat fish a lot of fish or like meat or like what what kind how  does your nutrition in detail look like um i eat i try to eat everything um but i have a little bit  i don't enjoy that much to eat protein in like uh like in meat or chicken or fish or something like  that um i i'm a carb girl i love carbs i can eat like so so much carbs but uh i mean i'm um  i'm i'm fighting to get that protein into my system um so thank god for supplementsno but like i eat everything but i also try i try to eat as balanced as  possible so vegetarian protein sources as well um as chicken or fish or whateverit's the first time that i hear the the word carp girl i thinki think i never heard that before i don't think i've heard it eithermight be a cool like it might be a cool thing to write in your bio  except like uh like replacing the nordic champion with carp  girl you know like yeah like instead of cowgirl you know yeah carb girl  nice so yeah speaking of supplements um what are some supplements that you would uh like that you  take just for yourself uh what what supplements do you take for yourself um just like protein powder  and creatine it's the only supplements i take and protein powder i take it because ilike i said i have a hard time eating protein sources like from food so this this when i  don't get enough protein in my system i eat some protein powder and it's basically every day souhbut like it's not it's not like because just because you  train you like work out you have to take protein powder you have to take supplements  absolutely not i just do it because uh if if and because i don't get enough from the foodso um yeah protein powder it's quite clear something that yeah um yeah it's self explaining  a little but um yeah creatine like uh what is what is the reason why you take creatine  how does it help you in your in your life yeah so basically the reasons i say creatine is for  um like performance to perform better um for more power when i train and also for uh recovery  and it's like it's the most well studied supplement out there so and it works for me  i've done it for maybe two years now i think um and i don't have any plans to to quit itdo you get heavier with uh with creatine no um i know some like get uh  like swollen or i'll say like water filled yeah but i it's nothing i i've noticed on myself  um so i think it's very individual okay i get i can get a bit i get a little bit more  tight if you can say that uh but not heavier no okay cool that's good uh like  creatine i don't take it um this is why again i'm always uh interested in and why people  take it i think i know a lot of weighted people who take it like uh for waiters one rep max etc  um but um yeah i'm i'm just interested in how it helps you for the freestyle performance but  like strength wise you said um it helps yeah yeah interesting um yeah what can we expect  from you this year like uh are what are some goals that you still have for 2022um well in like training wise and like skill wise i want to unlock like a solid straddle patch  um and a front lever would be amazing as well um  like some days i have a pretty pretty okay straddle but a full one would be amazing  competition wise i'm planning to do three competitions this year which is  more than i'm used to first of all right now i'm preparing for the swedish nationals as i told you  um and then of course the nordics i don't know when that will be this year but some i think  in after the summer in the fall and then i would love to do my first world championshipsbecause i think it's about time  so those are my competition goals for this year wow that's super nice freaking out yeah  i can imagine like what is the reason that you i didn't go to the to the uh world championship yet  because well the first years let's say the first three years i didn't feel i was  like i don't really want to say this but i didn't feel i was good enough to go there  um whenever i do a competition i wanna know that i can perform good and then i can  that i can place pretty like okay in the top i wanna be in the top i i'm not gonna lie um  so the first three years i was like yeah i didn't feel ready for it and then i remember some year  it got cancelled because of kovid i think and then one year i was injured in my wrist  so i think yeah so this is like the six years sixth sixth year um that i have the opportunity  to go there um and yeah i i really there's something i really want to experience yeah  it's on the bucket list yes so to say nice yeah super curious like i can i always like i think  we also um because we also thought yeah who will become world champion this uh this year  uh like um uh female male and uh yeah we also thought yeah why does marlene when didn't she  participate yet like this is like we were sitting there and we're like ah why and so  yeah now i know we have the answer yeah but that's cool yeah she's sitting in cold sweden  uh eating carbs and uh yeah replying to dms he doesn't have time for the i don't have time  nice yeah so now you know the answer yeah cool super looking forward to uh to see you there and  uh will be will be a good experience like will be an a great experience just  for life in general no matter no matter how it will go  yeah true cool yeah we're slowly coming to an end of the interview we always have some quick  questions at the end of every interview and i will start off with asking what's your favorite food uhprobably like tacosokay mexican tacos nice yeah i like to worry like i don't i'm not a fan of eating it's actually i  don't even know if tacos is my favorite food because tomorrow i could say sushi and yeah  and yesterday maybe i i said hamburger actually i don't know okay but today it feels like taco so  yeah okay the cartwheel has spoken um obvious question for everybody who follows you on social  media but are you more a dog or a cat person dog person oh he's here come say hi he's shy oh hellookay go back to sleep poor dog yeah dog person nice what's what's your favorite skilluh at the moment i would say handstand push upcool what what athletes inspire youthwhat athletes um i would say like athletes who who are of course on a high level  but at the same time are really humble like down to earth they don't think they are  much better than anyone else um i think that's really inspiring and if i'm gonna name drop here  i have to say my dear friend simon hauser of course  he's 100 my biggest inspiration at the moment um also because like he's he's pretty new to the  sport actually he hasn't done it so many years and he's really such he's really on a such high level  um he's so humble he has like the best personality and uh yeah i just love him that's greatnice um pull or push are you more a pull a push person push push cool favorite movieoh i like series better than movies i'm not a movie person really so if i can say siri instead  i would say la casa de papel okay it's amazing nice yeah what's your favorite music music genrefor like training trap or rap i would say um outside of training pop maybeor maybe like just what's on the uh today's hit list on spotify that's my fearnice yeah it all really like it seems you're somebody who lives every day as it is like  one day is sushi and what's on the spotify list and on the other day it's tacos and  uh what's on the spotify list so yeah forever for you every day is different  exactly nice uh what was the best calisthenics event you've ever been at um beast of the bars  no but like i like events that are well organized and beast of the bars is one of the best organized  events that i've been at and also i didn't compete but fibo like world of war heroes  what year was it 2009 last time yeah those two i would say  cool nice um yeah and the final question what's your message to the calisthenics communitygood one well i would say it's never too late to start because i started calisthenics  pretty late i think um there's always something that you can do um  i didn't think i would be able to do anything and look at me now um and like  even if your goal feels so far away there's always somewhere that you can start  and what else don't let anyone tell you what you can or can't doand just never never forget who you are be yourself okay enoughcool thanks for sharing quotes yeah yeah it looked like i was i was thinking maybe you  have the whole wall full of posters and you're just reading the the different quotes but uh yeah  i actually have two of them just toonice yeah uh thanks for this interview um how can people get in touch with you how  can they reach you and yeah how can they learn from you as well you're offering uh  coaching i guess the plans at the um yeah maybe you want to talk a little about that  yeah like if if you just want to reach out to me uh the best would be on instagram dms uh whatever  it is if you want like coaching i would go to my website kellyexpert.com um i offer online coaching  um like personal training and also online courses that are like general and not customizedyes really cool we will link we will put the links in the description so people  can find your instagram if they don't know yet but also uh the the website and uh yeah  thank you so much thank you thanks to you for your time uh it was a pleasure talking  to you it was a pleasure to to finally have you on uh on the on the podcast  now at the end i can say that i tried since months to get you on the podcastanyways i'm super happy that you made the time that you um yeah shared so much from your  workout from your life and yeah it was a super pleasure to talk with you and before you can  end the episode marilyn i want to say thank you to everyone listening to this till the end i'm super  proud and happy that somebody listens to an interview for an hour and yeah if you  liked the episode give it a thumbs up helps a lot and so yeah you could you can say goodbye  thank you so much for having me i'm also happy that i finally  took my time um and yeah it was it was an honor to to be here so thank you so much  and thank you all for listening and maybe we'll see each other in the future.

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