Misskyrie is known for her crazy skills like Muscle Ups, Human Flags, Finger Push Ups and much more. Even if it took her 6 years to unlock her first Muscle Up, she is showing the world that nothing is impossible. | MUSCLE UPS, HUMAN FLAG, IRON FINGERS & BJJ | Interview with Misskyriee

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March 24, 2022 26 min read

MUSCLE UPS, HUMAN FLAG, IRON FINGERS & BJJ | Interview with Misskyriee | Athlete Insider Podcast #66

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The text of the interview (translated automatically): 

basics are the gateway to the incredible stuff like you can't overlook basesyou guerrillas welcome to the athlete insider podcast by GORNATION my name is Phil and  today's guest is somebody from the united states who's inspiring the community with  really crazy skills combining brazilian jiu jitsu with calisthenics i'm happy to welcome you to the  show kyrie fontana also known as misskyriee hi thank you so much for having me um yeah and thanks for  having me on the team too yeah true you're you're a team member already for a long time i'm super  happy that we finally made this interview happen and uh people asked for it people requested it  and now we are here and talking a little about your calisthenics three workout journey  about your uh your life in general and yeah everything's everything's fine on your side uh  everything's good these days yep everything's good um coved stuff is finally over for us  generally speaking um training is going awesome no injuries right now that's cool  yeah that's super cool uh with the injuries that's uh that's rare for calisthenics athletes i feel um  like everybody always has something uh which is which is bothering him and you  you are also somebody who is like uh sometimes uh hindered by by injuriesyes i mean i i have had some serious injuries in the past and you know um i've had a few big  setbacks but yeah i'm good yeah that's okay yeah maybe we can talk about them later and you can  share uh share a little about them um starting the interview is always interested interesting to know  how did you start with the sport how did you get in touch with street workout um let's see i feel  like there's so many different ways i could answer that question but um i definitely always wanted  to be a gymnast when i was a kid but i didn't have that opportunity so i kind of did weird  stuff in the park you know headstands attempts at handstands push-ups played on the bars and thenlater um let's seemy dad took me to the gym when i was 12 years old and taught me how to like work out like  you know push pull legs and stuff he died right after that and i got really serious about working  out kind of probably to you know put that energy somewhere and maybe a few years after that i  changed my workouts into more of a calisthenic style and just kind of got obsessed from there  wow so that was uh unexpected and i've i feel i feel kind of overwhelmed by that  it's okay but uh yeah like um as you said like you had to put the energy somewhere and you  like uh the sport gave you basically the the the channel to to invest that energy and to  transform into something good right yep yeah and i i just kind of developed a very intense attitude  towards my training and started grappling soon after that and was always just really serious  so everything that you do in sports you do with 100 is it like something that uh i hear from that  yes totally cool so uh yeah like maybe uh going back to to these dates to your beginning in in the  sport like how did you start like have you always been like when you already practiced in the park  have you been a sporty person all of your life and was the beginning easy for you  so no i never did sports as a kid this is kind of a funny story you might get disturbed by some of  the things i say but i grew up in a really crazy house and people smoked all the time  and like never open the windows so when i first worked out i like couldn't even run a quarter  mile because like my lungs i felt the sensation of someone who had been smoking for 12 years  so no it was really hard for me but i overcame that that challenge like and now i cherish cardio  cardiovascular uh you know ability and um if i ever feel like my cardio is slipping it off  for like one reason or another like maybe i'm focusing too much on strength or not doing enough  like i'll stop everything and address that so um yeah no i wasn't like a childhood athlete or  anything that's probably why some of the stuff i do like isn't really traditional or you knowor like properly done i don't know so you invented your own style you you developed it  uh just by like just freestyling you know like just uh trying yeahcool and uh yeah like um starting with the gym and then uh why did you switch to calisthenics  uh after after starting with the gym so i was really strong in weight lifting and i  couldn't do a pull-up and i'm sure that's kind of a common story for people getting  into calisthenics and it actually made me mad so um i ended up applying principles from personal  training to my approach to calisthenics and uh yeah now i can do muscle ups pull-ups and you know  so that's that's super inspiring and super um yeah also unexpected for me i have to  say like uh i thought um when when i see you like you're doing these crazy things  you're doing the human flag the muscle ups etc so it seems that um you just were born with it  like that's how it looks when when i look at your social media but it's like earned it's  like uh a product of hard work and not something that was given to you in the in the first place  yeah for sure well so um yeah um because somebody also asked from the community um if you ever did  bodybuilding um so maybe you want to address that that's a good question so the way i started out  in training was kind of a bodybuilding style with like a adaptation phase a phase you know  all that um and i actually my favorite way of templating my uh calisthenics workouts is  kind of that bodybuilding style so we'll get into that later but um i kind of did do bodybuilding i  didn't do shows because i'm super shy but but that was my style of training for a long time  okay so beginning to start to to train like your main goal in in workout maybe saying for  calisthenics what was your main goal with with the workout with street workout in the beginning  in the beginning i was obsessed with muscle ups and human flagsso you just want to unlock these these skills right  yes and remember i was strong at the time so i went and i found bars and i threw myself on  the bars and i was like wait i can't even hold myself up on here at all let alone like sidewayscrazy i like i can't i can't imagine that i i think um i think it's a lie but so yeah  if you say it it has to be true yeah don't imagine it we'll justwe'll erase it from history i would be interested in uh like what were your thoughts in the  beginning did you did you ever think that you would become that strong that you are today did  you always have this mindset yeah i want to do the unlock the human flag i will do it or like  did you have doubts and um yeah um i never really had doubts i just um kind of studied studied  techniques and people who do it and i see the way to get there and i just apply myself to that and  and this it's weird but i i never really had doubts even  with muscle ups like it took me a long time to get my first muscle up and at one point i  had a serious shoulder injury from doing it wrong um and even then i didn't have doubts  okay was it from a chicken wing muscle up or what was it um it was frommaybe a little bit of over training and just like yanking myself on the bar like a crazy person like  i pictured myself doing this beautiful movement and just threw myself on there over and over and  and i i had trained like a couple of hours that day already and  i was hungry but i wanted to get that muscle up and i got an injury instead  and that's maybe already one learning that we can take from from this interview uh to like  especially for you as somebody who is doing all the stuff that you do with 100 that it can become  dangerous like over training and like wanting it too hard and not recovering enough or what would  you say not recovering enough for sure um but also not starting with the basics like you know  really simple techniques and training them until you own them completely and then and then slowly  methodically putting it together sure cool um yeah maybe switching to today like how does your  workout look like today how how do you split your workout how do you how does your program look like  so um there's going to be two answers to this question one is i divide my programming up into  i first start with how many days a week or how many sessions a week i'm going to train and then  i template it with movement patterns so vertical push vertical pull horizontal push horizontal pull  um prone lever supine lever um knee dominant hip workout i'm sorry knee dominant lower body  hip dominant lower body so deads versus squats and then i kind of divide that evenly based on  the intensity i'm going to put on a certain day and then i kind of insert my cali scent my  calisthenics goals into that and then they kind of go from there and build the actual workouts  with progressions wow so that's basically something that everybody can do like for himself  so it's like kind of a template um which is uh which is yeah applicable to everyone everybody's  goals right yeah because for me it's really important to stay balanced like not only training  one movement pattern or plane of motion um because that can lead to injuries and i don't know it's  just i think it's cool to be balanced as a as an athlete like people who can do only push only  planche but not you know any pull movements so yeah there's different reasons i do it like that  and everyone would be able to approach it the same way yeah if they wanted to  yeah and it definitely makes sense like you you do you are really strong and pull you are really  strong and like with muscle ups you are really strong and push with the human flag you do leg  workouts you do cardio like you are your goal is to to be an overall athlete right yes that's  cool that's really really cool and i think the the most healthy way uh to to approach training  did you ever have the the fear of um not specializing enough like um did you ever had the  thought of maybe if if oh damn it if i would only have trained like muscle ups i could  now do it one arm you know like like something like this  every day i have that especially since i do two sports yeah and i consider every day i think  i'm gonna quit either calisthenics or jujitsu and i'm gonna be great at one of them because i feel  like the progress is so slow i mean not so slow you know but for my expectations that i have set  for myself i yeah i think about that every single day but i feel like for me this is the right way  and that leads me to the other part of my um answer i was training with vadim i had vadim  doing my programming for a while and he also has a balanced approach but i told him i didn't want to  do any lower body i just wanted only like um upper body explosiveness so i felt like when i changed  that approach i did start to become imbalanced and weakened certain parts of my body and again it's  not because of him he was so funny when i told him that he said okay you don't want to be completei don't i don't want to be complete anymore i'm tired of it  but yeah i feel like the balanced approach is the way to goyou said uh for your expectations you're doing slow progress like what are your  expectations of yourself like what is what is your standard oh my gosh it's so ridiculous like  i pretty much see the greatest athletes like and i feel like i want to be exactly like them like  you know looking at like again like vadim or say gadgey you know gadgey i'm like oh i want to do  one arm handstand just like edgy just walking in the sky and i know that my body is capable of that  and same with like crazy muscle up sets and pull sets  uh with front levers in there like for me that's the standard and i'm just making my way theredo you sometimes think about um like that it's harder for you as a as a as a woman like uh do  you feel that or is it something that's not existent in your head or do you see otherwise  that's a good question so umand i'll answer that with the story when i signed up for the men's wrestling team  as a kid um i had i was judged at the time it wasn't considered cool um and  um my coach looked like my coach hated the fact that a girl was wrestling and every i mean it was  obvious everyone saw like your week compared to everyone and i completely murdered that idea in  my mind and i worked so hard like any time there was a push-up competition i always made sure to  win like i had this crazy iron will and now i just i don't have that at all like i don't even  see the the differentiation there it's kind of maybe silly but yeah to me when i go in the gym  and i see all these beasts meatheads i'm the same as them in my in my headthat's like super interesting because you can't change the fact and of course like  um it depends on what kind of mentality somebody has because there might be somebody who is setting  unrealistic goals and then like being completely unhappy when she doesn't reach these goals  but but it depends on on your mentality how you deal with uh with failure like um that's like  with with challenges like with challenges you know there are other people who like are extra  motivated if you say you can't do that they are like 200 motivated and they will crush  everyone just because of the iron wool as you said it and there are other people who are like  who take it too too hard too much like when somebody says something like this would you  say that you are more motivated by uh like um if somebody tells you you can't do something  um not necessarily i think back in my wrestling days i i that did serve me in terms of motivation  but now like i said in the head the plane in my head the playing field is  equalized even though objectively speaking i know it's not necessarily true i just don't  even think about that um and that allows me to celebrate the successes that i do have  instead of worry about you know comparisons or failing to get to the goals i saidinteresting um yeah like talking about crazy skills uh from from gachi or like vadim  that we also have to respect and you already said it um to do the basics um maybe you can  share your your viewpoint on basics in general are they necessary mandatory for everyone  yeah how do you think about that i i believe in my opinion i know everyone has their own opinion but  basics are everything basics are the gateway to the incredible stuff like basics open up  the doors to to the cool stuff you can't overlook basics why is that because of injuries because of  strength because of what what is it um well all you could always say because of injuries butas we discussed i like the well-round i i take the well-rounded approach and um  you know like let's take freestyle for example yes it's cool that some guys are just flying  round and round on the bars but to me it's the a more complete athlete is able to you know stop  and hold a front lever and do the do these more strength based skills and then i think that um  it would be weird this i don't know if this makes sense but it would be weird  if that same dude couldn't bust out you know strong pull-ups or dips you know i don't knowthat wasn't a very well thought out answer but no but it's true like uh it's uh yeah i definitely  see the point so um yeah like um from your first workout ever like with with basics um maybe let's  exclude the the uh the weightlifting and uh gym uh phase but like from your first basics workout uh  street workout um to your first muscle up how long did it take you to to to learn the first muscle upprobably six years wow yeah and i still struggle with muscle ups i know people say like  muscle you're the muscle of queen and stuff and i'm like don't say that  natalia yeah but yeah it's it's hard for me yeah  so that's that's a super long time and uh like maybe these people who like it's like this is  the danger of social media i feel especially of these short short videos showed photos etc where  you only see the end result and you don't see the the six years of getting there so yeah like  muscle up can you can you share your journey like what what was the problem how did you solve  it uh like how did you learn it so it started with pull-ups i had to master pull-ups first and i have  a pull-up program i use that i got from mike boyle who's an olympic hockey trainer um where you start  with one rep four sets of one and then you add one rep each workout so three sets of one  one set of two two sets of one two sets of two on and on until you get to your rep goal so i started  with that so mastering pull-ups and then like i said i there was a long time where i trained it  wrong i just thought you know throw yourself on the bar and stuff um so that was probably  a one year period maybe um after i got better from my injury that i caused um i started working onoh i got my first muscle up by using the false grip  oh wow which to me is a cheat because for some reason it's so easy  crazy for a lot of people the the false grip is really really difficult to hold ityeah so i was like oh sure i found the cheat code but i still wanted to do it like you know street  workout style like properly and then i started using a kip and doing negative muscle ups um and  man on and on until nowwell yeah now the way i approach it is i do high pull ups that start with a retraction  and then protract you know to properly protracted high pull up use a power l-sit as you go up um but  yeah gosh the journey to the first muscle up it's kind of hell i kind of blocked it out of my memoryokay yeah it is and like i still remember when i had wanted to unlock the front lever i think  it was in 2013 something and i didn't know how the the move was called so i couldn't  just uh put it on youtube because i didn't know back then i like about calisthenics and uh um the  the name of the muscle up so uh yeah and not like just trying out and it you feel so helpless you  know like the muscle up is not like like uh and i think this is the the barrier in calisthenics  and street workout you either you either can do a move or you can't do it like it's not with like  with bench press where you can just put a 5 kg plate on it but if you can't do a muscle  up you can't do a muscle up and uh like um that feels really helpless so i'm always interested  in in the journey how you get away from there like did you have people around you uh who who  were also doing this journey and going this this way no no one i looked crazy i was so and that's  actually why i started an instagram account i was so obsessed with attaining these goals  and it was like i talked about it all the time i kept sending videos to my friends and like  group text like look what i did today no response finally people started ignoring it all together  and i was like i hate social media but i need to start an account so yeah no i didn't have peoplecrazy so the the moment you didn't get replies anymore on whatsapp you  you started instagram and just thought yeah if they don't reply i need new peoplewhich which was a good decision i guess like uh with your community like a lot of people wrote  really nice uh questions and nice compliments into the uh the instagram sticker and said that you're  gorgeous and like you're inspiring and that's like super nice to see how many people you you touch uh  like and also some like sometimes just um underneath your posts or like your  advertisements people right yeah yeah curious the best uh ambassador the best athlete you have and  like um yeah that's that's i think it was a really good decision to to start with instagram and  i think it's cool that you share your journey thanks and you do things differently this is uh  what i uh like like you do things differently you show new ideas uh like for example of  of the um i think a lot of pro athletes they don't show the the way and the training behind  the skills and you'd uh i think you share well the journey and the experimenting with the i have to  think of the impossible dip with the with the help you know with the support behind it and stuff like  that um that's really cool thanks do you still remember uh your um because it was also question  how long you took from the first studio ever to the first human flag like how long did it take  to learn this skill was it longer than the muscle up or shorter longer ohis it like years or seven years  how many like seven years okay so yeah yeah so also also earned not given  like what was the main difficulty in the in the uh human flag journey probably time spent on the barum i feel like that movement for some reason comes more naturally to me than like say a muscle up or  a front lever or anything that involves like mostly pulling um i like the human  flag because it has some pulling um and some pushing and some core activation so  like being physically balanced with my training i feel like that move kind of  just feels natural to me cool i will ask a really mean question and i know you're not prepared for  it but are you able to do the uh the human fleck on both sides like uh because you're you're an  all around athletes and athlete athlete are you able to do it on both sides the kind of the same  yes so it's funny one side i have to get a little bit prone i'm sorry supine with my body  and the other side i can get like straight on i think there's a photo where i did both sides and  you could see the difference it's kind of funny but but yeah i can hold the line on both sides  well i didn't expect that because i just know i can just take myself as an example like it's  it's a skill that's uh that's kind of easy on one side and the other side feels like  damn it i i will i will never unlock it so um yeah good for you and uh respect  for that that's cool also to you to avoid disbalances i guess nice um yeah  another thing um i'm deeply impressed and uh like we had the the uh viral push up with the  two fingers uh which which went really really well how did you train how do you train the the finger  strength is it is it an element in geojutsu or how does it come that you're so strongso um back in wrestling days we did like probably 300 push-ups a day  so push-ups became easy and then on my own i started with the fingertip push-ups and um  this is kind of funny but i got this from pavel satelline you know the kettlebell guy  um i can't remember what it's called because it's been a long time since i thought about it but  you kind of tense your whole entire body and visualize yourself being lighter and with that  i was able to feel so light on the fingers that i could almost just float up i know it sounds weirdthat's interesting so um yeah maybe you can send me a link so we can put it in the  description for the people yeah sounds uh sounds interesting i wanna i wanna i wanna check that outcool yeah um so like training finger strength is it something you just do  for fun or do you see any benefits in like your your regular workouts i see a ton of benefits so  in calisthenics we often spend a lot of time on the bar and it's always gripping  and same with jiu jitsu you know you're doing a ton of gripping whether it's ghee or nogi  and um fingertip push-ups are a really good way to balance out that  excessive um you know flexion of the hands and um it helps prevent um tendinitis in the elbow  so i feel like if you're doing a lot of pulling um fingertip push-ups or fingertip planks are a must  okay and you don't have to start on two fingers i guess so you can start on  on five fingers yeah don't do two it's kind of long but like five fingers is something that you  would recommend to everyone uh just to to uh yeah avoid injuries and to have like a more balanced  forearm and elbow etcetera yeah for sure gonna gonna implement this this is a cool cool advice um  we are talking about tendonitis and injuries in general you uh you told us in the beginning  that you had some some severe injuries during your career um and uh yeah maybe you want to  share something about this like how how did it go so my first big injury was in wrestling  it was a complete acl tear and a huge meniscus tear andwe talked a little bit about the crazy childhood and dad the dying and stuff so  with all that in the background i didn't have health insurance and i wasn't able to get that  knee repaired so for about two years i would just maybe maybe not two years but a long time it seems  like i'd walk around and the knee would just collapse and it was horrible horrible pain and  instability i obviously had to quit um wrestling i had to quit a lot of things i was doing um  so that's why i know that a lot of masks on my legs can hold me back  from some of the calisthenics schools and the energy expenditure is hard but it's so important  for me to prevent injuries to my you know knees hips ankles um so that was my first big injuryyeah is your like is your knee today uh like is it at 100 or like how how is it  they had to take out most of the meniscus and it's kind of it cracks really really loud  so when i train legs i have to wear headphones because it's like disturbing um  yeah and it's like it's when i you know when i do those handstand drills with the legs  straddle and then then it like clicks into position it's so weird but yeah i  take injury prevention really seriously now um after that i can imagine yeahso uh yeah this is as your first injury i'm i'm scared to ask but uh other  other more or what's the second does it become worse or should we stop hereit doesn't get worse the others are just like the shoulder uh partner in jiu-jitsu broke my wrist  so for a while in instagram back in the day you could see there's a wrist base on all the videos  um but there's one more i'll tell you about i you guys kind of know but um i had a groin injury  and i had to wear ice like in my under ear for for six weeks it was crazy and i think i have video  of it i just my i don't know what happened but i was doing handstand i just felt like this on the  bar oh [ __ ] it was stupid yeah yeah and that's hard to prevent like at least with with workout  uh this this kind of injury yeah exactly it was just a fluke no training could prevent that true  yeah so um when you're so serious about injury prevention and nowadays like um what are  what is some advice that you would give to to the listeners um yeah to to prevent injuries basicallyso there's certain things i like to do like rotator cuff training with the band like external  and internal rotation um mobility training the uh transverse abdominis when you do core like  the deep deep abdominals um a lot of hip work with rotation um and the band like hip extension  um and again like making sure you train all different planes of motion  so cool um and basics not skipping basics true how do you train the the deep abdominals how do  you reach them um so my favorite way to activate that area is to get into like a tabletop position  and just use a strong exhale and pull the belly button into the spine super hard  and try to keep it there and hold it until you feel it um it might hurt if you do it really well  and hold it maybe six to ten seconds and do like five to ten reps of that and you'll see  like immediately after doing that the handstand line improves like immensely  so that's your secret now yeah that's my favorite thing yeahcool nice it doesn't look cool but yeah like but the  handstand looks cool and that's that's what countscool a lot of workout advice i'm super happy for that and yeah thanks already um  questions about the diet like how serious do you take your diet are you somebody who  is uh doing uh cheat day every day or like uh are you more of the the clean eater like  maybe you can share something about your diet so i generally eat um protein vegetables and  a complex carbohydrate i kind of have to stay away from sugar i have kind of a sensitive blood sugar  where i can get the shakes have you ever had that no i don't think so but i i don't like sugar like  um i don't never ate sugar a lot so yeah yeah so generally i stay away from sugar um but if i work  out hard i will eat like it it might look like a cheat meal but to me it's like important i'll eat  like pizza cheeseburger you know just to get the extra calories um but i recently did a bodybuilder  diet that i got from my friend rudy and that was like you weigh out every single portion  and you like plan out every single meal i did it for like six weeks and i was so ripped from it but  it's crazy it goes away like if you eat back to normal it goes away in like three days  so but you went back to the normal diet because it was too much work or how why why did you just  switch back kind of experimenting just to see the differences and i i actually like  the bodybuilder diet because i i ate more and more frequently um and if i'm like out and about  i always have the meals prepared so since i haven't been doing it i've been more hungryinteresting so the bodybuilder diet is another  thing i have to to write down to to get shredded for summer yeahyour uh your opinion and your advice on supplements like do you take um whey protein  creatine whatever uh yeah um i have taken whey protein in the past and my body responds really  well to it i know a lot of people don't like it um but i put on a lot of mass when i use  whey i haven't done that in a long time um i'm trying to take a creatine right now  it's called cree crea alkaline where you don't have to load and it doesn't make you bloated  i got it from my friend who owns wolverine um i'm just so bad about it so i've taken it like  three times so i can't really say if it works or not but i i intend to take it every dayother than that i i don't really use supplements i just  you know i'm just not very good about doing it every day  okay interesting yeah um yeah what are your goals this year what can we uh expect to see  or like what is something that you have in your mind so that you still want to unlock in 2022  okay so i still want front lever i might quit i might quit jiu jitsu so i can get front lever  that's an announcement kidding but i think uh yeah i want front lever i want  12 beautiful muscle ups i want a one arm pull up i want 40 kg pull up i want one arm handstand um  and i'd like to get back to a nice v-sit my hips i mentioned this before my hips get  so tight from legs that it i just can't even my i can't overcome the tightness so get visit um  and one arm back lever wow that's a long list i know it might be like 20 25 but  they're cool but uh better like too many goals than no goals at all i i think um  because you you know have a direction you can go to you're not like demotivated too much by  small optic obstacles like the the um the hip stiffness etc so um yeah good luck for that i i  really hope that you will unlock all of that thanks that's cool yeah that would be cool  nice we're slowly coming to an end we always have some quick questions quick  answers at the end of every interview um so first question is what's your favorite foodcan i say two you can okay pancakes with just butter no syrup  and um thai food like curry red curry stuff like that no i get hungry cool yeahare you a dog or a cat person cat because i've never had a dog okay what athletes inspire youum let's see there's so many that inspire me but um with my goals i'm mostly inspired by  vadim gadgy and natalyacool so maybe you want to go in detail like uh natalia because of her her cleaners yep  her muscle ups are a dream if i could do it like that at that volume i could die happy tomorrow  yeah it's that good and then same with vadim i love the intensity he brings  like just like you're going to war when you go to train like a maniac and i just  love that it inspires me and motivates me so much and then gadgy i like his kind of  he is a trained gymnast but he kind of applies his own unique flair to everything  and it's super fun for me to watch and he's also very intense when he trainsnice what's your favorite skillit has to be muscle up even though it's not my best skill it's my worst but it's my favorite  and then flag of course is my favorite nice uh if you have to decide pull or pushdang i'm like about 10 times better with push than i am pull  but i want pull more so i'm going to stay cool nice uh what's your favorite favorite music genreohi used to like like heavy metal rock mostly but now i'm liking like kind of dark hip hop the most  that's a that's a like that's a change like uh yeah i know like the more evil the better okaythe the evil cat ladycool um yeah what's the best movie ever in your opinion oh my gosh  so i have two favorite movies one is the death of stalin it's so funny to me and i love russian  history so i love that movie and the other is this movie called something about mary  have you seen it no oh my god it's so funny i've watched it about 20 times ben stiller is  my favorite actor and he zips up his balls and his pants and they're like sticky it out so many funny  things happen so that's my two favorite movies cool i think i get the direction of the film  nice um yeah what was the best calisthenics event you've ever been ati've never been i went to an expo one time and it was super cool it was like san jose  um and i got to see battle of the bars in real life for the first time it was just crazy i can't  imagine like going over there and to europe and going to like fibo i can't imagine it'd be crazy  yeah i'm also really looking forward to this day i like uh being able to  uh to to host you at the at the fibo would will be really cool oh my gosh yeah it would be so cool  the day will come i'm looking forward to that oh my goshnice uh yeah what's your message to the calisthenics community as the the last question  of the day so is this to like newer athletes or like the pros basically to to everyone listening  uh like um but they don't reply if we we ask them now if they are beginners or advanced um but yeah  i would say like just um just here to everyone in the listening to everyone listening um okay soi'm going to assume that most of the people listening are going to be like  on their own workout journey you know not necessarily pros so i'm going to say  the single greatest thing you can do for your progress is reverse any natural  impatience that you have so um first have patience which is discipline andthen you can apply consistency  and within the framework of consistency you will for sure for sure get to your goalwow cool thank you for sharing thanks for for the interview thanks for your time curie i really  appreciate it uh yeah if people want to get in touch with you if people want to contact you  how is it how is it best for youdm i try i try really hard to answer all of them so instagram dm uh we will put your instagram in  the link in the bio together maybe we should say email you're gonna get lost in there  yeah nice um yeah thanks again for your time thanks to everyone uh listening to this till  the end and i really appreciate it uh if somebody takes uh 53 minutes  uh to to listen to us and uh yeah kiri you have the last words thanks again from my side and  hope hopefully see you soon in in real life yes thank you so much thanks for everything  and i got my package yesterday i love everything it's over the top thanks.

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