Today's guest is a freestyle athlete from Latvia, the beast Pauls Jemeļjanovs. We're talking about how to start with dynamics, what it needs to become a world champion and how Calisthenics saved his life. | PAULS JEMELJANOVS | How Calisthenics saved my Life

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June 29, 2020 35 min read

PAULS JEMELJANOVS | How Calisthenics saved my Life | The Athlete Insider Podcast #11

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The text of the interview (translated automatically): 

literally like I think calisthenics have saved my life because I think I might be like maybe in jail or maybe not alive or something like that like a back in the day I was wasn't doing anything smart yo gorillas welcome to the next episode of the athlete inside a podcast by GORNATION my name is phil and today we have a special guest from latvia you're a content creator you're competitive athletes and i'm really happy to have you here paul from latvia everybody nice and today we will talk a little about your story about your your workout your life general and yeah I'm already looking forward to it thanks that you take the time and yeah we will get right into the questions if you're okay with it yeah okay thank you for the invitation by the way nice so somebody comes towards you and asks you yeah who are you like how do you present yourself who are you poles if somebody asked me that I straight up say I'm a regular guy I don't like to like tell them about my like social medias or working out because like that's my it's not my main thing that I do with my life like it's a hobby but it's like more based like I surround my life with with that but I don't tell that that's the main thing that you can think about me when I when you see me so like if they really ask me like detailee like where I have competed or what I have achieved then maybe say that usually I say like I'm just a regular guy who likes to do like Bar tricks and that's it okay so like calisthenics is a hobby but it's not like it's part of your life but it's not the the main thing in your life as it is for a lot of athletes yeah and like I could say like I'm really serious about like competing maybe and stuff like that but I also like have a regular job I have like other friends that don't do this sport like usually when I like meet somebody that does the sport every single one of their friends are only doing this sport they have like friends who does music who does like dancing and different other things so like my life fully don't surround this around only working out it's like doing friends stuff as well like also working family time and stuff like that okay so like you also have other hobbies like what what do you do apart from calisthenics it's like I like to like do every possible sport like that I can get my hands on like literally like I'm not maybe it's not gonna be maybe on a professional level but I like just to move to like stay healthy stay in shape and just move around because like I had I don't see like calisthenics it is gonna get you fit but it's not gonna keep you like you you can't work on your cardio that good if you do calisthenics you can get muscle strength statics and stuff like that but if you only one cardio endurance and stuff like that you need to run you need to move in different ways and stuff like that because you think it's it's important for the health right yeah it's important for the health cardio is important as well because like it's underrated also in this sport if you focus on cardio it's going to help you in competing because yeah like multiple times before the competitions you have have done extra cardio it has helped me to like go further in in combos usually like every other athletes their endurance runs out and they're like they can't do anything else yeah I've been there too so that's why I try to focus also on the car a little bit okay so for you if calisthenics wouldn't exist like at all what what sport would be your main sport and sport oh I need to think about okay like I need to take it way back to understand yeah before like I did calisthenics I did skateboarding pretty much because I found out about calisthenics I stopped skateboarding at all so I would probably stick to that till this day if it would be like that okay yeah also I also have done like I think every every possible sport when I was little but like I stick to calisthenics I don't know why I like I liked it I liked it the best but yeah I like it too ten years ago or something when I started so it's been sometime ten years ten years like this summer literally this summer it's ten years when I started ten years ago because like in Latvia it came earlier than every other current country because like Latvia started to organise World Championships first and yeah pretty much I saw like 1st and 2nd World Championship in Latvia and third also the first three ones were organized in Latvia I saw them pretty much picked it picked it up from there so it's pretty popular it's pretty pretty popular over here because like when you if somebody is gonna see you doing like pull-ups on the boards or something or some tricks they're gonna be like oh yeah that's three work out they're confident like they everybody knows okay so first a question do you do people in Latvia say street worker or calisthenics what is more more known we say street workout because it got like advertised liked it because can senex as I understand calisthenics is mostly like bodyweight exercises that's how I understand like everybody has has their own opinions but it's bodyweight training in my opinion and street workout it's it's like doing in the regular Park doing like more advanced moves like handstand push-ups 90-degree push-ups dynamics other static moves like stuff like that it's it's much more than just basic calisthenics in my opinion this basics how you achieve the physical like Durance and like strength okay that's so weird like if I could change like a few things in calisthenics and go back in time I would like change the definitions because it's so weird no Derek is calisthenics and Street workout for and for everybody it means something else like for some people it's the same for some people it means something completely different I used both like if people like ask me straightaway like what are you doing I'd say both I say stream workout and calisthenics and then they're at they act like the explanation of both explained them and also like I saw documentary or mini short film from bar sport the crew from a United Kingdom and they had like thanks to a literal explanation they told calisthenics come from Greek word college tennis and then I think it means beauty of strength or something like that pretty much it was bodyweight training that came from way way way back okay nice so I would be interested in going back to 2010 like ten years back when you started calisthenics how did you get in touch with the sport like how old is have the the power to get you break away from skateboarding okay the skateboarding it was like pretty much how I spend time with my friends and we were doing like nothing but we got in trouble like did did like all of them things that kids do these days you know and pretty much first time I saw them on TV it was like literally the guy who made the Federation World Tree workout calisthenics Federation Mars legends he and his team performed like you could say it's like full Latvia is Got Talent it got called differently but it's pretty much flat he has Got Talent so they compete and competed in got first place I think yeah they got first place and they want some money and they spend the money to like build some parks around my hometown Riga and yeah pretty much that's how I saw them and later on they they started to to touring around the schools around Latvia so pretty much they came one day with the whole team they came to our school and performed and that's how I saw so street workout first time first time like in action but those were the tricks that I saw first and I have done like bodyweight training inside I remember myself I have done like handstand against the wall since I was like three like handstand walks since first grade cups I pull ups everything like because like my father he went to army he did that stuff in army okay when I was little he he did that also in home so I also joined him and it also okay so you did like bodyweight exercise be like next to skateboarding but skateboarding was not like your sports like to to be fit or something it was just your lifestyle your way of spending time with your with your friends exactly there's like something that you can like put working and actually achieve something like that was like my first experience like that I did I also done like team sports or something like that but never stuck to it like did like a couple of months and then quit yeah also I remember like in my like primary school days also like we had pull-up bars in front of us cool it's like since USSR days like since Russia Russia was influenced over like Latvian like literally we we had pull-up bars in front of school we like did did like pull-up letters in the whole break yeah we did remember like everybody does one pull-up everybody does - and stuff like that it was how we used to spend time back in the day that's why it's so common like in Latvia like that's why because everybody's like I could say like every other person who also goes to gym they also does pull-ups in Latvia because like it's that common its popular out here in Europe in Baltics in general yeah that's so like it's so interesting how a state and like like a state can influence the health and the fitness of the people and the mindset like I was also type to talk to John Pierrot from Venezuela and she's like also everybody does a bodyweight workout everywhere there are full of bars like on the school place in front of school she said well for the children to stay fit but like in in Germany there is not something like this like and like you aren't evil even allowed as an adult person to go on a playground for children and do your training there because it's for children and it was like legally recommended so yeah it's it's really interesting so let me say so an active country right yeah it's I think it's a part of like Moorish success that he like made this Federation and did the World Championships and it's also because like I think in the countries that there is like the most poverty there's gonna be the most like equipment outdoors so you can train like you because it's like it keeps people out of trouble if you train like you get your head straight doing that thing like literally like I think calisthenics I've saved my life because I think I might be like I don't know maybe in jail or maybe not alive or something like that like a back in the day I was wasn't doing anything smart yeah so like calisthenics you see it today as you saw skateboard back then that it's like your style of spending time with your friends or is there a difference it's more like literally to keep me in shape to like also to travel the world I will really enjoy when I compete outside of my country like I really enjoy traveling also like I try to like not push myself too much as an athlete like recently because back in the day I used to put so much pressure on myself even though I wasn't in the level to compete with the other guys okay yeah that's why I have like separated myself from like competing a little bit so I can straight in my head and like work on my statics because it's my weak weak part weakling because like you saw me like in sweet and when I competed against then like I literally like my statics are in like not good so I need to work on that and then maybe I'll come back to competing like and maybe we'll see how far I can go but pretty much tell aesthetics like it's like big part of my life but at this time it's not not the main thing okay doing multiple things because I can imagine that the pressure that if you can't if you have maybe the wrong mindset it's hard to to not put pressure on you if you perform and like and you train with high performance people you know like yeah it's really hard to to get to be the one who says yeah like calisthenics is nice my way of living I like to to perform etcetera but it's not like the main thing and I don't define myself as with about my performance so like how do you how is this possible oh it is really hard because like so much like self-improvement to like understand that I'm not like I couldn't no actually I can't called call myself an athlete because I can't compete with the top guys like I I can't compete with Dan then it's likely really at top but like still I'm under under his level like Daniels like I trained trained most of my time with him but still it's like the things that he does it seems impossible to me so I can't compete like there at the pro level maybe I'm mid tier level or something I could say yeah like I do like I try to like raise the level for myself but it takes so much work I also like to keep yourself in check so your ego don't comes in your way like usually the youngsters as well like they start to do dynamics and then then they need to start to do statics but their egos say no don't do only dynamics it's it's more enjoyable because it's like statics are hard like if you want to achieve statics like every time when I see somebody who like that's really clean statics like I really can enjoy it because I see how much hard work it takes to achieve everything because I've been struggling like with Blanche's in front livers for like maybe past 4 years or maybe more like I can hold them but not for a long time I'm not the strongest guy I like there's like t-taking big points that I can hold a little bit full planche and then there's moments that I can barely do fell French stuff like that like back in the day I could do a little bit one front lever but like it disappeared the time because I stopped focused on that because like it pretty much you need to like also stay complete not only focus on one thing because like I think that's literally the one thing that always have helped me that I have learned from Daniel's like you need to stay complete I'm not the strongest guy but some of the times I go against stronger guys and I can win against them because I can put some dynamics and aesthetics together pretty well okay and you said like statics as I understood it statics you need to put more time in it is it like is it right so like dynamics are easier to learn or like take less time and it depends it depends on the person actually like it's how you work with yourself as well like statics it really takes time like if you see a guy who like and hold full planchas and stuff it probably took like a year or three maybe from one to three years to get to that level from the full planche and dynamics is literally you can like achieve 360 like in one in one session you can get 541 session it depends depends on yourself like some some people like they like to take their time with dynamics and like get them clean with with literally with the first time that they train they take their time take a week or maybe a month depends and also like if you try to also run like through those elements like a lot of people they start to do dynamic straight they need to do a swing 360 they don't try to even achieve like over the bar over the bar jumps jumps on the bar like basics total basic dynamics they don't know that and that's why the swing 360 it's harder for them and it takes more time for them if you go like in the level of the dynamics like you need to take your time to polish the easier moves so the harder ones are easier for you that's why usually everybody is shocked when me or Daniel's or anybody who's on in the top level they're shocked that we can do like dynamics simply jump off the bar and we're we don't feel anything from that it's because we have done basics so much the advanced moves are easier for us but there's also like the guys hood who does 720's and 900s and they're way above me and okay I'm like what are the the main elements that you need to have to do dynamics is it's like a strength it's thing is it mindsets like being not afraid is it technique what is you need basics that's for sure like you know like you won't be able to catch the bar with the first attempt if your grip strength is not strong enough so the grip strength is really really important you need some basics I could advise like do at least get to ten five to ten muscle ups before you do dynamics at all it's like you need explosive power as well a lot of people don't know that they straight-up jumped dynamics and they're like surprised how they do it and how I can't need to do like I don't know explosive push-ups muscle ups everything like you need to do that so it's it's gonna be easier for you if you get your explosive strength up dynamics comes easier to you because like first like I think five maybe is just five to six years that I did Street workout I only did basics and like minimal statics like handstands and stuff let's flag man's back levers stuff like that and when I started started to do dynamics I progressed really fast and everybody was like how did you do it them like basics is the key and the technique is also like very important thing like pretty much when I when I learned my 360s I learned them with wrong form and a couple of years later later I had to redo relearn my form and so I can do them better and do multiple 360s so a form is really important like also like if you want to learn dynamics you need to like if you see somebody doing it's really good check those videos like you need to memorize how to do it properly and then it goes into your muscle memory that you can easily do it without and is it better to start dynamics with Pat form first but catch it or is it better to just start with clean form from the beginning on so so lucky in my opinion start with bad form because like a lot of people are afraid to grab it with bad form that's why it takes so long time grab it with bad form first but okay you don't don't go too crazy and don't injure yourself like start with the form you can do and then work up to the better form because like everybody tried to do like perfect form and they fall and like it takes it takes energy firstly like when you want to do explosive you like you drill one move or certain extent of time it takes a toll on your body and also on your mental state if you fail all the time you're not gonna be able to like land a move that fast like but if you say fuck it let's go I want to do it like with a couple of times like the form it has to be sacrificed if you want to go faster there okay everybody has their own opinions that's how I do it okay start with the bad form and then move up to better okay basics first then like bad form dynamics and then you move on like to to good form new you you cleaned everything up exactly also its it goes seems to like statics as well like you need to start with basics because like a lot a lot of guys I can see they're like literally they can barely do come some push-ups and then they're already trying to do tuck Blanche's and stuff like that and I'm like it's not gonna go for far in my get it so something that I would be interested in is you're surrounding yourself with some more of the top athletes like not only in in your home country and in your trainings but also when you travel so is there what are the habits what are the what is the stuff that professional athletes do that like beginners don't do and this is why they state beginners or like intermediate athletes like are there some habits some similarities between the athletes why they are so good I could say like the mindset like because like mindset is the main thing if you don't have a mindset like like you might as well don't do it in a professional level like first thing if you want to do it get your mindset right and then start because like when I started to try to do this in professional level I don't know if it if I'm professional or something but yeah when I started to do it like more seriously like I didn't have the right mindset and that's why it took like took a lot of time to like understand where I'm at because when you start you need to literally break everything down what you're able to do what you're not able to do and understand what you need to work on and be aware of what you're able to do and not able to do it the main thing like to understand if you can do some moves and be able to use them in the competitions as well but the mindset is the main thing I have seen like Daniel strain then train Xavier like a lot of my friends that I am close with from calisthenics community their mindset is crazy like literally they can be like four hours training like one move they don't care that they're gonna spend a lot of time just to achieve it like the mentality is like to get where you want to be like literally you need to work hard for it like if you want to be there just work your ass off pretty much like that okay like work us off but also know what you're capable of and know what you're not capable of because something that I guys see also a lot of on competitions for people who are on their first competition their third competition like really beginners and competitive street whether they start with a move that you that they don't feel comfortable with that you see that they like if they often fail their first move and of course it's because of adrenaline but I think it relates to the point that you say no that what you are capable of be really sure work your ass off to really make one move sure do it like forth a few hours until you always catch it yeah that's why usually like if you see some pro athletes they don't fail those moves because if they have done like the million times they have like they have it back in their heads they can't they literally can't fail if they do it's like technical faults and maybe not enough chalk or maybe the bar is slippery or something like that like yeah usually like I don't know in the competitions usually when I fail it's like if I'm fatigued if I'm not in shape correct shape that I used need to be when I compete maybe I'm too fatigued and I can't learn the move but literally if I go on the first round if I need to do a 540 or something I shouldn't fail at all because like I have drilled it so much times that it's really easy for me so the main thing for there like beginners they need to like drill their moves and don't don't try to do anything too advanced because I I have done it multiple times and I and I have learned from that if you like do to advance moves in the beginning like you're not going to last in the competition you're gonna get fatigued then in the one moment you won't be able to continue okay okay crazy um what are the moves that you know by heart that you could do like when I say poles to do this now you could always do it in single move move move move dynamics like pick any trick in dynamic that I can do like literally if you tell me I can do it like singles it's easy if you do combos okay then I will fail maybe it depends on the combination but 540 is gangers skin.the catches 360s like if you call me out I can do it like also then then usually does this to me when he comes to last year your molar Cup stage he's like Paul it's like like if you'd really that much you shouldn't be afraid at all like you need to be confident also the confidence is one thing because like I know also there's a lot of guys and girls that they have drilled the move a lot and I in my opinion I think they can do it but the confident confidence is not there and then because of the confidence that they're lacking okay okay that's like for for dynamics we talked a lot about dynamics but I still would like to know your your plant journey like how did it go when did you start like was it always like this or did you have some setbacks injuries and that's that's I think like most of the things because my like how explain my plan it's been spiraling up and down all the time and it's partly it's like injuries partly it's like losing motivation partly it's like changing of plants usually like when I stopped training climb trees literally before the competition when the competition starts like I take 3 to 4 weeks before the companies to start to prepare it depends on the competition also and yeah and after the competition I'm so tired that I don't get back to my routine and then some time pass and I'm like oh I should have liked going back to the gone back to the routine and like you lose strength in that part after the competition if you skip skip your training after the competition you can your might be able to lose in your aesthetics also it's like I'm really anxious when I train I like I like to do everything I do like my workouts are really random like sometimes you will see that I tell somebody okay today is a plunge day and end up doing frontier I'm not I might not be the most consistent one also consistency is really important I'm lacking on that but I'm working on myself like and trying to do consistent consistent workouts they're the injuries is the most most most most most most I think popular one that everybody isn't stopping the progressing they're getting injured and when I was in Sweden I was injured battle done and I was actually surprised that I could still hold punch yeah because like you said maybe I'm injured like my plan should it will it's really sucks but the the the people didn't see it and I didn't see it like it was like it was stable yeah like literally Dan everybody did that the calm they came up to it mean like Dan Paul I finally see some progress from you and I'm like like I was like injured before then I was like maybe a little bit stronger but still I'm like it's nice to hear it when you're injured that you feel that you're not confident they boost your confidence that is it takes a lot of time and patience and also don't overtrain yourself when you work on statics and basics and dynamics as well you can get yourself out of the game really fast if you overdo something in the injury of cell-free be battling and what do you do and nowadays to prevent injuries or I take more residue I don't trade that that much like back in the day I used to go crazy like me and Daniel we used to like do workouts most every day of the week like we literally but like in 2050 we started to train together pretty much it was like almost every day for like the most of the days I allowed myself to take rest it was like maybe two or three and it was for like a couple of years that we like did it like that and also like I trained through injuries because I wasn't aware that I'm actually injured I felt some pain it was not comfortable but actually it wasn't an injury so like I trained through injuries as well it's not the smartest move yeah also like you need to educate educate yourself through when you work out like if most of the people are not aware of what what they're doing what what their body is at that take the load weeks take rest days do everything plan your workouts that's the most important thing plan your workers don't do them randomly you do them randomly you're gonna your egos gonna get in the way and you're gonna injure yourself that's my personal experience and how do you educate yourself what what possibilities are there to to learn and to educate there's multiple like YouTube number one like everything that I have learned about the sports like everything about like training and stuff like that everything comes from YouTube and people are also under estimating the power of Internet yeah pretty much everything is free on internet right and that a lot of people are selling programs like you can make your own program but a lot of people like likes to buy them instead now I think you need to educate yourself because like the programs are good thing if you buy them but you also then you need the trainer's who keeps you in line also if you go by someone's routine you need them to train you because you're not gonna be able to see yourself from from other perspective perspective yeah that's true like I see programs it's it's sometimes it's useful because it's like a shortcut and you don't have to search everything up by yourself on YouTube maybe you'll find something like a bad workout plan by somebody who's Mike like did do it himself just work for him but like in general you write like everything you find everything in on YouTube everything like forever that's crazy also like programs are really good but you might as well educate educate yourself if you take this serious educate yourself you need to know that know this stuff because if you know this stuff you know how to like get better progress after all because like the human body is really difficult to understand now like when you when you look up why you like why you should do like 10 pull-ups for 3 sets like you understand why why it's important to do 10 pull-ups and that's just somebody who tells you in a plan do 10 pull-ups so yeah I get what you mean like you understand more of the body the training systems etc when you look up everything by yourself but it's like yeah it's it takes some work yeah exactly but also from the other side I understand from the financial aspect like it's cheaper to like buy a program and try to do it yourself then actually like pay some coach or somebody to teach you that stuff like that there's big money difference between between maybe 30 euro or dollar like program or like 10 sessions with your coach like it's it's completely different so I understand those people who prefers doing pro buying program yeah that's true like and we didn't talk about what you work like what do you do in your life what is the life of Paul's little eggs usually like at this point in my life I'm studying still studying and I'm doing like basic nine-to-five it done the first from everybody I'm still trying to understand whether I'm going in my life because a lot of people like it seems that everybody has their life figured out and I like a lot of people still like do you mean Instagram or something they're like come on two more counts and do more content and stuff like that and I don't define myself as a content creator looks like usually the most content that that I post are made by somebody else I think the content creator the most most of them the contract creators they create themselves they have their own cameras every equipment they do it but but usually like there's like Daniel helping me like other guys from our squad that they have cameras or something I had with myself but like they helped me with the process so yeah but also I like pretty much this is how I this is explained it's fun for me like the Train like to do content and stuff like that that's how I like spend my time like and I enjoyed it enjoy it and I try to not to push to put too much pressure on myself but the content looks like usually like you have like social like anxiety about content creating because like everybody is in this sport like the top guys everybody's oil I need to be consistent like gets where I'm at with the post no you need to Train consistent because like this sport is about competing not about like social medias like a lot of people like they take social medias too seriously even though there are athletes in the first place but yeah social medias Adam like I plan to take it more seriously but like first I need to do some other things like to understand if I really want it that it's it's really difficult to be consistent with the content creating like especially for an athlete because everybody tried to post like three pictures a week like with one video in a week but they still show the same stuff they don't show progress they show different edits but the same same things in those videos and it's big it has become a norm I think in our sport like everybody expect except expects you to like post like literally every other day and I'm taking some time off from social media because like it gets me anxious I don't like I don't like that much that I getting anxious because like I don't get the dog and get the job done when I need to so I take some time off to like work on myself when I achieve something new then I'm gonna post something I'm gonna do it like that because it's it's a struggle to do like I've seen Daniels doing it I seem done then doing it like they're the like the guys that are like trying and doing like in the in the top level like the content creating in your community in like in freestyle community in general and it takes so much time you need to sit hours in front of a in front of a PC and edit and when you filmed most of the time you videos that you get or maybe pictures you'll get they're not as good as you expected and so you need to scratch that and do new ones so that's a lot of work and it's like I don't know if I'm as passionate as them about videography or photography or stuff like that but I enjoy like the whole like the community movement that we push everything through social media mostly because like pick any other street sport that has like big numbers on social media that they post videos and stuff like that like I don't know like any other sport like this sport is special because of the social media so and also like I think Daniel is part of being like this whole this whole movement that we both combos like crazy amounts of combos the content like everybody does it also like Eric Ortiz he's also doing like crazy a lot of like content smallest part and from UK as well like the top dogs they're like most of them are doing like social media influencing as well and that's a big thing because like the most if we get the sport like presented to more people it's gonna get more popular and it's gonna get like better in the level as well and also like people are gonna be able to like earn a living out of it after all so for you it's most mostly a tool to make it like more known to the people and to spread the sport but it's not like a part of your life or like I'm about to like do something but I don't want like I spoil it maybe you'll see in some time that I'm working on something with my brother but yeah like for me I like to like spread the positivity like to train back in the day I also used to be a personal trainer but I switched because like it takes so much energy from you if you want to train yourself and train some somebody else it takes a lot of energy and yeah then that's why I also like I admire those people who are like personal trainers and they compete in the high level like also Dan Rosenberg also he's a personal trainer he can compete himself also small sport team from UK also he's a personal trainer he competes he also was like wco federal champion if I'm not mistaken like there are guys that doing it and it's it's crazy how they can make it work because like it takes a lot of energy that's true but it's interesting like in the in the intro I said yeah the the content creator and competitive athlete and then in this interview you now said like these are the two things that don't decide if you define myself with but like the image that you that people get on social media from you it's like difficult to what you define yourself with and like you say your regular guy but yeah today we have a regular guy because like I I think I'm a regular guy like yeah do specific stuff but I'm not in that level so I can tell like I am like professional calisthenics athlete I don't tell it because I don't earn a living out of it like that's the thing like most of the guys they're like oh yeah I want to become professional calisthenics athletes like and I ask them what do you mean with it I compete in the world championships on or earn a living out of it they say earn a living out of it then I'm like it's almost impossible like everybody's still working for that maybe the top top guys they get get to like earn the living but they also they sell programs they sell merch they like have sponsorships and stuff like that you need to work by yourself on your own you're like also on social medias like you need to do multiple move multiple things at the same time so you can earn a living through this sport but literally you won't be able to like earn a living this day if you want to be just an athlete do nothing at the same time like it's hard like but still like I can see like the coordination we afford is these companies are coming up really fast I think in next maybe five to ten years there's gonna be professional athletes that there everybody is like that competing there's gonna a living out because this is this sport is growing really fast that's true like this is this has to be the goal of everything that we do because oh yeah as you said it's not like being a personal trainer sucks energy and of course it helps people but if you want to define yourself as a competitive athletes it's not good to be a personal trainer at the same time you know imagine like Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi being like obligated to do personal personal trainings by side and yeah it's--that's-- that has to be the goal that's true that's what you don't see like like literally the guys who have been like world champions like Danielle a record tees like in those days as I know in those days when they like climb but climbed up the ladder to like to be the world champion they burn personal trainers because like you need to put so much focus on yourself that you can't be able to focus on anybody else yeah that's true ok so like one last question I have about dynamics because it's something that's a lot of people are interested in and then we come to an end of the interview so like how long did it take for you to learn different skills like let's start with with the shrimp flip or like your skin to catch I think you call it in the catch yeah Europe it's more known like skin the catch but in USA I've heard that they use more front lip okay yes yeah sorry yeah pretty much it took me three times to land the first time but like to literally achieve it it took me maybe about a week like to happen to have it lock down that I can do it almost every time it took me a week one week and five five 4440 came really easy that's why that that's why I'm doing it all the time it came really easy remember it was like literally also with the third time I landed it and I think I unlocked it with the third time as well literally it took me maybe maybe one session or something like that I remember Danielle told me like okay go for the 540 because you've been doing 360 for too long like you need something new I was like okay tried that first time like had good rotation didn't have a bit height enough so he that told me like get more height second time I hit my hands against the bar like okay this is possible I need to go for it and the third time like I landed it like if if you have like the you can't be afraid if you want to learn something like you have to get that mentality also you'll need to learn how to fall if you'll fall incorrectly you can injure yourself but if you learn how to fall it's not gonna take also energy out of you it's not gonna drain you that okay and Jing er Jing er oh that one I really learned it like a couple of times as well but like it also took me maybe a couple of sessions like every single every single like five four is everything it took me a couple of sessions to pick it up because I have seen it before like Daniels threw it so much times in front of my eyes that I have something to like prepare myself like okay I understand the technique by just by looking at him every every session when we train together so it was easier for me to learn it if you train by yourself if you don't have something to like have an example it's gonna be very hard like for me like I had them already back then it he was like Daniels was like third in the world in calisthenics freestyle so it was he was really advanced back then already so I pretty much copy copied and pasted the technique from him something that I also see I know it's like also a technique but when a move gets normal for you because you see it every day it's like not that oh this is the move that nobody can do like you have a limit in your head but you see it every day you know then it gets it gets easier I don't know if you saw the same phenomenon but since each one through the ice ball the front flip rig rep on the at the world of by hero's competition like everybody does the front flip rig arrive like it feels like this it's not of course it's not objective but you know it's he threw it and after then like it's it got more normal and when it's normal it's easier yeah I've seen like I think even before then in last way we had already couple of person that they were doing from food program things like first you need a person who's example also like if you see a guy who who's doing it with a good technique they're gonna be okay this seems easier when you see a good technique it's looks easier if somebody is gonna do it with bad technique it seems harder so if you if you see somebody doing it easily it's like okay it might not be that hard I should try it then you try some couple of times then you hit your fingers against the bar and you're like okay I can land it probably and just need to send it that moment either you land it or you land on failarmy and get paid for being in a gym Kristoff's he failed in the air we we judge the competition in Estonia and he failed on his face that he fell really hard but he got failed he got paid from that footage so it's either way win-win situations but this fail I remember it like seeing it on Instagram and was so it was so hard to watch like yeah but that's that's the game of dynamics I guess it comes with the territory I guess like if you get hurt like you just need to pick yourself back up and continue doing it so okay so we're coming to an end and I have some some quick questions quick answers at the ends what do you prefer pizza or burger burger burger every day and do you prefer dogs or cats I think I heard a dog in the beginning so you're having dog yes yeah they're gonna dog yeah okay and your favorite location for holidays that you've ever been to holy those I don't know like travel in general I'll travel in general yeah last like since I came back from New York like I want to go back to the states but if we don't take the states in consideration then it's good it's probably gonna be Spain because like the community it's big out there I wanna do like travel there and experience Spain okay and you also speak some quite some languages right you you speak Russian yeah I I talk a little bit Russian yeah like because like in our country half of the people talk Russian so yeah moderate retreat Borowski so a lot of people have a Russian surname so a lot of people assume that I talk fluently in Russian yeah I don't talk fluently I can talk a little bit but I can't read in that language because I I learned German in school okay I also can talk a little bit Jamin so yeah okay so for in the country at foreign languages English a little bit of Russian and a little bit of German yes exactly nice yeah if you have more languages that you know if it helps you a lot when you're traveling when I went to the Russia 2 World Championship literally almost anyone like Khan's talking in English in Russia so you need to know some Russian if you travel there yeah also like if you go to like USA you need English if you don't know English you're gonna get lost yeah but yeah languages are the key that's right so your favorite calisthenics athletes favorite this is gonna come like to a shock to you maybe or anybody else that are watching there's this guy who won burning gate competition last year his name is a monoi oil I don't know his surname I don't know his surname but he's really strong in statics ok like when I saw I was like damn this really made me want to like train my statics ok crazy I will you can send me his Instagram afterwards and we can put him in the descriptions for everybody who's interested in this is he setting sky so yeah yeah because like he's I'm actually like literally I don't understand this thing freestyle athletes get a lot of recognition but statics guys don't get that much of a recognition this guy he won burning dates I don't know how much he has followers but yeah like most of the freestyle athletes won't know him but he's really crazy strong so shout out to that guy maybe you can put his like instagram tag and on the screen being this in the interview so everybody I'll write this down yes so what would you like what would change for you if social media just disappeared I think it wouldn't change that much I would still train I would still like compete I think if social media would disappear the compas competitions would still like happen would still compete like my life would be the same like social media is not my main thing that's why you don't see me posting that much so show me nice do you have a favorite book every book I have this one book that I read recently it's called what was dinner the way of fuck it its name its name it's about like mentality like not not not be stressed about little things like to focus on them be like big goals in life and don't stress so much okay yeah we will also put it in the description I will ask you afterwards about the exact name and the best calisthenics event event you've ever been at so far oh it's gonna be a tricky question because like it depends on the level and also on the organization level if it would be like in the competing level it would be World Cup Finals in Egypt I think it was 2018 18 I think 2018 and in organizing level the top competition would be feast of the bars that's Daniel fluffle organized that was my favorite competition like I loved every second of it like just to see that your friends organized a really high level event it might really enjoy like I enjoyed it a lot yeah that's true like he he just put so much passion in it and you felt that on the event so ya know and it's also the event where we got to know each other so yeah big shout out to Daniel it's this great event nice and the last question dynamics or aesthetics now it's a hard question like because like just because I can do dynamics in the kind of good good level I could pick that but because I can't do that much statics I could pick that so very much I'm on a limbo right now I could say like dynamics would be because I'm recognized by it I picked NME nice perfect so where can people get in touch with you how can they reach you how can they write you ask you some prolly Instagram or Facebook you can find me by my name or surname on Facebook and also name and surname in Instagram it's perfect so if you have any questions the links are also down in the description and yeah before you can end the episode and say goodbye to everyone I want to say thank you for listening till the end because I know it's still like already round about it in the hour of interview and I really deeply appreciate everyone yeah like an hour like it's insane you ran so fast yeah so yeah like if you listen to this till the end crazy I hope you took some things with you I hope you enjoyed and like we are happy if you give us feedback what could be better what was good right through the episode and yeah just tune in next time and I want to say thank you also to you polls for taking the time for being here for answering the questions and I'm off thanks everybody for listening and you can end the episode purples yeah Thank You Phil for inviting me short to Gore nation like they're doing really good good like I enjoy everything like equipment stuff like that we need more of this like movement that people are making businesses in the sport so we can also do more competitions so yeah thank you for that you're a big part of this community to be honest like a lot of people may not know but coordination is one of the top like leading companies in my opinion are doing this right so yeah Thank You Phil for that and to everybody that that is watching this keep on working hard and probably see you sometime soon