RUSLAN SAIBOV | Special reps and form that produce progress | The Athlete Insider Podcast #10

RUSLAN SAIBOV | Special reps and form that produce progress | The Athlete Insider Podcast #10

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RUSLAN SAIBOV | Special reps and form that produce progress | The Athlete Insider Podcast #10

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i have never lifted any weights in my life to get bigger okay calisthenics all the way yogurulas welcome to the next episode of the athlete insider podcast by gronation my name is phil and today we are here with a really special athlete from ukraine living in poland uh yeah ruslan cyborg happy to have you here like a short introduction for the people who don't know cyborg he is like a strength and endurance athlete um really like doing crazy crazy sets at the bars uh like you won multiple uh competitions around the world so you're really traveling also a lot and uh with uh like for yours over 60k followers on social media across social medias uh you're known as the ironwith wrist so yeah i'm happy to have you here and looking forward to get to know you better yeah what's going on people so as my friend said my name is russo sabov i'm from ukraine representing the strength and endurance category in calisthenics i also did a freestyle in my beginnings i even won some competitions but is it i guess we're going to talk about it but yeah uh traveling providing workshops teaching people trying to make my way out as you said as the iron wrist athlete but yeah i'm just trying i'm just trying my best to be the best version of myself so yeah i'm happy to be here i'm really honored to to get invited by ufm and yeah let's get it popping nice nice um so the first question um you're like you're already really long in the game like uh you have like over two years ten years so that's crazy like um how was your beginning with calisthenics how did you get in touch with it bro it is so ridiculous and embarrassing at the same time because let me tell you the story right so 10 years ago right in ukraine i used to live in ukraine back then and me and my friends we came up with the idea of doing the latter of the pull-ups right in the park late night i was 15 at the time so everyone was able to complete a single pull-up everyone in a group and i was the only one person who wasn't able to complete even this much i was like hanging like this and i couldn't get up so it was like a wake-up call for me so i was like all right i gotta get stronger because you know it was like really really awkward for me so like what like what was your physique like was it were you like more overweight or like just skinny and and weak i was skinny well i used to be a football player i played for like seven years and at this time when we did this ladder i ended up with my like football player career or however you guys may call it but it was not a professional carrier but just like juniors so yeah i even played for the national team once yeah so back into the story um my physique was really really zero like it was not on point at all so it took me three months to get my first pull-up can you imagine this there was no tutorials no calisthenics coaches so and i was embarrassed as i said so i had been coming up to the park with the pull-up bars every night late night when it was dark so no one could see me trying to bend my arms like this and shaking you know it was really embarrassing so it took me three months during the the summer so i didn't go to school so i had time for this right so yeah i got it and then it all just started to roll like this and now i'm here talking to you and training in the day i guess like today you're able to let other people watch yourself uh so you also get of this uh this habit of training at night so nobody excuse me exactly exactly it was the it was the people like to call it game changer for my life so yeah i used to be really really um shy person and you know like i was the only thing i was good at was football and playing computer games like every child so yeah um it got me out though this super super deep comfort zone you know what i mean so yeah now me speaking to the people teaching people traveling competing and stuff like that is the whole different person than me 10 years ago so i can definitely claim that calisthenics changed my my mind my life everything even my surroundings okay because like if you imagine uh with uh with 15 years like uh uh somebody told you yeah type of view you're gonna be like a worldwide known athlete uh with a social social media following you will upload like videos from you naked like doing sports like and everybody will watch you like you would have never believed right i would never ever in my life believe that the single pull-up at this late night back in 2010 would bring me to the point where i'm like you said able to post naked pictures [Laughter] yeah crazy that's true crazy right and what what like uh did did your friends go with you or uh like the friends who at this night yeah basically a lot of my friends from school been going with me all all through the years where i was in ukraine so i left ukraine in 2016 for the first time so this that was the point where all my friends stopped working out that much so i always been like a mentor or something the guy who who texts everyone let's go let's go let's go you know what i mean so they never did this it's not their fault though it's all good like you know we always have such person who tries to go to the party let's go let's get this party started or let's do the workout or whatsoever and yeah i was the one and now they still work out but they don't do it vigorously if i can say so like they don't work out on a regular basis yeah so yeah and they had the potential though they had the potential though yeah salute to them thanks to my friends and everyone who supported me through all the years yeah so you mean with potential you mean like the genetics like the mindset like or like yeah some of them even had the better genetics better potential to be able to complete more reps to be the next calisthenics star but you know it wasn't at the time it wasn't their passion like it was to me so there was it was the deciding point right so yeah now they're doing good though they're doing some different stuff and yeah nice um and like i would be interested in your in your journey more in depth because you also said that you went to freestyle um and yeah i guess you already like you tried out a lot of stuff in 10 years so yeah what was it like so i basically started as the it was not the freestyle it was not cold as freestyle back in the day it was like just the street workout competition there was no strength and endurance category yet so it was like muslim was one of the hardest elements you know front lever was something out of out of the space so i was it was my second year of working out and you know i i've been trying a lot of things like muscle up front lever human flag even one arm pull up and one day was the first ever competition for the first time there was the competition in my city and i was like all right let's let's go watch with my friends even my mother came so i was like hi let's go so we were standing there before the competition and that's so the line to the for the registration right i was like standing there and asking myself why do i even do this if i never compete that was like all right let me sign up just sign up for the competition yes spontaneously if trust me if i didn't do this back then i wouldn't be talking to you right now okay so i took a part of the competition and i went to the finals and i won but why did i win though at the semi-final one of my friends could you kick no one could believe this and you won't believe this right now he comes up to me saying ruslan semi-final is your max will not go further than that i was like wait a minute what are you talking about you're my friend you you are supposed to support me but later he told me because he knew me as a person right so later after me winning he told me he did it on purpose because i'm the type of person when someone doesn't believe in me i'm going like i'm gonna show you right now you know what i mean so and through all 10 years i call it hating but people call it differently so the hate even the positive hate makes me moving it keeps me rolling you know trying new things and day by day um how you call it uh proving proving myself to myself to to the people i surrounded with to everyone so yeah if he didn't believe i mean if he did believe in me i wouldn't win so yeah this is why why i won my first freestyle competition it was the only one i took a part of though then i got injured because as i said i've been trying a lot of things right new things without any fundamentals so i didn't have the strong pull up the strong dip or push up whatsoever any of the basic elements of calisthenics and it got me injured eventually i hit the point where i started doing front lever razors with the with the weight and my my back started to hurt and then i started to think what is wrong what might be missing so then i started to take it slowly and with the basics so after this after this injury i started to do strength and endurance right and i stopped doing any you know static moves and other things and i've never been injured since then i mean those small injuries small injuries like elbow my elbow hurt today but tomorrow it doesn't you know all those small things that happened to all the athletes not only in calisthenics so yeah after this um i've got to to see the youtube video called 20 muscle ups thanks for watching by zeb zacavelli the founder of the barbarians there was like the it was the second game changer of my life i decided to try to do the muscle up as clean as him i tried i failed of course because he did 20 muscle ups like just like that so it was the point where i started to take strength and endurance seriously and i found out about barbarians back in the day and uh i wanted to join you know the it was at the time it was the like the most elite in the world i mean team in the world the best in strength endurance so i was like all right let me let me try that so they had the requirements right like the physical ones you have you had to to complete at the time five muscle ups 45 dips 25 push pull ups three then 55 push-ups and five muscle ups in six minutes and seven years ago it was really really really tough it's still tough today but then it was mind-blowing so and beside the physical part you had to get in touch with the with the team right so they get to know you better and you know allow you to join it was not simple like you know um get the shirt or get the the hoodie with the name of barbarians and get the part of the team so it was really something new and i was like yeah i'm doing it so it took me like two years to join and yeah even um even then a lot of people didn't believe that i would make it because you know they're from united states i'm from ukraine i barely spoke english at the time so it took me a lot to learn english to get better in in my endurance and stuff so yeah it made me a better person in two aspects so i started to learn english which brings a lot of opportunities to me now for me now and oh and physically of course it made me strong so i'm really thankful for this period of my life and i'm thankful for giuseppe to barbarians who made me that they made me strong but yeah as some people know and might have noticed that i'm not a part of the team anymore so i joined the the team in 2014 and i left unfortunately i keep saying it in 2018 because of the sum you know no one ever spoke about it publicly so it was the misunderstanding about how the thing should go in my life and their life and the life of the team right so i'm not going to you know get into the details but i really really regret that it's happened but yeah everything what happens happens for the better for good so yeah but backing making up to the story of 2014 when i joined right i decided when i joined them i decided to go to united states and it was the start of the third game changer of my life i was talking to chronically uh putting changes in my life right now but yeah uh it took me two years in university to make my way out of ukraine so you know to get visa to free to visit united states in ukraine it's like five percent chance you know you live in germany right yes you guys don't even have to get visa no to go to the united states when well in ukraine we get rejected when applying for visa in like 95 percent of of uh attempts so to really get out i mean to go to united states you have to study hard you have to be all like super proper person so the embassy realizes that you have some reasons to come back because if you a good student you want to keep up with your studies right so you don't you're not going to stay in the united states illegally you know so yeah i studied hard and stuff i went there in 2015 i met the whole team i've met a lot of legends like hannibal beast uh doc zev everyone who basically brought calisthenics on map i know what i mean yeah so i'm talking about it you know chills real real real chills because a lot of it's a great memory you know what i mean a lot of great moments uh you know seeing your idols in person and talking to them and and basically learning from them from every word they say so yeah this is crazy this is crazy and now being one for people cannot believe still cannot believe this still so yeah then um there there is the competition pull up part jam or something like this i don't even remember a lot of words but yeah it's going since i guess 1999 the competition every year yeah crazy probably one of the oldest competitions in calisthenics overall so in 2015 i took a part of it and i won in several categories so it was like really great in terms of myself as an athlete as a trainer even because i started to get a lot of invitations to come here to come there to teach to show and stuff so there was the point where i started to think about being a coach being something bigger than just working out so and apparently it worked out right right now i'm doing this so yeah i started to do a lot of things like teaching trying to do online coaching writing plans for people and it wasn't really looking good at the time you know i was like a beginner and writing plans or in providing classes and stuff but yeah it all starts from the scratch right and the more you fail the the more you learn so yeah then in 2016 i won the same competition for the second time okay but i didn't stop well there are a lot of categories in the competition right so in 2016 i was really really out of shape because of the work right because i started to um work three how you call it three three works three jobs i've got three jobs workplaces three workplaces and i've i've been trying to earn some money to make some money to pay for the trainer certification and it was really really expensive almost one thousand dollars you know it's really expensive for me yeah yeah and me being the 19 years old guy paying 1000 for the certification it was like a real i was taking the risk i was rolling the dice and yeah i've i made some money i saved it i paid for this but i was really out of shape so i decided to compete only in muscle ups i was like i'm always in shape for muscle ups so i won i won for for this category and yeah it was my last my second and last competition in united states after this i started to get some messages from europe right to come here provide a workshop come here we have the competition you can judge and you know at the time i was like standing in between choosing choosing in between coming back to europe finishing my studies and you know bloom in europe or stay in the united states for three more years get the the passport the citizenship and then doing the thing i'm doing now but later later on you know what i mean so i was like choosing in between doing the thing right now until it's too late or stay in the united states and maybe in three years i will still have this you know starting point you know what i mean like the the moment where you can use it to the fullest yeah so i chose you know coming back to europe finishing my studies and yeah i started to compete in europe providing some workshops i even went to singapore bro wow right after coming back from united states i got back to the studies and stuff and then random texts on instagram i even had like 5k followers on instagram at the time i was like i was not known only in certain groups of people like only calisthenics people and someone texted me yo have you ever considered coming to singapore to provide a workshop i was like yeah of course are you joking yeah i basically thought about it i was like really shocked you know i didn't expect it at all so i went there and i've been i spent there seven days and i had been providing workshops every day and i want to thank those people who invited me because if it if you guys didn't invite me i wouldn't be so confident i wouldn't be so calm because you know it one thing when someone invites you to provide a workshop in i don't know in ukraine in poland but when you travel 20 hours to teach people and and they basically are waiting for you to teach them yeah bro like that that actually means that you are doing something right and that brought the real real huge confidence into my um coach um skills coaching skills yeah so i went back to ukraine finished my studies and then this competition for now i call it the most prestige and the most just like the best competition burning gate uh because most of the strongest people come in there to compete in strength and endurance in freestyle and so on right not so on it's only strength endurance and freestyle so yeah um i went there i won it was it was not so big at the time in 2017 and i won i won in europe competing against the one of the best and it it made me even more popular right especially in italy basically most of my followers like calisthenics followers are from italy wow because i won a lot of competitions there i mean not a lot i went there three times for the competition so people really got to know me and um then of course i came back provided workshops and some you know countries and stuff i went to israel which is also like why why not germany why not france yeah israel the same i had the same feelings like about singapore yeah so yeah in 2018 it was the best year for me so far in terms of competing traveling and stuff because in 2018 um maybe maybe you've seen it the battle between me and sergio di pascuale so some people call it like one of the best battles in strength endurance because so let me explain you the whole thing uh the routine for the final was five muscle ups 50 dips 30 pull-ups 60 push-ups five muscles the barbarian requirements yeah i was the barbarian at the time and sergio was two and that was judging wow can you imagine this yeah so um it was weighted so on muscle us we had 20 uh 12 12 kilograms and other exercises we had 20 or something like this doesn't matter that what matters is sergio was way ahead of me and i was doing i know 30s rep of my push-ups and he was already on muscle ups the last muscle ups okay so he did two muscle ups and i finished my push-ups so i was like really really pumped and then iron wrist came into the into the game so basically what i did right after the push-ups i came to the bar i tried to do the muscle up and i failed i rested 15 seconds i got back to the bar and i did the muscle up like my wrist basically i don't know i don't even i can't cannot even show you it was like way way out of place okay and this gave me so much confidence in the fact that i'm gonna win so i won i won i just made made consecutive reps one by one with like 10 seconds rest and this is it this is how i become the real like start people started calling me legend but it's a whole different story i'm gonna tell people about calling legends using the the the word legend so i've become one of the best but as i mentioned mentioned by the word legend people nowadays in 2020 started to use word legend to everyone who is strong but let's not forget that legend is someone who has or had the huge impact on the game on people's lives and so on so if someone is able to complete 50 pull-ups with super clean form he is not the legend yet he is super strong and mad mad props to him but don't don't confuse the word it's like for now calling i know he watched football but you know for example calling the youngster eric holland for example he plays for borussia right he's still 19 or 20 something like this yeah so people started calling me legend already and comparing him to cristiano or messi like come on man you cannot do this he's good but comparing him to the to the people of his age so it's too early to be called the legend even though yeah i have impact on people and stuff like that but it's not so big yet people who started this for example hannibal zaf beast and all those guys they are definitely legends yes definitely they had a huge huge impact and they brought calisthenics on youtube and they changed a lot of a lot of lives this this is why we all do it here right now i mean probably it would happen eventually without them but we never know so they did it they are legends but yeah i hope to to to get to the point where i will consider myself a legend but i don't know if um i have the right to do this but yeah you know what i mean like it's not it's not at the time yet okay yeah not yet okay nice crazy so intense story um i think like yeah there is a video of the battle right and uh so we will put it in the description um so for everybody is interested in looking the wrist in a weird position so yeah let's do that and like how does your workout look look today like how is your your week structured um my weak struck structured this way i mean not always but most of the time if i don't travel if i stay in one one place this is how it looks monday no let's start it this way i have the hundred percent output during my training right so on monday i do around 40 or 50 of my max right tuesday i do 50 60 but weighted low weight low weight no heavy weight for me i will explain why wednesday is either not working out at all or just super super light stuff like core workouts cardio running playing basketball football whatsoever thursday after arrested on wednesday i'm doing like 80 80 percent of my max so it's kind of you know intense then on friday i wake up and i decide whether i'm working out or not at all so it depends but if i do i do like 30 percent max low and saturday is the is the killer 100 until i cannot lift my arm okay and sunday is usually full day of resting sometimes it's just me my girlfriend would just go to the forest and make like 10 or 20 kilometers just walking you know like active active rest or something like this um so yeah and talking about the routines i do i don't stick to any so-called progressions i don't increase my reps week by week i have the routines i have to complete monthly right and for example monday i wake up and i am in the mood to complete this and that i'm doing this and that tuesday different wednesday different and so on so basically what i stick to is just the approximate percentage of my output right and yeah i just have the goals for example for now i want to complete 60 really really really clean pull ups right like super clean and i have 50 54 for now i can do 60 but like even the muscle up after i don't know if you've seen it well but the the short of the form is kind of shorter i will explain about it slightly later about my method of increasing reps and uh i just have the goals i work for and i know the routines i can use as a blueprint to get those goals so this is how it works and and i'm and i mentioned about the short form and why this makes sense so my students online or personal students here in my gym where i work they progress super fast because i implement shorter range of motion to complete more reps so our muscles right contraction and then stretching right and this is the cycle so our muscles when doing 50 reps short are getting used to 50 cycles you know what i mean and with with time we just increase the range of motion but our muscles are getting ready to complete the cleaner version of of this move so short form doesn't mean bad form so it doesn't mean you have to you know do this but just you know shorter range of motion this is it no kipping just you know to get it get it moving get your muscles used to the target so this is why i progress fast relatively of course my students progress fast so this is this is a great advice and if you implement it guys you will really really feel it even after one month there is a guy who who i teach online and we started two months three months ago he started from seven muscle ups no clean not not clean at all and last weekend i provided a workshop and he went there to join it and the day after we did the workout like group training and he was able to complete 10 pull-ups and then 10 muscle ups right after and that it was the last routine for the day wow just because he uses this method technique and stuff so yeah crazy so so the method is like first you do the the for example if your goal is to do 50 pull-ups so you do 50 pull-ups in the range of motion that allows you to to do the 50 reps and then like in every training you go further and further yeah every every next training you go lower or higher you know just further with your range of motion okay this is it get it crazy and you also wanted to um say why you don't uh like low end heavy workouts where you don't do yeah yeah yeah yeah so me being an endurance athlete heavyweight workouts like one rep max two three reps up to five those workouts don't unfortunately they don't um transfer to my endurance it kills my endurance because you know our mind and nervous system is it works like a machine right the if you will drive the car only 10 i don't know 10 meters a day it will never go like in in a couple of years it will never go further than two kilometers it just will broke because it doesn't have the you know the patterns let's say same goes with our muscles so if i do two three reps during my workouts only i will not be able to complete 50 reps without leaving the bar for pull-ups right it's just simple even vitaly he's from from he represents the guard nation we talked about this with him a lot of times so he agrees that in order to succeed with endurance you gotta train high reps and he he basically says that to complete more reps body weight he would have to basically lay off the heavy weight and and start doing you know more reps so this is how it goes if you want to get better in in reps you got to do more reps let's say more than 20 or something like this but if you want to get stronger in street lifting or something endurance transfers this is so crazy and i hate it because i like doing heavyweight workouts too it's fun sometimes but it never helps me but for example my students who try to compete in street lifting or something when they do those uh one rep max workouts and they implement some endurance higher numbers during the workout they progress and i hate it so much i mean in a positive way of course but i would like to do some street lifting and stuff but it didn't help me it didn't help me in 2019 i tried this for the half a year and unfortunately my reps went down muscle ups and pull ups because i've got heavy of course i started to do heavyweight squats i got legs i got legs even if you don't see it on camera camera but yeah i can't confirm those but yeah so i've got heavier and my endurance went down this is why i didn't tell you but in 2019 i lost in the competition at burning gate i took the fourth place bro the worst one well the first the worst one and i lost in in the third place run because i've got heavier it was the time when i implemented the heavy heavyweight workouts into my daily routine and yeah this this was the problem i got heavier i waited 82 kilograms at the time and my opponent was 64. so it's like almost 20 kilograms difference but i was still close i was still close to you know to compete at the same level approximately but yeah now i lost seven kilograms i've gotten calories deficit i started to watch my diet which what i eat how i eat how much i eat and yeah it helped me and now i'm flying i'm flying and yeah when it comes to high reps endurance and stuff weight makes sense makes difference it makes difference yeah that's true um like you feel every two three kilos maybe even one kilo um that's true um like something that i'm interested in uh when i when i work out with one rep max athletes um they often say like oh no because i also do like a lot of endurance uh now endurance is not like it's it's so um like exhausting you know you have to be in the mindset when you do one rep max you concentrate once you do like you do one rep and it's done like it doesn't need like of course it's also like a lot of head thing but you don't need the mindset like that you need when you do endurance when you do like the 30s pull-ups yeah heavyweight workouts are easier for for for our mind endurance is when you are almost vomiting during the workouts there are there are a lot of times i be you know sitting in the bathroom just you know throwing up so it's okay it's a workout it's okay you know and yeah to basically to at my level where i compete against the top athletes to progress you gotta you gotta go there you gotta go there to the point when when you just lay down and you don't even remember your name you know it is what it is yeah people who train hard will understand me really it happens and uh like something that i'm also interested in how do you keep your joints healthy because you said that you don't struggle with uh with uh like uh with injuries uh since you just use sets and reps or endurance well most of my workouts are body weight so this is basically the answer to keep my joints healthy but of course i try to not you know over train do deloads weeks sometimes the let's say i do one month of constant training and then one week of deload where i don't when i do the workouts i used to do i know eight years ago so it's pretty pretty light okay so yeah this is basically the answer i try to you know eat a lot of healthy food which kill keeps me um moving i don't know i i'm just i don't know it never hurts and i i don't i'm not injury prone i i'm just lucky with my genetics you know because when i played football i never got injured never and it's this is one of the most you know injury-prone sports yes so i don't know i'm just lucky okay um what are the biggest mistakes that you see like calisthenics beginners to they rush rush things they rush things they get injured and they don't want to do this anymore after this because you know when something hurts it demotivates us yes so my advice for the beginners take it slow it took me 10 years it took me 10 years to you know to be at the top level so you cannot make it make it up in one month and i mean it you cannot of course you can have fast progress you can make it really really fast in one year you can do stuff like i do but the the consequences are really devastating and i'm not talking about your body i'm talking about your mind okay so try to take it slow it it never hurt anyone okay the slower you go the further you the further distance you will reach there's the same russian language the slower the the longer something like this it's harder to all translate it into english but you get the point yeah yeah this is the the main advice wow okay um and something that i thought about like um is there anything uh any habit that you have that everybody should have in your opinion like something that you do every day something maybe a small advice maybe one thing that you do unconsciously that you think like benefit would benefit like unconsciously i do i do try to be the best what i what i can be so every day i try sometimes it's 10 things sometimes it's one thing but i'm trying to do things which make me feel better be better and get better you know so it sometimes it's helping others sometimes it's just the simple smile at the person the random person sometimes it's writing a plan i don't know travel to know people to share some positivity you know a lot of things which could make you better as a person the better person you are the more you the more success you get so this is the the habit and of course i try to be the leader always the leader from the early early age uh i was always i've been always the one who who tried to be the best the leader and so on so in football i was the cabinet of the team or the leader i played counter strike the best game ever i was the the leader of the team right so now calisthenics i try to show people what what i can do what the human being is capable of and share some some knowledge some mindset you know so this is the habit to habits okay and when people want to learn from you and uh like uh profit from your experience and knowledge how can they like do that you you offer uh online coaching you offer a workout plans like what is your offer yeah um so i have the dot website pretty easy if you put russell cyber from google it will pops out we'll put it in the description thank you for that and basically all you got to do you go to the shop section there is ebooks plants online coaching and of course guys i am not the super you know commercial guy or something like this you can always reach me out on facebook youtube wherever but on instagram is pretty easy i always reply on instagram instantly like i try to reply to all the messages and stuff unless i'm traveling or i'm working so don't hesitate to text me i will always help but remember there is the limit because some people pay you know for the really deep deep knowledge so i try to respect them and yeah i hope you will too so yeah don't don't hesitate text me i'll always help awesome nice so uh yeah we're coming to an end i have some quick questions quick answers um at the end of every episode so what do you prefer pizza or burger pizza pizza and do you do you prefer dogs or cats dogs ducks dogs but dogs probably okay um and your favorite location for holidays ever my homeland or ukraine okay um and something that i forgot your weight and height i am one 167 oh my god 176 centimeters height and 76 kilograms okay 160 176 and 76 yeah you're thinking in lvs and uh inches or like uh because you yeah yeah this is why it took me a while okay okay nice um yes uh your favorite calisthenics athlete i i tried to be one basically but back in the day zeb zakar valley no no discussion like no discussion but now i try to be one i don't have any now okay and what would you do if social media just disappeared i would be trying to use as many resources i can to to help people to help people and to to be better anyways okay it never it wouldn't change me as the person i am that the person you see on social media is the same person in my private life i'm being myself 24 hours seven days a week for real i don't play the role i don't i don't act so if there was no social media i would be doing just you know group trainings just in real life personal trainings and so on okay nice um do you have a favorite book that you recorded harry potter okay yeah i thought like now something's really deep is coming about mindset and then harry potter oh that's good okay but yeah the the the really good book is angels and demons the who the writer you know him right not from the title um so there is the movie right the da vinci code yeah angels and demons movies are perfect and the book okay and the book is really good so i really recommend it i'll look up the author and put it in the description as well um nice um you're the best calisthenics event you've ever been at so far this is a there's a tough one this is a tough one but as i said the best year was was 2018 and the battle against sergio it was probably the best event because i spent the whole week in italy with my friends from barbarians and yeah i won the competition i spent a lot of really really great moments with them then and yeah it was the best event and it was called one more rep one more rep organized by pierre piazza okay really good guy from from italy nice um and like do you have any essential like workout equipment uh what is the most essential equipment that you need for your workout it's gonna sound funny but it's pull-up i mean pull-up bar big bar and the floor that's pretty much it that's it pretty much you guys can get bigger by doing by using pull-up bar the bar and floor this is what i did and i'm being honest i never lifted weight in my life i mean i did for like fun only three times in my life like when my friend in the gym said i was doing pull-ups and he said let's do the bench press let's see where you can get i benched then once someone said let's see how much you can uh deadlift i did so this is what it was the last first and last time i did those exercises well like with this much weight so i don't i have never lifted any weights in my life to get bigger calisthenics all the way nice i love this um yes and the last question um that uh like uh if you have to decide between uh only like only training without weights or like only like being able to use some weights because you also do some some weighted muscle ups like at least like light for for you for um it's not light muscle ups but you do weighted muscle ups so yeah if you have to decide between the the weighted endurance and all the body weight what would you choose body weight by the way and i don't even you know hesitate to to get an answer by the way it is my style like body weight is my style but i add weight to progress some i don't know 20 kilograms max for now i don't use bigger than that don't use any weights bigger than that okay nice so um yeah we already answered the question where can people reach out to you instagram is the best i can confirm that you reply really fast and that's really nice to to see uh that you really take care of your your fans your followers but your friends on instagram so um yeah don't hesitate we will put all your social media um channels in the description like for youtube for instagram um what else facebook you said yeah yes thank you for that and uh yeah like uh before you can end the episode and say goodbye to everyone i want to thank you uh like for your time uh it's really it was a pleasure to talk to you and uh also thanks to everyone listening to this till the end because i know it's like one hour and uh people nowadays they don't have an hour for everything uh so yeah i just hope that you appreciated it that you took some some things that you can learn from 10 years of calisthenics experience and yeah thanks for rating the episode thanks for commenting uh the next interview guest if you wish uh someone to be interviewed and yeah i will be off here thanks for watching and see you soon guerrillas yeah from much much thanks for watching this to listen to this you don't even have to watch the whole thing you can you know you can divide it separately but yeah anyways thank you all thank you man for inviting me was a real real pleasure and i mean it with my heart and yeah i hope it helped someone i hope it motivated someone answered some questions to to someone and i hope you see to see you guys very soon and i hope to travel again and the whole situation will finally you know come to an end in the world and we'll be seeing each other and you know just being normal again it was ruslan saibov for guard nation much pleasure salute and thank you