Today's guest is a very well known Freestyler, the France athlete and World Champion from 2018 Yohan Bounegab also known as San Yohan. We're talking about his story, statics and dynamics and his training habits. | SAN YOHAN | Meet the World Champion 2018 | Yohan Bounegab

June 18, 2020 21 min read

SAN YOHAN | Meet the World Champion 2018 | The Athlete Insider Podcast #9

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and when you you're doing some combination for me you're doing the real street workout from me yes knotted when only static so only dynamic is not a straight workout that it is yes that's exactly dynamic is not the street record at me because for me for for being not least you need to be complete you realize welcome to the next episode of the athlete inside a podcast by coronation my name is phil and today we are with the french freestyle athlete san Gohan and I'm really really happy to have you here short introduction to the people who don't know you you have been world champion in 2018 2 times WC o champion and so we have like an experienced athlete here and I'm really happy a to talk to you today hi hi what's up perfect so you want I will like I will call you you on this is your your normal name yes yes this is my real name perfect so somebody comes towards you on a birthday party and asks you how who are you what are you doing how do you present yourself who are you Who I am it's really out when I'm in the birthday party I said ok I approach him some diagnostic parkour I don't really explain the street workout I try to to when just only the basic just masala cooler push it and sometimes when I can eyes I can I try to show a little little skill like food man short straddle but I don't go I don't I don't go in in precision I can't explain really because the people don't know and in France it's really hard to explain because it's G sports is not popular so I can't I can speak right here about this maybe this was the main reason why you learned the planche because you can just show because if you say you show a little skill like a full planche yeah that's like that's insane and afterwards we will also discuss some questions by the community because we asked the community if they have some questions for you and a lot of people ask some asked about your planches because they are really really strong and like everybody's interested in how you achieve them but yeah that's really nice so something about you your what is your what is your job in real life of course your calisthenics professional athlete but it's not your main main job okay so actually I passed my personal trainer diploma I don't know the word in English so I think you have understand and I go in the neck neighborhood and with the kids and I try to keep to keep the kids in the good way so for me it's really good job and I like hits and yes I try to do something in the street work of it I want to create a new gym in France but I need to take my time because it's a lot of work and that's it and currently you're in Marseille in France or yes yes a little city Ranma say it's book Bella so for the French people yeah I know so yeah like let's go back when when did you start with calisthenics with let's let's say Street workout because in France most people or nearly everybody says Street workout so when did you start with Street workout so when I when I started the switch workout I practiced since 66 years so when I go to school I see I see on the way apart and I don't know how I can use this so I I will try I have see another team a practice on a strict lifting I think you know him it's all balanced gym so it showed me the skill but really with the perfect form so when I touch it I do only perfect form so put a perfect for mr. perkupp for Xsara and I think it's it's combination I can perform my myself and I see a lot of people doing flag and I want to try and I like the sensation so I said one day I want to do small tees and 720 for example and when I have objective I want to do so let's go that's nice it's interesting so you started because of like team team all like yeah yeah well okay I didn't know that because as you said they are known for street lifting and like today you don't do street lifting you only do freestyle statics and rest no no no I do all of all of them so I do strict lifting I do a lot of certain reps and freestyle I like both for me I want to be simply touch it so I do both Wow but but you don't share so much of your street lifting not too much but actually I mean sure too much because I want to level up and after like I show you then your level okay okay so if you don't see any posts from from you Han for two three months you know the next video and the next competition will be will be hard so yeah nice so yeah like what did you do another sport before you started with speed workout yes I do a football yes I playing in Monaco in France and I don't like the football mentality so I have decided to stop and yes I doing some rollers like skateboard yeah yeah and all right the same I don't have too much sensation so I I want to to find another sport and when I find the street workout I am like okay let's go I love this one nice and did you play football professionally yes yes it's just I was in the information you know like in the yeah I know yes and when he puts forth I don't know the world's the Contra contract yes and I don't want to sign it because I don't like I don't like the mentality I want to to play with the people not versus the people you know okay for me this is the same in the budget I don't want to to fight versus one one guys I want to play with him so for me it's only only good time you know not okay versus you I want to kill you no no just you're my friend I want to play in let's go do it well that's interesting and because like yeah I can totally relate because in football it's a lot like even when you see the fans like the extreme fans of a football club they are really like aggressive and towards each other and it's true like hello Sonics and sweet workout it's more like most of the athletes have a mindset of having a show like doing a show together for the people and not like crushing each other and like fighting against each other so yeah it's it's interesting because when you say when you say you want to play with the other part I have to think of the battle Daniel's license versus you in Vienna because it was a it was a funny battle because it was like you played with each other you did some signatures you you know funny battle and also your football front lever like for the people who don't know it's like it went kind of viral and in the calisthenics scene afterwards but you you did a really nice front lever and then you played you you juggled with the ball so yeah that's that's nice and I didn't know that you played professionally for Monaco nice and like so you've always been like always been into professional sports what was your childhood like that you have this mentality to do high performance like even if it's football or street workout you are performing on a high level what what kind of childhood did you have to get there just for me first for starting for me I don't I'm not the professional calisthenics for me this statute doesn't exist because they don't have the real Federation so I can say I'm a professional custom callisthenic athlete no just I go around the rough for for see the people for meet the people and speak with the the guys from other country and every time when I go on the competition I sure I see the other athletes and every time for example I go we've done in a lot of country and it's a bit it's a big pleasure and motivation when I in the other country with the assets and why I go you said I because when I try something I want to do my best my objective in suite workouts is to meet all of the biggest outlet and for me it's a big big pleasure to see a lot of people so for you when you like when when I watch your profile on Instagram I see that you travel a lot and also when we talked last year or now two years ago at the febo I think was it last no last year it was even last year you said that 2018 you did so many countries like you you've lived so many countries can you describe like what was it like 2018 for you you did how many countries what was it like because it was the end of my students so I don't have too much thing to do so I want to try but to see the world and I have the time in this year so I do it and how much country I think I do yes in one years I do 2025 country oh wow and you all the the big competitions in this year right yeah yeah yeah exactly and it was even successful like 2018 what was it like was it the best year and you're like in your career yeah yeah of course I I win i won versus the world champion Chuck what a virus after I go in Poland and I win the butter the butter of the bar with the biggest athletes and I go yes in Moscow too and it was my first time in the World Championships I just want to say see the people and have a good time with my friend and my girlfriend and when I won I was like what the fuck I for side first arching it was a dream and when you have the dream you are you're like oh what I need to do now what's the next step and you are you are locked if you want you you can't you can't know if you need if you if you want to continue or if you want to stop if you want when I win the workshop corn chips I said ok so now I need to change we change the sports I will I really want to fight something new and I love to match the community so I said no let's go I need to continue but I don't don't go again in the water friendship just I will do a little competition or international competition and that's it I don't want to go in WS the body shape or double use you I just want to go in the little competition because for me it was the best competition because you are very close with athletes or you have the time for speaking and for doing some projects etc that's nice because like a lot of people say calisthenics Street workout calisthenics is is about the traveling is about the lifestyle the doing sports everywhere doing nice photos when you when you travel in front of the the right place and in Moscow I think you did some some nice shots as well with with kourosh etc so like with a lot of people like like you said and like when how something that I would be interested in how do you work out like you prepared yourself a lot for 2018 no no only first side if you want before I wiggled I will go sleep I prepare my run a little and the next day I go in the park and I I do it so for the World Championships I I would want to do only only big scheme with no stop and a big combo and I do it just yes do it just one day before the World Championships I'm like okay so what I will do tomorrow okay this one this one this one okay let's go and the next day so yeah so a lot of mental preparation is mental preparation before the competition yeah and how clean you form in place you know like this okay and the physical preparation what does your workout look like okay so in a week I go one time for doing setting reps and straight lifting and two times for freestyle and statute I train just on three time for a week maximum not too much because a lot of years after that you have a lot of pain and injury so I I take care I will go slowly it's okay and how long are you training when you say that you really have pain afterwards how long is it how long one different yes it depends to two hours sometimes yes what when I ever when I was with good friend sometimes yes you start at 11:00 in the morning and you stop yes midnight okay yeah yeah so it's it's also about the lifestyle not about the but about the people with who you are so and what was what was the hardest move that you're influenced so far what was the hardest for you for me it's really hard to say because it's the instant I really don't like this one because I don't it's not an excuse I know but I don't have a lot of mobility here so I can't do anything just only when I do full press yes I can have the instant but you said okay so let's go hence and check I can do and on the ground it's even more difficult for you I guess because you need mobility yeah okay I didn't expect that Oh Blanche to Hansen like Christian Hansen this is okay but and said like this yes yes okay I think many people were didn't expect that but like apart from the Hansen what was the hardest skill like like the hardest skill that you show in competitions that you learn so far for me it's not all the skill its originality skills I want to to do some new skills and I don't have seen in all of the competition so right now is a strength flip 360 to mix grab 360 and I want to try something new from tip 720 so I would see well okay so you try to invent your own like your own combos but nobody has sent Lee or and how how how is it possible for you because a lot of people have their problem in their head when they say like nobody has done it before I can't do it like how shall they don't they can't see it they can't watch tutorials on YouTube how do you do it that you learn a new skill that nobody has done before so for me this is a problem I love this position because imagine no one of this move you can do it now do it try try try you have a lot of parents okay you can have an injury okay but imagine you do it for for the first in the world imagine the sensation and just to put this on Instagram and you see a lot of raishin the people are like oh I don't know we can do this so let's go we need to try this and you you you you give the motivation in all of the street workout community and we can go a next goal okay so when you achieve a goal everybody is like more motivated and knows that he yeah that it's possible okay crazy and what is the the main like what else what is the main error like the main mistake calisthenics athlete does like what is the what are the mistakes that you see in beginners and advanced athletes the mistakes for me is social nature for me this is the problems because a lot of people look the number of the followers and we don't care about the number just look look the people speak with the people and for me the best part it was you know the outsiders if you know the owner athletes because you come like cube use these guys huh I don't know him it's just a little message it said just look my style and I'm like oh this guy is 907 20 so for me speak quickly all of the athletes is not because you have do five six are a lot of competition you are famous just stay the same person and try to don't take the big big hurt you know just stay you and speak with the all of the athlete and I think you will have better if you speak with a lot with the people like like now you know just speak and your level will up with the beginner the best if you want in France they don't have a lot of good athletes if you want they have just only statics or just only dynamic the top so just go with your friend playing with him and you will see in the end of the session you have a better on event and you have the motivation and you have take a good time so let's go okay well I like this because on competitions and on events you see a lot of people who are who would like to talk to somebody but they they don't have the courage to to go to like to you and to ask you can you maybe check my plan short I have like something that helps them maybe but they are too afraid have you yeah I speak with all of one of them and when I when I have the message of Instagram sometime a good friend want to kill me because I hunt throw to 200 message but for me I need to do it because imagine I don't have just imagine I would start the switch for coaches today and I don't know how I can do didn't have a lot of video about this sport so I would check on Instagram I will find someone and I would said little message and I want even answer to me I want so I do yes you know I do intercept if you want and so for me fortunately I'm not a star or famous or something like that I'm just I just have more yours than the new the new arcade so I need to stay in the same way ok and do you still ask other like big athletes for their advice when you don't when you have struggled somewhere somebody who's more advanced than you are you still ask them you said about me when I speak with the athletes it will give me some advice for a new movement yeah yes a lot for example for my younger than me for example for the instant a lot of athletes try to add me and yes of course for me is this is the switch workout which we need to share our passion and with this still of mortality we can do we can go more or higher if you want yeah well I really like this I really really like this because yeah it's just important to to create this community and to yeah I like it's perfect so let's switch to the questions that the community sent us I will yes like martin de han asks how did you come out with such creative ideas for combos and freestyle others questions mm-hmm so for me yeah yes I have a different style because I do my freestyle with my friend it's only friend I don't use a lot of dynamics if you want I can I don't take a swing like this I do like only with this frame so I have a different style and I want to use my my weakness if you want so so I try to do something new but with the strength and I know all of the athletes can do this for example my transfer to one arm I know people do only dynamics or only statics can do this and I want to has to go higher and a better level so I actually are to to do something creative and yes when I go train with my friend you know you know the when you friend push you a lot for do something crazy and you come in said okay I give you for example I give you one arrow if you do yes backflip rib rub on the wall and I'm like just for just for friend I'm like seriously okay let's go and yes try example in the World Cup my followers told me yes can you try the new moves your only 360 and like yes but guys I do only two or three time in my life I'm not sure about this he said ok it's you know it's a challenge I challenge you do it I said ok so let's go and I failed but I do it's it's it's my my motivation if not okay and that's how you earn your money 1 euro for for iris from Austria asks how to learn one up front lever I have since a long time I have since yes five years I think because when I start the street workout I want to have thought liver because in my country that you know axle Lexus Jill and it was a big motivation for me and I when I was young I really want to button in in front lever and I do it a lot and when I stopped in 50 seconds so now I think I won't leave okay I will try to do one arm and Fermi Street without it is not really only only strength its 19% of technique and 10% of strength so when you have understand the position it's really easy to do okay so master the front lever really hold it as long as possible like did you say 50 or 15 seconds 50 Wow because what is the his record from Lex Austria if the free but in reality no I think one minute and 20 second well he's like really really crazy yes yeah okay what was your first big skill from each Rama are not here my skill yes now it's not too much but before it was a big skill when I doing my first since yes five years - exactly the same when you did before no one of doing this movement just only in the chakra and I said okay why athlete can do this and I try I try I try and I think I take yes two or three months for do it and when I see the athlete no because no the technique is only one day or two day it's real random skills and before it was amazing so yeah strangely so you took the inspiration from parkour and like I tried it to combine it with Street world yes to G pond it was yes to Japan tour I don't know if you if you know this athletes before yes it was a big motivation for for callisthenic yes community because he doing yes between parkour and fit workout both and the still was new so if we want to to try with it okay yeah nice um David Vasquez asks how does your nutrition look like and I think everybody who knows your Instagram yeah so the odd question but yes I have stopped a little because when I was yes in 2018 I have tried to do one year only with fast food only with fast food and because a lot of guys yes I was wrong I was a little crazy and yes he told me you need to have a good nutrition for doing sweet were called I'm like no it's not true I will show you and yes I do one year and I win all of the competition easier and I said okay now I will try to have good nutrition I try I could help ILP Xsara and when I win in competition I lose I'm like what the fuck my my my body is dead or I don't understand because I really eat like buds and I doing for example yes 10 second maltese malti stand second and when i really eat properly i doing like four or five second and i would understand why my body don't yes don't understand what's what's happening if you want yeah don't speak about this because if you want inference it it's a little playing because a lot of athletes are like me and if not we put one two three percent it's like okay let's go to pass it's just a game in france if you want we have four or five i played and we do this every time okay but don't do this at home we don't have the same morphology it's it's different if you know okay and are you scared like scared that there are like that you will feel it afterwards in a few years when you're not younger anymore I have only one knife so like life is a joke I want to yes to enjoy if you want okay nice yes we had one other question from Ryan who asks what keeps you motivated because you said that you were close to switching the sport when you when you achieved your goals so what still keeps you motivated today my friend okay my friend my girlfriend a lot of international athlete - for example era cocktease if one could be us a lot of athletes its if you want when I would when I meet him the first time I'm I'm like a little you know in my reserve a ship are a little bit like reserved and I don't want to go to speak with the athlete because I'm scared a little and when I see athletes playing of the bar all of them you know you want just to play with your friends of the bar you don't know him but you want to play with him you are like okay let's go let's do this and when the athletes speak with you for the first time you take the first contact you are like okay it's just good guys I think so let's go let's go in the other country and yes is only only the motivation only for me it's yes the human the human is my motivation you know it's not crap it's not the level just the young man okay so yes when my friend call me Tony okay I don't have CDs do it okay let's go it's yes it's a little game if you want nice nice and then we have one last question that is a little bit funny I think from shred Wolfie best training for handstand so yeah we do only foot press foot plans when you press it's only with your shoulder and you can't move so do like this it's more easy to do food press to just only ends then you know do foot press it's more easier Marcus press it's really what it is okay nice perfect so I have some quick questions to to answer at you to end this episode pizza or burger what do you prefer longer oh yeah okay yeah do you prefer dogs or cats I have three cats okay your favorite location for holidays really of Christian really up a lot of with my girlfriend it's different with my girlfriend yes in this session I don't you know okay yeah and alone I think yes Ibiza kids yoga Dharma okay Los Angeles I like music and yes the party nice what would you do if social media just disappeared like no social media gone completely I mean for me nothing because I don't like the social media for me it not real I don't like this so nothing just yes I can't speak with my friends but nothing I don't care okay what like who is your favorite kerosene ex-athlete do you have yes in statics Victor come you know in dynamics actually it's movie dynamic okay from Columbia yeah okay and what is the best calisthenics event you've been at so far yeah no it was one of the best for me well okay so the world of by heroes could competition in Vienna yeah nice one of the bestest and and Dubai nobody see you in Dubai - yeah okay I thought you would say like because your profile photo from whatsapp is from Egypt right yes and like the idea of the movie is insane I watched it like a few days ago and it's just the movie is insane so I thought maybe it's also this but yeah and then last question dynamics or aesthetics if you have to decide both I can't decide I can't I can't start six I love the I prefer statics but I prefer the sensation in dynamics so really odd for me and just both both okay it's my fight in France because a lot of autonomy okay you practice five six of an annex I'm in the good side of steam and we do only static so my team doing only statics and I'm like I'm alone in this thing doing freestyle so the people ask him ask me so you prefer statics of dynamics and I really can choose for me it's really different is to form it is - to sports different you know and when you you're doing some combination for me you're doing the real street workout from me yes not it will only static so only dynamic is not your Street workout at it is yes that's exactly dynamic is not the street workout at it because for me for for being an athlete you need to be complete you need to be yeah okay where can where can the people get in touch with you if they want to learn from you yes on Instagram or Facebook if you have yes on YouTube - yes you got on tick-tock now yes if you want to send a message you can do it just everyone serve to you but please it's really up to set this because you need to guess - listen this the athletes I really don't like you send me a message yes on how can I match this planche and you don't have the full planche for me we lost your time and my time because you don't understand the novel just before you know you don't have the foot trench you want to other multis it's impossible or it's for the attitude to do this so doing the basic doing for example food plan written planche negative lens Xterra and after you can say okay somehow I can do much is and when I will talk with you you can understand because you know the sensation you know how you can to do so please guys if you don't have the level for doing one skill you want to have this work before and after we can help you ok make sense makes total sense ok nice so yes before you can you can say goodbye and say goodbye to the people I want to say thank you to everyone who listened to this till the end because it's a long episode again and yeah I really really appreciate everyone who listens to this and yeah also for you uhand take the time to be here thanks thanks a lot for that and if you want to let this series continue comment down below who should be interviewed next and yeah thanks everyone rate this episode and you have the last words you hon see you gorillas thanks for the invitation and thanks for I have tried today to speak in English is really hard for me and I do it only for you and don't joking about this