Today's guest is a member of the Outsiderz, the french planche beast Valentin Blanc. We're talking about his training and routines, why his nutrition includes so much Energy Drink and how he motivates himself. Save 10% on all his workout programs with the code GORNATION10. | VALENTIN "OTZ" BLANC | His Training & Nutrition | Interview | The Athl

October 22, 2020 34 min read

VALENTIN "OTZ" BLANC | His Training & Nutrition | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #25

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the way to get your maltese you know uh  for example the moment you can begin i   can tell you now yo gorillas welcome to  the athlete insider podcast by gornation   my name is phil and today's guest is the  planche beast itself one of the strongest   planche athletes in the world from france  i'm happy to welcome you here valentin blanc   from team outsiders welcome to the show  valentin thanks a lot hello i'm really   really really happy to um yeah to make this this  real you know like a lot of people asked for this   interview a lot of questions yeah can you please  interview valentin i want to know i want to learn   about his plans etc so i'm really happy that you  took the time to make this um and to realize it   and um yeah let's just kick off with the question  how do you present yourself who is valentine um   yeah what who are you um i'm someone that was uh  doing nothing clearly in his life you know and uh   that uh before workout didn't have  uh passion or really real occupation   positive occupation in life and i found something  that i like that i love a lot and then i'm someone   excessive when i do something i do zero percent  or thousand percent and that's the point in   calisthenics too okay that's really nice mindsets  to do something nothing or like nothing and not   at all or like with 100 that's really cool um  let's jump into the hard facts how old are you   i'm 25 25. okay so already quite some experience  in your life when you see the the really like the   young young generation the the athletes with 16  17 18 years old yeah yeah but uh the good moment   for a man is yeah from uh 16 something to 35 then  i have time yeah i know i i i came into work at   uh 19 then was a little old to begin but uh  no we have time uh the age is uh in your head   that's true that's true and i i'm pretty  sure that you will be able to do some   crazy full planches after 35 i hope yeah we'll see  um where are you born i'm born in montpelier in   south of france okay but you have your roots  your family doesn't just come from france right   yeah i have a half of my of my family that come  from ukraine in viv a little city down of ukraine   okay so montpellier ukraine uh good combination um  how how tall are you i'm 160 i don't really know   you know because when you're little you don't want  to know how much you're little then uh between 165   and 167 i don't really know and i don't really  care okay and how heavy are you right now right   now i'm 66 kilos okay and that's your competition  forum or are you lighter or heavier during   little by little you know the your body grow and  stay a little bigger each year you know then i   began with uh a base around um 59 kilos uh my  last competition the swept four uh i reached uh   63 or 64 kilos but right now it's really hard to  go under 64 kilos i try to always stay the lighter   possible you know for performance but i already  eat only one time a day and i can not really   do more to go more little it's like the minimum  i can be you know wow and are you stronger right   now than you were at swub in madrid or are you  yeah really yeah really a lot yeah wow that's   crazy i'm i'm like i'm already looking forward  to the question about your nutrition if you eat   once a day but we will come to this later okay  how does your day look like what are you working   as yeah what is your profession uh you know  i did uh little jobs like this for some years   only half of the time not a complete uh job you  know to hold uh the maximum time to train and   for conditioning and for everything around sports  because my project is to live about it and uh you   know share with people and uh that's it then i  had little work for some years and uh now from   near one year i'm living only about uh online  coaching we produce content uh we will do uh   we have other plan but one by one for now we  are on um and material content uh about uh   learning calisthenics and later we will see what  next wow that's really nice um i love seeing   calisthenics athletes being able to make a living  from from their coaching from their personal   training whatever yeah it's hard for the moment  because it's a free sport you know but it's same   for football if you just want to play and try to  learn by yourself you can just buy a ball and play   football but as in every sports if you want uh  someone to help you give you some time and uh you   know prevent help you to prevent some injury or  don't uh leave the problem to learn then uh yeah   it's it's like this that's true because like  i feel calisthenics athletes are more and more   seeing that the the um the experience that you  have like being injury-free uh performing on such   a high level about nutrition and stuff like  that it's not something that you can always   look up on youtube but it's something that you  also have to invest in because it's a shortcut   it's like a shorter way to success and that's  really nice that there are people who offer this   like you um and we'll also come to your uh your  maltese program and your planche program later   but that's really really nice that's  great to hear um let's jump to your   kelly's next journey how did you get in touch  with with the sport okay how is a random day   yeah like when did when did you get in touch like  uh you said you started with 19 with the sport   with calisthenics um yeah how did you  begin with with 19 how did you see you know   at the beginning i didn't know how uh sorry for  my english if it's not perfect i didn't know i   i was doing calisthenics i was just doing pull-ups  and random movement i was seeing on youtube and uh   one day we saw uh who was it uh artem morozov  and the old russian guys you know doing   street workout and calisthenics and then  what we was doing was really similar you know   and then we came into calisthenics like this  but at the beginning was just uh a way to   get some muscle okay so you started  with uh sets and reps and then you saw   yeah yeah but for a really short time i was uh  doing sport with uh an old friend and uh after   three months if i remember well i saw a french guy  uh doing straddle planche and the first uh reflex   was uh down and i have to try it you  know and then i tried but in pronation   and uh my wrists are not done to work in pronation  and uh the morning after uh i wake up and i'm like   oh i can't do it i can do it and i tried but with  thumbs in front of me then in natural grip and uh   then uh straddle punch bad form but straddle plane  shot the first day then i was like oh it's done   for me and i stopped with the saturn reps and  every other exercises and uh i focused only on   handstand handstand push-ups straddle directly  wow okay so you directly fell in love with   aesthetics uh with with aesthetic moves so you  never had touch like with with dynamics right or   no at the beginning i was just playing  you know it was really not serious   and i tried to do one or two 360 for fun what uh  no it's not done for me because you know when i   began calisthenics c six years ago uh dynamic was  uh pretty not existing it was 10 or 20 percent of   the sport and everything was about strength  and that's why i began street workout then uh   no this came after and i'm not done for this okay  and uh after your first straddle planche like six   years ago how did you continue did you try to get  good form in uh straddle planche or like what were   the next not really because uh right now yeah  you have to be clean if you are not clean you   don't have planche but when i began you if you  was doing a straddle like these or even banana or   even bent arm it was a straddle you know then uh  because uh we didn't know hollow body we didn't   know positioning and optimization of the planche  you know before then we was just pushing stupidly   trying to make a lot of volume of work and just  enjoying okay so how did your training look   look back then you just did two hours three  hours four hours of just bad form or like how in   the beginning i came crazy with calisthenics you  know and i was training uh three times a day like   out in the morning i was waking up i was going  to train uh in walking my dog then coming back   home eating then go again to train go back home  eating and in the evening go again to train   but uh was okay for one year and after one year  i had a lot of problems six months of injury   and things like this then i i tried to learn  uh knowledge about general sport and adapted   to what i was doing you know then after this  injury i came back to work out but more safely   okay and how long did it take for you to do like  in today's form a good form straddle planche   um i can't answer but you know i didn't  try to be clean for for example i think   three years but when i decided to uh  convert my platform into clean form uh you know you can be clean but you have to be clean  all along the run you know then just to do a clean   full planche it's uh a month or two months  you know but uh to get the same volume of work   but with the good form you know then was for  i think one year and or one year and a half   to get a full run clean you know wow so it's the  last percent of the plans that need like a big   big time of a bit like big invest of time so it's  for you it's easy to get a bad form uh planche is   it right and yeah you get the real the clean clean  clean form this is the the stuff that needs a lot   of time and not a lot of yeah it's taking really  lots of time because you know if you're talking   just about an isolated skill it's really easy to  perform it clearly just do one plan show even one   multis for some second cleanly is easy but uh go  to your planche press go down go flag you know be   able to go from any skill to any skill in staying  clean this is taking so so much time here okay   nice um and what were your goals in the beginning  what was the the move that you said i want to   learn this uh planche you know but uh i tried  and i was kind of able because if we talk about   it today my form was not a struggle planche but  four six years ago this was a straddle planche   then i just played with this you know and uh i  didn't have a special goal i was just playing   in the beginning playing a lot playing seriously  but playing because it was fun or you wanted to   build muscle or impress girls or what was the  motivation no in the beginning yeah i wanted to   become bigger because i'm little you  know and be little and light no no no but   when i discovered planche it was really just  about performing planche just flying you know   staying for a long time up and uh try to go from  any position to any position in the beginning i   was even doing some position that are not skills  was the strange things you know uh nothing clearly   you just playing okay nice um yes yarin is asking  from the community what does your daily routine   look like how do you sleep eat and train like  let's let's make a normal day for you okay then uh   you have to know that i have all my time to  calisthenics uh all my day is everything i do   in life is about is around calisthenics you know  or get consequences on calisthenics even if i'm   home i'm uh reading i'm learning on the computer  you know everything turn around calisthenics then   i wake up whenever i want then i go directly to  catch my red bull in the morning i go back down   of my home and i stretch on the bar on the barrier  for one hour in drinking uh something then i go up   kinda every days i spend uh around two hours to  talk with my student and everything just doing my   job you know around the 4 or 5 p.m i go to train  i can go back home uh it's large between uh 9 p.m   and midnight someone sometimes sorry uh and then i  talk again to my student for a long time i talk to   the people that are asking me questions about the  coaching and the programs and then i go sleep and   i wake up and again and again and again and again  okay so you're like a more a night owl so somebody   who is working out uh like late and uh going to  sleep late yeah i prefer the evening and then the   night you know it's calm i prefer the night okay  nice um yes how does your nutrition and detail   look like is asking okay cool you're not talking  about diet is cool because diet is for people   is something you don't do all the time you know  but nutrition is your way to live then that is a   good question uh diet is not good because uh after  your diet you you eat may be bad you know i'm   always eating the same way uh it's like uh i take  a cashew you know with my uh with my uh red bull   i eat this in the morning quickly but it's really  uh 80 grams is nothing it's just with the with   the red bull and after that that i do all my  day without eating and when i'm back home from   the training then i eat but i eat always clean is  about sala really varied salad uh eggs uh fish uh   only can only clean things you know the only bad  thing i have in my nutrition is red bull okay i   don't i don't eat i don't drink milk i don't uh  eat product about milk because uh if you know   it normally it's only toxin and fat then i don't  eat it uh i don't eat bread because it's cigar uh   you know i take care about this because i can be  really shredded but if i don't take care about my   nutrition for one week i can go big too you know  my body is really reacting so fast then uh for   example i did one month with three eating the day  and i was injured then i was only doing weighted   dips and i came to 72 kilos in one month then i  i don't want you know i really want to stay light   and what was the your pr with the weighted dips  in this time do you did you try one rep max no   no no never you know i was in a basic fit they  don't have so good material then i was taking the   42 kilo weight between my foot you know because  no no belt and then just pushing stupidly   the maximum okay and do you know how many calories  you eat in a day approximately really not but uh   it's depending you know sometimes  i eat rice in the evening then i really i really cannot tell you seriously uh  sometime i just eat five five eggs and the salad   you know it's it's not the same every day you know  okay so sometimes it's something like 500 calories   and there maybe there are no 500 is really little  because there is the cashew in the morning and the   red bull uh between tal i will say something  stupid but uh uh between thousand and thousand   five hundred maybe i don't know okay and why the  red bull why like a normal person drinks a coffee   in the morning to to be awake what is the reason  yeah yeah i hate coffee really i don't like coffee   i like nothing and for me is uh even if red bull  is not really healthy is already better than uh   take a pre-workout you don't know what there is  in that product you know no no no okay um gee   kohan was is asking how do you mentally prepare  for workouts how does your mindset look like i don't need to prepare to go to work out i love  to work out this is uh the thing i like the most   you know then uh when you love something you  don't need motivation you don't need really   real goal you don't you need nothing to go you  just go to play i have personal rules because i   know it's working like this you know but uh  um yeah no i don't i don't need motivation   special goal or nursing i just go and i see on the  moment for example there is some day i feel that   about balance and various combinations  is not going to be so good then   i do volume i do quantity some days i think i feel  uh too much intensity will not be good then i do   more control you know it's more about instant  adaptation and personal rules uh logic of work   than be locked into your training you know and  need motivation because you don't like it no   i don't see this in that way okay because i was  asking this as well because uh when i watch your   videos on instagram you always like you're at  100 you're like really focused you're energetic   you're into it and for a lot of people i think  it's it's inspiring to have such a such a mood   such a state during workout so um how do you get  into this state you just love your workout or   yeah i love it but you know uh is like uh he is  righted here many people are asking is righted   uh i see i hope i trust either but in russian uh  then uh first before to do something you need to   know what you're gonna do you need to try to see  it if you don't see something in your head you   will not do it or you will not do it perfectly you  know then uh it's just because i love it and uh   you know each time i just changing the music and  uh the music tell me what i will do you know some   music or uh are i i are young i don't know uh you  know uh some are uh really brutal then you will   do intensity and stupid things you know some are  really light then you will do balance and go from   one side to another side just fly you know it's  depending it's the song that is deciding okay so   you follow follow the music follow your your body  follow your your yeah your your that's it okay   um george 165 asked an interesting question  in my opinion if you would be a beginner again   how would you progress with planche with your  experience now uh if i hold the same knowledge   yes you have the same knowledge than today  but you're a beginner now how would you   go then i think i could do the i could  get the same level in around three years because uh you know i spent three euros only about  volume volume lots of work in not taking care   about the form i was doing some things in the bad  way then i get injured many times you know on six   years of work i have around three years of injury  what then now i'm never injured because i know   how to don't be how to do my conditioning and stay  safe you know but uh i paid the price to learn uh   how to stay safe what are some habits some  conditioning that you do to stay injury-free   if you want to share them yeah yeah yeah uh it's  really a large subject i tell you i spend one hour   every every every day and waking up to stretch  but uh the main point is stretch the rotator cuff   is your if you're working on side skill and one  on planche you have to stretch oblique a lot   uh and always stretch in both sense  for example if i'm gonna stretch   my deltoid i'm gonna stretch the the  back part of my rotator cuff too because   if you are just stretching one part you can just  uh move the tension otherwise you know then uh yeah stretch everything not only the points  that hurt you and uh think about the down   part of your body because some tension can go up  from your leg to base in gold go up by vertebral   and even finish into your cervical then uh you do  everything wow okay so you also stretch legs a lot   i stretch everything wow okay good nice um yes  like um you're a beginner now again what planche   progressions are the best like i know it's a big  subject and i know that you're an expert in it and   you can talk like five hours about it  um but to tell somebody who is asking   what are the best progressions for planche  what is the short answer that you can give the question is uh i understand it but uh it's  it's uh sorry it's a useless question because   there is no good way or a bad way we all know  the basic exercises to reach the planche you know   uh is just the way you are doing i will say  something important then if you think about it   this will maybe help you to catch your pledge  but the key is volume of work if you do things   one by one you will get the result uh of the  intensity and the volume of your work but   if you really kill yourself you know uh if  you don't think uh how many time i'm gonna   repeat uh no do the maximum yeah that's it  the best way it's do the maximum end shut up   really really really because uh if you  want to be strong in blanche you have to   learn how to appreciate to suffer because uh  there is lots of suffering on the planche way   okay that's a crazy mindset um yeah but i guess  it's true i guess to get to a level that you are   on you have to love the pain and that you have to  love the the the hard way to go there i don't have   pain anymore you know because i know how to how  to do the things you know but uh yeah for for the   beginning for the for the first years yeah yeah  yeah yeah you have to be prepared because it's   not easy you don't have pain you mean when you do  like planche presses until failure you don't no i   don't have nothing you know the only point that  i'm hurting uh even now is uh for example i'm   working on finger one unpledged then yeah my temps  have some little problems you know my finger on my   wrist but in my body i have i don't have problem  for example right now i think i'm i did under   four last months then on 120 days i maybe did a  100 or 105 days of training and you know the rest   days was because i was in the train or i was  not able to train and no i don't have problems   wow respect for that um yes we talked  before and we've prepared something   special for for the people who want to learn from  you um because you uh like a few days weeks ago   you published a new uh workout program right um  yeah the maltese yeah it's an ebook about about   maltese we did it uh in partnership with  daelong another member of my team uh and   yeah you know uh the point is uh in outsiders  each person uh is expert on something you know   for example daelong is expert on maltese uh me  too but uh not not at the same level than day   long you know day long i think i i'm better for  power move about maltese and he is better about   maltese you know just [ __ ] to whole and be  clean and be perfect because he is perfect then uh   we associated our knowledge to produce an  e-book and into this e-book you can find   all basically exercises that can help you to build  power uh to maltese there is the way to get your   maltese you know uh for example the moment you  can begin i can tell you now you can begin to work   uh on wide movement white straddle for example  if you have just some second of straddle you   know because you will not get maltese you will get  white straddle then you will get a white full uh   go wider at the same moment you will be  able to go wider on struggle and then and   then and then you know it's not just a rich  maltese it's a way from planche to maltese   okay then uh we put it everything we know into  this content uh there is uh all the exercises   detailed by pictures uh there is a program into  the ebook to learn maltese and in the end there is   the technical details about every variation that  exists for example there is rings uh during there   there is a pronation bar supination bar there  is feast there is uh fingers uh there is   dragon maltese vertical maltese everything even  two finger maltese there is technical details   about every variation because yes sure you want  maltese but when you have your maltese you want to   declinate it in every ways you're able to you know  then uh yeah you can get maltese and then make it   evolve in any other maltese uh in with this ebook  okay and i saw the how many pages you have like   it's crazy yeah there is details 48 pages we spent  uh three months on this content that's insane and   there's a whole workout program in it like in  this ebook yeah there is then uh there is then   uh the explanation with pictures and shema  about every uh exercises then there is a program   and then after the program there is uh again  technical details to be able to perform other   variants with pictures and everything okay nice  so everybody like who is interested in that we   prepared a small special for the podcast listeners  for everybody taking the 40 minutes already and   listening to this podcast so yeah we will put all  the links etc in the description and everybody uh   yeah you can use the the code gornation10 to get  10 discount of it and yeah it's just a nice thing   if you want to take a shortcut if you want to  progress faster because i think um there are a few   people who have this knowledge and the experience  to make this content uh like dailong and you   so yeah it's really really nice and uh yeah that's  that's good and for the for the podcast listeners   as i said in the in the description yeah we did  the work really cleanly and uh into this content   there is uh everything that we know and uh yeah we  produced it because we think you know multis way   is same than blanche way is dangerous way and  if you just have some little details that you   are not doing correctly you can injured yourself  get problem into your job into your life and then   this content is about uh yeah performing faster  because you have the knowledge too but in staying   safe is the most important you know because yeah  you can go fast but if after this you enjoyed   yourself and you lose four months then you're not  going so fast you know yes that's true do you also   do um other static moves and like you do you also  do do you also train other static moves uh than   planche because i looked up your instagram feed  and i was scrolling and scrolling and screaming   and you see only planche and balance here yes yeah  then no i don't really train other elements then   i have uh not naturally you know but i trained  festo for a moment and now i have naturally   a three uh back lever hepesto then i  don't train it anymore you know because uh   i don't enjoy to do it uh back level pull up  same is natural level and i'm not interested   uh about front lever then no i don't really  train other other elements because i don't like   other things and you know uh blanche is uh is  not just skill you know is like all complete   category you know and uh if you want to perform  perfectly every element with every variation   in all different possible senses uh then um no for  me you know planche and balance is a sport and the   rest is the rest you know okay do you see your  um workout completely different than a gymnast   workout is it completely different or completely  yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah because uh gymnastics   doing a lot of preparation is really organized  you know uh it's because they are beginning so   young you know and uh they are planet everything  they do uh we are really not doing it in the same   way and jim in gymnastics you just have the  basic movement you don't have the variance and   the link between the variants and everything  you know because sometimes you know uh   it's not the movement that is the harder is the  way you go from a movement to another movement   then uh yeah we do combinations you  know they do one skill one skill   one skill we do complete combo it's very it  is really different okay and sometimes like   do you have the situation that sometimes people  think that you're a gymnast i don't know maybe   i was just thinking of these videos where  you often appear goals reacting in public to   street workouts yeah maybe they think that you're  a gymnast but they don't say um but no no okay um   what's the story about your team the outsiders  yeah then uh oh large question uh then i began   calisthenics and uh i came into a team i will not  say the name to say some nothing bad about no one   you know but we was not satisfied about uh you  know the way it's what it was working you know   they was taking it too seriously you know uh it  was not our way my goal is not to talk about about   uh no one you know uh we was not satisfied then  um with uh i give the idea to create team to uh my   old teammate was uh guillaume ju sanguan and old  member you know today there is only me and someone   that stay in calisthenics because the other you  know just growed or had too much injury but uh   about the base of outsiders we are we are two  old members staying and uh yeah we just decided   to create a team uh at the beginning was without  uh captain you know without boss without nothing   we was just a group of friends uh sharing same  passion sharing knowledge pushing each other   you know was just a group of friends and today  even today it's staying a group of friends but uh   there is another vision that came into outsiders  because uh performance after performance member   after member uh the team the team growed you know  and uh then today it's uh yeah a group of friends   but a competitive group of friends you know  uh about about uh static especially there   is some members as genna or someone  that are doing uh freestyle but uh   for the rest is about static elements only and  then uh yeah we created outsiders uh with seven   members at the beginning and you know we just try  to find people that are same than us you know uh   it's it's uh kind of all the time people that stay  alone do things in their way uh on their side you   know and uh we are people like this you know uh  some people stay with say some people are saying   we stay between us but yeah this is the point if  you want to be strong is not only about training   is about having having a good environment you know  and uh in our team is the best environment that i   think we can find and we stay uh we stay we just  stay together you know and uh years after years   generation after generate generation then it's  became outsiders but basically is just a group   of friends wow and how come the name outsiders i i  think it's it's an idea of me it's because i just   told you uh kinda all members of outsiders are  people staying alone or in little group between   them and outsiders mean uh the person on this on  the side you know and at the beginning now yeah   let's fight outsiders is famous i'm gonna say uh  but uh at the base of the base we was uh just uh   random guys doing static on the side you know  and uh then it stayed like this because uh yeah   we are the guys on the side okay and where was  it founded was it in the south of france then or   yeah it was online because every members uh even  at the beginning was not uh living in the same   point uh was uh half of the team near paris and  uh for for the other i was in south of france   but we was already friends you know everybody's  friends was friends and then uh yeah we talked   about this and uh we choose we not we didn't  choose but we asked to people like us if they   wanted to come with us just uh simply okay and  uh yeah uh lots of people are asking can i join   outside yes that's the next question like  this uh i just want to say uh we are not   a random team uh i mean you know there is  requirements they are talking about level   uh to go into outsiders you don't need to get  any level you don't need nothing you need to   be intelligent and independent and to be already  friend with all the team and uh years after years   is becoming harder because now we are there is two  conversations in the competitive conversation we   are uh 15 person and in the other we hold the  old members you know then we are 23. but to be   friend with 15 or 20 people is becoming hard you  know but we go to the people that we choose and   we propose them to join us if they want that's  great because i also followed uh kevin rouland   already for a long time because he's like a crazy  beast he's amazing yeah and when did he join   and oh he is a kind of old member i think he's  in outsiders for three years maybe a little more   oh okay i didn't know that that's uh crazy yeah  he began so young and he is in the team from a   long time yeah insane manner we will put him in  the description just somebody that i follow as a   as a private person i really uh enjoy watching  his videos and for me it's impressive that the   young boy um at home in his uh bedroom  uh like is doing mana and that's like   just insane that's the power of calisthenics  street workout for me really yeah you need a kid   doing full planche mana and victorian cross uh on  rings in his room yeah that's it incredible yeah   um yes so um yeah next question is um what are  your goals for the future uh is it competitions is   it somebody was asking do you plan world records  is it uh yeah professional goals like with your   coaching etc what are your goals uh personally  just about performance uh you know i don't want to   i just want to be a wall i mean uh you know  when i began calisthenics i saw some athlete   that for now are not anymore exceptional but for  the period it was incredible to see it you know   i want to be something like this something you  cannot go up in 10 years for example you know   then because every generation is doing better  and better and better and better for example   if i do 25 presses you will not do better in  a short time you know then i want performance   that cannot be beaten or you in the beginning  you think you cannot beat it because i in the   beginning i began and i was seeing someone doing  uh i don't know 10 presses i was like oh my god   you know but i want to ins to give the same  reaction to people and they i want to make   it really complicated for them even for the  generation in tenure that will be so much stronger   that we are now okay and uh about maltese yeah  uh i want max uh the i want the record about full   planche presses maltese presses full planche push  up one arm planche hold and i'm not interested   into full planche hold because you have to know  that you can be able to perform 30 seconds of full   planche but being so bad about combos you know  someone that is strong in planche is not someone   holding 30 seconds in is someone that can go  from any planche to any planche you know okay wow   that's crazy that are some records some some stuff  that um yeah maybe our kids will try to beat but   uh yeah it will be they will be you know  because the next generation is sure are going   to be incredible you know as we the last  one of the last person that came into our   outsiders is uh bs natton uh and this  guy is 18 years old and there is no sense   in his level he is really incredible and uh in  five years he gonna kill me i hope you know uh   and i will not let let it uh easy you know okay  that's a good mindset that's really really i   appreciate that a lot um do you have a an  idol in planche somebody that you look up to   no i never had idol in nothing in life because  if you think if someone is your idol he is up   to you you will not beat him and uh you  cannot the first one in in having an idol   okay i don't think like this you know i have style  style that i like i have some athletes that i like   but no i don't have idle but the the plancher  that i like the most if i have to say two names   is uh alexander didenko the ukrainian boy  and levan one of my teammates these are   my two favorite planche guns here also  lee levin also did a one-arm planche uh   max hold attempt right yeah yeah yeah  he is 17 or 18 seconds i don't remember   i love him he is my friend but  i will beat it with my both arms that's really nice and he will try again to beat  it and you know that's the game even if we are   friends yeah competitive friends like this is what  i like it's not only that you go to competitions   but you also see yourself as competition that  you always want to be better yeah you are a   friend but about performance it's a game yeah  that's nice um do you recommend somebody um   like starting with his workout or like somebody  just an athlete what do you recommend uh is it   training with rings bands weights parallettes  like what what is the stuff that you recommend uh i i recommend nothing clearly you know uh  every exercise is focusing on something   okay and uh you don't have yeah this is my  answer you don't have to choose you know uh it's   depending on what you need if you cannot extend  your arm you will not have the same work done   if you can not extend your legs you know everybody  have good points and bad points and have to focus   on bad points what i can tell you is planche is  not only about shoulder power is about core power   then don't work only about uh with uh tuck  planche for example because uh you are not   focusing on core hold power if you are doing only  talk then that's the point don't choose uh between   an exercise or another do everything and do the  thing you need because uh the guy next to you   don't need the same thing than you you know then  everyone uh should do what he need about him only   and don't choose between one exercise or  another because everything is complementary okay   wow nice these were some really nice questions   i still have some quick questions quick answers  uh to finish off okay i feel bad asking this   question because i don't know if you eat any  of these but what do you prefer pizza or burger um i i don't it's not i don't like i'm as  everyone you know i like to eat [ __ ] but   i prefer to feel light in blanching but if  i have to choose uh pizza okay good i always   have to think when when you talk about nutrition  i always have to think about johan like son gohan   because he's eating like [ __ ] uh yeah  yeah yeah but someone listen to me if   you was not eating [ __ ] you will you will  be half better and you know it you know it   i will send him a story  afterwards with this that's good do you prefer dogs or cats dogs dogs because  he's a social animal he's not individual you know   yeah it's not an outsider yeah nice do  you have a favorite location for holidays   um no because uh wherever where wherever i  could be i can planche then uh no you know   when i traveled i don't go to see a place  i go to see some people okay i move for a   reason to see someone i don't move to see  how are the building i don't care really   okay that's great attitude um what is the worst  exercise for you like the nightmare exercise   the hardest no like an exercise that you hate  somebody asked this question and he said yeah   for me it's burpees so he wasn't you know for me  burpees is not even calisthenics they say oh yeah   let they into calisthenics but no you have to  know that if you want to perform skills uh the   hardest point is bring your leg then if you  want to be strong in skill but you get heavy   legs in the same time is paradoxical there is no  senses into this then the exercise i hate the most   muscle ups is boring okay good um yeah like i  already asked a favor your favorite calisthenics   athlete um you said uh leaven and a planche  guy yeah alexander didenko and uh in my team   yeah okay nice um do you have a favorite book a  book that you would recommend to the people or   are you not uh fred yeah the one of frederick  de la vie i don't know if you know him uh uh   the bible of musculation yeah i  think is the bible of musculation   it's the book of frederick de la  vie is a really famous book into   uh gym work and everything and yeah it's  interesting if you want to learn about um little publicity for him because his book  is really great and then yeah there is lots   of knowledge about your body into this and  uh if you want to be performant you have to   know yourself that's true so you learn a lot  about the muscle connection uh you like about   yeah yeah yeah that's it yeah there is everything  you know there is uh amazing uh he's not painting   but you know what i mean uh yeah yeah there is  everything you need to know about how is your body   i i heard it's nearly as good as the  maltese ebook i heard like somebody said it i don't have the pretty print pretension  to say my ebook could be equal to this book   because uh it's not the same work you  know but uh finally when we finish we   we will have finished sorry if he's not perfect uh  all the ebook and all the content we will we want   to uh you know put everything we we created into a  book finally then maybe one day that's great nice   um yes the best calisthenics event you've ever  been at so far is burning gatecock for sure okay   and somebody asked if you will compete there next  year um somebody asked them uh if uh if uh yeah if   they do the competition sure i would like to go uh  in this event again yeah sure great um and i the   last question for the day if you have to decide  for one planche variation only and you have to   only do this planche variation your whole life and  no other planetary reaction what would you choose   i stop calisthenics okay yeah for sure because  you know i don't like uh just uh just the movement   himself you know for me is about taking space  you know that's why i say flying you know because   press to flag to one arm planche to the other side  one arm planche two maltese to nana two finger   to this is what i like you know if it's just  do this i go to play computer and that's why i   don't like a front lever you know because there  is nothing up to you when you're blanching you   you can take all the space even more when you  are on floor that's why you see me doing lots of   floor because if i want to begin in that in that  sense and then switch in the other sense and i   can take all the space i want but in front lever  you will always have the bars up to you and uh   yeah even one of the strongest front lever in the  world he's in my team he's on izuka is ryan and   even in being so strong in front lever he tell  me uh i prefer the sensation of planche even in   being in being so much stronger in in front  level and yeah it's about the feeling okay   wow nice um yes so we finish off this uh  this episode once again um for the people   who want to learn from you who want to take  the shortcut who want to get your knowledge etc   all this all the details about the planche  the maltese book the planche program etc is   on in the description use the code coronation  10 for 10 percent off and how can people get in   touch with you do you reply to your uh instagram  messages or yeah i reply a lot but you know uh   this time uh my account is growing kind of fast  and i receive a lot a lot lots of message then   if you want to contact me if you have a specific  question really a useful question you know a   question that i don't hear a hundred times a  day and if you say hello before to ask because   uh planche program bro uh goodbye i've had a  good day uh if you are talking normally and   if you have a really interesting question yeah i  will answer you but i cannot uh sell my service to   my students and answer freely to other people  is not respectful for them then yeah if it's   one interesting and specific question uh i will  answer but uh i don't have the time you know   and uh generally i don't answer so much anymore i  spent uh during my four first year of calisthenics   i was answering every time giving advice to  everyone but it's okay i did my free job now   i have to give my time to my project my training  i have a girlfriend i i don't have the time sorry   but if you have the question yeah maybe i  will answer you okay that's great so yeah   pledge program bro is not the right question  but yeah maybe hello uh could you could i   ask you a question no no and yeah yeah yeah sure  but uh eighty percent of the question are like   give me this give me this give me this no it's  not working like this planche program like they   want yeah like uh yeah yeah yeah like you are  a machine you know giving programs no no it's   not working like this you know this this program  represents years of work years of injury uh time   to create it and uh yeah now our time have a  price if we want to develop it and you know   it's good because in france uh we are in the  first person that are doing this then if it's   working for us after this uh the business will  be open for the next people that will uh want   to join it you know and finally we are creating  the economy in france about calisthenics because   it was not existing so about uh about how to  learn calisthenics not about material or clauses   you know but about uh course and coaching we are  opening uh the way for the next one and that's   really great you you do a really good job and it's  really important to make calisonics grow because   not every athlete can begin at zero and  can do this uh like like this the sport   doesn't grow because uh yeah yeah  yeah and the point is you know uh   teach to people is uh i think is really useful  because i saw in six years that uh the medium   lifetime of an athlete in calisthenics is around  four years uh 70 percent of the athlete have   too much problem or don't have the success they  want then they stop to or go to something other   but in teaching people they will get less injury  they will have better results and finally more   people will stay in calisthenics and share this  knowledge with their own friends and finally   i think teach to people is the most important  things to make calisthenics grow yes that's true   nice so yeah we're coming to an end and uh  before you can end the episode i want to say   thank you to everyone listening to this till the  end because it's now like it's a long episode but   i think it's worth uh watching it it was really  really nice to get uh all the insight et cetera   and first of all to the viewers thanks for  listening to this till the end hope you enjoyed   hope you like it hope you want to share it you  want to like it you want to do whatever you want   and check out definitely valentine and his uh yeah  work he's doing like really really good work and   um yeah just uh all the links of the outsiders  of valentine of everything is in the description   and also big thank you to you valentine merci uh  that you took the time that uh yeah you sat down   at this time because i know your time is precious  and uh yeah you wanted was really a pleasure and   thanks for inviting me and thanks to all people  watching this video and that asked for this   interview thanks to all of you yes so yeah have  a great evening and have a great life and i hope   you go motivated out of this interview and yeah  same send your chakra and have a good evening too