Today's guest is a Calisthenics and Street Workout legend, the Planche God himself Viktor Kamenov. We're talking about his life, experience in calisthenics, especially planche and how he sees the development of the sport. Save 10% on Viktor's Programms with the code "GORNATION10". | VIKTOR KAMENOV | His Planche Training & Advice | Interview

December 24, 2020 26 min read

VIKTOR KAMENOV | His Planche Training & Advice | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #33


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you know it's not all about  motivation there is one quote   motivation will help you start but  discipline will help you continue yo gorillas welcome to the athletes insider  podcast by gornation my name is phil and   today's guest is a special guest and uh yeah one  of the most influential people in street workout   and calisthenics from bulgaria the planche god  he's called and i'm really happy to welcome you   to the show victor kamenov hey phil thank you  so much for the interview it's a big honor for me   it's also a big honor for me um big honor for the  people uh we received over 300 questions for this   interview we picked out the best and to kick off  who is viktor kaminov how do you present yourself   um victor kamino from bulgaria sofia i'm currently   22 years old and i'm doing calisthenics  for already eight years and almost nine   wow so you started quite young right yeah  quite young i was i was 30 14 years old   and in the beginning i looked at it like a game  really it was like a game most of my peers were   playing video games but i was going  to the bars and doing pull-ups   okay and how did you get in touch  with the sport how was your first   impression first impressions from  youtube definitely from youtube like   all the all the other athletes uh there was one  guy hannibal for king also dennis minion from   ukraine uh and i was really inspired from  them wanted to do the same things as they were   they were doing also gymnastics i was always fan  of gymnastics even from a little kid uh we have   we have one living legend in bulgaria jordan  joshua and i remember even as a kid watching his   role things on the olympics and really wanted  to to do those things especially the statics   uh and another reason also my uncle is  training and he's still training and   even now he's he's my inspiration when  i when i see myself uh making excuses i   just look at him and see man he's 50 years  old 50 years old and he's still training   no excuses wow so he's uh also planching or like  basics or not that much planching because at the   time when he started planche was uh not that  popular move even in the gymnastics planche was   not doing that that often okay but you  never did gymnastics yourself right   never never never have i've always tried  to imitate gymnastics and uh mostly the   strength part of course and and not into  the floor or or uh some other equipments okay so uh yeah take us um to your to your um  13 14 year old victor kaminov um how did you   look like how did your first training sessions  go did you directly do your pull-ups or was it   also difficult for you to learn these moves well  it was the first my first tries were in 2011 and   there were just some pull-ups between the classes  at school in school but i don't i don't found this   as uh as my initial steps my my my starter was in  2012 when i really got into the sport and my the   first thing that i was uh mostly motivated to do  was constant because it was just interesting for   me at this point i was not aware of what my thesis  is what planche is it was just boring for me i i   knew that there were some in in uh gymnastics  there were some moves like this but i was more   about one arm constant uh or just regular constant  so my main my main focus was on the handstand yeah   wow okay so from training beginning to the  first handstand how long did did you take   ah not that much not that much really around  around three four months okay uh but it's   it's hard to say what does it mean  learned handstands because handstand   can be can be hold for 20 seconds with bad  form or for two minutes with perfect form   of course you can't get that for three months  you need much more sure the question from the   community came how long did you only train basics  in the beginning as i told you in 2011 i was   that was my period where i was doing only  basics but then after 2012 i had no period   only doing basics i was even more focused on the  skills plus basic of stuff for of course but uh   just from the beginning till now i always do  basics even though i'm not that much focused   on instagram of showing them they're really  important just to give you that initial strength   okay so basics for you mean which exercises in uh  in particular uh in the beginning just push-ups   uh dips pull-ups just a normal one regular okay  they they sound like cliche but in fact they help   really for beginners they're so important and even  today they help you for healthy joints and tendons   of course of course it's it's steps that need to  be done yeah blank just from the beginning try to   to execute them properly for example pull  up with locked elbows yeah you know you   you can't injure yourself you can't change  yourself from the beginning you must start   implementing proper technique so then  when you gradually get higher level   you won't get injured for example you've seen  all the complicated moves you have a straight   elbows so if you skip that proper technique from  the beginning then you have some problems later   okay that's already good advice i guess for all  the beginners beginnings um to to really focus   on the good form for basics um because otherwise  it it yeah it doesn't prevent you for injuries etc   switching to today how does your workout schedule  look like today today in 2020 today in 2020   mostly planches and some little front levers  this is it i'm training five days a week   i'm resting two days which are no total rest  i'm just doing some flexibility constants but   i'm not focusing that much on endurance and  freestyle since i'm not competing anymore okay and you're not competing  anymore and not planning to compete   well look there is there is difference  between what i think and what i i feel i want   uh because in 2017 and 18 when i competing  for the last time i devoted so much time to   to preparing for competition but i i saw  low revenue from that and it's okay for   one guy who is 17 years old 16 years old  who is helped by his parents uh he can   devote all his time to trainings and then  go get top place and go back and get nothing   but it's okay but once you get get uh older  you see that you need to do something else   to uh to get more revenue from what you're doing  really from from the time that you spent so   uh i started with the workshops in 2017 and i  found it really much profitable for me and also   i can say not less enjoyable for me because  uh by this way i can somehow help the people   so you like you say five days a week um uh planche  front lever and uh so you're not you don't planche   every day because this was a question from the  community especially beginners they somehow   get this mentality from the calisthenics scene  you will have to work out every day no that's   a big mistake really that's a big mistake for  beginners and i was doing that in the beginning   and what i saw was low progress because  you can train with soreness and pain   you train hard one day and then and then the  next day you're cute that's that's more often   for the beginners but even even for me right  now if i do a really hard training the next day   i'll try to to concentrate at least on some other  pressure for example i'll go more on the pool   if i did push today so planche i'm training four  times a week currently right now of course uh   sometimes it's different depending on my time that  i have but at least four times i'm trying just to   maintain my level wow to maintain your level so  your goals right now are to maintain the level   or to even go my goals right now are mainly to  maintain my level and i have some thoughts for   some combos that i've always wanted to do but  they still haven't so i'm working on them but   really slowly really slowly yeah i'm not rushing  because i don't want any injuries i understand   and you're getting more and more experience you're  also like learning a lot and you just came out   with your new planche program um a few days ago um  so you want to talk about this one yeah first uh   again thanks a lot for mentioning it it's it's  a great support for me uh yeah i've released   a new planche program which is more developed  devoted for a high level guys which already have   planche and want to learn uh presses and push us  but also i have another ebook which is for total   beginners the guys who are hardly even doing a  tick planche and need to go to straddle planche   and full planche so yeah i mainly explain my way  of training there how i used to train how i train   right now for uh the best results and fastest  and healthier results without any injuries   because it's really important the way how you're  trained it's not only about doing poor attempts   yeah also also to the programmers are  there are some videos that will help you   better understand the moves and maybe maybe one  thing that i counted as a bonus because nobody   else provided is personal contact so if they have  some problems with their progress and according to   to the ebook they can always ask me okay sounds uh really nice because i think  you with your results etc you have a different   approach um especially that because you didn't  you don't come from gymnastics you have your   own approach you you self-taught a lot like you  learned a lot yourself yeah of course everything   was by myself because i remember in 2013 there  were no tutorials there were let's say uh two or   three tutorials on planche which um i'm really  questioning them how they uh how they're good   and most of the time i was not aware what to do  and everything was just tries tries and fails   and tries and fails uh got got some injuries  but i've always always tried to not rush that   that's the most important thing that helped  me uh still be healthier till that day   and that's an important thing that's maybe also  an advice that every beginner can take with it   with him um it's really a lot of people see this  i don't know eight month full planche journey   i learned the full planche in three months  and it's really the community is really about   rushing and a lot of people are wanting  to learn the plans really really quick   but if you think long long term and you want to be  healthy even though you have like eight nine years   of street workout calisthenics like you um this  is the way you know you need to be patient right   you know the thing is that right now uh people  see the idols they have a lot of information of   what their idols are doing and beginners from  just pulling up uh and dips try to go directly   to car moves like maltese and in my time i  had no that reference from my idols my idols   were not doing my thesis like just just some guys  from the gymnastics that i told you but uh i was i   i was still thinking that it's gymnastic it's  olympic sport and i must stay away from that   keep focusing on the handstand keep focusing on  the muscle ups you remember the old calisthenics   um yeah so it was different because we had um  different uh references yeah that's true so yeah   for everybody uh we will talk later about it as  well um for everybody who is interested in this   uh we you offered our community uh also the ten  percent discount on all your planche programs   yes which is called coronation 10 so everything is  in the description um what i am asking myself if i   watch your performances etc is um is everybody  capable of um having this performance that you   have with the right training approach with um  yeah like normal genetics let's call it oh you   you set normal genetics yes with normal genetics  uh consider it to what a normal genetics should   be for calisthenics of course yes but i can't  hide it uh the hate and the weights are really   a big factor if you're two meters high and 150  kilograms i think the answer is totally clear um   so yeah of course everybody can get high level i'm  not sure if the same level as me but for sure high   level and uh clearer clearly better progress if  they implement a better problem better approach of   course okay um yeah so your approach right now is  um patience so not not rushing yeah your approach   is resting two days per week if you're sore on on  pushing movements you switch to pulling movements   what else are your secrets let's call them  because everybody's asking what are the secrets   of victoria what what's what's his secret no the  secret the secrets are so simple and they're not   secrets i don't know consistency consistency  that's the main thing i'm not consistent on   instagram you see but i'm consistent on  everyday lives what i'm training on my   trainings i'm always consistent and disciplined  also disciplined because you can't always   count on motivation there will be days when you're  back from work from university at let's say six   seven o'clock and you'll be that you don't want  to to train but discipline is what that is that   that will help you continue training you know  it's not all about motivation will help you   start the s1 quote motivation will help you  start but discipline will help you continue that's that's a good one and that's what what a  lot of athletes say if you don't implement them   consistently they're not going to work uh is  it possible to learn planche only by a planche   leaning uh only by the leaning exercises is it  possible only leans and no attempts yeah no no   it's impossible it's of course because we do  attempts yeah okay so it's the mixture of attempts   liens and also some assistance work or some  at times some lean some basics in the end   but mostly attempts mostly attempts that's the  most important thing leans will help you not that   much for the strength but more about preparing  yourself for the training not to get injured   yourself and the basics in the end help you for  conditioning getting more strength in the proper   the proper way activating properly the body  but the most important things are the attempts   and i was doing only attempts till 2014 or 15 and  as as you see in my old videos that helped me but   not enough not enough then i started thinking  like i need to put some other things uh i need   to train more professional also i was training  in a gymnastic gym so i was seeing how gymnasts   are training so i i added some basic workouts in  the end of the training which is specifically for   planche and push for push skills uh not normal  basis i mentioned in the beginning so yeah okay so you talked about the leans which is  i think clear to everyone and makes sense to   prepare yourself for the workouts to prepare  your tendons your joints etc and let's talk   about the middle the attempts uh the real  workout let's call it um how do one does one   make the best progress is it with resistance  bands is it by doing the tuck planche the whole   time if he is not able to do a straddle planche  in the best of what level you are for example   if you already have some basic strength you can do  let's say four or five seconds straddle planche a   good option is to separate the trainings those  parts in the attempt separate them by two parts   in one day you will focus on the form on the other  day you focus on the halt so by this way you can   you can have them both in a high level trend  and the resistance band that you ask me   i don't even put that in the attends bar but it's  more about the basics and it's not that much for   for strength but i look at it  for brain work because i put   i put my phone away and record myself and  see all the details where what i need to fix   and then the next training i already have that  feeling when my body where my body is positioned   so yeah this is the main approach that  i'm even doing right now and that uh   i um tell to the people i recommend to the people  separate both uh but of course for total beginners   no need for separation just just pure  attempts just pure times and some   additional basic exercises which are really  easy but are not not the normal most known   pull-ups and push-ups yeah okay makes sense  another question next to resistance bands was   also if rings accelerate or make sense as is  a good workout to build strength and planche   of course but it's different from the ground  and don't count on rings to help you on ground   you see even uh guys on olympic level  in gymnastics so hard on on rings doing   zanetti's full planches so i don't know just  amazing level but when they go to the ground   they're much uh much weaker than me and than so  many athletes calisthenics at least so they're   not connected if you want to get stronger  on rings train on ranks if you want to get   stronger on ground or pirates trend there okay  the training method you know like there are a   lot of training methods uh greasing the groove uh  emom uh like basics like endurance just for basics   um high intensity high volume drop set supersets  all this is there something that you can advi like   you like or is there something that you don't like  at all i can't say that there is any bad way of   training and all those things that you're telling  me maybe you also mentioned saturn reps these are   uh not things that i usually train and for  sure not something that i do right now uh   definitely it's really important when you  prepare for competition to work on your endurance   because uh there that's one of the most important  things not only about how much you hold an element   but also about how many minutes you can be alive  on the stage because right now you see i can be   in a really good condition for 40 seconds video  on instagram but if i go on a competition which   is even only on statics i'll be dead in in  one minute because i'm not training endurance   uh when i was competing i was in the gym and doing  my sets for three hours only only sets without   stop and that helped me improve my entrance but  right now i'm looking more about the quality of   a single attempt so yeah that's that's my  main advice for those who want to compete   just just make your sets okay one or two minutes  everything combined and also on another day   keep the focus on the single times as i'm training  right now okay that makes sense um if you do your   planche attempts uh do you what do you prefer like  long rests in between or high high intensity so a   small rest in between what is your advice again  uh it depends of for what you're training okay   right now i train as much as it allows me  to do a perfect attempt that's that's the   the main uh thing that i follow of course for for  uh competitions for days where you're training   endurance it's totally a good option to do for  example full planche hold wait 20 seconds or   even less and then do again full planche hold  you know these are things that will help you uh   make better endurance but only accounting on this  type of training is not enough because you can't   you can develop that uh good form and condition of  a single attempt yeah so it mainly depends of what   you're aiming for there is no single right answer  okay great a question that was upvoted on youtube   and you already smiled when i uh sent it to you  in the beginning is um does the bent arm planche   help for the planche okay well that's one of the  most common questions for beginners and the answer   is no because if you want to to have a planche i  mean real planche with straight arm you must work   on straight arm bent arm will never help you gain  that strength in the elbow in the shoulder just   because the position is different maybe will will  help you partly for developing core strength but   counting on bent arm planche will never help  that much really you see you see so many   old school athletes again i'll  mention hannibal for king who is doing   this type of planche for i don't know probably 30  years but he still still can't do a full planche   he just don't help you because it's just a  different move of different minds of course it's   different move totally different move uh i can of  course add that it help it will help you gain some   strength for the foo for the planche push-ups  because punch push-ups is transition between   those two variations with straight arms and  bent arms so it's important when you start   training the push-ups also to probably make some  holes for that this position um yeah but but only   for planche it will not help you okay a question  that was also making me smile i don't know how you   think about it um two people asked um is it true  did you break your fingers and uh now have metal   plates in your fingers uh so you are stronger on  finger planche uh yeah actually that's the reason no really okay okay yes um okay good um how important sorry sorry  yeah but like you know if you say like this   people will believe um and there are people  who didn't ask this question that's why i   always smile that's why i have a smile yeah how  important is core workout especially lower back   on the way to the planche does it make sense to  especially work on that of course of course it's   strengthening the lower back and the waist will  help it will help you and prevent you from going   to that banana planches because you see so many  guys keep their shoulder high but when it's about   longer hold the first part that goes down will be  the lower back so putting a little bit focus on   gaining that strength right there will help you  and uh will prevent you from doing this uh type of   not proper planche yeah of course there are some  basic exercises uh which are mostly done in the   gymnastics sense i've seen them in the gymnasium  gym and i still do them in in home um so yeah   is there an exercise that you can explain that uh  help yeah i can i can explain one exercise that   i still do it's a lie down on a box or something  which is high around 50 centimeters uh it must be   on your you must lay on your stomach and then just  lift your legs up and uh by this way you feel the   pressure in the lower back it's simple as that  okay uh also additional you can put some weights you do it a straddle or full with like cool cool  yeah okay cool so beginners if it's too hard they   can do uh straddle or tuck of course they can do  straddle they can they can do even tuck to full   extensions they can do only straddle lifting they  can do full lifting you see you you must check how   you feel it yeah makes sense um yeah people asked  for a day in the life of victor coming off take us   in your daily life how does one typical day  look like well it's really different for example   today what happened i woke up early  like 6 30 i made some training then i   prefer for an interview after the interview  i'll go to the hospital because unfortunately   my mom is there and she can be with us since  christmas ah then i'll go back i'll do some   studies for a university then i'll answer all  the instagram messages that people send me   then i work on my new program fix some problems  in the site and it's different every day bro   i'll just tell you what's my schedule for  today okay yeah so uh your your uh work your   studies um what is your profession architecture  i studied right now architecture it's my already   fourth year yeah okay so you're soon finished  yes we'll finish one of the main questions also   concerning your maybe also a little bit your  private life was um why aren't you so active   on youtube on instagram and you already told  me life doesn't always work as you as you plan what is the reason well the main reason is that  i don't find that much time for getting active of   course i can be more active but i need to draw the  quality i don't want to draw the quality sometimes   i think that it's not only about quality it's also  quantity and that i need to to fix the balance   so in the coming months i'll work on on that okay  so we can expect to see a little more from you yes   yes i have a lot of plans really i have a lot of  plans and ideas in my mind we'll see how it works   great good luck for that already thank you let's maybe sum up all your workout experience  your workout advice what are the main three   things that if people improve them in their  workout they would get much better results   the three things well there are a lot  of things but if we need to some of them   will be discipline consistency and training  smart knowing what you're doing these are the   three things okay if we go a little bit more  into detail um what what makes them important   well even as i already said if you have a  proper training method but you're not consistent   you'll not achieve anything and of course the  opposite so i think that explains everything so   you think if i buy your program i won't be uh i if  i and i i just have it on my computer on my mobile   phone i don't follow it i won't be a plunge piece  right well probably if it's only on your phone it   will help you a little bit okay just just because  of the energy okay but uh but not that much okay   damn it okay so uh yeah this discipline um it's  important to get up even though uh you're you're   not motivated all yes of course today i woke up  at 6 30 to train for sure i was not motivated to   train on a saturday on saturday on 6 30 yeah but  i don't have a choice i had to do my tests later   talking about prevention also injuries um  yeah i think play a role in in a lot of   athletes careers and people were interested  about about your injuries in your career   well the biggest injury i  remember was 2015 on my wrist   then this summer i also had an injury on my  shoulders because some weighted stuff and i   was out from the basics for a long time since it  was pandemics and i had to train on aesthetics   at home uh so i got some some shoulder  injury which a little bit put me out of uh   out of condition i can't lie yeah and that's  probably one of the reasons why i was not   active in in the summer yeah but it's really  important that those moments not to stop   not to give up and to listen to the doctors  because some doctors told me that it's over   and it's it's it's normal totally normal always  go to two or three doctors because before   you make any decision so yeah just just keep  training slightly some some things that will uh   help you maintain the strength and in the  same time not get worse with the injury   and of course it depends on the injury for  me it was just a really hard tendonitis in   uh shoulder inflammatory but if it's it's a  bigger pro problem of course there must be   other fixes you're like in the calisthenics scene  now since eight and nine years um how do you see   the development of the sport um man it's changed  so much so much uh at first you remember they were   all those guys tweaked muscle ups bent arm  planches then came the russian guys with   the perfect static moves malteses then came the  dynamic and right now there are three main groups   the statics the dynamics and the complete guys  which are i feel that they're always fighting   each other because all the competitions are more  for the complete guys well are always one static   guy who is telling that the completeness is [ __ ]  and there must be a specific competition only for   statics and they're always another guy on dynamics  who is saying oh we don't have a competition only   for dynamic so in the future i think about uh  separating those three disciplines because i feel   so much different from the kid who is 14 years  old and doing 900 you know i feel that he's just   doing another sport he's not doing calisthenics  that's my sport it's so different discipline so   definitely separating three of them will will be  uh really important also there is four discipline   like the muscle of the weighted stuff many people  also talk about putting our sport in the olympics   but since i'm really into gymnastics and  i know in details what's happening there   i can say that there is already a sport which  is similar to the calisthenics and it's much   on higher level uh also if you want to  put it in the olympics we need to set a   certain rules and the beauty of our sport is  that we don't have rules and it's free sport   yeah and everybody can implement uh new skills  every time on stage uh well if we if we put it   on the olympics all the rules will be  in the brackets and they will be preset   with uh pointing system which in  my opinion is nothing bad about it okay makes sense yeah and there are already some  some competitions like for example the burning   gate cup it focuses more on yeah of course  burning get cup they were trying to imitate   somehow the methods of the in  the gymnastics competitions but   in my opinion if it depends on me i'll fix some  things yeah okay i was competing there two years   uh two times and i saw some things that can  be better okay but that work true um yeah what are your goals for 2021 maybe to sum up and  to come to an end of the interview this interview   will come out on christmas um on christmas day  so just before the new year what what are your   goals for the next year my main goals are  continuing developing on instagram continue   posting good videos even though they're not that  long and full of so many skills but i want again   to focus on the quality but have that balance  quality quantity again uh developing my website uh   my programs i have 10 more programs that i want  to release and i'm started writing them right now   one after another uh also youtube i have some  some ideas for videos there because i started   three years ago but for one reason i stopped  and three years later i think i will be back um   and hopefully hopefully the pandemic is over i  want to start my workshops again because that's   uh certainly the thing that really brings  me the most joy seeing seeing the world and   in the same time helping the sport to develop  great yeah that would be nice i still remember   your workshop in vienna uh your small you had  a small workshop on the bodyweight day there   which was of course all those things that  i'm telling you are uh just in the area   of sport that i'm planning and i think  this is the the topic of this video yeah   true yeah we're nearly finished with the interview  we still have some quick questions quick answers   at the end what do you prefer  pizza or burger pizza of course   of course no way to convert both of them no  way okay do you are you a dog or a cat person first i'm allergic so it's hard to say but  probably probably cat because it's a cleaner   animal maybe maybe but honestly neither of them  um do you have a favorite location for holidays for holidays so i go to i have a house  in uh once one small city around uh   the capital sofia so sometimes i go there and  i like it because uh it's it's uh not noisy   like the big city and i can totally focus on  myself myself my work without any disturbance   great um do you have i know it's  a big question but do you have a   favorite calisthenics athlete or somebody  that you look up to for plan inspiration during the years i had many favorite  athletes and i still admire them but   maybe will sound a little bit narcissistic  but recently i i get the most the motivation   from my old videos okay uh looking at what you did  before uh make you think that all these things can   come one more time if you put the needed effort of  course i can mention some guys that really admire   uh for example from the static game  my friend netko really strong guy   also valentin you had an interview  with him we bought our friends one guy die long i like his form really yeah many  athletes many artists there's so many new guys   doing great stuff somebody asked do you have uh   like do you have an opinion on the question  who is the strongest planter in the world is there one there is no one  stronger planter in the world   okay one is stronger in push-ups the other is  stronger in presses the 30s in cold there is no   such a thing as stronger athlete plus the  level is really volatile i mean sometimes   somebody is like the top and then he'll be  down and then a year ago some new guy comes and   it's it's no no strongest outfit there is no  strongest outfit okay do you have a favorite book   favorite book uh recently  i read think and get rich   i can't say that it's my favorite but it had  some influence on me it's it's probably not   that famous among the calisthenic athletes but  it's more on the finance world but i i found   some connection with the sport that can help me  see the sport not that plane not that confined   but to see that there are more possibilities it's  not all about uh going to competitions competing   or posting videos you can do much more you just  need to believe in yourself visualize think   that's true it's a really really good book it's  uh already over a hundred years old um yes one yes   one of the best-selling books worldwide um so  yeah really world life it's a bit cliche i can say   it's a bit cliche people and it's  it's like the the reference for uh   for self-improvement book yeah yeah wow and there  are a lot of mindset things in it work harder than   people expect from you that's also that's one  thing that i think that if you implement them   also in the sport will help you it's not all  about uh get rich and think and get rich it's   also think and get stronger or you can you  can look at it from from other point of view that's true we will put it in the description  thinking grow rich from napoleon hill um and yeah   a question that is always asked i usually  ask it in the beginning but now i ask it here   your height and weight uh 170 height and  weight i dropped from 70 71 to 65 right now   first because of an injury and second probably  because of not proper nutrition recently   i don't have that much time to prepare my food uh  how i should and yeah but but it's totally okay   it's it also helps me a little bit get uh  lighter skills because the lighter you are   the better it is that i'm really trying not  to drop 265. okay that's important for me do   you have a favorite calisthenics event that  you've visited calisthenics events uh well   my most favorite events are my workshops yeah and  the second uh world of war heroes i really liked   the vendor hype the system the judging system  which in my opinion is the most clever since   now also from the competitions that i took part  street workout ultimate battles especially 2017-17   again i can also add moscow what the  world federations competitions were   where my my initial steps in the in the  competition started yeah and then last question   if you can only do one planche variation for  the rest of your life which one would it be maltese okay nice yeah then   we're coming to an end uh how can people get  in touch with you how can they um ask you stuff instagram my instagram page always drop one  message and i have time in a day usually i   do it two times a week where i check all people  ask me and answer them great so same here then   with training consistency and patience so if  somebody writes you he shouldn't expect an   answer in the next 10 minutes yeah no of course  not in the next 10 minutes and usually i answer   him and the next time i will answer him  will be in the next two days because if   i wait him to answer and then i answer it  it's getting uh unlimited conversation and   i usually have 20 people today who who write  me and you know uh i need to save my time   some kind i get a lot lot of things to do  makes sense again for all the people who   want to really learn from you and who really  profit from your experience in in workout   uh they have the possibility to get your planche  programs for beginners and the new one for uh   intermediate for uh professionals yeah with 10  discount with coronation code yes so everything   is in the description coronation 10 saves you  10 percent and thanks victor for your time   thanks for watching pleasure thank you so much  for the invitation really it means a lot to me   to the people and uh yeah wishing you all the best  wishing the best for your mother for everything   for your whole family for the christmas time  and um yeah thanks everyone for listening and   thanks for supporting this series give us a thumbs  up a comment if you liked it and viktor you can   end the episode and say goodbye to the community  bye we show the best and always train clever