A good grip is essential to ensure your best possible performance. It can increase your pull-up strength, handstand holds, or your overall performance. | 4 Tools for a better Grip

October 04, 2021

4 Tools for a better Grip

A good grip is essential to ensure your best possible performance. Whether you're doing handstands, pull-ups or freestyle calisthenics, a good grip can make the difference between holding the handstand for 30 or 50 seconds, doing 10 or 12 reps of pull-ups, or catching the 360 or not. Sweaty hands or a slippery bar surface often make your performance suffer.

To counteract this, we provide you with 4 tools in this blog to ensure you have the perfect grip to take your performance to the next level.

calisthenics athletes performing handstand and freestyle calisthenics

1. Chalk

Chalk is one of the most popular tools in many sports, and is also considered a must-have by calisthenics athletes. Chalk is available as powder or liquid. A comparison of the two variants can be found in our blog article, specifically about the chalk. Even if both variants have advantages and disadvantages, both products have one thing in common:

Thanks to the use of chalk, you no longer have to worry about sweaty hands and can deliver your best performance during training. It doesn't matter if you train on parallettesworkout rings or pull-up bars.

liquid chalk for better grip in calisthenics



2. Grip Tape

Grip Tape has become one of the most popular products for many athletes. Once wrapped around the parallettesworkout rings or pull-up bar, the tape provides a very comfortable and strong grip on your equipment. Best of all, wrapping takes only a few seconds and the tape does not have to be put on or taken off every time.

The Grip Tape is made of cotton, which absorbs sweat and thus provides a better grip and prevents slipping. 

calisthenics tape for parallettes


3. Wooden handles

Parallettes, gymnastics rings, or bars are most often made of wood, metal, or plastic. The material can make a big difference in your performance. Sweat buildup on metal or plastic handles creates a higher risk for slipping during certain exercises. Grips made of wood absorb sweat better and provide you with a better grip in most cases. If you have problems with grip on your metal parallettes, you can replace them with wooden parallettes and benefit from a better grip.

low parallettes for push ups


4. Workout Grips

Workout Grips provide you with a similar function as the well-known workout gloves. The good thing about the workout grips is that they only cover the palms and do not enclose the whole hand. The freedom of movement of the hands is not restricted, and you benefit at the same time from a very good grip.

The Workout Grips prevent sweaty hands and are the perfect training tool for you if you tend to have sweaty hands.

As a bonus, the grips also support your wrists.

workout grips for pull ups in calisthenics



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