Calisthenics Takes the FIBO by Storm with Exciting Competitions and Specials

Calisthenics Takes the FIBO by Storm with Exciting Competitions and Specials

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GORNATION is gearing up to make a big splash at the FIBO fitness expo in Cologne. With their global community of over 150,000 followers, GORNATION is set to offer some of the most exciting competitions and special sales during the event. Here's a closer look at what GORNATION has in store for the FIBO fitness expo.

GORNATION has been a regular participant at the FIBO fitness expo since 2017 together with their partner Barzflex Workoutparks. This year, the brand is planning to offer an exciting lineup of events and competitions to attendees. Visitors to the calisthenics booth can expect to see some of the best calisthenics athletes from around the world, including Daniel Hristov, the 2021 world champion in Freestyle, Max True, one of the strongest endurance athletes, and Dejan "Stipke" Stipic, one of the OGs in calisthenics and street workout. These athletes will be participating in various competitions and challenges that GORNATION has organized for the event.


One of the main competitions that will take place is the Cologne City Cup 2.0 Freestyle Calisthenics Competition. This competition, organized by Flythenics and judged by internationally successful athletes, will give freestyle athletes from all over the world a chance to win €1500 in prize money. Additionally, GORNATION is also organizing the Endurance Showdown, where participants can qualify with pull-ups, dips, and muscle-ups and then compete in a K.O. battle to determine the winner.


Dive into Saturday's emotional competition:

The Highlighted Athletes

At GORNATION's stand, you'll have the opportunity to meet some of the biggest names in the calisthenics world. Here are the athletes that will be highlighted at the event:

  • Dejan "Stipke" Stipic: Dejan Stipic, also known as Stipke, is one of the OGs in calisthenics and street workout. He's been a part of the community since the beginning and has helped to shape the sport into what it is today.
  • Daniel Hristov: Daniel Hristov is the 2021 world champion in freestyle calisthenics and one of the best freestyle athletes in the world. He's known for his incredible skills and unique style that sets him apart from others.
  • Max True: Max True is one of the strongest endurance athletes in the world. He's known for his ability to perform incredible numbers of exercises such as muscle-ups, pull-ups and dips without getting tired.

These athletes will be available at GORNATION's stand for meet and greets, autographs, and photo opportunities. Don't miss the chance to meet them in person and learn from their experience.

Special Sales and Expo Prices

In addition to the exciting lineup of events and competitions, GORNATION is also offering special expo prices on their equipment and clothing both at the FIBO fitness expo and online during the event. This means that even those who are unable to attend the event in person can take advantage of the special deals.

The FIBO Sale

Every year there are special expo prices for everyone in the online store AND at FIBO itself with a store-wide sale, i.e. all products are discounted. This only happens 2x a year, on Black Weekend in November and at FIBO.

Where to Find GORNATION at the FIBO Fitness Expo

Visitors to the FIBO fitness expo can find the calisthenics booth in Hall 4.2, Stand number 4.2E22. The partnering brands hopes to use the event to connect with their community in person, showcase the talents of calisthenics athletes from around the world, and grow the sport of calisthenics.

GORNATION is dedicated to promoting the sport of calisthenics and connecting with their community in innovative ways. Their presence at the FIBO fitness expo is sure to be an exciting event for calisthenics enthusiasts, and their special sales and competitions are not to be missed. If you're a fan of calisthenics or are simply looking for high-quality equipment and clothing, be at place to witness this great event writing history in the Calisthenics History!

The Athletes at the Calisthenics Booth

Max True

Belarusian athlete Max True, also known as the "Muscle Up King," impresses with his remarkable sets, such as 50 muscle-ups in a single attempt. A long-time GORNATION athlete, he competes for the title in the Endurance Competition at FIBO.
max true using gornation workout rings

Dejan Stipke

Serbian calisthenics pioneer Dejan Stipke is known for his incredible strength and versatility. He focuses on strength and hybrid training, combining pull, push, and legs.
Dejan Stipke wearing weight vest and cap by gornation for workout

Daniel Hristov

Bulgarian athlete Daniel Hristov is one of the best freestyle athletes worldwide. Known for his impressive mix of statics and dynamics, he fought his way back to the 2021 World Championship title after a severe head injury.
Daniel Hristov wearing gornation signature sweater in light grey and street workout light jacket in black

Malin Malle Jansson

Swedish athlete Malin Malle Jansson is the Heavyweight World Champion 2022 in freestyle calisthenics. As a multiple Swedish champion, she demonstrates impressive skills in dynamics, statics, and strength moves.
malin malle jansson flexing her biceps and wearing gornation performance bra in coral

Simon Imhäuser

Simon Imhäuser is an up-and-coming talent from Sweden who finished second in the Heavyweight Championships in freestyle calisthenics. As one of the most promising talents in calisthenics, he is a true powerhouse.
Simon Imhäuser holding swedish flag and wearing gornation calisthenics tank top in black

San Gohan

Yohan, better known as San Gohan, is the 2019 Freestyle Calisthenics World Champion from France. With his individual style and extensive experience in the sport, he serves as a judge in the Freestyle Competition.
San Gohan smiling and wearing gornation cap and street workout tank top at a calisthenics workout park

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Adrian Winfrey

Calisthenics is definitely the future of the fitness industry!

Calisthenics is definitely the future of the fitness industry!

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