Dejan 'Stipke' Stipic: The Complete Calisthenics Athlete and Living Legend

Dejan 'Stipke' Stipic: The Complete Calisthenics Athlete and Living Legend

Dive into the inspiring story of Dejan 'Stipke' Stipic, a renowned calisthenics athlete from Serbia who has made a lasting name for himself in the sport. From his top 3 finish at the SWWC 2013 to building a successful brand, explore his commitment to excellence and his advice for aspiring athletes. Click to read more about his incredible journey!

Key Takeaways

● Dejan "Stipke" Stipic is a renowned calisthenics athlete and coach from Serbia.
● He has achieved top 3 placements in multiple international competitions, including the SWWC 2013.
● Stipke's long-term goals include building a lasting brand and name in the calisthenics scene.
● He trains for 1.5-3 hours per session, 5 times a week, and emphasizes the importance of discipline and consistency in training.

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Dejan Stipic, known as "Stipke", is a Serbian calisthenics athlete who has made a significant impact on the sport. From his impressive strength in bodyweight reps to his static strength and weighted exercises, Stipke is a true inspiration. In this athlete portrait, we'll explore Stipke's career and accomplishments while offering valuable insights into his training and lifestyle.

Early Life and Athletic Background

Born on January 24, 1993, in Subotica, Serbia, Stipke began his athletic journey at a young age. He started calisthenics in 1999 and had a background in gymnastics. This foundation in bodyweight movements and discipline played a crucial role in shaping Stipke into the exceptional athlete he is today.

Full Name Dejan Stipic
Nickname Stipke
Height 171 cm (5 feet 7.3 inches)
Weight 82 kg (180.8 lbs)
Birthplace Subotica, Serbia
Nationality Serbian
Birthday 24.01.1993
Age 30 years old (as of 2023)
Profession Calisthenics Athlete, Coach, Business Owner
Upper Arm Circumference 38-40 cm (14.9-15.7 inches)
Started with Calisthenics 1999
Sports Background Gymnastics

Calisthenics Career and Achievements

Stipke's calisthenics career is filled with numerous accomplishments. Some of his most notable achievements include:

  • Top 3 in the World at the Street Workout World Championship (SWWC) 2013
  • 2nd World Cup Zagreb
  • 3rd World Cup Super Final
  • Top 10 World Championship
  • 2nd World Cup Germany
  • Top 10 World Cup Super Final
  • 2nd King of the Bar
  • Multiple Reps National Champion
  • Germany Reps Overall Champion

Throughout his career, Stipke has focused on building a name and brand that will stand the test of time. His dedication to the sport and exceptional performances have made him a "Living Legend" in the calisthenics community.

Training and Equipment

Stipke's training regimen consists of 1.5 to 3-hour sessions, five times a week. His top 3 pieces of equipment for his workouts are bars, rings, and weights. He has a particular affinity for GORNATION's Weighted Belt, Chalk, and Workout Rings. Stipke also recommends Parallettes for those looking to optimize their calisthenics workouts. For beginners, Stipke advises sticking to the basics and mastering one's bodyweight. Consistency and longevity are key to long-term success.

You can find a list of Dejan's favorite equipment here:

Nutrition and Supplements

Stipke follows a well-balanced nutrition plan and has experimented with various diets such as vegan, vegetarian, keto, and flexible diets combined with intermittent fasting. He believes that supplements are a useful tool for recovery and health when used in conjunction with a good diet.

Integrating Calisthenics into Daily Life

For Stipke, training is an integral part of his life. He manages his time between traveling, attending events, coaching, and working on projects. In his own words, "Training is my life. Don't need to integrate it."

Stipke's Message to the Calisthenics Community

"Let's keep on growing and grinding together! Can't wait to meet you all soon 🦍."

As a complete athlete and a true living legend in the calisthenics world, Dejan "Stipke" Stipic serves as an inspiration to both beginners and experienced athletes alike. By sharing his story, training tips, and insights, Stipke encourages others to push beyond their limits and pursue their passion for calisthenics. His dedication to the sport and determination to constantly improve himself are testaments to the transformative power of calisthenics.

Stipke's journey is a reminder that success in calisthenics, and in life, comes from consistency, hard work, and the willingness to learn from our experiences. By integrating calisthenics into our daily lives, we can develop not only our physical strength but also our mental resilience and discipline.

As Stipke's career continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more incredible feats of strength and skill from this living legend. As a role model for athletes worldwide, his message of unity, growth, and perseverance will undoubtedly inspire countless others to embrace the world of calisthenics and unlock their full potential.

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