5 Calisthenics Christmas Gift Ideas for Staying Fit at Home

5 Calisthenics Christmas Gift Ideas for Staying Fit at Home

Looking for some Christmas gift inspiration for that sporty, fitness enthused person in your life? We've got you covered with 5 calisthenics themed present ideas that are perfect to give to anybody looking to exercise conveniently at home, and more importantly delve into the exciting world of Calisthenics.
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5 Calisthenics Christmas Gift Ideas for Staying Fit at Home

As another year comes close to an end, we inevitably encounter the anticipated and exciting holiday period once again. With our busy schedules, many of us fall into the situation of struggling last minute to find gifts for our friends and family. However, if you plan to buy presents for sport enthusiasts or anybody who is  interested in training, particularly at home, then this blog post is for you! This article is designed to give you a surge of inspiration and plenty of refreshing gift ideas for that sporty, fitness enthused person in your life. Here are 5 awesome, practical, and affordable, calisthenics themed presents which will completely upgrade the training of any recipient. Most of these pieces of equipment are also optimal for indoor and at-home training, which is ideal for the colder months of the year.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an all-round perfect gift for anybody looking to get fit at home. With endless possibilities of exercises, the capability of training your full body, and varying levels of resistance, they’re perfect for novices in training all the way to the pros. In terms of an entry level use, resistance bands can be used for all body weight basic exercises to scale them to be more difficult or easier. For example, they can be tied to a bar to make pull-ups easier, or wrapped around your back when doing push-ups to make the exercise more difficult. For athletes looking to train calisthenics skills, they are perfect in providing assistance to certain moves like Front Lever or Planche to reduce the intensity of the static position. Check out our full guide on Resistance Bands, with 10 effective calisthenics exercises ideal for anyone from beginner to advanced, and begin your training routine at home!

Workout Rings

Rings are one of the most versatile training tools. Used traditionally in gymnastics, the calisthenics world has adopted them as one of its own, due to its incredible versatility, efficacy in training, and practicality. Workout rings can be the only tool you need to build tremendous upper body strength and a muscular physique. For performing basic exercises, the rings serve as a fantastic alternative, as they tend to make most exercises more challenging due to the instability component. Compared to a pull-up bar, dip bars, or the floor, rings are able to move freely through space. This renders any exercise more difficult as you need to stabilize yourself much more, ultimately allowing for a far greater muscle fiber recruitment. Additionally, rings are a great tool for getting into calisthenics skills, such as front and back levers, as well as planche. Our guide to rings provides you with 14 exercises to get you started.


At a slightly higher pricepoint, the parallettes are another great present for anyone looking to train at home. Parallettes offer endless possibilities, particularly in terms of pushing exercises. Similarly to other equipment, the level of difficulty is easily scalable, allowing both beginner and advanced athletes to make the most of this tool. Parallettes are also great for learning skills such as handstand and planche, and offer you the possibility to perform these with a neutral wrist position. This can make training significantly more comfortable and help prevent overloads, creating a more pleasant workout experience. GORNATION offers premium and very high quality parallettes that come in 3 different dimensions; MAX, ACTIVE, and PRO. You can see our parallettes guide to find out which model is perfect for your use, as well as our blog-post providing you with 13 of the best exercises to perform on parallettes.

Elbow and Arm Sleeves

Elbow or Arm Sleeves are another great gift for any calisthenics athlete. Especially in the colder months, a sleeve can warm and protect your elbows during heavy training sessions, and can help prevent overloads. The elbow and arm sleeves differ in their lengths, the latter providing slightly more protection and compression across the entire arm, as opposed to just the elbow.

Wrist Wraps

An essential to maintaining wrist health and preventing overloads, Wrist Wraps are a perfect gift to upgrade anybody's training performance. Due to the increased stability in the wrists that they provide, training can become much more enjoyable and without worry of unnecessary pain when doing various exercises. GORNATION provides 3 different styles of Wrist Wraps with varying levels of support and mobility, as well as different colorways and styles. Find out more by checking out our Wrist Wraps article detailing the benefits and details of these.


Hopefully this blog-post has aided you in finding the perfect gift for someone sporty in your life. The above listed are some of the most effective and productive training tools for anybody looking to get in shape at home, as well as delve into the exciting world of calisthenics. Training at home can be incredibly effective when done correctly, and with the right equipment, one can reach their training goals and aspirations quickly and with so much fun along the way. If you're unsure about what present might be ideal for the intended person, consider getting a GORNATION gift card, so the recipient can decide exactly what they might like!

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