7 Calisthenics Exercises with Dip Belt - Streetlifting / Weighted Calisthenics

7 Calisthenics Exercises with Dip Belt - Streetlifting / Weighted Calisthenics

7 different exercises with the dip belt and how to put it on properly. A dip belt can take your workout to a whole new level as the extra training weight puts more stress on your muscles. Benefit from strong strength gains and muscle building thanks to a new training experience.
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7 Calisthenics Exercises with Dip Belt - Streetlifting / Weighted Calisthenics

When exercises like pull-ups, dips or push-ups become too easy for you, a dip belt can give your workout new momentum and make the basic exercises more interesting again. The biggest advantage is the freely selectable additional weight, with which you set new stimuli and thus build up more strength and muscles.

Due to the variety of exercises and applications of the dip belt, it is also often called a weight belt, belt for training with additional weight or training belt.
Instead of awkwardly clamping a dumbbell between your legs, you can concentrate on a clean execution of your exercises thanks to the dip belt. Whether weight plates or kettlebells, the weight can be attached quickly and easily.

Important: Exercising with extra weight can put more stress on the joints, so using wrist wraps can be very helpful.
You can read more about this in our blog about Power Wrist Wraps.

Below you will find an illustration of how to properly attach the additional weight so that you can concentrate 100% on your workout.
Let's move on to 7 different exercises with the dip belt:

1. Exercise: Pull Ups

Pull-ups are one of the most fundamental exercises in calisthenics. Put the dip belt around your waist and attach additional weight using the stainless steel chain to make the exercise more difficult. It doesn't matter if the weight hangs in front of or behind your legs. Choose the position that is most comfortable for you.

Tip: If the pull-up bar is too high to reach from the floor, use a support (e.g. a bench) to avoid jumping on the bar. With the extra weight, it is safer to release the bar only when your feet are on solid ground.

men doing weighted pull ups

2. Exercise: Push Ups

Another basic exercise is the push-up. Again, a dip belt can be used to make the workout more difficult. Fasten the belt around your hips as well and let the weight hang in front of your legs. Because the weight would touch the floor during the push-ups, you should perform the push-ups on bars.

Tip: If you have parallettes, you can use them and just position your feet on an elevation.

guy doing weighted push ups

3. Exercise: Dips

Dips with extra weight are also great for increasing strength. Attach the dip belt to your hips and clamp the extra weight between your legs.

Tip: Here, too, a rack (e.g. a bench) is very helpful for safely gripping the dip bars.


guy doing weighted dips

4. Exercise: Muscle Ups

Muscle ups are among the more advanced exercises in calisthenics. Of course, you can also go up a few notches on this exercise and work with additional weight. Put the dip belt around your waist, attach the weight to the stainless steel chain and hold the weight between your legs.

Tip: Don't attach the weight too close to your hips to avoid touching the bar. Letting the weight hang too far down can also be troublesome, as it can move more and, in the worst case, hit your legs.

muscle ups with extra weight

5. Exercise: Pull Ups on rings

If you do not have a pull-up bar available, rings are also ideal for pull-ups. The additionally required body tension gives the exercise a new stimulus.

Tip: Set the rings a little higher and use a support (e.g. a bench) to get a good grip on the rings. With the extra weight, it is safer to release the rings only when your feet are on solid ground.

guy training on workout rings with extra weight

6. Exercise: Dips on rings

Since you can't find dip bars everywhere, you can also do dips with extra weight on the rings. However, dips on the rings are a lot more difficult, so you should adjust the additional weight.

Tip: Here, too, a shelf (e.g. a bench) is very helpful to be able to grip the rings safely.

dips on workout rings with extra weight

7. Exercise: Squats

Squats with additional weight are also possible when no barbell is available. Stand on an elevation, for example on weight plates, boxes or a bench. This way, the weights do not touch the floor during the exercise, and you can perform the squat comfortably.

Tip: Attach the weights as close to your hips as possible. This way, you only need a small elevation during the squat.

athlete doing squats with dip belt

The correct application of the Dip Belt

The dip belt is very easy to put on, and there are several ways. In this blog, we will show you 2 different ways to quickly and securely fasten the belt so that it does not slip during your workout. Once the conventional way with 2 carabiners and a version with 3 carabiners.

With 2 carabiners:

how to use the weighted belt

Step 1: Attach chain to the right ring of the belt with a carabiner.

Step 2: Pass the chain through the left ring.

Step 3: Pass chain through weight plate hole (or through handle of kettlebell).

Step 4: Pass chain through right ring of belt and attach to left ring with carabiner.


With 3 carabiners:

how to use a dip belt for extra weights

Step 1: Attach both rings of the belt together with a carabiner.

Step 2: Attach chain to one of the rings with a carabiner.

Step 3: Pass the chain through the weight plate hole (or through the handle of the kettlebell).

Step 4: Attach chain to second ring with a carabiner.


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