The Planche and Handbalancing Beast Niv Bekerman about why he is only focusing on training the Planche and Handstand. | NIV BEKERMAN | Planche, Handstand & Hard Work | Interview

February 25, 2021 26 min read

NIV BEKERMAN | Planche, Handstand & Hard Work | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #42

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there is no magic tip not for lunch and no for  instance just put in the wok and it will pay off your gorillas welcome to the athlete insider  podcast by gornation my name is Phil and today's   guest is the handstand and hand balancing planche  master i'm happy to welcome you to the show nif   bekerman thank you very much yes so today we did  a story and asked for the people what they want to   know from you and we received a lot of questions  even though it was just a few hours before   the interview so let's kick off who  is nif and how do you present yourself i'm 19 years old i'm from israel and  i've been doing a street workout for   a bit more than four years already and i  really like handstand and planche mostly   and i train a streetwalker to enjoy mainly  19 years wow i didn't expect that i thought   you're a little older so big compliment for that  thank you your performances are now even more   uh um how is it called uh impressive uh so  thank you very much nice um yeah let's kick   off with the with the hard facts people always  ask for this uh you already said 19 years old how   how heavy are you 65 kilograms 65 and how tall  one meter and 68 centimeters okay cool um yeah   then uh tell us how did you get in touch with  the sport how did you start with a street workout   so i've seen like a planche on youtube on  a youtube video and i didn't know that that   you need hard work to achieve it i've seen it  as a cool like a trick like a cool party trick   and i saw i i googled it i checked how to train  for it and i've seen that it's really like like a   serious thing that you need like to put really big  effort but i've started and i got really addicted   and after uh training like a few months i  i started doing handstand for the planche   because i have that it's good for the for the  planche training so i got even more addicted   with instant and i started combining the two  until today and when was that like four years ago   pretty much when i was in school so with 15 years  started yeah wow that's uh quite early thank you   and um from the beginning it was always  a handstand and planche like the hand   balancing and planche yeah yeah when i had like  a competition or something then i i trained the   front lever a bit like for a few seconds just  because i thought that it would be good using   it but i never really liked explaining  it so i didn't like keep up with it okay   and people um are like the community is  always interest how did your beginnings go was   everything really easy for you did you feel that  your body was made for planche or did you also   have some struggles in the beginning i'm i'm  really short and i'm not heavy like most of the   calisthenics athletes that play they do planches  so it would in this term it was pretty easy but uh   i had the attack planche like first attempt  because i had good basics i've been doing   push-ups before a bit of push-ups so but uh yeah  i think my progress went really fast actually   i was lucky or it was genetics i don't  know like i got the strategy around   two to three months and the full plunge in a bit  like in another two months so it was pretty quick   my wrists were like a bit uh maybe i had  pain in the beginning but it wasn't like a   serious injury so it passed pretty quickly okay  because it was a lot of pressure even though   you did push-ups it it's a completely different  pressure for the rest i i did only flow so true   that's what's impressive as well  we will come to that uh later on you said you started with push-ups and this  is something that um i would like to take   into consideration when you say yeah i needed  two to three months for the straddle planche   to a month more for the full planche but for me  uh the the push-ups i think you already said it   they light laid the foundation they um did a  lot of basic work um do you think they helped   you for the for the quick progress i'm sure he  did i'm sure he did i i was like i've started   like with i don't know if you know it but  there was like a push-up challenge in youtube   it's called the bring celia challenge yes yes  so i did it like uh for the i i didn't really   train i just wanted to complete the video and i  got addicted with this so i ended up doing this   challenge three times in a row like for for 10  minutes and after that i started blanching so i it   has built me like really good  foundation for the planche   okay and when did you start with the basics with  push-ups no i've been doing this challenge like maybe one month before the planche i i haven't  been doing like basics for years no okay so   it's also with 15 years you start with a push-up  challenge with uh bring salia yeah and then you   discovered street workout went uh for tuck planche  for a handstand for uh then straddle planche okay   interesting and um why did you stick with  uh let's call it only because it's quite   rare that somebody focuses so much on on  hand balancing and planche only um because   most of the athletes uh at least they do  like all the statics some iron cross some   victorian whatever yeah um but uh you rarely see  or i rarely see you doing something else than um   hand balancing which is good but uh why  did you stick with these two um areas only   well i've started doing a straight workout for my  own fun like because i enjoyed it so i continue to   train just for me to like so i can enjoy it so if  there's something that other people expect you to   train because you you you will be considered as  a complete athlete athlete and you you will get   more points in a competition i i don't really i  really just train for fun so i do what i want and   if i enjoy doing only planche an instant i will  stick to planche and if one day i will enjoy doing   front lever then i start front lever for show but  i train for myself not so over people opinions so   wow that's uh really cool so um i can completely  understand uh this standpoint um but uh in the   world of street workout let's call it uh you  might have some some difficulties or as you   said like four competitions you have also have to  do some other stuff how is your uh are you aren't   focused on competitions or what is your opinion  on competitions in general i actually never   thought about competitions but i had the chance  to compete twice like once in the burning gate   last year actually and once in the online battles  of the world of valuables yes so the two caught me   really by surprise i wasn't i wasn't training  for the competition i wasn't ready to compete   but like a friend from the israeli community of  streetwork i'll send me a message he said let's   try send the video like let's understand the video  for the bearing gate i also know that the bearing   gate is mainly statics like they give a lot more  points to the static so so i sent a video like a   static onboard floor only plunged in instant and  i got accepted so i i just i had a few seconds of   front lever yeah so i said yeah let's go i'll just  i'll try it's a cool experience but with all the   pressure like i wasn't ready to compete and so  many people i wasn't expecting that so my combo   didn't go as well as i accept as i expected and so  this competition didn't go well but the experience   was amazing but i didn't feel like like i didn't  like progress in the competition so the the uh   the fact that i only did launch an end stand  wasn't like an issue because i didn't have the   chance to feel it but i did get the feeling that  i brought something different to the competition   like a different style and they organized they  they also said it to me there like my style was   really different from the from the other satellite  they only did like planche push-ups yes front   lever all the normal stuff i like i did only one  minute of only flow so that was pretty rare there   and the online battles isn't really like a normal  competition i mean it's online and you can you   could only send the video from your home so this  really just it was perfect for me because i only   played on flow and it was really just perfect so  this one went well and i i got i got the first   i want it and it was also about creativity um  the world of my heroes and you also did a great   job there i still remember i'm asking myself when  i see you performing on on the floor on on your   p-bars etc um what do you think are the reasons  that uh you are on this high level like uh was it   is it your good genetics you already said you're  quite light and and um your size also plays a role   uh is it your nutrition is it that you work  harder than everybody else what are the secrets   what is what do you think is the reason of your  success well i'd say first of all thank you but uh   i'd say that uh it's not i mean my genetics does  play play a role in this but uh the real thing   i think that it's just hard work because a lot of  people like ask me on instagram and give me a tip   for the one arm instant like one word and you and  you that's it your training will now be perfect   you get old no uh handstand especially even more  than plunge it's only like hard work when i uh   started training one arm instance i was in school  so i was just come come home i throw my hands in   the bag and i've been training like handstand  for around three to four hours every day until   i was holding my wrists and crying because i was  trained for so many hours like every day at least   two hours every day so when you put in the work  so many hours every day you just your body get   get used to the position and the progress and it  adopted it pretty fast so i say only how it works   there is no magic tip not for planche and no for  instance just put in the work and it will pay off wow okay that's interesting uh because it leads  me to the next question um you're right like   putting in a lot more work than everybody  else helps etc and your body adapts um the   concern that i have and also some people from  the community had uh what about your wrists uh   like also shoulders a lot of injuries also happen  in the shoulder region but um i think mainly   because you do uh on the you do a lot of stuff  on the floor what about your uh your wrists uh   yeah this is really important because you do need  to know the limit of your body when it comes to   the plunge yeah i i don't recommend training  it like every day i i didn't train every day   i tried like three to four times a week i'd say  because this is really risky on the shoulders but   when it comes to handstand it's really it's a it's  mostly technique like one am instant it's mostly   technique you shouldn't you shouldn't be using too  much power in this so at first maybe you need to   to do it slowly but this is really mostly  technique so you can put in like a few hours   every day it is possible without getting injured  you need to know your limits and do it slowly yeah   and but you do need to know that when you  trying to get one hour man stand or even   hence then you need to train every day at least  like every day few minutes every day at least   and when it comes to the harder positions  like one arm and so on then three   like a few hours every day  i'd even say do it slowly but   you won't progress as fast as you want if you if  you want be willing to put in the work every day   okay and uh work means for you also some mobility  routines some stretching of the wrists uh   some exercise especially for the joints or does  it mean like doing handstands for three day hours   or being on the hands for two and a half hours per  day you warm up well and then you just go on your   hands for a few hours there is a few different  exercises for one arm i mean but they are all   like they are they are all pretty much the same  okay and the handstand as well you just like   you you jump over to the handstand with the  wall you try to like balance it and you try   to remove your legs from the wall and you just  like to balance and that's it pretty much okay   sounds uh simple but not easy you know like yeah  it's it's simple it's simple but most people won't   keep up with the consistency they won't they  will do it for four weeks and then they stop um   yeah but you use most of the people like they  they try to like they want to be they they   aim for competitions i don't know they want to be  like complete athletes they want to train all the   elements in the same time like plunge their festo  and one almonds and all i want everything but   when it comes to to every element but especially  for handstand you need to focus only on handstands   like to put in the work every day if you'll try  to go all elements at the same time your progress   will be really slow and you might be like really  slow when it comes to the one-hour main stand   you really need to focus only on instance or maybe  handstand and planche because these two can work   together but you need to focus like on one goal or  two goals not everything at the same time that's   why people don't see progress cyber i think in  this sport when it comes to the one-arm instance   okay because you also give a lot of workshops  uh locally uh in israel and i think you   talk with a lot of people uh athletes who share  their training methods etc with you and this is   the main reason that you see or what are other  reasons that you see people who don't progress   as fast as they could be and when it comes to like  the street workout athletes because the workshops   i give are not only for street workout athletes  there are many people who are like only wants to   get the handstand only want the one i'm instant  so these people when it comes to these people the   part of getting all the elements is not an  issue because they only want the handstand   and when it comes to the street workout at least  it is an issue that i see that they want to give   everything and they don't put  the effort every day like i said   but there is one more main reason that it's not  only for the end stand it's for every element and   the entire city will go uh people like train  with ego like they they want to get the one   hour instant quickly so they immediately start  with attempt so they want the straddle branch   quickly so they immediately start with attempts  you really need like to be honest with yourself   and work the lower level first watch out  like watch your phone it is really important   especially for the one hour main stand and so  like don't skip levels a lot of people i see in   workshops and so on they try to like do the  advanced level before they are ready for it   and they're risking their progress and their body  because it can cause injury really really fast   so i'd say not training mainly one or two goals  like not putting in enough work in one specific   element and and the other reason people don't  see progress is that they they train with ego   okay yeah because the temptation is there  you know like when i see your your numbers or   also the image that you see on social media like  my uh six month pla full planche progress or   uh my three month calisthenics transformation  like these videos uh seem to show that people   are progressing so fast so the temptation  is always there to skip yeah i agree i agree   it's held like with all the people getting  this uh one-hour mention screenshots just to   show that they can hold it and everyone  see that and they're like i want it to   just try to let the arm go something will happen  it doesn't work okay um you work on like how is   your um percentage how many trainings do you do on  on the ground on parallettes and you also work on   handstand blocks um is it eighty percent uh on  the floor and twenty percent on parallettes or it's actually it's different between periods like  i used to train a lot on on people as well but   nowadays i really just do on the floor like my  training right now i don't do any specific sets   or anything i just i i train for my own fun even  more like nowadays because i know that i won't   be able to train as much as i want to in in the  army which is really close so i just trained for   myself there is no real like there is no point in  progressing a lot this time because i know that   i'm going to stop training really soon so nowadays  i only do like freestyle like freestyle on flow   but just i just like i think about an idea and i  try to do it in my workout i just do what i want   nowadays okay so your workout schedule uh is  how is it like uh like maybe right now it's   the wrong situation but usually how does your  typical workout schedule for the week look like   uh i i like do i do one day of mainly  handstand and i do one day of many planches   and and i do basics like once in a week  the basics like push-up dips and pull-ups   and uh i i really just go for combos like combos  or tricks if it's handstand then i try to do   different hopes that i haven't tried in the past i  always try to do stuff that people have never done   before or never thought of doing and when it comes  to plunge i i start with combos push-ups presses   and stuff and i finish with just like maximum  holes i just i i try to push my power to the   limit like i do sets and another maximum sets  until i don't have power anymore and this is   if i have like motivation some days i don't have a  lot of motivation so my trainings are really short okay so when you don't have enough motivation  you just you you uh sometimes skip a long   workout you know like you shorten a quick long  workout yeah nowadays yeah but like in the   past when i was a beginner i was so addicted  that there was no there was no days without   motivation i just had to put in the work it's  like once you get the first one on instant home   you can't stop you just yeah you have to do it  again and again and it's annoying because you'll   have a week where you can't hold the second  and another week where you hold every workout   and it goes on and off so but you're addicted  so right now when i already i can do honor man   stand i can do french it's it's actually a lot  of people think that like it's easy to lose   motivation in the early levels i think that it's  easier to lose motivation in the advanced like in   your advanced times where you already can do the  elements it's easier to lose motivation because because uh sometimes you feel like there's no no  no you you don't progress you stop progressing   when you're a beginner you see the progress like  week to week month to month but in the advanced   level you have like really long periods where  you don't see progress and also like i don't   know you you get you do this the same stuff  like every week and you you just forget why   you started or you maybe you stop enjoying it  and you have to keep reminding yourself why   are you doing this and ask yourself questions  do i still enjoy it do i still want to do it   people look at you and they think he never loses  motivation he can already do everything i wish i   could do this stuff but when you can do this stuff  it really is a tourist motivation in my opinion yeah i can uh totally relate so what  is your opinion on the quote that or   on the opinion that discipline  is more important than motivation   yeah i i completely agree with it but uh i don't  know when it comes to street workout like you   if you if you really like if this is your  goal and you really want to do it and you   know why you want to do it then yeah i agree with  this but uh sometimes you need to ask yourself   if it's really good for me do i really  need to train the amount of time that   i train it's really good for me but yeah in  the beginner levels i completely agree like   when you're a beginner you need to just put  in the work and if you give up then maybe   you didn't want it good yeah like like  you you didn't want it for real you know okay um somebody asked what came first  the one i'm handsome or the full planche i think it was like a full planche  with not really a good form   and then the one i mentioned first i think okay um yeah what is your advice um to beginners  and intermediates uh listening you already   talked about the the mistakes they do or that  you often see um do you have like one or two   advice exercises whatever and that might help  somebody listening when it comes to the planche   i'd say really like doing the the basics the  tuck the then stack before the start that i   mean and really like film yourself with your  phone and check your phone all the time make   sure you train with good form because good form  will make you progress faster that's my opinion   and also combine p bars and floor don't do only  p-valves it's better if you do only flow because   if you do only p-bus you will end up being able to  planche only on p-bars and not on flow i find flow   like if you if you train on floor you will be able  to perform plantar fibers as well i find flow like   it gives more progress in my opinion so train  mostly on flow of course be careful of injuries   and that's for the planche for the handstands  and i say for instance and planche i'd say   really don't forget the basics like like like  i said before don't train with ego like if you   can do this throttle punch still don't forget  the the advanced tuck bench with the good form   if it's still hard for you and for the  one-hour maintenance stand as well like   always go back and do the basics i can hold  the one i'm instant for four months more   than a minute and i still and i still go back  for the basics every workout pretty much wow   more than one minute that's crazy that's so  crazy um did you try an attempt uh to switch   arms how long you can stand uh like uh with  both arms like weight shifts weight shifts   yeah like maxwell's on right and max hold like  just moving between the two moving between the   two endless ah i can do this for a long time like  more than more than 10 minutes i think no no no no   the the maximum holds they get better if you do if  your trainings are more like endurance like if you   if all your workouts you're doing maximum then  then you will get you'll see fast progress in this   stuff but my trainings are not like for endurance  so i can do like three to four minutes i think   of weight shifts and one minute on my right  side and my left side like 14 seconds i think   wow yeah wow that's uh really impressive um thank  you questions secured uh for your front lever um   yeah you already said uh training it's sometimes  only for competitions uh really um yeah um just   sometimes um how how does it go like um you  don't focus on it does it stay the same or do   you lose it if you don't train it i don't  have it anymore i haven't trained in like   half a year i think maybe more i can't  even remember the last time i've tried it   and i used to be able to front lever for around  five seconds but i stopped training it and as i   said before i i thought why why am i don't why i  don't train it and i figured out that i just don't   enjoy training so i figure out that there is no  point doing something you don't enjoy if you don't   see the why there is no reason to for me at least  that's my opinion everyone are different there   are people who wants to be complete at the goal  so i don't wanna like so yeah that's my opinion   but it's it's a it's impressive you  know like the calisthenics community   uh even though it's not one of the biggest sports  in the world yet uh there are so many people   with different opinions different goals uh  different mindsets and different training   approaches which makes it so interesting um  and yeah i for exam i really like that there   is uh burning gate who offer like a statics  competition because then uh people like you   um who don't aim to be the the complete  athletes which means the dynamics and aesthetics   uh also can perform because it's it's insane  for me what you do uh in your thank you that's like like that's the part that's the good  part of his sport not being official so yeah   that's true that's a big benefit that it brings uh  you also train a lot on handstand blocks can you   uh explain the the benefits of them or why do you  train with them well like when you train for one   handstand like it's it might be boring like  you're doing the same things all over again   the same way shifts and this the blocks like  they add something interesting to your workout   this can help people who who are frustrated about  their workouts their one-on-one workouts but also   they really add ways to train that you can't you  can't train that without the blocks like pushing   the shoulder from from the from low from the floor  to like uh to the block it bring your shoulder to   a position like from from here to here when you  weight shift that you just can't do without the   block so the rails that the blocks bring you  are something that can help your progress and   and you just can't you can't progress that way  with flow only but you don't really you don't   have to change blocks i got my one or instant  without blocks but as i said it can help to people   who don't see progress or they need like they  need something new to add to a workout something   something different a bit different okay get it  um the um the nutrition uh i would like to to   know what your nutrition looks like and what you  think about um its influence on on the performance uh when i started like as a beginner i ate  whatever i want i didn't care like everything   i didn't like i didn't eat healthy at all and they  didn't stop me from progressing so i don't know   but nowadays i do it healthy healthy i don't  know i don't think that it's it's not because   of the sport but i just i don't want to put like  to to eat unhealthy stuff i don't want to eat   things that are not good for my body  but i don't i don't think that it   it it didn't stop me from from progressing  but this is really just for me so i think that   someone else might like get hurt their workouts  might be worse when they eat bad but for me it   wasn't an issue maybe also because of your  age i mean when you're 15 uh i think you can   eat everything and uh if you don't have like yeah  nowadays it's not not the same as the past so you   already feel like a difference between 15 being  15 and 90. yeah yeah you you feel it pretty quick   wow and do yourself you see yourself uh still like  doing uh one handstand planches etc when you're   50 60 yeah yeah i really like i want to like i  want to keep doing workshops i want to like i   want to expand this part of me like i i don't do  i haven't done a lot of workshops and i really   want just after the army like to really get into  it not as the main job probably but that's maybe   something i can do like as a side job or something  that because i enjoy it so i really want to like   you see you vale alone your volunteers if you know  him he's a famous hand balancer so he is like 16   15 years old this place pretty like pretty old  and he's still doing workshops all over the world   one how many he does one i'm instant like easily  and yeah um a question that was asked also a lot   of times um do you think like um because you  don't do pulling movements right yeah do you   think this creates imbalances and will um create  injuries long term or are you afraid of that i think that not doing like basics at all like  when i say basics i mean also pull-ups yeah   so i think that nowadays i don't do a lot of  basics and i think there is no good it's not good   for my progress but as i said before like nowadays  i don't aim to progress i just aim to enjoy   what i do right now but to progress like if if  i was in a period where i really aim to progress   then i'd really like do more basic  small push-ups and more pull-ups like i   i would add the pull parts maybe not  front lever but at least pull ups   because i think it is important for your  progress to do the basics to do the foundation okay if somebody has a banana handstand let's call  it uh due to um due to bad shoulder mobility um   is it better to start with um the the banana form  to do the the handstand but being able to hold it   or is it better to directly for focus on uh on  the good mobility and to improve the mobility i   would say actually fails to balance the banana  instant actually because you you want to face   learn how to how to stand how to stand without  a wall like learning the balance i always say   in workshops first learn to balance and then  worry about your like about being in a straight   line so after you learn the balance you can start  working on getting your handstand straight okay um   somebody was also asking um if you can cut down  the time that you need for a handstand and planche   with weights on on the ankle or a weight vest you  know like uh does it does it i haven't tried i   haven't tried this kind of workouts but as i said  before people are looking for like magic tricks   when it comes to handstand and punches i don't  think there is a magic trick otherwise than just   how it work so i don't know  i haven't tried it personally   okay and what are your current training goals i  don't really have one right now because i mean   personally i'm in a period where i i'm gonna  stop training for a while in really soon so i   don't have any you know you understand so  there's nothing that you want to achieve   before it's just enjoying every training right  now i do have like tricks that i want to do but i   don't i can't think of one right now it just pops  out in my head like once in a while and then i say   i'll try it and i try the next workout if i can  do it then i'm happy if i can't then it's annoying   but that's it i don't it's like uh a week goes  nothing really for the long term okay makes sense   yeah we're slowly coming to an end of the  interview and we still have some quick   quick questions quick answers always what do  you prefer pizza or burger pizza pizza and   are you a dog or a cat person dog dog dog person  um do you have a favorite location for holidays what does that mean i don't understand uh do you  have what is it no i do understand the english but   what is the what do you mean location like a tree  or country or city or some people say i prefer   the the mountains i prefer the sea and you told me  that you prefer the cold in the beginning that you   like because there is no cold in israel so when  it is you like it that's for me personally but   when it comes to the israeli holidays most of them  are like religious holidays so our country israel   is like a part of the of our religion so it's the  holy land so when it comes to it to the holidays   i personally and my family and most of the  religious people and do the holidays in israel and   like a family stuff so sounds good yeah sounds  good uh it's it's funny because uh we have minus   six degrees here minus uh during the day and how  many degrees do you have right now in in february   28 28 and this is so fine i've been  at the beach today like it's just hot   wow yeah wow and you would you change with  me if if we could change them no no no no   germany is like it's too cold it's too much  man i wouldn't ended it okay damn it okay um   do you do you have uh athletes who inspire you  uh or athletes that you follow on social media   well when i started my main motivations were  obviously dan and tom wasn't there because   they were like the the sign of the israeli  street workout community so seeing them do   planches at school and handstand school this  really just just really motivated me when i   when i started and for now they  are still really big inspirations   and now that i know the sport more i also  have like the hand balancers that i found   that i find really motivation miguel hand  balance on instagram and you all on hands and the victor as well for the straight  workout yeah these are the main athletes that i   take motivation from oh yeah um do you have a  favorite book harry potter harry potter yeah i'm always surprised how  many people uh say this uh okay uh also your favorite  movie or is it something else i don't know i don't really like  the harry potter movies i don't know   maybe fast and furious i don't know okay  okay uh do you have a favorite song right now   oh i changed my favorite songs all the  time okay for workouts i'd say like when   every once in a while ncs no copyright song they  released something that i really like hearing so   now this is fireflies pt2 like the the different  kind of of the firefly the well-known firefly   okay cool um yeah you're the best  calisthenic event you've ever visited   well obviously the burning gate i can imagine  yeah true okay and the last question what's   your message to the calisthenics community what  do you want to tell the listeners okay i just   i really want to highlight like the the two  things that i i've said during the interview like   that you really need to a lot of people in  this sport are training with ego something   that i do see on instagram and people asking me  you really need like to be willing to be honest   with yourself and put in the work probably  for probably watching your form all the time   a lot of people in this sport really like  they want to be the the complete athletes so   i say that it's it's really cool like the idea  of being a complete outlet but you really need   to like be willing to put in the work in in  one or two main goals first before you move on   to the others that way you will see like  a faster progress in the in the goals that   you do that you do train instead of like  seeing really small progress in everything   i find this way of training better and also  like don't forget to like enjoy enjoy training   don't train like don't hate what you do and just  do it for i don't know i don't know why but make   sure you enjoy what you do and that's it pretty  much wow thanks for your time nif um thank you   how can people find you how uh you have your  youtube channel you have an instagram channel   yeah i'm mainly active on my instagram channel  but i do upload to youtube like not too much but   once in a while okay so if somebody has  a question instagram is the waiting inc   yeah i try to answer pretty much everyone awesome  great then i'm saying thank you for your time   i really really appreciate it uh sharing the  insights because you you have some some really   hard fans some loyal fans uh people who requested  you already since months really yeah so that's   uh that's nice to see and you really deserve it  awesome person thank you very much and uh awesome   athlete so um yeah before you can end the episode  nif i want to say thank you to everyone listening   to this till the end um big big thank you for  your support of this podcast series and if you   want to help us even more more you can leave a  like you can leave a comment subscribe whatever   thanks a lot for growing calisthenics with us  and if you can say goodbye thank you very much.