Matteo Deu Spinazzola talks about his workout and the criticism he gets for training with a "bad form". | MATTEO DEU SPINAZZOLA | His Special Training Methods | Interview

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January 28, 2021 32 min read

MATTEO DEU SPINAZZOLA | His Special Training Methods | Interview | The Athlete Insider Podcast #038

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The text of the interview (translated automatically):

honestly i think there is a big big big  misunderstanding on what is the proper way   of training him opinion because i think  that the sentence quality over quantity   is some sort of misleading your gorillas  welcome to the athletes inside our podcast   by gornation my name is phil and today's guest is  an exceptional athlete somebody who polarizes and   who has a special training approach i'm  really happy to welcome you to the show   matthias venezuela also known as matteo dio hi  to everyone thanks thank you for for the invite   i'm also really thankful that we made this and  before we kick off before i can tell a lot uh   how like uh all these questions that the people  have how do you present yourself well it's a very   already a very difficult question actually  because uh if you want me to present myself   as the athlete or as the person because you know  it's two different worlds i can tell you that um   devon for me is a different person than matteo  and before knowing calisthenics i was a very   introvert person uh that always felt you know  this desire to show what he felt inside so for me   starting to training and knowing calisthenics also  presented me the opportunity to face limits for me   this is uh you know uh training calisthenics  means this for me so i started this sport to   represent the athletes that wants to fight  against limits so i think this is the best   description of what is myself and also my idea and  approach to training okay so um yeah also like a   lot of development not only physically but also  mentally uh happened for you through the sport   can you tell us more about the the old mateo  and how he transforms uh through getting to   know calisthenics yeah of course the first thing i  can tell you is that i was pretty different i mean   like the opposite before um starting the sport  als also for what concerns limits because i   i saw myself yeah like a very positive and  energetic person but in the same time i was   seeing myself as a very weak person so i remember  that i started to train because uh actually um i   wanted to get engaged with a girl that said simply  knows me and that she saw me as a friend and that   was my you know my switch to start training and so  in the beginning i wanted to train just to get fit   and i remember that in the gym i was seeing people  doing pull-ups and i was thinking that it was too   hard for me to to do something like that that i  that there was not even uh you know um i didn't   even need to try because i would never be able to  even do pull-ups okay and then after a while that   i started training i saw a video of an animal  for king doing a muscle up and in that exact   moment it's like my mind exploded because i said  to myself i didn't even think that i could go over   the bar i mean for me over the bar there was the  ceiling and that ceiling was like the you know the   limited dimension of my mind and after that  everything changed i was like if i can go over   the bar with two arms i can go over the bar with  my arm i can do it wait it was likely in a second   it became the exact opposite and so so my goals  completely changed i was the as i said i wanted   to pursue the battle against limits not to get fit  it was just nothing important to me anymore and   yeah so my mind completely you know turned  on itself yeah this is what i can say   wow so yeah it describes best i think  uh the the transformation of not only   your body but also your mind and i think this  is even the bigger part as it seems for you   um do you think today like there is something  that is important impossible for you or how   is your thinking today how is your mindset  when you approach a new move or something no   actually i don't think of anything impossible  because in the in the last years um   two years ago there was a a particular event in  which i understood that it's like it's uh like   you know you can always really uh progress and  step uh also into the field of what you consider   impossible that maybe you just consider it as  impossible but it that it's actually not it's just   really really difficult you tend to consider it  impossible but if you can always go like even   uh you know a little bit better than previous time  there is actually no that point to this process so   actually no i i can think of very very very hard  stuff maybe in this moment or in a short period of   time but i can't think of anything impossible  actually well crazy um so yeah it it's um it   makes sense it uh really sums up all the stuff  that we see as as like followers fans whatever   on your social medias etc and um yeah like um when  you started calisthenics what what what was your   goal for uh at first you said the pull-up was the  first uh thing well when i started calisthenics i   was training in gym with weights for two years  so i could already do some pull-ups actually i   could already do like uh weighted dips one-arm  push-ups uh l-sit because i was training uh   in a good way i mean when when when i was also  when i was training for my physique i was training   um acceptably good i can say um also i was  training for a period of time i was training   at home so i was doing like pull-ups on the um  you know on on the door something like that and   i did lots lots of push-ups because it was the you  know more comfortable exercise so in the beginning   i started with that and then i just wanted to  emulate what i was seeing in the videos of anibal   uh bartenders something like that actually it  started like um you know uh i had my little   crew with my friends it started like fun actually  just wanted to replicate the replicate stuff but   then after a while i i realized that i really  liked the this you know continuous challenge   of the sport and then the thing completely  degenerated into you know a continuous battle to   achieve something harder and harder okay because i  before the interview i also watched your uh trans   no no like you're yeah it's transformation on  your youtube channel and uh what made me smile   or like uh even respect more is that you um like  you don't have this high-end gym uh where you have   like everything but you train a lot on i saw in  the street like i don't even know know how to call   this but you know like just a sign or a handle  on the street and you did your exercise there   that's crazy like tell us more about the your your  will to grow and to use everything that you have   to to to grow or yeah of course in like  i said in the beginning i was seeing the   the videos of these guys training not only  in parks but also in the streets in fact   you know we call it calisthenics but it's  also called the street workout and we were   doing a real estate workout because uh we were  the the first in italy to do this sport i mean   uh in that really in that period they were  like another crew in north of italy i'm in   the middle of italy near rome uh but  you know it was it was more like um   momentary thing okay uh it there was a a a great  youtuber that started a forum in that period but   we were the first crew so we were the first  to do this there was no uh gym good for doing   calisthenics no curses nothing so we we adapted  with everything and so we in the first i have this   fantastic memories of the first years because we  like moved from place to place but from really bad   places i mean uh the the first park like didn't  have anything like only floor and uh some all the   you know um it was a park for um for  kids so you know some something like that   and then we moved to an um another park that had  something more you know particular like some bars   that were not really but for us it was it was  uh it were bars but it wasn't they were not   meant like that and then from other structures  on the beach um but nothing was supposed to be   used for training and so we moved till we had the  opportunity to be in a gym because the physical   education professor of one of my friends saw  him and he had a gym and he was interested in it   in this sport but that happened two years  after we continuously moved from place to place so yeah a lot of creativity needed and yeah still  use the the environment and the stuff that you had   to progress um people were interested in how long  did you do basics or because today if if we watch   your videos you mostly do some crazy stuff um  like uh but do you still do basics and also most   important in the beginning did you also start  with push-ups pull-ups did you do them as well   yeah i definitely did basics for i i  would say that i never did a really   a period of just basics but uh i i  did it when i was training in the gym   i mean in the case i was yeah i was doing dips  push-ups and i can tell you that yeah actually   except for pull-ups that were like medium good  on push-ups it was already good i can say because   uh as i said i could do one-arm push-ups very very  easily and i remember that i could already do like   with bad form i'm honest but like one other  push-ups i could already do it before starting   calisthenics so i was pretty trained on that  also pistol squats i i tried i could already do   some reps and and then i con i continue to train  them but in parallel with skills and actually is   the same thing that i do now because i'm still  training a lot of pull-ups of dips in in fact   from time to time uh this kind of classic  videos uh pop up on my instagram or youtube   the only difference is that now i'm training  really a lot of things so i just rotate   some things i like i never quit doing pull-ups but  but maybe in for some time i do weighted pull-ups   other times i do endurance pull-ups other times  that you i do just holds so i rotate like this   same for skills in general for skills i'm trying  to always switch to other version of the skill   just to preserve time so maybe i'm not training  standard front lever anymore but i'm trying pull   ups uh one front lever something like that  i'm trying to maintain the skill by training   other things but definitely skills and sorry  basics built me a huge foundation in the beginning   for sure okay because um when i watch your videos  i always think wow how do these joints and tendons   how is it possible to do something and my first  idea would be basics and of course mobility but   maybe you can explain more why are your joints  so strong i can i can tell you that this is the   probably the question that uh people ask me the  most but uh actually i didn't think i did anything   special in this field because um i have  you know a pretty uh simple idea about uh   training and progression i just think that  uh you know if you build it your body your   wall conditioning step after step uh of course  there could be you know differences from person   to person but you can actually strengthen your  body not only your muscle but really on your   joints what i can tell you i did from my point  of view it was to always made the make the uh   step forward and i tell you this because sometimes  i i see that in the calisthenics community   there is a first period in which people want to  you know accomplish the most famous skills uh   most beautiful skills and they you know they do  this step forward every time so they you know if   the attack progressions then advance tax trade  when they reach the full it's just like they   you know in my opinion they start to get  slower because you know they reach this   full planche full front river yeah they start  to pull up something like that but it's like   if it gets uh you know slower they don't tend to  for instance add ankle weights that is you know   a huge difference on the old it's  what you actually did when you were   going from type to advanced stack to uh full the  difference is that when you reach full you stop to   progress in that kind of load you're just  different you just go on a different work   by doing pull-ups presses so you add motions but  you do not uh add the the load on the old itself   so uh i think that this kind of of work um  you know it is just if some someone reaches   one kilos on bench press and then just starts to  do slow bench press with 100 kilos uh fast bench   press lots of press but always with 100 kilos  instead if you really go for other variations   you you know you really get strengthened  in your in your joints so also approaching   particular exercises also under uh particular  angulations it actually strengthens you under   every angle which is a great difference because  if you're just used to work on three angles   if for any reason it could be a mistake or you  know anything that could happen you go outside   the dangle you probably gonna get injured instead  if you're all strengthened up that can't happen   so also i sometimes say in the  past i was seeing some you know   at least in general i have to do some checks on  their like muscles joints to see if everything   is okay uh and i have to say i definitely  admit i am pretty lazy on this kind of thing   i go like once in a couple of years something  like that and then the doctor who was checking me   was saying that my structure for instance on the  shoulders yes maybe they can get inflammated but   they are so stuck in place now for the  muscles and the conditioning that i've built   around that it's likely impossible that they  can have a huge injury because they are fixed   in place okay so it's this kind of work i  think that it's just progressive overload   under many different angles that is the key  in my opinion to strengthen everything wow   really interesting um because yeah i can imagine  because you also work with some bad form or like   uh let's call it for me it it seems like weird  form like some yeah you have rom um stuff like   that and i can imagine a lot of people are um  hating about that um like saying uh this is [   __ ] or i don't know what um how do you respond to  these because you you make some you as you see you   make some thoughts about it you don't do it just  because it's fun but you have some thoughts behind   yeah yeah yeah definitely uh honestly i think  there is a big big big misunderstanding on what is   the proper way of training in my opinion because  i think that the sentence quality over quantity   is some sort of misleading because you people tend  to take quality as something like doing something   in complete motion slow motion controlling  motion something like that instead i think   the quality is means something that is useful to  build strength that in my opinion is quality so   um of course is the quantity is directed on a  wall different uh you know point that won't help   you but if the kind of approach to quantity is  intelligent that is actually a great quality work   and yeah honestly i think that there is a enormous  misunderstanding and training especially in   in calisthenics because it's it's a sport that  is really related to the concept of beauty and   technique but if you already see other sports like  for instance arm wrestling in inner wrestling the   platform stuff is like accepted because they saw  that for instance cheated cars built more strength   than strict street cars simply for the fact that  you are continuously using a lot of weight the   fact is i i really often talk about this because  it's a really important you know topic for me um   because sometimes people ask me uh if you cheat  a card you are deloading some weight okay because   you are cheating so what is the difference between  doing this and doing a card with less weight   the difference is in the points of the movements  and in all the muscles that work on the movement   because for what concerns biceps for instance  yes that is true if you do something proper   and you do something with 20 kilos more but [ __  ] 20 kilos yes the work on the biceps is the same   the difference is is that other muscles work  on that movement for instance uh forearms uh   trapezius and those muscles are not um involved  involved in the cheating i mean the forearms are   really holding that much weight trapezius is  still feeling that much weight and there are   also different parts of the movement so when you  cheat in the beginning you are actually closing   the movement by yourself so the top part actually  feels that more kilograms uh the negative also   feels that more kilograms so in general i always  notice that this kind of approach is actually more   uh you know it gives better results of course  it can vary from you know exercise to exercise   but to me is uh is a a great truth honestly  and in fact i'm doing also some videos   called the truth about training in which i do some  lack of paralysis between bad form and good form   to make people understand why something can help  for the other thing and also vice versa of course wow uh it reminds me a little of the interview  that i had with saiboth he also like he also   preaches the if you have the goal of doing  30 pull-ups you first do them in bad form   and your form gets better and better from  training to training but not you don't start   with 15 pull-ups and then 17 like uh this is  was his training approach and there are some   yeah yeah in fact i'm pretty you know i agree  pretty much with him and uh same for him in my   you know towards me because i think the  same and actually the funny thing is that   uh some very strong athletes uh pretty  you know uh with good genetics actually   tell you the same thing on other um another  fields because there are many many athletes   that say that the best thing to learn skills  is just as to attempt them okay and when you go   for attempts you are actually practicing with bad  form in the beginning it sounds is something that   i think really everyone did uh in its  journey in calisthenics actually maybe   in the beginning but everyone did everyone  attempted something that was beyond him   and the funny thing is that i actually don't uh  you know on some extent i don't recommend that   because for for the because i say yeah maybe  it's good on in in terms of learning something   on certain extents but it's pretty dangerous  for injuries so in for what concerns the kind   of approach i prefer to build a huge foundation in  the beginning in fact what i'm doing now i'm doing   it just because i'm training you know 10 years  in calisthenics 12 in general and so i i see   that my body can handle this kind of work i'm not  making others in the beginning work out like that   but maybe you know when you go ahead and add i can  see of you know really even very strong at least   doing like uh doing lots of plan of punch presses  also arching them just to do more of reps which   is a very intelligent intelligent thing because  the training volume like expands a lot like that   but uh you know there are so many exercises  in which this is a upset accepted and others   in which this is not but it's actually the same  thing okay is it also a little bit related to the   fact that you didn't compete like for for  some time now or do you plan to compete again   no that is actually a different thing because  um i was ready to compete the the year in 2018   but there were a problem with the regulations like  internal problems because if you wanted to present   uh some elements you had to communicate  them in advance but there was like no   actual communication between between me and  the you know the judges before there were   some problems and uh i wanted to uh you know as i  always did to my championship in the way i planned   it and they wanted to show so i i was a bit fed  up with with this kind of behavior and uh so i   uh i i quit the kind the the the  championship and i actually i didn't uh   you know quit the idea of competing but i'm  more pursuing you know my own goals because i'm   also yeah i definitely changed my way of  training and of seeing calisthenics strength um   so i don't i never feel like i'm i never felt  um that that those championship were really uh   evaluating the strength of an athlete because you  know you could do just like a couple of reps you   had shorter time so it was difficult for so for  someone that could do many many things to really   express all his uh potential and then of course  the thing you know changed a lot also because um   the rules change changed the uh a bit from  the last time i i competed uh for instance   the way i did the the set and then against andrea  larosa with the weight and in the first months   in first year they were setting a limit on the  width that could be used like uh you know you   can use more than 10 kilos for instance because  you know they maybe where they they know me they   know me a lot because um i know i mean i know  all this person involved in the calisthenics   community in italy so they probably you know  they were thinking maybe this guy wants to do   this kind of setting with more and  in the end for you know uh to have a   you know more simple evaluation they decided that  everything could be just a body weight and this   is a pretty huge you know uh limit because  if you say that i could do next two reps   in a competition and i can't add weight on  them it means that it makes no difference   if i can do two one pull-ups or ten one or  pull-ups in the case we we became the same so   you know i i'm not really satisfied by this kind  of competition also because it's not something   that i added because i remember in 2012 um  afghani coachella did one arm chin ups with   16 kilos in competition so i wasn't the first to  bring weights in competition i was the first to do   all the set with the weight a part of the  set all with the weight but because of my   you know my rival at the time was very very  strong and we also we often at this battle   you know for years we we always were in finals  so i had to think out out of the out of the box   i've never heard and i didn't even i think i  saw the competition but i thought it was like   i don't know some some show or something but  you really during the competition you had wait   like you had ankle weights or what yeah yeah  it was permitted because you you could use the   weight the fact is that uh no one ever thought  about using the weight for you know for a set   and it was really hard but it was the only  way due to the short time of set to uh really   um evaluate my strong points that were you know  our pull ups festo and if you can do many reps the   only way you can you can do you can't do slow reps  because you know all the time of the competition   uh goes up it was the only the only way to  to give justice to my level in those elements   interesting because somebody also asked about  the battle with la rosa maybe i will just ask   read the the comment he has battled and beat  larosa twice and i believe that it was in a   final battle in both occasions was he confident  confident before the battles did he consider la   rosa a threat to his title does he consider him  as a friend because in 2015 they hugged after the   battle does he think that la rosa is the strongest  italian athlete after him and if not then who   a long long comment but i think yeah yeah  yeah of course yeah i mean definitely in good   you know and i'm friend with with andrea um he you  know he is doing like a different thing now he's   he's more on the uh you know more  like the influencer kind of uh   using his social well while i'm more  on the you know raw footage stuff   something like that but yeah of course and  um yeah we had different battles and um   i can tell you that probably uh the fact  that i'm also not competing actually anymore   is also because the kind of rivalry  you know he's not competing anymore we   we like had this many battles and i was feeling  like towards him really a good form of respect and   i definitely saw him as a very strong opponent  in fact i i was the only one to beat him and   he he was the only one to beat me so it was  pretty you know pretty fun thing every year   um well the the first year we we battled i i  like didn't know him i mean he was like in the   in the beginning of his uh you know s collection  of strength and so yeah i won but he really   gave me a heart battle in the end  and i i was actually surprised um   then the other times probably it was  like i remember the second time which uh   it won uh i i was coming from two victories and  i was like i don't know i i wasn't motivated   and when i'm motivated i always lose for  some reasons i it's like my my real self   really doesn't pop up and instead uh the other  time i lost i i was really surprised by uh   they probably the time i lost was the first time  i was right really convinced about winning and   instead i lost because it really was in 2016 it  was like super super strong so i really didn't   expect that and that's the reason why in 2017 i  like approached the competition with this idea of   go of thinking outside the box because the the  other year i was like thinking inside the box   at its limit but i still lost so i i said i  have to think about something that someone   never really you know expects from me like  something that you know also surprises my my my   arrival because you know i i mean the funny thing  was that i also i actually had two couples of   encore with uh because i did another set in that  there were more sets during the competition of   course like preliminary stage something like that  i did a set with just two kilos i had a release   one small ankle width and uh when i was warming up  against him i was using uh this little angle with   and just a minute before a moment before the  judges call us i just bring out of my you know   i bring out this huge angle with and so everyone  was like what is this what is this because you   know also 10 kilos ankle weights are also pretty  rare for some we can say something like that   so they were really huge and so i no i actually i  i took my you know i took him as a serious serious   opponent i really had to you know give my best to  to win that uh last time yeah for what concerns uh   his strength level actually uh you know i think he  is very very strong indeed so i don't want to do   like a chart of the italian athletes at least of  the moment or i mean you already you already know   uh the strongest italian athletes pretty much  but i think he is indeed still very strong wow   nice story um yeah i would have loved love  to see like to be at the competition and   see you performing with ankle weights i  definitely have to check this after the   the video or maybe we will put something here  in the video during the interview we'll see   so something that is also quite special about  you i think is that you're also training legs   and this is something that for somebody who  does quite some difficult statics it's not   uh normal let's say it at this high level um so  uh yeah do do your your does your leg training   um yeah is counterproductive against your heavy  skills like uh maltese or i don't know well uh   definitely where did um legs that you know that  weight more surely uh are a disadvantage i can   notice this just because of my center of gravity  um you know for my like my my wall structure i   have a center of gravity there's a little bit  shifted also because i don't have long arms i   i have short arms and heavy legs so i really  have to lean a bit more on doing some things   uh if you if you compare to other than maybe  have you know thin legs long arms that don't have   to you know lean forward to do you know planche  front lever also uh but actually i never saw it as   you know uh as a problem because i just wanted  to get strong everywhere so yeah probably for   what is my point of view probably uh that more  weight uh you know makes me a bit weaker than   what i could have been if i have thin  legs but in that case i would have been uh   weaker on legs which is for which for me is uh  you know a field of strength like others so i   don't you know for me it's okay like this and  i actually are really happy of training legs so   that's it okay interesting and um you also  have your book and you wrote a book about   all your experience but also i think about a  special a special workout approach uh let's   call it do you want to tell us more about  your book what are your thoughts behind   yeah um first of all i want to say that i'm  translating it in these days i mean it's almost   over so the english version is coming very soon  i think in february if everything goes well uh   well what again what can i say i'm very satisfied  by this book not only for the final result because   i've been writing it for three years  and i'm you know i really wrote an   honest book from my point of view which was the  most important thing and what to you know to do   i want to do something that i was proud of and  that really represented my way of seeing things   but i'm even more satisfied by the reaction of  people that that read it i ended really you know   i really could never expect something so positive  in response because it's a very uh deep and   particular book because uh it's also difficult  to say what kind of a type of book it is because   i put i on the site where i upload it in italian  i i put it as an autobiography but it's actually   not something like that because it it starts like  like a biography but then it completely changes to   other you know fields because the the main topic  is the uh relationship between mind and body and   this kind of relationship is see throughout lots  of different aspects which which is actually   i always related this kind of things with training  but the book itself it's not about training   it's about something else that i related with  training um and this kind of relationship is uh   is you know explained under a lot of aspects  under you know emotional aspects under uh   behavior aspects under um thought aspects so it's  really a kind of book that goes into this kind of   topic and everything is explained by  my eyes by all my experiences in life   and i was being really really honest and sincere  with everything i was talking about and this thing   was the only thing that i was like i don't know  if people can actually understand my point of view   on some things or like my tone of writing some  things and actually surprisingly in every i mean   really lost person writes me that uh the thing  they love the most it's actually that the book   uh made them uh like they they're they could read  it like they were myself they they said they were   feeling the exact same emotion i was you know with  with which i i've wrote that exact part of the   book so this is uh they all they tell me that this  is a very a thing to do to communicate the exact   same feelings and so yeah i'm really really really  satisfied about this great um with your experience   as you say like 12 years of training and uh for  10 years of calisthenics so and this is what i   think like helps you a lot to write really a book  out of experience and with this experience if you   would now go back like let's say seven years  so not the completely beginner but really from   intermediate to the pro that you became what would  you do differently with your knowledge from today this is a particular question because if i have  to see my choices of course in the past i would   definitely made different choices now but the fact  is that i think that what i realized now what i   think now is probably a consequence of that kind  of mistakes because something you know um some of   my ideas are built up on like exclusion of other  other ideas for instance i maybe now i'm certain   of a thing just because i made i i tried any other  thing and i saw that that didn't work so actually   um i wouldn't change anything because i don't i  don't know what the outcome could be because maybe   if i had the same idea years ago i am where when  i was having less conditioning maybe i could have   faced you know some injuries for instance or  you know you can predict the the outcome of a   different situation so uh i'm satisfied like this  and so i'm not regretting anything wow sounds good   um and um your current training schedule this  was also like one of the most voted questions   can you tell us how your typical week looks like  right now okay in this exact moment for the fact   that you know gyms are closed it's a little bit  different you know it's a bit um compressed uh so   i would like to explain it in a more you  know complete way when uh when gyms are open when gyms are open my training schedule  is in general six weeks six days a week   and on three days i was training morning and  afternoon and uh the total hours was eight hours   a day eight and a half because it we're like three  hours in the morning at five in the afternoon and   instead the i alternate a heavy day with a light  day and the three light days are like just short   days they are not live days actually and they are  like uh three hours long so i alternate one uh one   hours a day with three hours the day after and  they do it for six days and on sunday i've rest   wow okay sounds like a a packed uh week so in in  total per week how many hours do you put in into   what you're working on almost uh you know like 35  almost 40 als but you know it's also yeah but it's   also my job so i'm always in the gym so it's not  something that's you know uh that is heavy for me   because i also listen a lot to my body i mean if  there's a day that i really don't want to train   i don't train for instance and um you know i i  i love it so it's not i i also this kind of a   resistance to lots of hours of training is  what i built during the years for instance   in the beginning i was training like uh three days  a week for two hours then i just increased but not   to train a lot something because actually i'm the  very opposite of this i don't stress my body a lot   on certain things but i had to train many  different things so i required more time   okay and people also asked about your nutrition um  some said yeah you don't eat a lot how do you have   energy but can you maybe talk about your nutrition  in general i can tell you that i am i have the   most dyston uh you know the most far diet for uh  for what could be the diet of an athlete because   uh you know probably uh in general lots of people  in the training field ask about cheat day i can   tell you that every day for me it's cheat day so  yeah it's a lot of i it's really in a free way   i mean i don't over exaggerate things i'm not you  know like those guys that can eat a jar of nutella   just for fun i never did something like that i  i would never do it but uh i eat pasta every day   you know i don't know i eat some snacks  biscuits every day i i i like that   and i think that honestly uh this is uh you know  a balanced thing with the way i train because i   really train a lot always going um you know  maxing out so probably uh this is the good amount   of energy my body needs to you know to keep this  kind of balance because i think that i was eating   you know chicken and salad probably i wouldn't  be able to you know have energy all the day   okay okay um and yeah we're closely coming to  an end of the interview a lot of input a lot of   stuff and to sum up before we go into the quick  questions quick answers uh the last question what   are your goals this year um what can we expect  to see from you 2021 in general i would say   i never it's been a while honestly  since i've put some goals in my mind   because i'm i just have one big goal  which is to improve the most i can in   the most things i can simply so i  i can predict what will come and uh   to what expense i really i will just take it  uh you know the most i can in every situation   sounds like a healthy approach um yeah so  quick questions quick answers um yeah i   always feel bad asking this to an italian  person what do you prefer pizza or burger   pizza or a burger yeah burger yeah no no it's  definitely pizza i think pizza is like uh   you know top-tier food probably okay  uh are you a dog or a cat person   uh probably more a cat person okay uh you  do you have a favorite location for holidays   i love seaside so i don't have a pre you know an  exact uh favorite one but definitely i'm more for   seaside okay um what do you prefer rings or the  bar in general i would say rings for the same   thing for the same for the simple fact that you  can do more things on rings in general also other   things but you know they offer you a bigger set  of uh things you can do so if for instance i had   to choose between buying a bar or buying rings  for now i'll definitely buy rings okay great um   do you have some athletes that you follow on  social media and that you look up to or that   you use for inspiration actually i follow a lot  of people and it's hard to say which one i prefer   i can tell you that i'm pretty satisfied with the  evolution of calisthenics for concerns you know   italian athletes a lot because i'm seeing lots of  videos coming up from them and i'm i'm seeing that   they are really trying to bring something new uh  which is what i want to see actually i want to see   someone that brings up new things that really  keeps pushing the boundaries and then not just   just place uh let's see let's say something like  that with the same stuff just practicing more and   more i want to see you know new things brought  up okay do you have a favorite book that you   want to recommend or that you just want to tell  i can say my book because you know it will be   well i honestly i have to i have to say i'm  not a person that reads a lot actually uh   i read very few books in uh in my life  so it's pretty strange that i wrote one   uh so i i already wait i can tell you something  like that i love the the lord of the rings   and i also have the book but i really never i  know i i read the first pages like 100 pages and   then i was just like wow i love this thing but  my brain is just exploding also many names so i   would recommend something like that just because  i love the story or i know also the the story of   previous books like silmarillion but i never  read them so i i can i can mostly you know   suggest the story rather than the books that's  cool that's something that we didn't have until   now somebody who recommends a book that you  didn't read before so that's interesting   um do you have a favorite movie the lord of  the rings but well except from there i already   answered this question before no um i really  can't think of i really can think of uh honestly   i uh well maybe definitely avengers avengers  and game yeah i really i really loved it   i'm more for this kind of you know this kind  of uh movies in general pretty you know uh   energetic movies like also i remember years  ago i also loved the first time furus then when   when it became like transformers like thing  it was like or exaggerating things maybe   i was like come on this is not so much you know  real but um in general yeah movies like that   so uh the lord of the rings for me is a number  one but then i can see in the most uh you know   recent movies definitely avengers awards all the  all the marvel movies were really amazing for me   okay nice um yeah the best  calisthenics event you've ever visited well i have the amazing amazing memories from the  first world championship i took part in which was   actually the the second one uh i was invited to  the first one through youtube but for me it was   like so it's so strange thing that it was like  it was like a fake message so i didn't respond   that i didn't present it but it was actually the  first one so then it was like damn i'm an idiot   and so they say instead the second time i was  there because i saw the videos of the first   competition i was this was true so that that was  uh yeah i have like um amazing memories because   for me it was like to you know to enter in a dream  really because um in in those years which was 2012   uh calisthenics were starting to get big but  in italy it was really still a very small thing   uh also you know we didn't have like  social interactions like now and um   so those at least you were seeing on youtube  videos seemed so far away from you and   i remember this scene where we were we were  like me and my friend uh like late in comparison   to other arrivals at the airport so they they  brought us for for dinner in the in the room and   immediately we saw like everyone we were  seeing videos all together so it was like   i don't know it was like very very strange  but in a really positive way so that is the   the best memory i have related to a calisthenics  event definitely nice um yeah and then the last   question how would what would be your message  to the calisthenics community right now   um the message i want to keep to keep is to take  your time to progress because there is you know   no rush but at the same time i would suggest to  always uh you know point for uh always aim for   something you know greater to have no limits to  you know don't put um limits on you also in your   you know on your thoughts don't ever think i  want to be able to do 50 pull-ups don't put   a limit just go for i want to do as many  boss as many possible pull-ups i can   um and so take your time but see your journey  as an infinite journey that can lead you to   you don't even know where so and strive  for that strive for to reach infinity that's a great message to end this um and yeah  for the people who are now interested in you   how can they get in touch with  you how where do they find you   well they definitely find me on instagram  at mateo dell or well on youtube my   my user is the one with or well on facebook  i i always add you know the the information   under my youtube videos so they can find  everything in the in the descriptions   okay we will put also all the links in  the underneath this video so for people uh   who will want to find you on youtube on instagram  etc they can find you there and also you also   offer coaching which is something that maybe one  or two of the listeners are interested in um so   who is like the appropriate person for who is your  coaching actually there is no appropriate uh you   know people everyone is appropriate because  i do beginners programs or super advanced   programs for me it's not a problem so everyone  can contact me for that okay so yeah if you were   interested in uh your special in mateo's special  training advice and training methods i would uh   yeah recommend to you uh checking the links  in the description you'll find your youtube   etc people were also asking yeah can you maybe  please add english subtitles under your videos   in general in general i'm doing it in general i'm  doing it for you know important videos sometimes   uh they ask me uh i i write some status  in on instagram in italian if i don't add   subtitles sometimes it's just because  the message is more related to   the italian community for that specific uh you  know uh story maybe that not in general but   in general for youtube videos for you know a thing  about training i'm always adding subtitles great   yes so we're coming to an end big big thank you  to everyone listening to this uh it's been over an   hour i really appreciate if somebody takes so much  time to listen to us a lot of big big thank you to   you mateo for taking the time and for being here  and yeah if you want to let this series continue   give us a thumbs up share it with somebody who  can use it comment who should be interviewed   next and mateo you can end the episode and 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