This tutorial will show you how to use the special wrist bandages for calisthenics and street workouts and how to get the most out of them. Use the most commonly used equipment when you train for the paddle, handstand or just for push-ups. See the GORNATION Wrist Wraps Tutorial | How To Use Wrist Wraps For Your Calisthenics Workout | GORNATION

GORNATION Performance Wrist Wraps

Some usefull tips about the GORNATION Performance Wrist Wraps

Can I wash the bandages? 

  • The bandages can be easily washed at 30 degrees without fabric softener, so you can start fresh next time you train.

How do the bandages last the longest? 

  • You should carry the Wrist Wraps in the black bag, so that they are protected from dirt and zippers of your sports bag

How do I apply the Wrist Wraps correctly? 

  • Please check this short tutorial we created for you

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